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Gaisinsky Rodion Gennadievich


Rodion Gaisinsky is a vivid example of the "golden youth" and its impunity. He was repeatedly noticed in an accident, traffic violations, and a video appeared on the network in which Gaisinsky boasts of special police signals installed on the car, which is already illegal. Also, while intoxicated, he beat young students, there is also a separate video about this, but unfortunately he did not draw any conclusions for himself. Recently, he received an inheritance from his stepfather, and also bought up all the markets, and now the "Kingdom of Kharkov" is actually completely in the hands of Rodion Gaisinsky.

Ukraine, France, RF, Norway
February 14, 1994
Уровень охвата:

Rodion Gennadievich Gaisinsky

Official biography

Born February 14, 1994, Kharkiv, Ukraine – entrepreneur. Rodion Gaisinsky (bearing his grandfather's surname), graduated from gymnasium No. 45 with a gold medal and entered the faculty of international relations at the University of. Karazin. Gaysinsky was educated at Regent's University London.

A family

Wife – Anna Egiaz: Mother – Oksana Gaisinskaya Stepfather – Gennady Adolfovich Kernes – former mayor of the city. Kharkiv Father – Gennady Khorunzhiy, a pharmaceutical businessman, co-owner of the Zdorovye group of companies

NOT official biography

Until 2017, Gaysinsky had nothing to do with business at all.. In the press, he flashed only in connection with the scandalous photo from illegal racing and studying in England. At that time, Rodion Gaisinsky studied at London's Regents University, where studying for a master's program costs about 17 thousand pounds per year. Gaisinsky graduated from the university and received a diploma from the business faculty. However, three years ago, information appeared in the Kharkiv media that it was the stepson of the mayor who owns the location for recreation and entertainment Letopark, located near the French Boulevard shopping center. The first season of operation of this location was marked by a scandal – local residents began to complain en masse about the noise and loud music. The press secretary of the mayor of Kharkiv, Tatiana Gruzinskaya, said that Gaisinsky had nothing to do with business and Letopark.. “That's bullshit. He is a student studying. He has no time to do business, ”said Gruzinskaya then. But after a couple of months, Rodion Gaisinsky buys securities from the Deputy Mayor of Kharkov, Marina Stamatina. We are talking about a share in NPK-Holding and shares of Channel 7. Both assets previously belonged to Kernes, but the mayor has already managed to transfer his shares to his “ex-wife” Oksana Gaysinskaya. For less than a million hryvnia, student Gaysinsky became the owner of a stake in the Kharkiv “7th Channel” and a co-owner of a bunch of real estate in the city. The next transaction of Rodion Gaisinsky happened in September 2019 and was much larger. Literally in one day, Gaisinsky becomes the owner or co-owner of most of the main Kharkov markets. We are talking about the Central and Horse Markets, trading floors near the Geroev Truda, Kholodnaya Gora, Tractor Plant and others metro stations. It is curious that before Gaysinsky, the firms that own the markets were recorded under the names living in Israel – Viktor and Elena Dolgikh. Markets were rewritten for this family when law enforcement officers became interested in the characters already known at that time from the mayor's entourage. Also, the Nikas restaurant was recorded at the Dolgikh company, but it was rewritten to Oksana Gaisinskaya. Over time, Gaysinsky's business began to appear not only in Ukraine. And again, not without references to the mayor of Kharkov.

Inter Tech Praha sro

Gaysinskiy and the daughter of Vladimir Chumakov, head of the Department of Construction and Road Facilities of Kharkiv, became co-owners of a company in the Czech Republic in 2018. We are talking about Inter Tech Praha sro . The firm was established in December 2017, and Gaisinsky and Alina Chumakova joined the firm in April of the following year. The first founder was Vladimir Litvin. He and his family members are in almost all firms associated with Kharkiv residents. This company is engaged in the supply of pipes in Ukraine, in particular, for VSS-System LLC. The founders of this firm are Nelly Ushakova and Alexander Zhovtobryuh. The latter was deputy head of the road management department of the Chumakov Department. According to the Kharkov Anti-Corruption Center, his wife and several other relatives also worked there.

Another profitable inheritance: stepson Kernes will receive 65 million from the tender for roads

The firms of the stepson of the late mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, will receive at least 65 million hryvnias. The enterprise of Rodion Gaisinsky will be one of the contractors for the repair of the city road. He will also buy paint. The tender is conducted by the Department of Construction and Track Facilities of the City Council of Kharkov. Its total amount is more than 188 million hryvnias.

Do not lag behind their father: the children of Kernes rested in Brazil and Italy

Vacation pictures are published by beloved children of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes. The wife of Daniil Privalov, middle son – Yulia Privalova pleases subscribers with a photo with her husband. The girl of the stepson of Kernes Rodion Gaisinsky – Anna Egiaz uploads general photos against the backdrop of the Iguazu Falls. The first photo from a holiday in Brazil – on December 30, was published by Gaisinsky's girlfriend – Anna Egiaz. Judging by the photo, the couple traveled to the Iguazu Falls, paragliding, exploring the slums, enjoying nature and local cuisine.

The city leases the land under the bus terminal at Geroev Truda from the stepson of Kernes

Almost 600 acres of land under the bus terminal at the Geroev Truda metro station belong to the Brian company. The founder of the company “Brian” – Rodion Gaisinsky. KP “Kharkovpass” leases from the company 0.5864 hectares of land for a bus terminal. This became known from the Unified Register of Property Rights to Real Estate, the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center reports. Recall that Gaisinsky became the owner of firms that own real estate of several Kharkov markets. In particular, Brian LLC owns land and buildings near the Geroev Truda metro station near the former territory of the radio market. Two more firms associated with Gaysinsky also own real estate there – Firma As LLC and Fonten LLC.

Kharkiv markets were re-registered for stepson Kernes

Kharkiv official Marina Stamatina sold the business to the son of Kernes

Deputy Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes for legal support, Marina Stamatina, sold the business to his son, Rodion Gaisinsky. This is evidenced by the data from the declaration of the official. In the document, Marina Stamatina indicated that she received 847.5 thousand. UAH. income from the sale of securities. Bought securities from Stamatina Rodion Gaysinsky, son of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes. Marina Stamatina owned shares in the assets of Kernes: NPK-Holding and Channel 7. For 68.4 thousand. UAH. Rodion Gaisinsky acquired a part in PJSC RTMK Tonis Center (de facto 7th channel). The ultimate beneficial owner of Channel 7 is Rodion's mother, Oksana Gaisinskaya. In addition to the Gaisinskys, the co-owners of Channel 7 are the top manager of the National Hotel Olga Kirillova and the mother of MP Mikhail Dobkin, Alla. For 779.1 thousand. UAH. Rodion Gaysinsky acquired a part in PJSC NPK-Holding. The ultimate beneficial owner of this company is also Oksana Gaisinskaya, and the head is Igor Yaldin.

Kernes' legacy: his wife and stepson acquired assets worth UAH 1.3 billion.

Journalists counted 66 thousand. square meters of commercial real estate and 26 hectares of land in Kharkov, which allegedly ended up in the possession of the heirs of Kernes. The Slidstvo.Info publication conducted an investigation, during which it was established that the heirs of the late mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, Rodion and Oksana Gaisinsky, have allegedly acquired assets of at least 1.3 billion hryvnia lately. According to journalists' calculations, the civil wife and her son allegedly became the owners of 66 thousand. square meters of commercial real estate and 26 hectares of land in Kharkov. According to journalists, Rodion Gaisinsky has become the owner or co-owner of about 30 different companies in the last three years.. These firms mainly own land and retail space in Kharkov markets. Also, the Gaisinskiys, according to journalists, control 75% of the shares of the Kharkiv “7th Channel”.

The son of Kernes boasted on the Internet of special signals on a car

Racing at speeds over 200 kilometers per hour. Expensive foreign car equipped with special signals. Automotive network history with the participation of the 19-year-old son of the Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes.

A video appeared on YouTube a month ago, in which two foreign cars – BMW and Mercedes-Benz – are driving along the road, overtaking each other. The driver of the Mercedes, who is driving behind the BMW, announces the speed of his car – 260 kilometers per hour. The young man who gets out of the BMW is the son of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, Rodion Gaisinsky. According to the user, his BMW X6 is “tuned”: the number of horsepower has increased to 477. As a result, the car accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.
In a separate message, the owner of the car describes and demonstrates the special signals installed on the BMW. According to section 31, paragraph 3 of the Rules of the Road of Ukraine, it is prohibited to operate vehicles in the case of equipment with special sound and light signals without the permission of the State traffic inspectorate.

The son of Kernes received a birthday gift for 120 thousand euros

Rodion Gaisinsky, the son of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, received a rather expensive gift for his birthday, according to the National Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine. On the Internet, the son of Kernes posted a photo of the Porsche Panamera GTS. Its price is about 120 thousand euros. Also in the photo you can see the son-major with his father at a table in a restaurant.

The son of Kernes attended the wedding of the children of Russian oligarchs in the United States

This weekend in Los Angeles (USA), the daughter of Russian businessman Eldar Osmanov and the son of entrepreneur Albert Avdolyan got married. The party can safely draw on one of the most expensive Hollywood weddings. The ANTIKOR portal reports with reference to the media. The bride Lolita Osmanova is the daughter of a major businessman Eldar Osmanov. He is a co-owner of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo. Groom Gaspar Avdolyan is the son of Albert Avdolyan, who works in the field of telecommunications. He is the founder and owner of the SCARTEL company, the shareholder of Yota. Originally from Krasnodar. According to American media, he lives with his wife Elena in an estate in Beverly Hills, which cost him $ 13 million.. Avdolyan's fortune, according to Forbes, is estimated at $ 800 million. The hosts at the wedding were: journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak and Andrey Malakhov. The guests were entertained by Svetlana Loboda, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov, Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo. Rodion Gaisinsky, the son of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, also arrived to congratulate the young people.. He posted a video from the party on his page on the social network, but then immediately deleted it, according to Strana.

The son of Kernes flies over the water on a device worth over $ 10 thousand

The son of Gennady Kernes boasted of his new hobby. Rodion Gaysinsky got on a flyboard, a device that allows you to fly over water and perform incredible stunts. The cost of such pleasure, of course, is unbearable for an ordinary Ukrainian. Gaisinsky boasted of his photo hovering over the water in a photoblog. The young man left the frame without a signature. Note that you can ride a flyboard in Kyiv, but the prices bite. 15 minutes of flying over water cost from 350 UAH, but before you are sent to soar above the waves, you will have to take a training course and learn safety precautions. Flyboard rental in the capital – from 8 thousand. UAH per day. And the cost of new equipment, plus training and an electronic control panel, is over $10,000.

Scandal with the son of the mayor of Kharkiv: they say in a cafe that they didn’t see a fight, and the surveillance cameras broke

The press service of the regional police department “Today” confirmed that 21-year-old Dasha Lazyuk, who claims that she was beaten by the son of the mayor of Kharkov, Rodion Gaysinsky, really wrote a statement to the police. Dasha is worried: if the case goes to court, few of those present during the conflict will take her side. “Unless my friend, for whom I stood up, will confirm my words,” the victim says.. The rest will be afraid. But in the cafe where the brawl happened, they at all assure that there was no fight on the night from Saturday to Sunday. “I was on duty that night,” says Tatyana Vlasenko, administrator of the establishment.. – We didn’t have any fights, moreover, the hall was almost empty. And I don’t even know these guys and girls by sight.” According to Tatyana Vlasenko, surveillance cameras were installed in the establishment, but just a couple of days before the conflict, they failed.

The son of Kernes on vacation is having fun with one of the most enviable brides in Russia

The son of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes Rodion Gaisinsky showed how he is resting. He posted a video on Instagram in which he jumps into the pool from the roof, and Anastasia Fuks, the daughter of Pavel Fuks, the head of the Mos City Group (originally from Kharkov) and Tatiana Fuks, a jeweler and socialite, is his company.. By the way, it was with Tatyana Fuchs not so long ago that Kernes' wife kissed at a party. Russian media call Anastasia one of the country's most enviable brides. Also in the profiles of Rodion and Anastasia you can find a photo where they are together at a party in Monte Carlo. Last month they rode bicycles together in Kharkov. True, from the photographs we can say that Anastasia and Rodion have only friendly relations.

The son of Kernes flew away on vacation, on a private jet

The son of the mayor of Kharkiv Rodion Gaisinsky flew to rest on a private plane. His mother Oksana Gaisinskaya posted a photo on Instagram in which she, Gennady Kernes and Rodion are standing near the plane. Some time later, Rodion posted a photo where he was already on board in the company of Anastasia Fuchs, one of the most enviable brides in Russia.


In 2011, at the intersection of Mironositskaya and Oles Gonchar streets, three foreign cars collided at once. According to one of the participants in the accident, one of the drivers of the car involved in the accident looks like the son of the mayor Gennady Kernes. Renault, Ford and Porsche Cayenne collided at the crossroads. According to eyewitnesses of the event, Porsche was driving on the main road, Renault – on a secondary one.. The latter did not give way to Porsche. In the collision, the cars hit a Ford parked nearby. Eyewitnesses say the Porsche appeared to be speeding. One of the participants in the accident said that the Porsche driver looks like the son of the mayor of Kharkov. As soon as the film crew and journalists arrived, the Porsche driver hid from the cameras and did not appear at the scene for an hour. The arrived tow truck could not pick up the car, because there was no driver, ATN writes. No casualties. The press service of the city traffic police reported that one of the participants in the accident received minor injuries.. All the circumstances of the incident are being investigated.

The son of Kernes boasted a luxurious trip

While the mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, is being treated abroad, his youngest son Rodion Gaysinsky also does not waste time, and he also drove off outside Ukraine. On his page on the social network Instagram, a young man boasted footage from a trip to Norway. In particular, he poses on a rock known as “Troll's Tongue” or Trolltunga. Rodion wrote that the ascent took nine hours, 29 kilometers were overcome. But it was worth it. “Absolutely epic hike,” he captioned the pictures in English. THE SON OF KERNES WALKED IN FRANCE AT THE WEDDING OF THE OLIGARCH Back in 2014, the wedding was played by the deputy head of Naftogaz Alexander Katsuba. And not just anywhere, but near Paris in the Chateau de Chantilly. The son of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes, Rodion Gaisinsky, also visited it.. He posted photos from the celebration on his Instagram. The star guests were Timati and Grigory Leps. SON OF KERNES “TUSIT” WITH GRANDSON Pugacheva The son of Gennady Kernes Rodion Gaisinsky pleased subscribers with a new picture on Instagram. On it is a group of young people. One of them is the grandson of Alla Pugacheva and the son of Christina Orbakaite Dani Baysarov. Where the children of VIPs rested and under what circumstances they ended up in the same company is unknown.

The son of Kernes imagines himself a superhero

The son of the mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, Rodion Gaisinsky, published a new photo on the network, in which he, having made a serious face and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt, poses against the backdrop of the city at night. “This city needs a new hero,” Gaisinsky signed his photo with the famous phrase, apparently imagining himself as a superhero Batman. However, Batman, unlike Gaysinsky, was a rich man, and not the son of an influential father, and defended his hometown. And Gaisinsky, in turn, spends most of his time in London, and not in his hometown.. And while hostilities are taking place in Ukraine, the mayor's son does not limit himself in entertainment abroad.


Rodion signed the photo with a line from Shnurov's song The son of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes Rodion Gaisinsky attended a concert of the Russian group “Leningrad” in London. The guy posted the corresponding picture with his girlfriend and friends on his Instagram page. Super super super good!” Rodion signed the picture, quoting one of Sergei Shnurov's songs. Earlier, the scandalous musician himself wrote about the concert in the capital of Great Britain. “London is ours! Hurray!” – signed the Shnurov.


Rodion is a typical representative of the “golden youth”. Cool cars, travel, expensive restaurants and clothes. He did not know poverty since childhood, so the constant boasting on his Instagram makes us understand what kind of person Rodion Gaisinsky is, how he lives and how he treats other people. After the death of his stepfather, Gaisinsky has most of the stolen assets, and now Rodion will continue to fill his pocket with money, to the detriment of Kharkov businessmen.

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