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Corruption, embezzlement, bribery of voters ...

Efimov Maxim Viktorovich


Efimov, of course, went into politics for the sake of his own prosperity and fruitful business. Apparently, the habit of stealing money from his father, who was in conjunction with the organized crime group of Kramatorsk in the late 80s. As you can see, he didn’t do anything particularly good, for that his financial condition rose to the level of an oligarchy, and where he gets this money from is not difficult to guess.

November 1, 1974
Уровень охвата:

Efimov Maxim Viktorovich

Official biography

Born November 1, 1974 in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.


Donetsk State University, majoring in Finance and Credit, Donetsk National Technical University, majoring in ferrous metallurgy, graduated from the University of Bern.

A family

He is married to Anna Efimova and has three children. Father – Viktor Efimov.


From 1996 to 1998, Maxim Efimov worked as the General Director of the Kramatorsk Metallurgical Machine-Building Company, and then Kramatorsk Diversified Marketing Company LLC. But after that, he unexpectedly left the teachers and became the director of the aviation club – the Kramatorsk aeronautics school. A year later, he left this profession to take the position of Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs at the Energomashspetsstal plant in Kramatorsk, owned by his father, Viktor Efimov. In 2006, Maxim headed the enterprise, becoming first a director, and a year later – a general director. At the same time, Efimov Jr. went into politics. He became a deputy of the Kramatorsk City Council from the “Party of Regions”. August 2, 2014 Maxim Viktorovich left the political force and joined the “Party for the Development of Ukraine”. In the autumn of the same year, he went to the parliamentary elections as a self-nominated candidate in the single-mandate constituency No. 48 in the Donetsk region.. Maxim Yefimov was chosen by 34.12% of the voters who ensured his victory. In the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation, he joined the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction. On July 21, 2019, Maxim Yefimov was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 9th convocation in the majority constituency No. 48.

NOT official biography

In 1993, in the city, local residents Beletsky and Shportyuk created an organized criminal group called the 17th Precinct. According to media reports, in the 90s, Maxim Efimov contacted the 17th district organized criminal group and actively conducted business with them. There is also evidence of their close relationship.. In the scandalous photo, the future people's deputy and member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, then still young and with a curly head, appears in the company of four “brothers”, three of whom were immediately recognized by the residents of Kramatorsk. In addition to these people, the entrepreneur collaborated with the organized criminal group “Old City”. Moreover, according to the publication SKELET-info, the father of Maxim Efimov not only paid “tribute” to the criminals, but also conducted a shadow business with them. So, through his company, the bandits “laundered” the money they received dishonestly, and in return they “protected” their partner. However, Efimov Sr. himself had considerable connections in the prosecutor's office, state authorities and the criminal world. Also, in his biography, Maxim Efimov writes that he graduated from the University of Bern, but this is not so: the Zollikofen College is just such an “associated branch” of the university, and they teach there as … agronomists. How so? It turns out that the whole thing is in the firm “Fistag-Victoria”, which was a Ukrainian-Swiss joint venture. This company was mainly engaged in the export of metal, often stolen from enterprises (formally decommissioned), which went through customs according to shadow schemes, and at the same time exported the received currency abroad. From this money, Efimov Sr. allocated some funding to the Tsollikofen College, which allowed him to attach his son and colleagues' children there.. The fact that neither Zollikofen College nor even the University of Bern teaches engineers or economists did not really bother anyone – in Ukraine, the phrase “studied in Switzerland” itself had a magical effect,” adds skelet-info.

How did Russian sanctions bypass Yefimov?

Journalist Reshetilova noted that the Russians bypassed Maxim Efimov when compiling the sanctions list. She shared her suspicions on Facebook. “The Russians imposed sanctions against Ukrainian top officials and politicians, as well as some enterprises. Full set. Almost complete composition of BPP and NF. Both Avakov and Alexey Poroshenko. Well, almost everything. Do you know who is not on the list? Deputy from the BPP Maxim Efimov. In the same Efimov, which is directly related to the Starokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant and Energomashspetsstal enterprises, which belong to Rosatom through offshore laying. Neither Efimov nor his enterprises. Not so bad, right? Let me remind you that this group of companies from time to time receives defense orders from Ukroboronprom. Well, for example, for the manufacture of barrels for Molot mortars. Is it possible for the Molotov manufacturer to be included in the Russian sanctions list? No, the Kremlin should rather give him a star of a hero.” By 2020, Maxim Yefimov was still included in the sanctions list of Russia. PEOPLE'S DEPUTY YEFIMOV indicated 14 COMPANIES IN THE DECLARATION OF 2017, WHICH HAVE NOT DECLARED BEFORE, AND HIS WIFE SELLS elite cars at a low price. In 2017, the wife of MP Maxim Efimov earned 69,000 hryvnias from the sale of two elite Mercedes-Benz cars and became the owner of a Range Rover Sport at a price 5 times lower than the market. Maxim Yefimov did not indicate 14 companies in the declarations of 2015 and 2016, which he noted only in the declaration of 2017, according to the Declaration project. Compared to 2016, in the declaration of 2017, two Mercedes-Benz S320 2005 and Mercedes-Benz S550 2008 cars disappeared from the property of Efimov’s wife. However, on sales sites, a used Mercedes-Benz S320 as of 2017 was worth about $14,000, and a Mercedes-Benz S550 was between $20 and $30,000.. That is, the sale prices of cars, according to journalists, were underestimated by the current cash settlement limit, which currently stands at UAH 50,000. In January 2017, Anna Efimova became the owner of a 2014 Range Rover Sport. According to the declaration, its value at the time of purchase was about UAH 300,000.. But in the secondary market, depending on the configuration, these now cost from 1.4 to 2 million hryvnias. The People's Deputy Maxim Yefimov himself added to his declaration for 2017 14 companies from the Wind Parks of Ukraine corporation, which he forgot to indicate in 2016. Corporation “Wind Parks of Ukraine” specializes in the production of green electricity. Its beneficiaries as of 2017 were Maxim Efimov and billionaire Oleg Mkrtchan. According to paragraphs 5-1, part 1 of Art.. 46 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prevention of Corruption”, the subject of declaring in the electronic declaration from 2015 must indicate legal entities, the ultimate beneficial owner (controller) of which is the subject of declaring or members of his family “. In addition, the subject of the declaration must indicate reliable information about the property and its value at the time of purchase.. Failure to comply with these requirements of the law is the basis for bringing a person authorized to perform the functions of the state or local self-government to criminal liability (Art.. 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) or administrative (art.. 172-6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). Maxim Yefimov profits from doing business in the occupied Crimea, according to the National Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine He is a co-founder of Domkrymstroy LLC. In the past, he was the General Director of PJSC Energomashspetsstal, and as of 2016, the president of this enterprise, Maxim Efimov, left the column “income from entrepreneurial and independent professional activities” blank in the income statement for 2014. He didn't have that kind of income last year.. Nevertheless, for the year the people's deputy received 14 million 18 thousand. 366 hryvnia. Of these, the salary amounted to more than UAH 2.6 million, 27.3 thousand. UAH. – dividends and interest. Efimov received most of his income from other types of income not indicated in the declaration.

Non-factional People's Deputy Maxim Efimov and General Director of PJSC Donbasenergo Eduard Bondarenko became co-owners of Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya

Non-factional People's Deputy Maksim Efimov and General Director of PJSC Donbasenergo Eduard Bondarenko became co-owners of Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya LLC, which operates on coal seams that previously belonged to the state mine of the same name SE “Selidovugol”. Corresponding changes were made to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individuals on October 30, BusinessCensor reports with reference to Nashi Groshi. According to the registry, Efimov and Bondarenko became owners of 25% each in the company's authorized capital, which is UAH 1 million.. 50% remains with Valery Atanov from the occupied Makeevka, who in 2018 became the sole owner of Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya. Atanov, together with Vyacheslav Karim, are the owners of Rossiya Mine LLC. This company was registered on the same day in 2012 with Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya and at the same address. The firms were owned by Oleksandr Sichinava, the then chairman of the supervisory board of the All-Ukrainian Development Bank, the son of President Viktor Yanukovych, Oleksandr. Both firms duplicated the names of the respective mines of the state enterprise Selidovugol. On July 25, 2012, Gosgeonedra issued special permits to firms for a 20-year use of seams that were developed by state-owned mines. In 2017, people from the circle of businessman Vitaly Kropachev became the owners of these companies, and he himself announced the purchase of these enterprises. But later Atanov and Kariy became the owners. After that, the general director of PJSC Donbasenergo, Eduard Bondarenko, announced his involvement in the new owners of the Rossiya Mine and Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya. And in 2018, at that time, the people’s deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Maxim Yefimov, announced that he had become the owner of Donbasenergo shares, where 61% of the shares belong to Energoinvest Holding LLC, and a quarter to the state. Previously, the enterprise was under the control of Alexander Yanukovych and Igor Gumenyuk. As reported, on July 4, the Economic Court of the Donetsk Region satisfied the claim of Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya LLC and recognized the agreement between this company and the separate subdivision Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya of SE Selidovugol as concluded. According to this agreement, state miners must mine coal for a private company on the terms of the company itself.. At the same time, for the extraction of state coal, state miners will rent equipment from private traders. In August, the mine filed an appeal against this decision, but immediately withdrew it.. The court register does not contain information about re-appeal.

PEOPLE'S DEPUTIES, politicians and businessmen enrich themselves by maintaining a HIGH “green” tariff

The Parliament retained the inflated amount of special payment (“green” tariff) for alternative energy facilities introduced in 2019. Among the beneficiaries are the holding of Rinat Akhmetov, the ICU group from the orbit of Petro Poroshenko, the business of Avakov-Kotvitsky, the ETG group, which Nikolay Martynenko can stand behind, journalists of the Our Money with Denis BIGUS program note in the story “Kings of the Sun and Wind”. The state undertook to buy electricity produced by facilities launched in 2019 at a high “green” tariff until 2030. This tariff is 10 times higher than the payment for electricity produced by nuclear power plants. Maxim Efimov, People's Deputy from the BPP, will also increase its “green” capacities in 2019. This is the deputy whose mother was recently transferred to the Kyiv complex “Parkovy” with “Yanukovych's helipad” on the roof.

MP from BPP issued “Yanukovych's helipad” to his mother

People's Deputy Maxim Yefimov confirmed that his entourage bought a company that owns the Parkovy congress and exhibition center in Kyiv. “The beneficiary of this business was my mother, Lyubov Yefimova. The investor plans to entrust the right to engage in operational activities to manage the complex to an international company with a good reputation. Negotiations with potential partners are already underway. And in the near future the concept of development of the Parkovy congress and exhibition center, which is unique for Ukraine, will be presented, – Yefimov said. Last year, the journalists of the program “Our money with Denis BIGUS” found out that the new owner of Yanukovych's helipad was a confidant of the people's deputy from the BPP Maxim Yefimov. According to the investigation, the owner of Parkovoe, Amadeus Co., is registered with the British company FINEROAD BUSINESS LLP, which changed the founder in December 2017. They became a native of Kramatorsk Sergey Moskovsky, close to the people's deputy from the BPP Maxim Efimov. And on January 24, 2019, the Economic Court of Kyiv, on the suit of Amadeus Co., issued a decision that prohibited the National Agency for the Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes from taking any actions to manage property on Parkovaya Road, 16-A.

PEOPLE'S DEPUTY MAXIM YEFIMOV “HELPS” Win the Firm WITH HIS ENVIRONMENT in the tender for the restoration of Donbass.

Restoration of infrastructure facilities in Donbas is a necessary task. At the same time, we can talk about a fair distribution of budget funds, when one of the main winners of tenders is a company that is associated with the environment of the parliamentarian, the journalists of the Schemes: Corruption in Detail program conducted an investigation.

Due to the adoption of amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine, according to which, temporarily, until the return of settlements under state control, the balances of local budget funds of such settlements, as of January 1, 2016, are accounted for in the accounts of the Treasury of Ukraine, are credited to a special fund of the corresponding regional budgets of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. About 2500000000 received. UAH. for the restoration of the infrastructure of the Donetsk region. Most of the funds – approximately half a billion hryvnia each (that is, proportionate amounts) – in accordance with the list, went to Mariupol and Kramatorsk. Almost a third of this money was received by the Krammiskbud company, which won almost all tenders in. Kramatorsk and nearby cities. According to the Dozorro monitoring portal, Krammiskbud is one of the three winners of purchases announced by the Department of Capital Construction of the Donetsk Regional Administration – with a total amount of UAH 150,000,000. Among the projects of “Krammiskbudu” is the repair of the gymnasium in Kramatorsk, the palace of culture and the local dispensary, as well as the construction of an ice arena. In May 2018, the Department of Ecology of the Donetsk Regional Administration held tenders for landscaping the garden for a total amount of over UAH 100,000,000. Two participants came to both tenders: Aveskramstroy and Stroyukom. In both cases, the first company from a profitable offer won first, but at the same time in both cases, the company did not have time to submit the necessary documents. Therefore, the winner was “Stroyuk”. Information about the place of registration of these companies turned out to be suspicious for journalists – the offices are located in the same building and they belong to the Krammiskbud company, which is also based here. The company “Aveskramstroy”, associated with the company “Krammiskbud” not only by the premises. 98% of the firm is owned by its director, and two more – by the asset management company Ukrmashinvest, which rules with the company Krammiskbud. And the sole owner and director of Stroyuk is Maxim Tereshchenko, who previously headed Krammiskbud. Who controls this construction “Krammiskbud”? 49 percent of the company is owned by two residents of Kramatorsk: Alexander Morozov and Stanislav Rusanenko. Another 2 percent – in the company “Ukrmashinvest”, among the final beneficiaries of which is the assistant to the people's deputy Maxim Efimov Lyudmila Ulyashchenko. At the same time, Maxim Yefimov himself, in the declaration for 2016 and 2017, indicated himself as the ultimate owner of the company that owns Ukrmashinvest. One of the current co-owners of “Krammiskbudu” Stanislav Rusanenko was previously the chairman of the board of the company, in which at that time the wife of the MP Yefimov Anna was listed as the chairman of the audit commission. Another co-owner of the company – Alexander Morozov – was the director of this company when Efimov himself owned it. Maxim Yefimov, is a people's deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the main initiator of the bill on the use of “moved funds”.

Voter bribing

During a meeting with residents. Krasnotorka of the Kramatorsk city council with self-nominated Maxim Efimov, they were provided with free kvass and beer. MP from BPP Maxim Efimov sponsored a gala concert MP from BPP Maxim Efimov sponsored a gala concert “Bright Children of Ukraine” on the territory of Novokramatoska Mashinostroitelny Zavod in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region.

Free medical examinations for schoolchildren

Free examinations of schoolchildren by ophthalmologists (Donetsk region) were carried out with the assistance of the charitable foundation “Our Kramatorsk” of BPP deputy Maksim Efimov.

Lottery with gifts

From the charity fund of the deputy from the BPP Maxim Efimov “Our Kramatorsk” a lottery was held with the presentation of gifts (Donetsk region).

Income / expenses

People's Deputy Millionaire Maksim Efimov from the Doverie Deputy Group, with an official annual income of 22.3 million hryvnias, passes hundreds of millions through his hands. The editors of 368.media found out about this by studying the declarations of the people's deputy. The fact is that Efimov regularly submits declarations about a “significant change in property status”. The changes are really significant, and Yefimov shook them from the beginning of the year 91, and the amount of money passing through his hands is ten times higher than his official income. The largest item of expenses of the people's deputy is the repayment of debts, he has already spent more than 286.4 million hryvnias on this. However, do not be deceived: most of this amount is payments for the withdrawal of rights of claim, Yefimov will return his money with interest. Another part of this amount is the repayment of return aid, which is very similar to the standard tax avoidance scheme due to fictitious debt obligations.. In this regard, it is not surprising that the second largest item of Yefimov's expenses – 134.7 million hryvnias – is the provision of this very returnable assistance.. Money will be returned to Efimov, but taxes will not have to be paid. Efimov also loves to play with the foreign exchange market – this year, according to changes in the declaration, he has already spent almost 75.7 million hryvnias on the purchase of different currencies, and almost 108 thousand more. hryvnia — commission for currency conversion. In fourth place is business: the people’s deputy has already spent 53.7 million hryvnias on expanding his business empire – he bought enterprises for himself, invested. By the way, we already wrote that the people’s deputy hides the real volume of his business in his declarations – in his annual declaration he indicated 68 companies in which he or his family members are the ultimate beneficiary, but in fact, according to the YouControl analytical system, in his The group of companies includes 79 enterprises in Ukraine alone, a number of other companies are registered abroad in Hungary, Great Britain, Cyprus, the USA, Germany and the Virgin Islands. In addition to himself, Efimov often draws up his enterprises for his wife Anna Efimova, mother Lyubov Efimova, daughter Isabella Efimova and assistant Lyudmila Ulyashchenko. In addition, the people's deputy withdrew quite a lot of money to his mother, who, according to his own declarations, is a very wealthy old woman – in seven months, Lyubov Efimova received 10.7 million hryvnias from him.. Next is tourism, Maxim Efimov turned out to be a downright avid traveler: more than 1.3 million hryvnias for certain travel services, 454.5 thousand hryvnias for air tickets, almost 107 thousand more hryvnias for some passenger transportation, and, of course, rent yachts – 390.2 thousand hryvnias, well, payment for hotels in France – almost 910 thousand hryvnias. Efimov, apparently, loves France very much. In his travels, the people's deputy loves to shop – he has already spent 109.4 thousand hryvnias on clothes, and another 485.3 thousand hryvnias – in the UAE for some kind of “movable property”. Well, and “children’s” expenses – the people’s deputy has already spent almost 895 thousand hryvnias on studying abroad for two children, and besides that, he gave his daughter Isabella 190 thousand. hryvnia of financial assistance. At the same time, it is worth noting that in general for 2019, for example, he declared UAH 22.3 million of profit, which clearly does not correspond to the amount of his expenses. As for earnings, we recall that, spending most of his time abroad, Efimov loves to accrue “bonuses” for himself for the work of the scientific and technical council of his own enterprise PJSC Energomashspetsstal, and at the moment he has already accrued 826.8 thousand hryvnia. In Ukraine, the people's deputy, as we wrote earlier, lives on a grand scale – in April 2014, he bought 12 plots of land in Donetsk with a total area of 11.5 thousand square meters. m, and in May 2014 – a mansion with an area of 230 sq. m, providing himself with land assets and real estate in the unrecognized “DNR”. At home in the village of Belenky, Donetsk region, the people's deputy has two mansions with a total area of 500 square meters. m. and two plots of land with an area of 2.8 thousand. sq. m, there is also his calf with an area of 635.4 sq. m. In addition, in the village of Yasnogorka, Donetsk region, the people's deputy has two stores with an area of 156 square meters. m and two plots of land with an area of 1.1 thousand square meters. m. He also has a mansion in the village of Dibrova, Donetsk region with an area of 327.7 square meters. m. and two plots of land in the same area with an area of 3.3 thousand. sq. The people's deputy did not bypass the Kyiv region either: in Kyiv he has an apartment of 225 sq. m. m. and a garage (18.5 sq. m), in the village of Novye Petrivtsi, Kyiv region, a huge mansion with an area of 722.8 sq. m. m and a plot of land with an area of 2.3 thousand square meters. m, six more plots of land in the village of Hotyanovka with a total area of 477 thousand square meters. m. Well, just in case, overseas real estate is an apartment in the USA with an area of 279.3 sq.. m. and in the UK – 80 sq.. m. There are also quite a lot of luxury items – Efimov declared 43 for two with his wife – watches, jewelry, accessories and branded clothing. In addition, Maxim Efimov officially owns a Lexus GX 470 (2005) and a Bombardier RXP X RS 260 jet ski in Ukraine, and his wife owns a Lexus GX 460 and Range Rover (2014).

Doesn't like to work

People's Deputy Maxim Yefimov does not really like to attend plenary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada – out of the first 122 meetings of the VIII convocation, people's deputy Yefimov, according to the registration of a deputy using an electronic system, was only 28, which is approximately only 23%.

The owner of the Ochakiv wind farm, people's deputy Efimov, had a rest in Courchevel under Leps banned in Ukraine

People's Deputy of Ukraine, member of the parliamentary group “Doverie” Maxim Efimov celebrated Christmas in an elite ski resort in the French Alps – Courchevel. Country reports.

On January 7, at the Le Cap Horn restaurant, which is located at an altitude of 2100 meters, near Courchevel Airport, a Christmas party was held, where Russian singer Grigory Leps performed. The cheapest seat at a table (from 5 to 18 people) cost $1000. But, the closer the table is to the stage, the more expensive the seats behind it. “The party was called “Russian Christmas” and was organized for rich Russians who ski and hang out here. This table in the restaurant was booked in advance, but other guests were always interested in it. Russian businessmen and oligarchs wanted to sit there, closer to Leps, to sing along, but the organizers replied that they were not canceling the reservation. Then it turned out that it was scored by the Ukrainian deputy Efimov with his company. A place at the very first table under the stage was about $10,000,” one of the guests of the event told Strana. The ticket price included a menu and 1 glass of prosecco (Italian dry sparkling wine). From the dishes offered: foie gras (specially cooked liver of a fattened goose or duck) with bird cherry, beef carpaccio with truffles and pizza with white truffles. Creamy rizzoto with sea bream was served on the hot side, and chocolate desserts were served on the sweet side. “The price included such a minimum for food, but this is haute cuisine, of course, and a drop of alcohol. Everything else had to be paid for.. But what is Russian Christmas without pancakes with black caviar? Of course, there were pancakes and dances under Leps, ”said the interlocutor of the Country. At the disposal of the publication was a video of the festivities of the People's Deputy Efimov. He really sat at the very first table with his friends. The politician knows the songs of Grigory Leps and even sang along with him.

People's Deputy from the BPP confirmed the purchase of Yanukovych's energy company

Businessman and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the BPP Maxim Yefimov confirmed the purchase of one of the largest electricity producers, the Donbasenergo company. He spoke about this in an interview with EP. When asked when Yefimov’s structures will become part of the direct or indirect shareholders of Donbasenergo, the deputy answered: “It’s wrong to guess in terms. According to the roadmap that has been determined, within six months. “In general, an agreement has already been reached, but formal procedures have not yet been completed. I am a public person, and as soon as this happens, it will be reflected in my electronic declaration,” Yefimov said. Earlier it was reported that the entire package of Yanukovych and his junior situational business partner Igor Gumenyuk in Donbasenergo would be sold to Yefimov's structures – 60.8 % of shares. Currently, this package is registered with PJSC Energoinvest Holding. As EP reported, Andreas Cerny (Greece) and Robert Bensch (USA) became the beneficiaries of Energoinvest Holding in 2016. The real name of Andreas Cerny is Andrey Cherny. He comes from Ukraine and is perceived in the energy market as a pupil of the owner of the mine named after. Zasiadko (Donetsk) by Efim Zvyagilsky. In turn, Robert Bensh is known to market participants as a representative of the interests of Mikhail Afendikov, an American businessman of Ukrainian origin who owns Cub Energy Inc, which controls the gas producing companies Kub-gaz and Tisagaz in Ukraine. At the time of the indirect acquisition of a majority stake in Donbasenergo (in 2015-2016), Cerny and Bensh positioned themselves as the new owners of this energy company. EP sources claim that they were nominal figures fronting Alexander Yanukovych, who at that very moment was experiencing maximum problems with maintaining control over property in Ukraine. Today's deal, under which Maxim Yefimov will become the beneficiary of Donbasenergo, is real: the company has indeed gotten out of Yanukovych's control.

Suspicious head of the commission

Maxim Yefimov has the majority of votes not only in the new convocation of the city council, but also in the territorial election commission. I am talking to Sergei Gakov, member of the TEC from the Golos party, after he learned that he had been filed with the police because he did not appear at the meeting. “They know I'm running out of time. I am an entrepreneur, I need to feed my family. I can participate in scheduled meetings,” explains Gakov. And Gakov sees the main problem not even in the composition of the commission, but in its head, who “behaves not like the head of the TEC, but like its owner.” The head of the commission is Roman Bayrak, his candidacy was submitted by the “Servant of the People”. In 2015, he was the head of the same TEC from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. The BPP faction then included Maxim Efimov. In addition, according to the Kramatorsk Post, Bayrak worked as a general counsel at Efimov's enterprise.. “It seems as if lives and fortunes have been placed in this position,” Sergey Gakov sums up his impressions of working at the TEC.


Efimov, of course, went into politics for the sake of his own prosperity and fruitful business. Apparently, the habit of stealing money from his father, who was in conjunction with the organized crime group of Kramatorsk in the late 80s. As you can see, he didn’t do anything particularly good, for that his financial condition rose to the level of an oligarchy, and where he gets this money from is not difficult to guess.

Личные данные

He is married to Anna Efimova and has three children.
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