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Filatov Boris Albertovich


Boris Filatov is the odious mayor of Dnipro. Before he took the post of mayor, he, along with Dmitry Yarosh, were engaged in provocative "raids" of the "Right Sector" in Slavyansk, with the aim of military clashes. During 2014, the actions of the Right Sector, as well as the emerging Dnepr battalion, were actually led by their sponsors and curators – Filatov and Korban. It was these two who were responsible for the fatal order to capture Illovaisk as soon as possible, which ended in a terrible "cauldron". Now Boris Albertovich is distracted from nationalist affairs, and is quietly destroying the Dnieper, allowing corruption to flourish.

March 7, 1972
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Boris Albertovich Filatov

Official biography

Was born on March 7, 1972 in Dnepropetrovsk. 1993 – 2000 – Enterprises of various forms of ownership – legal adviser; Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine – teacher of civil law. 2000 – 2005 – Engaged in advocacy. 2005 – 2010 – TV program “Provincial Chronicles” – author and presenter. 2010 – 2012 – TV program “Provincial Forecasts”, Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Television and Radio Company (DODTRK) – author and presenter. 04.03. – November 20, 2014 – Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration – Deputy Chairman. November 27, 2014 – December 24, 2015 – People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation. From 11/19/2015. – Mayor of the Dnieper. November 27, 2020 – Re-elected Mayor of Dnipro. Member of the international space project Virgin Galactic at number 145. He planned to make a suborbital flight on the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft in 2012 as the first space tourist from Ukraine.


Dnepropetrovsk State University, 1993, history and social science, jurisprudence. Odessa National Law Academy, 1997, theory and philosophy of law. PhD in Law.

A family

Wife – Marina Filatova, daughter Ekaterina.

NOT official biography

Cases of past years There is very little information about the past of Boris Filatov. He carefully hides the period of his life before he became a journalist. But based on the scraps that he mentioned, it is already possible to draw interesting conclusions. From the investigation of SKELET-Info: Let's start from the UESU. Filatov mentioned that he had known Alexander Vilkul since 1994. It was then that they were given a “start in life” by Yulia Tymoshenko.

UESU appeared in 1996 after the collapse of the Commonwealth corporation, and if Filatov did not lie that he worked with Tymoshenko, then it turns out that in 1994 he was part of this corporation. But Yulia Vladimirovna was practically nobody there. Sodruzhestvo was founded in 1992 by two family businesses: Interpipe by Pinchuk and Arshava, and Ukrainian Gasoline by Tymoshenko. Gennady Timoshenko “ruled” in the latter, and Yulia Vladimirovna was then only his daughter-in-law. But a close friend and patron of the Arshava family was the then Dnepropetrovsk governor Pavel Lazarenko – who became the “roof” first of the Commonwealth, and then of the UESU. That is, in fact, both in the Commonwealth and in the UESU, Pavel Ivanovich was the main one – which means that lawyer Filatov and manager Vilkul worked for him, even when Yulia Tymoshenko was appointed head of the UESU in 1996. The following was told about the specifics of Filatov’s work in the Commonwealth and UESU: he was not involved in drafting commercial contracts, but in issues of privatization, buying up and raider seizures of enterprises, of which the corporation had more than twenty by 1998, including research institutes, an airport and several banks. In 1998, at the initiative of Leonid Kuchma, the UESU corporation was subjected to a grandiose “attack” by tax and law enforcement agencies, and the business practically stopped, and in early 1999 Pavel Lazarenko himself was arrested. Filatov escaped. Various sources reported that Filatov fled from the UESU not empty-handed, but with a bunch of originals and copies of documents, as well as valuable information about the weak legal places of the collapsed empire of Lazarenko. And he ran straight to the Privat group.

Cooperation with the Privat group

Being a business man, Kolomoisky is ready to cooperate with anyone, and take anyone as an ally – if it benefits him. And “Filatov's folder” looked promising then! In addition, it should be borne in mind that Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov did not embrace Filatov and did not make him a shareholder of Privat, they did not even begin to conduct direct business with him – they immediately sent him to Korban.

Filatov actively helped Privat to take away Lazarenko's former business, and one of the first major “squeezes” was the fight for the Southern Mining and Processing Plant (GOK). It unfolded already in 1999 and lasted two years. At first, Tymoshenko tried to sell 60% of the shares of the Southern GOK to the oligarch Novinsky, but the attack of the Privat raiders disrupted the deal. Then Korban and Filatov managed to get a part of the GOK shares for Privat, after which “blurring”, repurchase and other raider tricks were used. And everything culminated in the fall of 2001 with the traditional “unscheduled” meeting of shareholders, which replaced the old supervisory board of the GOK, which was still left from the UESU (including Yuri Vilkul, Alexander Vilkul's father), and replacing it with a new supervisory board headed by Korban. True, later the detachments of Novinsky’s “titushki” tried to recapture the GOK office, and Korban’s “titushki” counterattacked them, but this did not change the main thing: the UESU lost the plant. Soon Alexander Vilkul also lost his job on it (deputy chief for finance), who found himself a position at the Central Mining and Processing Plant – thus moving to the “service” to Rinat Akhmetov. But the struggle for Lazarenko's inheritance did not end there. Here is a document with a detailed description of the investigation into the activities of Boris Filatov from the SKELET INFO website: investigation skeleton info And here is a video in which Filatov’s team is already planning a raider seizure of the KP ATU in our time:
Euromaidan cases Filatov and Korban were entrusted with the task of organizing the Euromaidan in Dnepropetrovsk, the center of which was to be their shopping center “Passage”. They had already turned the screen, began to prepare the scene … but then Filatov and Korban changed plans and in January 2014 announced their intention to leave Ukraine in connection with political persecution by Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul. It never came to emigration, but the self-promotion turned out to be quite good. But much more interesting was the political and psychological transformation of Boris Filatov, who in February 2014 appeared as a radical and ruthless “patriot” with a bias towards “Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationalism”, who, moreover, began to be rude and rude. The newly appointed vice-governor of Dnepropetrovsk (deputy Kolomoisky) Boris Filatov began to actively maintain his blog, and wrote the following: “no landings from the Maidan, no extremist statements, you need to give the scum any promises, guarantees and make any concessions … And hang … we will hang them after”. The proposal to hang political opponents from an alleged supporter of “European integration and democracy” sounded wild. But worst of all, the call to hang, coming from a representative of the new government, was immediately heard by the media in Russia, Crimea and Donbass – and they immediately began to inflate it, increasing panic and anti-Ukrainian sentiment in the south and east of the country.. Filatov did not care, because together with Korban he took care of the “Right Sector” and its leader Dmitry Yarosh.
Then it got worse. Sources reported that several provocative raids by the Right Sector (in jeeps with machine guns) on the checkpoints of separatist militants in the Slovyansk region in April 2014 were aimed precisely at provoking the start of military clashes – which happened. This was done allegedly in order to disrupt the dialogue that had begun between the militants and the Ukrainian military, to prevent their “fraternization” and further advancement of the militants towards Dnepropetrovsk. Whether this is true or just rumors, however, during 2014 the actions of the Right Sector, as well as the emerging Dnepr battalion, were actually led by their sponsors and curators – Filatov and Korban. And as one of the battalion commanders later told the media, the fatal order for the speedy capture of Ilovaisk (which ended in a terrible “cauldron”) was given by Korban on August 5, 2014 at a military meeting of volunteer battalion commanders. The bitter paradox is that at that time Korban was only “the chief of staff of the head of the Regional State Administration”, and his experience of military operations was reduced only to the command of “titushki” who stormed the offices of enterprises. There is also a version of the connection between Kolomoisky-Korban-Filatov in the smuggling of organs that were successfully “extracted” by Yarosh on the battlefields. An even greater paradox was the creation of the UKROP party, which began with the factional association of several deputies elected in the fall of 2014: the raider Boris Filatov, surrounded by the “Right-wing Sectors” Yarosh and Bereza, and the “patriotic gopnik” Parasyuk. At the same time, Gennady Korban soon became the leader of the party! In 2015, Filatov became the mayor of Dnipro. Journalists watched Filatov and it turned out that it is very difficult for him to be kind and decent. He was able to hold out in this image for only two days, and then before the elections:
The victory turned Filatov's head even more. Not only did he continue to publicly insult his opponents (having written on Alexander Vilkul’s blog “in your heart you are scum, a notorious, hysterical, narcissistic scum”), he also completely lost his political shores. Soon, a scandal will thunder throughout Ukraine: the founder of the UKROP party, the best friend of the leaders of the Right Sector, Boris Filatov, hired the bandit Yevgeny Taran as his head of security, whose “titushki” beat the Dnepropetrovsk Euromaidan in the winter of 2014. And another criminal authority, previously convicted of robbery and robbery of Mikhail Lysenko, Filatov made one of his deputies.
In general, the story of Filatov's deputies is also worthy of attention. Several deputies were implicated in a corruption scandal. And it's no wonder. If you look at the list of Filatov’s deputies and assistants, you can see that some of them were already in the service of odious and corrupt officials, for example: Aleksey Salkoch was an assistant to Svyatoslav Oleinik, the odious “Servant of the People” and a close friend of Kolomoisky. Astion Vasily In general, he was in the service of Vitaly Khomutynnik, a major businessman and partner of Igor Kolomoisky. No wonder why corruption thrives in Dnipro. At the same time, Filatov tells in his interview with Gordon that neither he nor Gennady Korban stole a penny from the budget ….

Self-promotion for budget money

Mer Filatov decided not to spend a lot of money on platforms, but to spend on PR in the network. In 2108, Boris Albertovich told everyone that he was against such PR, and was helping voters without party banners and without too much fuss. But if we conduct a little investigation, we can come to the conclusion that Mayor Filatov is lying notably. We take the code of the organizational and analytical service of the City Council, and go to the Prozorro website to see what tender purchases were made by this CP. And here's what happens: This company wasted money on advertising by allocating money from the budget (purchases for advertising are highlighted in yellow). And over the past year, there have been a lot of such purchases.. And each time the amount was more than 1 million. UAH. For three years, according to Anatoly Shariy, more than 100 million were spent from the budget on self-promotion. What exactly did this money go for? For articles of a personal nature and various kinds of interviews: How much money is allocated for the organizational and analytical service of the City Council? The document states that more than 57 million rubles were allocated for the organizational and analytical service. It is also worth talking about tender fraud with the purchase of PR advertising. From this screenshot, we see that a certain FOP Oleinikov Alexey Olegovich won the tender, defeating a certain Belaya Tatyana Sergeevna. The winning sole proprietorship is given the opportunity to advertise in the media. This list includes Dnipro TV channels: What kind of FOP is this and why did they allocate such a colossal amount for it, and how will it place Filatov's advertisement? If you get acquainted with the activities of this FOP through the Clarity Project, you can see that this entrepreneur is very successful, because all of his bids were won for the utility company. But here is an interesting fact.. This FOP appeared in 2017, and before that Oleinikov was a plumber. Now, all of a sudden, he wins such tenders with exorbitant amounts. But the FOP which was indirectly mentioned above – Bila Tatyana Sergeevna. This time she won a tender from a certain FOP Mikhailenko. Well, what did she win the money for? That's right – to post 150 PR materials about Filatov and his team on the websites: OBOZREVATEL, Nashe Misto, Komsomolskaya Pravda, etc. And here is another tender for 5 million. And a certain FOP Gorchakov won it. The document states “for posting 200 materials on the sites, OBOZREVATEL, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Open TV, Our Misto, 600 publications on, and others. Also, one of the tenders was won by a certain FOP Salata Olga Viktorovna from Gorchakov. The document lists 125 materials for publication in “ARGUMENTS AND FACTS”, “Zorya”, “CITY”, “Our Misto”, etc. One gets the impression that all sole proprietorships participating in tenders are fake, and created only for PR of Mayor Filatov and his team. More about everything mentioned above in Anatoly Shariy’s investigation:

By the way, here is another example of Filatov’s unsuccessful PR: The police fined the driver of Boris Albertovich’s Mercedes, and for this Filatov awarded them Podyaks, saying that everyone in the city is equal and everyone is responsible according to the law and he's like the mayor too. But as it turned out, “Podyaki” were dated on the 25th, and the incident with the Mercedes happened 2 days later (on the 27th). And it became clear to everyone that all this was a production for self-promotion. Shariy tells more about this story:

Filatov promised to smash Dubinsky's face

A conflict with threats arose between Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov and People's Deputy from the Servant of the People Alexander Dubinsky. According to Censor.NET, the conflict arose on Facebook. People's Deputy Dubinsky published an alleged screenshot of Boris Filatov's post that the city authorities of the Dnipro will shoot animals that do not have the appropriate registration in the “KP Zookontol”. Dubinsky later stated that Filatov removed the post from his page and insulted Filatov. In turn, Filatov called the order published on his behalf “fake”. And later he promised Dubinsky “to fill e##lo.

The beating of the former head of the housing office Sergei Varfolomey

The Babushkinsky District Court of Dnipro found citizen Sergei Varfolomey guilty of a fight with Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Mikhail Lysenko. It should be noted that Bartholomew previously stated that he was beaten by the mayor Boris Filatov and deputy mayor Mikhail Lysenko right in the office of the latter. At the same time, according to him, the protection of the city hall did not allow police officers into the office of the deputy mayor. The conflict occurred in April 2017 in Lysenko's office during the discussion of the city's support program for Associations of Co-owners of Apartment Buildings (OSMD). The former head of the housing office Varfolomey accused the leadership of the mayor's office of corruption, after which, according to the activist, Lysenko hit him in the face. Bartholomew also claims that Mayor Boris Filatov took part in the fight.. As a result of the brawl, Bartholomew needed the help of emergency doctors. According to him, they took away his phone, on which he tried to record what was happening.. At the same time, Mikhail Lysenko said that Bartholomew himself beat him. Boris Filatov said he did not touch the activist. The materials of the criminal proceedings indicate that it was Sergei Bartholomew who beat Mikhail Lysenko, and that it was the official who was the victim. In particular, Bartholomew scolded Lysenko, after which he hit the deputy mayor three times in the face.. Lysenko tried to push Bartholomew away, which caused both of them to fall to the floor.. According to the materials of the investigation, the officials who were in the reception room immediately entered the office and dragged Bartholomew away from the vice-mayor. During the attack, Bartholomew tore Lysenko's jacket. After that, the deputy mayor called the police and then went to the hospital. Lysenko himself stated that this action was aimed at provoking him into a fight. According to a certificate from the hospital, Lysenko was diagnosed with a head injury and a concussion.. The court took into account the information provided by witnesses – employees of the City Council, and considered the arguments of the defense unfounded.

Mayor of Dnipro was doused with green paint Mayor Boris Filatov, who was holding a meeting with local residents, was attacked this afternoon in Dnipro. This was reported by Dnepr Operative on Saturday, September 5. As reported, the meeting with the townspeople took place in one of the residential courtyards on the left bank of the Dnieper. While talking to people, an unknown person ran up to the mayor Boris Filatov and doused him with green paint. Other people were not injured, and the attacker was detained on the spot by the townspeople themselves, who were present at the meeting.

Promises not kept

The mayor of Dnipro did not fulfill his promise in 2018 to create a veteran center in the city for the fighters of the anti-terrorist operation, where they can help with organizing their own business, retraining and employment. In addition, Filatov completely forgot about his promise to reconstruct all historical buildings on Dmitry Yavornitsky Avenue by mid-2020. He spoke about this in December 2017, but since then, reconstruction work has not even begun.. Before the mayor had time to repair all non-working elevators in the city by the end of 2019, there were 23 of them. “Today, only 16 elevators are not working in the city. Yes, they promised to do everything, but I confess, I am a sinner, ”this is how Filatov commented on the results of fulfilling his promise. According to the promises that Filatov makes, it is immediately clear that he plans to stay for one more cadence. Thus, the mayor promised to complete the reconstruction of the Ice Arena in 2021: “Unfortunately, in the context of underfunding, which occurs due to the curtailment of decentralization, it is difficult for us to delay the reconstruction. But I can say that next year everything that is planned will definitely be completed.” Filatov also promised to complete the construction of the metro in the Dnieper, the process is now in full swing. Filatov also has a sweet last year's promise to buy a mobile operating room on wheels for animal rights activists. So far, this has not been done due to a lack of funds in the city budget due to the epidemic and the economic crisis in the country.

Criminal proceedings

Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov was suspected of illegal enrichment, but the production was closed. Now he is charged with declaring false information, allegedly the mayor of Dnipro hid UAH 50 million. income from the activities of offshore companies controlled by him, as well as undeclared property in 2016-2017 for UAH 1 million. Word and Deed: Bribery of voters At the initiative of the Dniprovsky mayor Boris Filatov, consecrated Easter cakes were delivered to the citizens of the most vulnerable categories during the coronavirus pandemic. Filatov also noted that a total of 38,000 such paskas will be delivered. Also, Filatov, together with the Chairman of the Public Council under the Dnipro City Council, Gennady Korban, handed over to the regional laboratory center a new laboratory for PCR testing for COVID-19.

Activists held a rally “Dnepr without Filatov”

On Sunday, June 28, the anti-corruption platform “Dnepr without corruption” held a motor rally “Dnepr without Filatov”. As part of the action, an appeal to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was announced. This is reported by Channel 9. Up to half a thousand Dnipro residents took part in the event, including volunteers, activists, veterans of the ATO, entrepreneurs. The main slogans of the action are “Dnepr without Filatov” and “No parking mafia”. The activists demanded the resignation of the mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov, UNIAN writes. The head of the NGO “Anti-Corruption Human Rights Council” Alexander Snisar was indignant that “today all the townspeople got corruption – corruption has always existed, but theft has never been actually observed under any authority.” Protest participant and journalist Oleksandr Slavny complained that the Dnipro city hall is closed from the media: “There are many questions: millions of dollars wasted for no one knows what, low-quality long-term repairs of the embankment, poor-quality long repairs of the new bridge, or, for example, a very closed city hall from journalists – get a comment from the city head is simply impossible.

But in July 2021, the locals gathered to “save” the city from Filatov and fulfill his cherished dream – flying into space! A large number of helium balloons were assembled into the shape of a rocket, and a cosmonaut with the face of Boris Filatov was tied to it, and they happily sent him into the sky, just away from the Dnieper:

In Dnipro, city mayor Boris Filatov decided to get rid of political competitors with the hands of public utilities, destroying their advertising business

The scandalous story took place on July 2 in the city center – at the corner of Pushkin Avenue and. Yuri Savchenko. Journalists of leading local TV channels were beaten at the site of dismantling of advertising structures. The reason is that they came to cover the illegal actions of public utilities. At a recent executive committee of the city council, it was decided to dismantle a number of advertising structures, boards owned by private firms. But the journalists conducted an investigation and found out that there was nothing illegal in the installation of advertising boards, which means that it was the utilities that violated the law.

In addition, fighters from the Municipal Warta KP were present at the scene. It was they who began to prevent journalists from doing their job.. Gas cartridges, knives and firearms were used. As a result, film crews of a number of TV channels suffered greatly. The operator of the TV channel D1 was filming the progress of the works carried out by public utilities and was attacked with the use of physical force. The injured employee was taken to the Design Bureau named after. Mechnikov, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Eyewitnesses reported that the attackers beat all the journalists who were present at the scene of the incident.. They also broke equipment and tried to seize all the footage from them.. Ordinary passers-by also fell under the distribution. The attackers did not touch only the employees of the communal TV channel “Dnipro TV”. Police officers were also present at the scene.. But to the great shock of the victims, they did not react in any way to the arbitrariness of the KP fighters.. Some, which is especially cynical, even filmed what was happening on their phones. Since public utilities employees directly or indirectly act on the instructions of the mayor of the city, it can be safely assumed that such actions were sanctioned “from above”.

About income and property

But the property of the mayor of Dnipro is difficult to describe in one sentence. Boris Filatov has three apartments for 1.3 thousand. sq. m and two residential buildings with outbuildings for 1.9 thousand. sq. m. In addition, he has four non-residential premises for 2.8 thousand square meters. m and nine land plots with a total area of 37.2 thousand square meters. m. Filatov already has 11 parking spaces, but only 7 cars, since Toyota Land Cruiser disappeared from the declaration this year, but remained: Mercedes S600L, 2012 onwards. Jaguar XJS Convert 1989 Mercedes-Benz 200, 1969 Dodge RAM, 2008 onwards Porsche Panamera, 2012. in. 2008 Porsche Cayenne Porsche Carrera 911, 2007

In addition to the car, Filatov has two Triumph Scrambler motorcycles, 2006. and Honda XR250, 1999 onwards. And that's not all, the mayor owns two watercraft and one aircraft – Eurocopter AS350B2, 2007. He also has no problems with income. During the year, the Filatov family earned UAH 12.5 million, which is 8.7 million more than in 2019. In the bank, he keeps only 144.2 thousand. hryvnia, and decided to keep 1.1 million hryvnia and 1.3 million dollars in cash. Boris and Marina Filatovs have a rest in New Zealand On New Year's holidays the Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov and his wife Marina went on a trip to the other side of the globe – they are resting in New Zealand. The last place visited by Marina Filatova is the devil's beach in Wai-O-Tapu. This is an area with high geothermal activity in the south of the Okatayna volcanic center. “And this is Devil's bath – the devil's bath. The acidic color of the water in it is due to the concentration of sulfur.. They say that if you plunge into such water, the skin will peel off.. And the miasma emanating from geothermal water is just awful,” writes the mayor’s wife.


The mayor of Dnipro clearly lied. He broadcasts to the whole country that he is a respectable person, has nothing to do with raiding and embezzlement, and he quietly takes money from the budget for his advertising, and appropriates local enterprises. And if you reproach him for this, and decompose all the evidence into facts, in the best case, you will be covered with a huge number of obscenities and added to the Facebook black list, in the worst case, Filatov's henchmen who call themselves “Municipal Varta” will beat you.

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Wife - Marina Filatova, athlete, daughter Ekaterina.
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