Gaysinskaya Oksana Yurievna - full dossier, compromising evidence


Businesswoman, common-law wife of the late Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes. ...

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Actively leads instagram, does not often appear in the media ...


A major woman who loves branded clothes and expensive vacations abroad ...


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Gaisinskaya Oksana Yurievna


Thanks to Gennady Kernes, Oksana Yuryevna can not worry about her financial condition until the end of her life, because during the years of his reign in Kharkov, Gennady Adolfovich managed to steal a lot. Therefore, Gaisinskaya can afford to stay in expensive hotels, beautiful photos in branded clothes, and unusual food.

Ukraine, Seychelles, Maldives
06/24/1970 (possible date of birth)
Уровень охвата:

Gaisinskaya Oksana Yurievna

Official biography

Born on 06/24/1970 Businesswoman, civil wife of the former mayor of. Kharkov Gennady Kernes Family: Husband – Kernes Gennady Adolfovich – the late mayor of Kharkov Son – Gaisinsky Rodion Gennadievich – businessman Father – Yuri Gaysinsky – former Kiev prosecutor

NOT official biography

Kernes talks about “open relationships”. And is he married? In recent interviews, the mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, stubbornly assures interviewers that he is not married and is in an open relationship.. However, the decision of the Poltava Court of Appeal dated February 10 indicated the opposite. “I believe that my relationship cannot be the subject of conversation, but according to rumors, I want to say the following: Oksana (daughter of the ex-prosecutor of the Kyiv region Yuri Gaisinsky. – Auth.), which you are talking about, is very beautiful, very smart and a very good person. But we are not married. After what happened to me, I did the right thing in terms of her future: we have an open relationship. And before the assassination attempt, we were in an open relationship. I don’t follow who is in a relationship with whom, ”Gennady Kernes said in an interview with the Rumored YouTube channel. But in the decision of the Poltava Court of Appeal, which appeared in the register of court decisions, it is said that the mayor is married. With whom Kernes is bound by marriage is unknown. Despite the “open relationship” that Kernes talks about, the couple appears together at social events and even goes on vacation to Italy.. On January 10, KHARKIV Today witnessed how Kernes and Gaisinskaya returned from vacation together: their charter landed at the Kharkov airport.

The common-law wife of Kernes owns a chic fleet and real estate

While the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes has been declaring the rent of a room in a pensioner’s house and a hotel room since 2015, his common-law wife Oksana Gaisinskaya has a chic car fleet, real estate and former businesses of Kernes and is relaxing in luxury hotels around the world. This is stated in the program “Our pennies with Denis Bigus”, whose journalists analyzed the instagram of the common-law wife of Kernes, who is not in the mayor's declaration.

It is noted that in recent years Gaysinskaya owned a whole fleet of vehicles – Bentley brooklands, Rolls-royce ghost, BMW X-6, Audi A8. The total cost of these cars at the time of purchase is about $700,000.. And since 2015, Gaisinskaya owns an apartment of 150 square meters on Shelkovichnaya Street in Kyiv. The market value of such housing near the government quarter is approximately UAH 25 million. Two more apartments of Gaisinskaya with a total area of 300 square meters – in Kharkov. Their market value is more than $300 thousand. Instagram Gaisinskaya constantly talks about the various resorts where the family of the Kharkiv mayor spends their holidays. In 2014, Gaysinskaya, together with her son Rodion Gaysinsky, rested at the Anantara kihavah hotel in the Maldives, where a week's stay costs about 500 thousand hryvnias. In 2015, Gaysinskaya was vacationing in the Seychelles at the Fregate Private Island hotel, whose beaches were named the best in the world by The Times magazine.. The price for a week of rest reaches 1.5 million hryvnia. Almost every year, the Kernes family vacations at the five-star Palace Merano hotel in Italy, where a week of vacation costs more than 5,000 euros without a detox program. Some of Gaysinskaya's photographs were taken in London. The son of Gaisinskaya Rodion studied at the elite London school Regent's Business School. It is noted that studying for a master's program costs from 17 thousand pounds a year.. The term of study varies from 3 to 4 years. Thanks to Oksana Gaysinskaya's Instagram photos, the journalists found out that Kernes's stepson most likely lived in the Parkwiev Residence on the famous Baker Street. Renting an apartment for 3 years in this house costs about 390 thousand pounds, buying – from 1 million pounds. It is also reported that most of the old businesses of Kernes have been re-registered to Oksana Gaisinskaya: media and real estate companies. For example, Gaisinskaya's company LLC “Rivlad” owns a retail space on Valentinovskaya Street in Kharkov. This land was leased to the civil wife of Kernes from the city, and then was privatized through the court. In addition, since 2015, Kernes has received a profit from the company “Phinex Capital” declared by him in the amount of 60 million hryvnias.. Phinex is an asset management company established in 2006. Its founder is Igor Kogut, a business partner of the son of Gennady Kernes Daniil Privalov. There are several companies in the Phinex portfolio that receive money from the city budget. For example, the construction company “DSK-Level” over the past 3 years has received orders from the budget for almost 200 million hryvnia. And FC Payment Center LLC, a monopolist in the installation and maintenance of terminals for paying for electronic tickets, brings in 52 million hryvnias of profit per year. It is noted that after Kharkiv journalists began to write about the connection of the “Payment Center” with “Phinex”, the company was rewritten to other people. It is also reported that a number of companies of people from the nearest business environment of Kernes receive budgetary contracts.. These are companies such as “Parking +” of the head of the Department of Construction and Road Facilities of the Kharkiv City Council Vladimir Chumakov, Diana LLC, which owns the markets, Kernes's son Daniil Privalov and others. It is reported that the journalists have been trying for several weeks to negotiate a comment with Gennady Kernes, but they have not been answered. She took over a scandalous company. In January 2021, the civil wife of the former mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, Oksana Gaysinskaya, became one of the founders of Flors LLC, which owns premises in the Real Estate House (BTI) on Pavlovskaya Square, 4. Also, Znayu wrote that the Widow of Kernes Gaisinskaya will auction the property of the late mayor. Oksana Gaisinskaya intends to sell the National Hotel, which is located on Nauki Avenue.

Kernes' wife arranged a photo shoot under the Monte Carlo sun

Oksana Gaisinskaya pleased her fans with new pictures. The wife of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes, Oksana Gaysinskaya, has updated photos on her Instagram page. In the photo, Oksana is resting in Monte Carlo. Social media users in unison admire the pictures and shower Gaisinskaya with compliments. OKSANA GAYSINSKAYA REWRITED A SHARE IN BUSINESS TO THE MOTHER OF KERNES' 11-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER – HATs Oksana Gaisinskaya transferred her share in the clothes and footwear trade business to her mother Sofia Kernes, daughter of Gennady Kernes. This was reported in the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center with reference to the Unified Register of Legal Entities. “The alleged mother of the daughter of Gennady Kernes, Olga Muravitskaya, became the sole owner of Modd Trade House LLC immediately after the death of the Kharkiv mayor. Prior to that, among the beneficiaries of the company was PJSC NPK-Holding, the main official asset of Kernes for many years,” the HAC said on Facebook. Recall, a close friend of Gennady Kernes, Pavel Fuks, commented in the media on the situation with the inheritance that the Kharkiv mayor left to his family and friends. In the same interview with Strana.UA, Fuchs said that Kernes had an 11-year-old daughter, Sofia, who lives in London.

Kernes' wife seduces Internet users

Kharkiv Mayor's wife Oksana Gaisinskaya continues to intrigue Instagram users with seductive photos. In one of the photos in a swimsuit, Kernes' wife showed what a sophisticated figure she has.. The photo in a few days gained more than a thousand “likes” and many exclamations of admiration. Some users wrote that they did not expect to see Oksana Gaysinskaya like this, others called her a goddess.

Oksana Gaisinskaya was given a part of the shares of the 7th Channel – KhAC

On February 23, Oksana Gaisinskaya received another 25% stake in PJSC RTMK Tonis-Center. This became known from the message of the meeting of shareholders, – reports the Kharkov Anti-Corruption Center. Gaisinskaya now owns 65% of the channel's shares. Olga Kirillova transferred the shares to the ex-wife of Gennady Kernes. The latter was one of the confidants of Gennady Kernes. In particular, Olga Kirillova, together with Oksana Gaisinskaya, was the owner of Komilfo Shopping Center LLC.. And also, Olga Kirillova was a co-owner of Pushkinsky Trading House LLC, which is precisely a share in National LLC. It was in this hotel that Kernes lived. Currently, the shares of Kirillova are transferred to Gaisinskaya. Now the shareholders of PJSC “RTMK Tonis-Center” are Oksana Gaisinskaya – 65%, Alla Dobkina – 25% and 10% Rodion Gaisinsky.

Kernes' wife decided to hide her photoblog

For several years, the wife of the Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes led one of the most popular photo blogs in Ukraine. But as soon as her husband hinted at the ambitions of the people's deputy, Oksana Gaisinskaya decided to erase the traces of her stay on Instagram. She hid her account from prying eyes. Even though we think it's too late to do so.. A photo of a tattoo on the loin part of the body with the image of Kernes, endless pictures of shopping, flights in a private helicopter, passionate kisses with girlfriends, pinching with Mikhail Dobkin and much more have long been spread on the net. There is nothing to hide, all the photos cannot be deleted.

Kernes' wife rested in Moscow with the wife of a Russian oligarch

The wife of Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes, Oksana Gaysinskaya, had a rest in the luxurious Moscow restaurant Piazza Italiana in the company of the wife of the Russian oligarch Pavel Fuks Tatyana. Photos with her, as well as other friends: designer Emma Salimova and art critic Irina Chaikovskaya, Gaisinskaya published on her Instagram page. Note that the Moscow restaurant Piazza Italiana is considered one of the most expensive establishments in the Russian capital.

Ex-wife of Kernes now owns a mansion where the office of the Party of Regions used to be

Oksana Gaisinskaya became the founder of Webers LLC, which owns a mansion on the street. Skrypnyka, 4. This was reported in the Kharkov Anti-Corruption Center, referring to the Unified Register of Legal Entities. It is noted that for many years this building was the office of the regional organization “Party of Regions”, and recently the regional organization of the party “Block of Kernes – Successful Kharkiv” was registered there.. More recently, the founders of Weberz LLC were people from the environment of Gennady Kernes – Vitaly Pechura, Igor Tyrnov, Andrey Chelobitchikov, and also Vera Zakharova. But at the end of February, they all transferred their shares to Oksana Gaisinskaya.

Kernes's wife registered the construction of a high-rise shopping and entertainment center in the center of Kharkov.

Oksana Gaysinskaya, the wife of the late mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, became the official owner of the Diamant 2006 company, which plans to build a multi-storey shopping complex in the historical part of the city. As Bihus.Info journalists found out, we are talking about a building on Sumskaya Street, 11, near the theater named after. Shevchenko. The firm already owns both the property itself and the land beneath it – the Kharkiv City Council sold it to the company under Mayor Kernes in 2013 with the purpose of building a “multifunctional shopping complex”. The project of this complex became the subject of litigation. The fact is that the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration did not provide permission for its construction. According to court materials, the reason for the refusal was that the project provides for the construction of a 7-storey building with a height of 31 meters, and this exceeds the permissible height level of the historical part of the city (the materials indicate that the permissible height is 20 meters). This lawsuit is still ongoing. The zone in which the house and land purchased by “Diamant 2006” are located is within the territory of the local archeological monument – the settlement of Kharkov, as well as in the security zones of the house where the theater “Berezil” worked and the monument to Gogol.

Kernes and his wife appeared at a wedding in France instead of the court

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, who did not appear in the Poltava court on July 11, attended the wedding of the daughter of his friend Pavel Fuks around the same time. According to Depo.Kharkov, a photo from the wedding, which was celebrated in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the south of France, was published on July 11 by a well-known Russian doctor and nutritionist Irina Pochitaeva. In the picture, she is next to Kernes and Russian TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, who conducted the wedding.

Oksana Gaisinskaya became the owner of two more real estate companies in the center of Kharkov – CHAC

At the end of February of this year, Oksana Gaysinskaya became the founder of two more companies that own real estate in the center of Kharkov. This was reported by the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center, which became aware of this from the Unified Register of Legal Entities. So, the ex-wife of Gennady Kernes became the sole founder of Versiya LLC. This firm owns a building on St.. Mironositskaya, 29. In fact, this building is located immediately behind the building of the Soviets or the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. According to the HAC, earlier the founders of this company were Andriy Shaptala and Oleg Gonchar. The director is Olga Solopova. “The first is known as the commercial director of the Gorky Park. In addition, he was the founder of cooperatives, which for years received dozens of hectares of elite building land from the city free of charge.. Shaptala is the husband of Olga Kirillova, who recently rewrote the shares of Channel 7 to Gaisinskaya. Oleg Dmitrievich Gonchar was a man very close to the environment of Gennady Kernes. He was a co-owner of Polifarm LLC. It was Polipharm that, until recently, was the owner of the Solli market on Severnaya Saltovka, which now also belongs to Gaysinsky. Recently, Gonchar's share in Parking + TV was transferred to Rodion Gaysinsky,” writes HAC. Oksana Gaisinskaya also became the founder of Solo Engineering LLC. According to Kharkiv anti-corruption officials, this company is engaged in the provision of equipment for rent, but at the same time owns premises on the street. Sumy, 71, next to the Wedding Palace. Previously, its founder was Olga Solopova and Andrey Chelobitchikov.

Oksana Gaisinskaya received a plot in the Shevchenko garden – CHAC

In January 2021, Oksana Gaisinskaya became one of the founders of Delta Aura LLC, which owns a land plot in the Shevchenko Garden. This became known from the data of the YouControl analytical system, the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center reports. Gaisinskaya became the sole founder of this company. In November 2019, the deputies of the City Council were asked to give their consent to the sale of a land plot with an area of 0.0042 hectares in the territory of the Shevchenko Garden. Then the deputies were offered to allow Delta Aura LLC to conduct an expert monetary assessment of a land plot of communal property for recreational purposes at 35 Sumska Street for the operation of a cafe. Delta Aura LLC was established in October 2019. Its founder was Vladislav Baturin. Now he remains the director of the firm.

Oksana Gaisinskaya sold the market on Saltovka

Oksana Gaisinskaya rewrote the corporate rights to Rivlad LTD LLC, which owns the market building near the Studencheskaya metro station, to Zhanna Dizhevskaya. This became known from the YouControl analytical system, the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center reports. The changes took place on April 23. Boris Gushchin remained the director. This firm owns several properties near the Studencheskaya metro station on Valentinovskaya Street and Akademika Pavlova Street. Previously, the owner of this company was personally Gennady Kernes. But in 2015, he rewrote this business to Oksana Gaisinskaya. In addition, in February 2021, Andrei Chelobitchikov was among the founders of this company.. But he also rewrote his share to Gaisinskaya.

Kernes' wife tasted expensive sake in Berlin

Oksana Gaisinskaya, the wife of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, showed up in a Berlin restaurant with her daughter-in-law. On Instagram stories, she posted photos of several Japanese dishes that the ladies ordered at the restaurant.. There were also two bottles of spirits in the photo, one of which is Sake Nagai, Mizubasho Pure. By the way, a bottle of this sake costs more than three thousand hryvnia. At the Shiori restaurant, Oksana Gaiskinskaya was with her daughter-in-law, the wife of Rodion Gaisinsky Anna. At least, it was her Gaisinskaya who “tagged” in the photographs.

Kernes' wife's channel will receive a quarter of a million hryvnias for broadcasting City Council sessions

“The regional broadcasting company Tonis Center (Channel 7) will receive 275,000 hryvnias for broadcasting sessions of the Kharkiv City Council in 2018. The amount of financing of the Comprehensive Program for the Development of Local Self-Government in the city of Kharkov for 2012-2020 is 699.3 thousand. hryvnia. 275.3 thousand. will spend on broadcasting plenary sessions of the Kharkiv City Council on Channel 7. Previously, this channel broadcast City Council sessions for free.. But recently he turned to the city council with a request to review the terms of cooperation. He explained his request by the deterioration of the company's financial condition.

Wife Kernes boasted sneakers for 10 minimum wages

The wife of Gennady Kernes boasted expensive sneakers. The cost of the shoes of the wife of the Kharkiv mayor is equal to 10 minimum wages of a Ukrainian. The news is reported by “Press of Ukraine”. The wife of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes, Oksana Gaisinskaya, once again demonstrated her expensive things. This time the woman shared a photo with Fendi sneakers. She posted it on her social media page. Sports shoe model Gaisinskaya pointed out in the comments, answering a question from interested subscribers. Thus, the cost of her branded shoes in Ukraine reached more than 15 thousand hryvnias, taking into account the discount.. The full price of sneakers is almost 19 thousand hryvnia. It is worth noting that for an average Ukrainian, 10 minimum wages would be required to purchase such sneakers.

Oplot militant, who guarded Kernes's wife before the revolution, was detained in Kharkov

In Kharkov, a militant of the Oplot terrorist organization, who organized forceful provocations in the local city council, was detained. This was reported by the press service of the SBU. “A Kharkiv resident, a mixed martial arts coach, on June 20 of this year, took an active part in mass clashes in the Kharkiv City Hall. In particular, he provoked violent actions against public activists.. According to the information of the Security Council of Ukraine, in the past the man was a member of the Oplot criminal organization. It is also known that the offender was a member of an organized crime group, which organized provocations and raider attacks in the city under the guise of security structures. According to the SBU, the militant was detained when he was preparing to flee to Russia. In addition, according to media reports, the detainee previously worked for Oksana Gaisinskaya, the common-law wife of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes. Militant Artyom Shokalo worked as a bodyguard for Gaisinskaya. In addition, in 2013 he was called a “promising fighter” by the leader of Oplot, Yevgeny Zhilin. Recall that at the end of 2017, the Ukrainian police detained a tanker from the Oplot terrorist organization, who was traveling with his mother for a Ukrainian pension to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.


Thanks to Gennady Kernes, Oksana Yuryevna can not worry about her financial condition until the end of her life, because during the years of his reign in Kharkov, Gennady Adolfovich managed to steal a lot. Therefore, Gaisinskaya can afford to stay in expensive hotels, beautiful photos in branded clothes, and unusual food.

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Husband - Kernes Gennady Adolfovich, son - Rodion Gaisinsky
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TIN 2574212887 (possible TIN)
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