Epifantseva Svetlana Vladimirovna - full dossier, compromising evidence


Dnipro politician, deputy mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov from 2016 to 2018. ...

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A straightforward, ill-mannered, unprincipled, greedy for money, deceitful, depraved woman ...


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Epifantseva Svetlana Vladimirovna


Svetlana Epifantseva – former deputy mayor of the city of Dnipro Boris Filatov. Epifantseva became very famous. And not only half-naked photos in swimsuits and a bra. Rudeness towards voters, anti-Ukrainian position, plundering land near the river, false information in the declaration, lack of political principles and ideology. To all this, it is worth adding that her second husband Yevgeny Taranov is involved in criminal cases from the 90s to the present day, he was seen in crimes on the Maidan and involved in beating a journalist.

Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt
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Epifantseva Svetlana Vladimirovna

Official biography

Born on 07/12/1972 Member of the City Council. Dnepropetrovsk, elected from the single-mandate majoritarian constituency No. 43, Deputy faction of the Party of Regions. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the City Council on the Development of Local Self-Government and Partnerships. Place of employment: Foundation for Support and Development of the Kirovsky District Vozrozhdenie, Executive Director.


Higher, graduated from the Faculty of History of Dnepropetrovsk State University. Family Husband – Evgeny Taranov – crime boss of the 90s. Daughter – Anna Epifantseva – designer, lives in Moscow. Not official biography Epifantseva, who became famous for publishing her candid photos on the Internet, spoke about the genitals of Oleksandr Vilkul, who during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych served as Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Mykola Azarov. Epifantseva herself made the corresponding confession while communicating with Vilkul's opponents on social networks. In particular, during a discussion on political topics, Facebook user Alexander Snow suggested that Epifantseva, who actively defends Vilkul's interests in the virtual world, “kisses him one place.” In turn, Svetlana Epifantseva replied: “Vilkul at least has something to kiss, but you have a problem. Monkey, scat,” said Epifantseva, obviously referring to the genitals of Vilkul and the monkey primate, respectively. Pozhze, the former head of the Dnieper Opposition Bloc, Svetlana Epifantseva, accused presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul, her former ally, of sexual harassment, drug addiction and adultery. [videopress TEaxf2Ti] Svetlana Epifantseva decided to support liquor customers in Dnipro. So, Svetlana Epifantseva “shocked” Facebook by posting a video two years ago under the guise of fresh news. The former official was outraged by the demolition of kiosks that sold alcohol. Reports “Dnepr operational” with reference to the “Dnieper Panorama”. Two years later, Svetlana Epifantseva, a well-known lover of the glamorous life and a former associate of the region's Vilkul since the days of Yanukovych, decided to take the side of the regulars of the “alcohol stalls”. During her varied career, Epifantseva managed to change many patrons, and with them regularly changed her “principled” position and point of view on various issues. Epifantseva was fired from the mayor's office of Dnipro due to incompliance with her job after screaming failures in the social sphere she oversaw, including the poisoning of children in a camp by the sea. According to rumors, in addition to the lack of professional skills, there was an unofficial reason for the dismissal of Epifantseva – a strong friendship with alcohol.. This addiction provoked more than one scandalous public prank – half-naked photos of Epifantseva in a state of intoxication made her a star of all the central media in the summer of 2012. Scandalous ex-official Epifantseva tried to “squeeze” money from the deceased financier. This was announced on his Facebook page by the lawyer of the family of the deceased Sergei Barbashin, Nashe Misto correspondent reports. According to the lawyer of the family of the deceased, Epifantseva is friends with the family of Karolina Nedybalyuk (ex-wife of the deceased). Nine days after the death of Alexander Morozyuk, the ex-official told his parents that the deceased allegedly owed her money. Nothing less than $200,000. This is exactly the amount Karolina Nedybalyuk took out of Morozyuk's apartment on the day of his death. However, no evidence to support the claims. The receipt will appear later, in September, when Epifantseva files a lawsuit against the deceased in the Zhovtnevy District Court. By the way, this court is known for its amazing and incredible decisions.. The receipt was made in printed text and, according to the lawyer, the signature bears little resemblance to the autograph of the deceased. However, this did not bother the judges and they imposed a ban on the rejection of the property of the financier. Allegedly because he can still sell it – in honor of paying off a debt. So, according to the judges, Alexander Morozyuk, being deceased, can dispose of his property himself … Epifantseva began to publicly “sting” Filatov The newly appointed deputy mayor of Dnepropetrovsk reproaches the mayor’s team that the city lives without a budget for the current year. This is discussed on Facebook on the page “Opposition Bloc. Dnepropetrovsk”, reports Depo.Dnepr. “The opposition bloc demands from Boris Filatov to intensify work on the preparation of the city budget. It also demands that the allowances due to people for January, February and March be paid after the adoption of the budget. “It is unacceptable that doctors and teachers lose money because of the mayor and his officials,” said Svetlana Epifantseva, head of the Dnepropetrovsk city organization Opposition Bloc. The former deputy mayor of Dnipro boasted that she was happy with the criminal. “People often and a lot ask me how you live with a former criminal. Well, firstly, in the early 90s, everyone was such a “criminal”, and now the truth of life,” Epifantseva wrote on the social network. She added that she had not met “a more honest and just person” than her husband. Media: The husband of the vice-mayor of Dnipro was handed a suspicion not for the Euromaidanists, but for beating a deputy Yevgeny Taranov, the husband of the deputy mayor of Dnipro, Svetlana Epifantseva, received a suspicion from the prosecutor's office in the case of beating the deputy of the City Council Sergei Sukhanov, and not for organizing the dispersal of the Euromaidan in Dnipro in January 2014. [videopress QsG1LNO1] [videopress TE8swIZv]

Former deputy mayor of Dnipro sympathized with communal thieves

Former deputy mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva condemned the appearance in the city of billboards and leaflets with photographs and personal data of persons caught stealing communal property. According to Epifantseva, instead of photos of petty thieves, photos of those who “steal millions” should be hung on the boards.. “I read the news in the morning that photos and personal data of thieves of communal property were posted in our city,” the ex-official wrote on her page on the social network.. – Tell me, who are the judges? Who steals millions, why is there no photo of the main thieves of the city? But didn’t you think that with one such act you can cross out the rest of a person’s life because of a stolen wheel or hatch? And the stolen buildings, factories don’t press anyone?” Epifantseva regarded this practice as lynching and quoted a phrase from the Bible: “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

Vice-mayor of Dnipro, fired for the Ukrainian language, began to learn it

The former deputy mayor of Dnipro, Svetlana Epifantseva, whose dismissal was motivated by statements about the status of the state language, began to learn Ukrainian. Epifantseva herself reported this. “I am improving my knowledge of the Ukrainian language, I started reading Oksana Zabuzhko” Museum of Abandoned Secrets “. I am sure that over time, working for the benefit of the community and my native country, I will be able to communicate very freely in my native language!” Epifantseva wrote on her page on the social network. It is noteworthy that she published this post in Ukrainian. Recall that on February 28, Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva was dismissed from her post, according to the official version – for “statements about the status of the state language and violation of the ethics of a civil servant.”

The network laughed at the Turkish voyage of the former deputy mayor of the Dnieper

Former Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva went on vacation to Istanbul after her dismissal. She posted photos from her vacation on her Facebook page.. “You know, the first words of March 8” I love you very much “are the most expensive in life, and of course, your warm and kind words. I saw the true faces of people, friends, opponents, for which I am sincerely grateful to fate. I am alive, healthy and absolutely happy, and I will think about the rest tomorrow,” Epifantseva wrote. The Vice Mayor of Dnipro sold the hotel to an Estonian company The Deputy Mayor of Dnipro, Svetlana Epifantseva, sold two properties to the Estonian company ICBI OÜ and another property to the head and owner of this company, a resident of Dnipro, Ekaterina Brodskaya. According to the message on the official website of the National Anti-Corruption Agency, as a result of the transaction, Epifantseva received 4369.8 thousand from ICBI OÜ. hryvnia, and from Brodskaya – 92.3 thousand. UAH

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro bought a profitable apartment with all the money

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva purchased an apartment in Dnipro with an area of 175.7 sq.. m. This is stated in the message of Epifantseva about significant changes in her property status.. As follows from the document, the official became the owner of the new apartment in mid-August.. The price of the apartment is indicated at 425 thousand. UAH Thus, the cost per square meter is UAH 2419, which is significantly lower than market prices. However, even despite the low price of the apartment, the official income of the Epifantseva family is hardly enough for such a purchase. Thus, the official declared UAH 146.3 thousand over the past year. wages, 44.5 thousand UAH. income from the lease of property and UAH 71.5 thousand received under a property management agreement (total UAH 262 thousand). All savings of Epifantseva amount to 150 thousand UAH. in cash, and her husband – 100 thousand UAH. in cash. The family does not have bank accounts. Thus, the price of the purchased apartment is comparable to the total amount of all the savings of the vice-mayor's family plus annual earnings, provided that last year the family spent almost nothing on living. And Epifantseva did not notify about the sale of any property.

The Deputy Mayor of the Dnieper decided to cause envy with an open swimsuit

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva decided to show off a photo from her vacation in Turkey. On the Facebook page, Epifantseva published her photo by the pool in an open swimsuit and signed: “And let everyone envy. Here is such a deputy. at Filatov” (mayor of the Dnieper – ed.).

Deputy mayor of Dnepr was deprived of the award for rudeness

Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov reprimanded his deputy Svetlana Epifantseva and deprived her of her bonus for insulting social network users. He also apologized to everyone who was rude to Epifantseva.

The entourage of the vice-mayor of Dnipro and the defector deputy received several plots on the river bank

In the village of Odinkovka on the outskirts of the Dnieper, on the banks of the Samara River, land plots are allocated to persons close to the deputies of the city council. According to the Bureau.ua website, land plots in Odinkovka, on Novogorodskaya Street, began to be distributed relatively recently – in the summer of 2016. In most cases, the plots go to “their” people. So, out of 11 people who have already received land on Novogorodskaya Street, five are directly related to the vice-mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva and the deputy defector from the Opposition Bloc to the mayor's group For Dnepropetrovsk Oleg Grigoruk.

Deputy mayor of Dnipro denies the poisoning of children in the camp

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva does not see the guilt of the city authorities in the fact that officials sent the children of ATO fighters to a camp that did not have the right to receive vacationers. Epifantseva wrote about this on Facebook, entering into a dispute with one of the parents of the affected children.. At the same time, the official claims that there was allegedly no poisoning of children.. “There was no poisoning. All possible and impossible tests were carried out, the result of poisoning is zero. Rotavirus infection. The conclusions of the doctors are all in the hands of the department,” she said. Meanwhile, the Zaporozhye Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine published the conclusions of an epidemiological investigation, according to which acute intestinal infection in children was caused by opportunistic microorganisms – Klebsiella pneumoniae and Klebsiella oxytoca.. The likely source of transmission of bacteria was buckwheat porridge, which was on the menu on July 18 for dinner and on July 20 for breakfast.. As reported by “Events of the Dnieper”, in the city of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region, there was a mass illness of children in the sanatorium “Lazurny”. This institution took on vacation children from the Dnepropetrovsk region. A total of 30 patients were reported.

Deputy mayor of Dnipro accused of hiding 1.5 million received in cash

People's Deputy Vitaliy Kupriy (non-factional) claims that the deputy mayor of Dnipro, Svetlana Epifantseva, did not indicate in her declaration the UAH 1.5 million received in 2015 for the election campaign of the “Opposition Bloc”. As Kupriy wrote on Facebook, he was approached by a certain resident of the Dnieper Natalia Goncharenko, who in 2015 gave Epifantseva UAH 1,499,520. in cash, including UAH 306,720. was transmitted through her husband Yevgeny Taranov Epifantseva. It is alleged that this money was intended for the election campaign of the “Opposition Bloc” and was personally handed over to Epifantseva and her husband against receipt. “Thus, the Deputy Mayor of Dnipro was obliged to reflect in her declaration for 2015 the amount received in the column “Cash”. I note that they were subject to mandatory declaration, since they exceeded 50 minimum wages. However, Epifantseva did not provide any information on this matter,” the people's deputy said.. Thus, according to him, the official committed yes criminal offenses – illegal enrichment and declaring false information. Kupriy also said that he sent materials on this issue to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), but they refused to start an investigation, despite the evidence in the form of receipts.

Blogger and vice-mayor of Dnipro found out on the social network who feeds whom

Dnipro blogger Vyacheslav Poyezdnik and deputy mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva sorted things out on the social network. The reason was the blogger's criticism of the banquet organized by the mayor's office in honor of March 8, for which UAH 2 million was spent. taxpayer money. At the same time, among the participants of the festive feast there were many officials of the mayor's office. “Now, I think so, with a clear conscience I can go up to, say, Epifantseva and say: “Did I feed you? Now let's dance,” Poyezdnik quipped.. Epifantseva reacted to this statement, writing in response: “Tangjun has not grown up yet. Feed yourself…” “Svetlana, I'm telling you in all seriousness. Yesterday I fed you. You ate for my money. For mine, do you hear? Therefore, I not only feed myself, but also you parasites,” the blogger retorted.. As reported by “Events of the Dnieper”, on March 7, an action was held in Dnipro to congratulate the women of the city, for which UAH 1.95 million were allocated. from the city budget. Many citizens were outraged by the fact that the festival was held for budget money, which could be spent on more pressing needs of the city.

The odious deputy mayor of the Dnieper sent everyone who does not celebrate the “cotton” holiday

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro boasted a watch from the head Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov gave his deputy Svetlana Epifantseva a watch. Epifantseva herself told about this on her Facebook page, where she showed the gift. “My old New Year's gift,” she boasted. In the comments to the post, Epifantseva added that she paid 5 hryvnia for the watch. According to the website 49000.com.ua, there are only 110 such watches in the country.. According to the tender documentation, they were purchased by the Department of Local Self-Government, Internal and Information Policy of the Dnipro City Council. The department spent almost 100 thousand hryvnias of budget funds on watches. The watches are inexpensive, they cost 873 hryvnias apiece, and the warranty period is only one year.

The scandalous deputy mayor of the Dnieper boasted a cheap vacation in Egypt for the holidays

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva posted on the social network a photo report about her vacation in Egypt during the New Year holidays. “I report to the indignant mass of the Dnieper. Especially to those men who constantly reproach me with rest, consider my income and scare me with prison cells. Villas and yachts, the declared billions of our people's deputies are of little concern. But the rest of such a modest person like me, in Egypt, a 4 * hotel, just boils the brains of many residents of our city. Guys, I'm not in the Maldives and not in Mauritius. I'm in Sharm el-Sheikh,” Epifantseva wrote.. Note that Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the tourist capitals of Egypt.. In December-January, tours to Egypt from the Dnieper cost from $500 per person per week, including flights and accommodation in a four-star hotel. As reported by the “Events of the Dnieper” portal, the deputy mayor of the Dnieper, Svetlana Epifantseva, has repeatedly found herself at the center of scandals related to expensive purchases and expensive vacations abroad.

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro boasted shoes from Valentino

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva boasted a new glamorous look, which is complemented by shoes from Valentino. “It's good to have four arms, four legs, two heads and four Valentino shoes,” she wrote on her Facebook page.. Note that in online stores, prices for Valentino shoes of similar models start at $ 800 per pair.

Wealthy deputy mayor of Dnepr boasted a meager salary

Vice Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva receives a salary of UAH 2,200 per month. She announced this on her Facebook page. “Once again, to the topic of salary. As a deputy mayor, I receive a salary in the amount of UAH 2,200. It’s not even $ 100,” said Epifantseva, without specifying how much the bonuses and allowances are officials are usually more than the amount of salary several times. Epifantseva claims that she lives off the money that she accumulated earlier. “Yes, I live for the money that I have plowed all my life. I have not privatized factories, natural resources, enterprises, etc. I have not worked like a girl all my life,” she said. Note that Epifantseva is considered one of the wealthiest officials in the Dnepropetrovsk region.. However, according to the declaration, for example, for 2015, three members of the family of the deputy mayor had to live on an average of 1.389 thousand. UAH per month. At the same time, Epifantseva often comes to work in very expensive clothes, in particular, in shoes from Valentino for 20 thousand. hryvnia, and likes to relax abroad.

Epifantseva, expelled from the Opposition Bloc, uses his symbols for agitation in the Dnieper

Deputy mayor of Dnipro and candidate for people's deputies in constituency No. 27 Svetlana Epifantseva uses the symbolism of the political party “Opposition Bloc” – a paper “dove” in her campaign products.

Epifantseva was offended by the Dnipro journalist and wrote a statement

Oleksandr Slavny, a journalist from the Accent studio and host of the Region TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, said that on June 8, during a session of the Dnipro City Council, he was pushed out of the city council by employees of the Municipal Guard KP. This was reported by the Institute of Mass Information (IMI), to which the journalist addressed. “I wanted to go outside with the operator during a break. A man in the form of the “Municipal Guard” cut me off from the operator, four grabbed me by the arms and pushed me behind the turnstile on the first floor,” the journalist said.. He said that these actions were accompanied by the phrase “the session is already over for you”, and the name of the deputy mayor Svetlana Epifantseva also appeared. As Slavny said, before that, during the session, he went down to the session hall, Epifantseva was sitting in front of him and made a remark to him that he was located in the place intended for deputy mayors. According to the press service of the city council, Glorious worked in the hall throughout the session, although he was asked to go to the balconies specially reserved for journalists.. Such a request is motivated by “the prevention of violations of order during the session”. After the break, Glorious returned to the session hall and continued to work. No one interfered with him, the journalist said.. According to the press service of the Dnipro Patrol Police, the journalist noted that he was taken out of the checkpoint by employees of the “Municipal Guard”, referring to his violation of public order and the rules of the session. “Immediately after the journalist's appeal, he was asked to identify the people who, according to him, had committed an offense. Having gone around several floors, no possible intruders were found.. No witnesses have been identified in connection with the incident, police said.. Glorious filed an application with the Babushkinsky department of the Dnipro police, in the message he indicated that the incident took place in front of the employees of the “Municipal Guard”. Also, an application was filed by Epifantseva, who announced a violation of public order and an insult against her by Glorious. Explanations from two witnesses were included in her statement, the patrolmen said.

The scandalous deputy mayor of Dnepropetrovsk showed a tattoo

Scandalous Deputy Mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Svetlana Epifantseva never ceases to amaze others. This time, at the plenary meeting of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council, Epifantseva showed the audience a tattoo. On her right arm, they noticed a colored tattoo in the form of a flower.. Recall that at previous meetings, Epifantseva appeared more than once in expensive extravagant outfits and shoes, worth an annual salary.

In Dnepropetrovsk, Epifantseva was expelled from the Opposition Bloc faction for buying up “carcasses”

The “Opposition Bloc” faction in the Dnepropetrovsk city council expelled a group of deputies led by Svetlana Epifantseva “for betrayal”. This is stated in the faction's statement. Earlier, on February 18, the political council of the national party organization “Opposition Bloc” at a meeting in Kyiv decided to expel these six deputies from the party: Oleg Grigoruk, Sergey Pustovoy, Dmitry Bezugly, Natalia Demidova, Vasily Hubert and Vladimir Ikol. Also, the former head of the Dnepropetrovsk city organization of the “Opposition Bloc” Svetlana Epifantseva, whom her former party members call the organizer of the purchase of “carcasses”, was expelled from the party. “We consider it unacceptable that Svetlana Epifantseva and six overbought deputies became cheap traitors and “carcasses” who sold themselves to Filatov for positions and money,” said Natalya Nacharyan, head of the Opposition Bloc faction.

Epifantseva not allowed into her own office

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva said on her Facebook page that the locks had been changed in her office and no one was allowed in. It is reported by the Internet edition “Dnepr. MAIN”. “Predictable and expected… At 8 am, they called to stop coming to the control room, at 8:50 to immediately put the company car in the garage, otherwise they would call the police, and at 8:55 the secretary could not get to the workplace, because at night They changed all the locks in my office. I wonder what they decided so hard to guard in my office, 2 pairs of my interchangeable shoes, a photo of my daughter on the table or toilet paper? In general, good morning and the last day of winter,” she wrote.

“Because of pity for Motorola” they want to fire Deputy Filatov

On December 1, a petition was registered on the website of the Dniprovsky City Council demanding the dismissal of Deputy Mayor Svetlana Epifantseva. One of the reasons why the author of the document, Aleksey Mazur, wants to remove the deputy mayor from his post is her Facebook post, in which Epifantseva wrote that she felt sorry for the “Motorola militant, because he was someone’s son, father and husband” . This is reported by the online edition “Dnepr. MAIN”. In addition, Mazur accuses Svetlana Epifantseva of being a parishioner of the Moscow Patriarchate, not shouting “Glory to the Heroes” and not respecting the anthem of Ukraine. Also, the author of the petition was very worried about the plot shown by one of the Ukrainian TV channels, in which Epifantseva's husband was accused of involvement in criminal stories.

Deputy Filatova advised not to faint because of the increase in salaries in the City Council

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva advised envious people and everyone else who is haunted by the topic of raising salaries for city council officials to stop fainting. She wrote about this on her Facebook page.. MAIN”. “Once again to the topics of salary. As deputy. the mayor, I receive a salary in the amount of 2200 UAH. It's not even $100. Yes, I live off the money I've been plowing all my life. I have not privatized factories, natural resources, enterprises, etc. I've been working like a girl all my life. I know where I will spend my salary. Enough fainting. Thanks to the deputies and the mayor that now the specialists will receive 10 thousand hryvnias,” she wrote.

Epifantseva brought scandalous MP to party, – Oppobloc

An internal investigation showed that Alexander Zamansky, who committed illegal acts against a woman, was recommended to the list of deputies by Svetlana Epifantseva, who betrayed the Opposition Bloc six months ago and “sold herself to the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov for 100 thousand. dollars and position. Based on the results of an internal investigation, the head of the city party organization, Lyudmila Selivanova, told about this, the online edition DNEPR reports.. MAIN THING” with reference to the press service of the party. “We learned about the situation with Zamansky from the Internet. We are conducting an internal investigation. The lists of candidates for deputies in the Zhovtnevy district were formed by Svetlana Epifantseva, who sold herself to Filatov six months ago for a position and 100,000. dollars. I emphasize that the head of the Zhovtneva district party organization was Valentina Maydanyuk, who works as the director of the Park Hotel owned by Epifantseva,” Selivanova said.

Deputy mayor of Dnipro “rewrote” the history of World War II

Today, June 22, Deputy Mayor of Dnipro Svetlana Epifantseva met with war veterans of the Cathedral District. Speaking to those present, the deputy mayor stated that “the banner of Victory was erected over the Reichstag on May 9.” It is reported by the Internet edition “Dnepr. MAIN THING” with a link to dnipro.depo.ua. She noted that May 9 is the main holiday for her, because it was on this day that the banner of Victory was hung on the roof of the building of the dilapidated Nazi parliament.. Epifantseva also expressed a negative opinion that today in Ukraine they are trying to rewrite history. For reference. The banner of “Victory” was hoisted over the Reichstag on April 30, 1945 by scouts of the 150th Infantry Division Egorov and Kantaria.


A declaration by the Deputy Mayor for Executive Bodies Svetlana Epifantseva appeared on the website of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council. In 2015, the official received an income of UAH 16.672. All this amount is her salary or other payments provided for by the terms of an employment or civil law contract. If you divide 16.672 UAH. for 12 months, Epifantseva received monthly UAH 1.389. According to the declaration for 2015, the Deputy Mayor is the owner of a land plot of 1.085 m2, an apartment of 104 m2, and other real estate with an area of 3182.9 m2. Svetlana Epifantseva drives a car brand “TayotaCamry” 2012. release. In addition, she owns a 2014 Honda VT 750CSCED motorcycle. The official has no other property, money in banks and investments in the authorized capital of enterprises. [videopress vUCDnnnq]


Svetlana Epifantseva is a rather scandalous character in Ukrainian politics. Her “long tongue” let the mayor down, worsening his rating, and showed the complete incompetence and bad manners of Epifantseva. But despite all this, Svetlana Vladimirovna managed to get some material benefits as a deputy. This is evidenced by her declaration, because no matter how she proves that her salary is 2000 UAH. per month, Valentino shoes and other branded items show the real financial situation of Svetlana Vladimirovna.

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Husband - Evgeny Taran, - criminals of the 90s, daughter - Anna, designer, son-in-law - Egor Tarabasov - Russian oligarch
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