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Dovgiy Oles Stanislavovich


"Lesik-Telesik" was famous for the illegal sale of land, abuse of office, money laundering with the help of an art gallery, which is closely connected with his old acquaintance. In general, Oles Dovgy spins and spins as best he can, just to once again snatch a tidbit for himself. And also an attempt was made to bribe voters under the guise of a charitable foundation, helping young families, the elderly and youth. In total, the actions of Dovhyy caused damage to the state in the amount of 81.7 million hryvnias.

November 1, 1980
Уровень охвата:

Oles Stanislavovich Dovgy

Official biography

Born on November 1, 1980 in Kyiv in a family of scientists. Father – Stanislav Dovgy, people's deputy of the fourth and fifth convocations. Former head of Ukrtelecom and State Communications Committee. Mother – Larisa Dovga, senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Graduated from Metropolitan School No. 53 and Bournemouth Tutorial College, UK (according to the international exchange program). 2001. – graduated with honors from the National Aviation University (specialization – “marketing in the industrial sector”). 2002. – Kyiv National Economic University (“International Economics”). Candidate of Economic Sciences.


2000 – Secretary of the Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Association of Young Lawyers. 2001-2003. — Researcher, Senior Researcher of the Research and Analytical Center, Acting. Associate Professor, Department of Economics, State University of Information and Communication Technologies. 2003-2004. — Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Young Lawyers. 2004-2005 – Senior Researcher at the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since December 2005 – Development Director of the International Public Organization “International Center for Advanced Studies”, Advisor to the Head of the State Department of Intellectual Property. Since 2006. – Deputy of the Kyiv City Council (No. 3 of the electoral list of the Bloc of Leonid Chernovetsky, member of the faction of the same name. Elected Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City Council – Secretary of the Kyiv City Council. April 2011. – resigned from the post of secretary of the city council of his own free will. Member of the city council. A bright representative of the Ukrainian “golden youth”: at the age of twenty-five he graduated from two universities, defended his Ph.D. drives prestigious cars, wears expensive watches and other “glamour”. Nickname in political circles – “Lesik-Telesik”.


Oles Dovgy is a partner in the family business. The Dovgikh family businesses are related to development, real estate, private medicine, food products and the sale of elite electrical equipment.. The group is a partner of the network of medical clinics “Dobrobut”. Today, in addition to real estate and development, the Dovgih family business still has a grocery line associated with the import of premium food products, as well as a network of Bang & Olufsen luxury electrical equipment stores.

A family.

Since November 2010, he has been married to Ekaterina Gorina, the daughter of Irina Gorina, MP from the Party of Regions.. Their marriage lasted five years. Rented a house in Koncha-Zaspa near Kyiv. Rarely spent time together. Dovgy joked that he sees his wife more often on TV than at home. since 2016 in a civil marriage with a woman named Irina. Son Macarius – 2019 Father – Stanislav Dovgy, a famous Ukrainian scientist and inventor, politician. President of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2019, V President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded Stanislav Dovhyi with the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, V degree “for a significant personal contribution to state building, socio-economic, cultural and educational development of Ukraine, significant labor achievements and high professionalism.” Mother – Larisa Dolgaya, professor at the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P. I. Tchaikovsky (“Kyiv Conservatory”), senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Grandfather – Oleksiy Dovgy, famous Ukrainian writer, poet. Author of 36 publications translated into 12 languages of the world. Grandmother – Maria Dolgaya, honored teacher of Ukraine. Hobby. Cinema, collects elephants. Awards, regalia. In September 2008 he was awarded the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, I degree. Awarded the Order of Merit, III degree (2009). He has the III rank of civil servant.

Oles Dovgy and Ekaterina Gorina Foundation

In April 2011, the Oles Dovgy and Ekaterina Gorina Foundation was registered. The stated mission of the foundation is to help young families, children and youth. In the second half of December 2011, paid-for stories about the charitable presentation of food – “gift” – sets to old women of the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv by O. Dovhym were broadcast on TV channels. On the territory of the majoritarian constituency, where today Oles Stanislavovich is running for the people's deputies of Ukraine. The “votes in exchange for buckwheat” scheme, tested by O. Dovgoy's idol Leonid Chernovetsky, is back in action.

NOT official biography

Plundering of the lands of Kiev.

Compromising information on O. Dovgy – his participation in the distribution of Kyiv land in favor of “friendly” commercial structures. In particular, on October 1, 2007, the City Council distributed a total of 300 land plots, the market price of which, according to expert estimates, is $10 billion.. Among them is 7.57 hectares on the protected Zhukov Island near Kyiv, which, according to the weekly “Korrespondent”, received the health center “SESIL”. Among the interested parties in this episode are the secretary of the Kyiv City Council O. Dovgy, and the deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Prognimak.

Involvement in the beating of deputy Boris Bespaly.

Interrogations at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Ex-People's Deputy Boris Bespaly (“Our Ukraine”) accused O. Dovgy of involvement in his beating in December 2006. “I can only say that the investigator of the prosecutor's office mentioned Dovgoi's name in a negative context,” the deputy told journalists (Kommersant, March 26, 2007). In June 2008, O. Dovgy was interrogated at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a witness to a fight that took place in Kievrada in December 2006. “It was unequivocally proved to me that I would be invited repeatedly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs under any pretext.. I will spend so much time until I change my assessment of Yuriy Vitalyevich (Lutsenko – “A”) either as a minister or as a politician,” said O. Dovgy (proUA, June 19, 2008). Later, O. Dovgy turned to the leadership of the GPU and the SBU with a request to check whether the Ministry of Internal Affairs was taking operational measures against him.

Conflict with Lutsenko

Prosecutor General Lutsenko offered People's Deputy Oles Dovgy a deal to expose the former mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky. Dovgy did not betray his former boss and refused the deal. This was stated by the lawyer Renat Kuzmin. “Brief background. Lutsenko, offended by the fact that Chernovetsky 12 years ago refused to allocate land to him in the center of the capital, becoming the Prosecutor General personally ordered to initiate a case against Dovgoy, pursuing one goal – to force the people's deputy to slander Chernovetsky and give evidence exposing the former mayor of some crime. On the personal initiative of Lutsenko, a proceeding was registered that 10 years ago, Dovgy, as secretary of the Kyiv Council, violated the regulations, put to a vote issues of land allocation, which were not on the original agenda. After the Rada lifted immunity from Dovgoy Lutsenko, he offered him a deal to expose Chernovetsky. Dovgy did not betray his former boss and refused the deal. To the credit of anti-corruption officials, NABU and SAP did not follow the lead of the distraught Prosecutor General and stopped the criminal proceedings initiated by Lutsenko. It is for this reason that Lutsenko became so excited and recorded his tantrum on the FB page. What can be said about this: 1. The GPU does not have the right to investigate crimes under investigation by NABU and registered after November 2015, which means that the Kyiv prosecutor’s office, commissioned by Lutsenko, illegally registered a new criminal proceeding on the theft of land by Dovhyy “in especially large sizes.” 2. The new case is subject to immediate transfer of jurisdiction to NABU, because. investigators from the city prosecutor's office are not authorized to investigate him. 3. Dovgy cannot be prosecuted for the illegal allocation of land by a collegial body – the Kyiv City Council, because. The Criminal Code of Ukraine does not provide for the collective responsibility of deputies for the results of the vote, which means that it is not in danger. And the last. Having illegally taken the highest procedural position in the hierarchy of law enforcement agencies, Lutsenko uses the colossal powers of the GPU exclusively for his own personal purposes.. Tormented by his own inferiority complex, he takes revenge on everyone who has ever called him an “earthworm” or did not drink with him on brotherhood. All this testifies to only one thing: a mentally ill person is currently in the position of the Prosecutor General, who poses a real threat to the national security of the country.. His dismissal with subsequent prosecution is inevitable. As well as conducting a psychiatric examination on him during the investigation … “- said Renat Kuzmin. Recall, the General Prosecutor's Office accused Oles Dovgy of violating the regulations when allocating land plots by the Kyiv City Council in 2007. The politician asked the Verkhovna Rada to remove his parliamentary immunity so that law enforcement agencies could conduct an investigation. On July 11, 2017, the parliament agreed to lift the immunity from the people's deputy. As reported, on December 22, the SAP closed the proceedings against MP Oles Dovgy due to the inability to collect evidence sufficient to prove his guilt in court. Commenting on the closure of the criminal case, Dovgy thanked the SAPO prosecutors for their professionalism and integrity. “Special thanks to the SAPO prosecutors and the leadership of this department from me and my family for not being afraid to call a spade a spade,” the politician said. The decision of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP) in the case of MP Oles Dovgy will drop all charges against him. This was stated by political scientist Vladimir Tsibulko. According to him, the accusations against Dovgy were political in nature.. Therefore, the deputy asked the Verkhovna Rada to deprive him of his immunity for an investigation. “The whole complex of accusations against Deputy Dovhyy really had a political component – in fact, the accusations boiled down to his personal responsibility for the consequences of the decisions of the collective body, in particular the Kyiv City Council, whose secretary was Oles Dovhyy for a long time. Dovhyy's actions caused damage to the state in the amount of 81.7 million hryvnia The prosecutor's office suspects the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Will of the People group) Oles Dovgy of abuse of power. This is stated in the message of the press service of the prosecutor's office of Kyiv in Facebook. As noted, on September 22, the prosecutor of the city of Kyiv, Roman Govda, in pursuance of the order of the Prosecutor General, handed Dovgy a message of suspicion.

Oles Dovgy “legalized” another 3 million through the sale of paintings to associates

People's deputy, member of the Will of the People parliamentary group Oles Dovhyy received income from the alienation of movable property (except for securities and corporate rights) in the amount of 3 million. News”. The source of income is LLC Tatyana Mironova Gallery. According to the business search resource Youcontrol, the founder of the company is Evgenia Mironova from Kiev.. In 2008, the list of founders of the gallery included Valery Mironov, a well-known businessman and politician who worked in Chernovetsky's team as deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, was involved in the transport industry and coordinated certain areas of architecture and construction. The Mironov family is known for collecting Ukrainian art. Recall that in January 2017 Dolgoe already sold paintings to the same buyer. Then the amount of transactions with Tatyana Mironova Gallery LLC reached UAH 5.2 million. As you know, the Prosecutor General's Office checks Oles Dovgy's electronic declaration of 2015. Prosecutors have claims to the valuable movable property of the people's choice (works of fine art, watches, etc.) without specifying their value. We are talking about 95 paintings of the XIX-XXI centuries, 10 statues, 11 watches. On July 11, 2017, the Verkhovna Rada supported the removal of immunity from the people's deputy Oles Dovgy and agreed to bring the deputy to criminal liability.

NAPC found violations in the e-declaration of the people's deputy Dovgy (more)

The People's Deputy did not indicate in the section “Property objects” information about the apartment in Kyiv, which is used by his wife. This is evidenced by the decision of the NAPC No. 895 dated October 5, 2017. It is indicated that the parliamentarian did not indicate in the “Property Objects” section information about the apartment in Kyiv, which is used by his wife and which is the actual place of residence of the people's deputy. Moreover, Dovgy explained that in 2015 his wife did not own any real estate. In addition, according to the information certificate from the State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate, there is no information about real estate objects owned by the wife on the basis of private ownership, including joint ownership. The decision notes that, without indicating the property that was in the use of his wife, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada did not comply with the requirements of. 2 h. 1 Art. 46 of the Law “On the Prevention of Corruption”. At the same time, the agency did not reveal violations in the electronic declaration of the people's deputy in terms of the accuracy of the assessment of the declared assets.. And also no conflicts of interest and facts of illicit enrichment were found. At the same time, it is emphasized that Dovgy must submit a declaration with reliable data. Recall that the prosecutor's office suspects the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Will of the People group) Oles Dovgy of abuse of power.

Car park

Kyiv City Council Secretary Oles Dovhyy drives around the city in a blue BMW-745 (more than $100,000). He rides well, as the correspondent of “Today”, whom Oles invited to ride, was convinced. “For me, a car is practically a second home, I spend a lot of time here,” explained the deputy mayor, driving out of the yard.. “On weekdays, I most often ride in the back seat, because the phones are constantly ringing, I need to answer everyone, have time to look through the documents on the go,” he pointed to an impressive pile of papers folded in the back seat, “I only get behind the wheel in the morning or on weekends. I got my driving license before I was 18, there was also a note that I did not have the right to drive a car until the age of majority. “The secretary of the Kiev Council said that his first car was an old orange VAZ-2103. “I called the car Wildebeest Antelope, and in order for it to start driving, I had to replace about fifty spare parts. I bought it for $700.”


Oles Dovgy earned and declared his first million dollars at the age of 21. For 2019. According to the declaration for 2018, the deputy previously rented an apartment with an area of more than 400 square meters bought in Kyiv. Apparently, the apartment was purchased on credit or by installments – a significant amount of debt is indicated in the column “financial obligations”. Dovgy also bought a country house with an area of more than 192 sq.m on the border of the Kyiv and Cherkassy regions. and several plots of land. In addition, last year he used a country house with an area of more than 400 square meters, which has been owned by the senior members of his family since 2004.. In the declaration of Oles Dovgoy, a common-law wife appeared – Irina Minenko – and son Makariy. The deputy’s wife owns a 100-meter apartment in Kyiv, has income from entrepreneurial activities, has relatively small amounts in bank accounts and cash in different currencies (700 thousand hryvnias, 30 thousand dollars, 40 thousand euros) compared to her husband’s assets. Otherwise, Oles Dovgoy’s declaration is not much different from last year’s. The main income of the politician consists of the deputy salary and dividends in the amount of more than 6 million hryvnias from the family business. Recall that the main asset and source of income of Oles Dovgoy is a partnership in the family business with senior members of his family.. The main directions of the family business are development and real estate. Also in the interests of the family is the chain of stores of the premium electronics brand Bang & Olufsen and the remains of the wholesale grocery line after the successful sale of the Chumatsky Shlyakh supermarket chain. Oles Dovgy did not indicate the mother of his newborn son in the declaration. As the journalist-analyst of the CHESTNO Movement Sergey Ogorodnik explains, anti-corruption legislation classifies as family members of the declarant persons who live together, are connected by a common life, have mutual rights and obligations (except for persons whose mutual rights and obligations are of a family nature), including persons who live together but are not married. “That is, if persons are not officially married, but have a common life, live together and perform family duties towards each other as of December 31 of the reporting year, such a person is a member of the declarant's family and must be reflected in the declaration” – Ogorodnik notes. This means that Dovgy must enter information about his partner in his declarations.. In the declaration of the deputy in 2015, his ex-wife Ekaterina Gorina also appears, she was also “declared” in 2016 (in fact, their relationship ended in 2015).

Relations with Chernovetsky

Dovgy is one of the people from the inner circle of Chernovetsky, who, almost from the first day of his mayorship, has been in a tough confrontation with a number of political opponents (especially the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the Vitali Klitschko Bloc). Dovgy fully supports the policy of the chief in all spheres of life in the capital. He does not get tired of repeating that his patron can turn Kyiv almost into a paradise, but enemies constantly interfere with him. In return, he receives a stream of harsh accusations and criticism.. In particular, for participation in the distribution of expensive metropolitan land plots, which opponents and many experts call opaque and dubious. So, in September 2007, political rivals initiated the issue of the resignation of the Secretary of the City Council, but the attempt failed. Most of the meetings of the Kyiv City Council in the period from 2006 to July 2011. Dovgy held, since Chernovetsky systematically ignored them. Resigned from the post of secretary of the city council after Viktor Yanukovych's victory in the presidential election and the growing influence of the Party of Regions. The pro-presidential majority in the Verkhovna Rada changed the law on the capital of Ukraine, depriving the mayor of key powers in favor of the head of the Kyiv city state administration appointed by the president. At the same time, criminal cases were initiated against several influential members of the Chernovetsky team on facts of abuse in the distribution of capital property (including against the son-in-law of the mayor, Vyacheslav Suprunenko). Dovgy was also subjected to searches, but, unlike his colleagues, there were no criminal prosecutions against the ex-secretary of the Kyiv City Council. Since the end of 2010, he has distanced himself from Chernovetsky.

Oles Dovgy passes through the 102nd constituency with a scandal in the Rada

According to the results of counting 100% of the protocols, self-nominated Oles Dovgy won in single-mandate constituency No. 102 with the center in the city of Znamenka, Kirovograd region. According to the data on the CEC website, Oles Dovgy won 29.90% of the votes.. It is known that in 2006-2011, Dovgy served as secretary of the Kyiv City Council under the chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Leonid Chernovetsky. Recall, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine recommended the Central Electoral Commission not to recognize the results of elections in the single-mandate constituency No. 102 in the Kirovohrad region due to a number of large-scale violations of the electoral law during the election campaign and on voting day. But the CEC said they see no reason to invalidate the elections. Earlier, on September 24, residents of Znamenka, shouting “Get out of the gang!” expelled Dovgy from the settlement.

“Shame, get out of here, gangster!” Voters of Kirovohrad Znamenka ousted Oles Dovgoy On September 23, in Znamenka, Kirovograd region, local residents disrupted a meeting with Oles Dovgy, a candidate for people's deputies. In Znamenka, a candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine Oles Dovgy was expected to visit, reports They ordered the hall of the house of children's creativity, brought extras from all over the district, and, possibly, propaganda teams. It is interesting that “strangers” were not allowed into the hall, for sure this “gathering” should have been closed … But caring residents of the city broke into the hall where the “cabal” took place and asked those present to leave the building. When the candidate arrived, he was greeted with cries of “Shame!” and “Gang – get out!”. When Dovgy tried to speak right in the yard, he was pelted with chicken eggs to the cries of “Bandyugan!”. Then they pushed back to the road, indicating the direction of movement, accompanying their actions with shouts – “Shame, get out of here …” After a “warm” meeting, Oles Dovgy and his support group drove off in an unknown direction.

The “Servant of the People” recognized the victory of Dovgy in the 102nd district

Servant of the People candidate commented on Dovgy's victory The Servant of the People party recognized the victory of People's Deputy Oles Dovgy in the 102nd constituency in the Kirovograd region in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Artyom Petroshchuk, a candidate from the Servant of the People, wrote about this on his Facebook. “The count has been completed – the result is obvious, and the current people's deputy remains the representative of the 102 district. I think we just didn’t have enough time, because the cities where we worked more and concentrated our attention give us an almost equal result, but due to the large territory of the districts, we are almost twice ahead of us. Dovgiy campaigned without handing out money, buckwheat. I am forced to recognize an honest victory for him,” the candidate wrote.. Dovgy traveled one and a half hundred settlements, in fact, “live” talking with the entire district. Immunity was not lifted from Dovgy, because through him Poroshenko received land – Chumak GORDON” non-factional MP Viktor Chumak. The Regulatory Committee of the Verkhovna Rada exceeded its powers by refusing to remove the immunity from the people's deputy from the Will of the People group Oles Dovgy, Viktor Chumak, a non-factional people's deputy, said. “The Regulatory Committee checks the completeness and availability of facts, but it does not have the right to evaluate them. This is what the court should do.. That is, the regulatory committee exceeds its powers. Of those people's deputies for whom petitions were submitted for the removal of immunity, I think Rosenblat Polyakov will be given. I just saw the papers. And not to give Dovgy and Deydei away is, of course, stupidity. And all right, if the parliament voted against the removal of immunity from them, otherwise Pynzenyk took on the most ungrateful role. As I understand it, he takes revenge on everyone for Martynenko. Well, this is his closest friend, ”the people’s deputy explained. According to him, each of the members of the procedural committee of the Verkhovna Rada voted today as his party decided. “Just look at who is on the regulatory committee. There are people's deputies from the BPP, the People's Front, the Radical Party and so on. However, their voices are not decisive. The factions they represent play a decisive role. As the party said, so they voted. Pynzenyk is a man controlled by Martynenko and Yatsenyuk. He does not make independent decisions,” Chumak stressed. In his opinion, the preservation of Dovgoy's parliamentary immunity indicates that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the deputy chairman of the BPP faction Igor Kononenko are interested in this. “On the one hand, Dovgy should have been handed over. But on the other hand, he is in Kononenko's team. I'm talking about Solidarity, which, as part of the Chernovetsky bloc, has been in the Kyiv City Council since 2006. All these people were there together. It was they who contributed to the fact that Poroshenko and Kononenko were allocated land. That is, Dovgy is aware of these cases.. Although in my opinion, today's decision not to give it away was wrong. I think the decision not to remove immunity from Dovgoy demonstrated that he is a friend of Poroshenko, Kononenko and a number of other politicians,” Chumak concluded. I note that Poroshenko's love for the land, and even obtained through various corruption schemes, has long been known. Klitschko said that people like Dovgy should be held accountable for their illegal actions. And I saw how decisions were made, what manipulations were, there was a deriban of the land,” Klitschko said. He noted that some former deputies of the Kyiv City Council became people's deputies and, when law enforcement officers check their actions, they claim alleged political persecution and avoid due punishment. “If there is such dynamics, then Chernovetsky will soon return and tell how well he worked,” Klitschko added. money, funds were not invested in the infrastructure of our city. This, unfortunately, hindered the development of our city.. And my task is to restore the dynamic development of Kyiv,” Klitschko stressed. People like the former secretary of the Kyiv City Council Oles Dovgy should be held accountable for their illegal actions. This was stated by the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko on the air of the Newsone TV channel, the press service of Klitschko reports. “If a person breaks the law, there should be no exceptions. He must be held accountable for his actions,” the mayor of Kyiv said.

The sister of the landless Oles Dovgy has 7 hectares of “Oak Paradise” in the elite Kozin

Numerous plots of land in the Kyiv region are recorded on the sister of People's Deputy Oles Dovgoy – Oksana Gulyaeva. This is evidenced by excerpts from the Register of Property Rights, which are at the disposal of Our Money.. Gulyaev has the most land in the elite village of Kozin. Here, she and her company own almost 7 hectares under the recreation center on Zapovidniy vul. Personally, 0.45 hectares are registered here for Dovgoy's sister. 4.10 hectares were registered to Gulyaeva’s company Oak Paradise Cottage Town LLC under a sale and purchase agreement dated August 27, 2014.. Three more plots with a total area of 0.46 hectares were included in the authorized capital of the company immediately after its creation in 2013. Also, at least 1.79 hectares of land “Oak Paradise” leases in the Kozinsky village council in 2063. On Zapovednaya Street “Cottage town” Oak Paradise “has a recreation center” Dubki “with an area of 212 sq.m., includes five holiday homes and outbuildings . In addition, Oksana Gulyaeva owns 0.32 hectares in Starye Bezradichi and 0.75 hectares on the territory of MOSKALENKOVSKE village council of the Boguslavsky district of the Kyiv region, as well as an apartment in Kyiv on Podil on the street. Kozhumiatsky, 18 with an area of 234 sq.m. (Living space – 136 sq.m.). Oksana Gulyaeva is the director of the Oles Dovgy and Ekaterina Gorina Charitable Foundation. The husband of Dovgogo's sister – Kirill Gulyaev – is a candidate of technical sciences and is known as an employee of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in 2009. Was an assistant to the People's Deputy. Today, Gulyaev is listed as an assistant to Elena Matuzko, a people's deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. Recall that Oles Dovgy himself declared only one apartment with an area of 46 sq.m., Porsche Macan S cars (2014, costs $ 100 thousand) and Honda CR-V Executive (2008) and did not declare a single land site. His official income in 2014 amounted to 74 thousand. UAH, and my wife has less than 14 thousand UAH. From the moment of his resignation from the post of secretary of the Kyiv City Council and until his election as a people's deputy in October 2014, Oles Dovgy was officially unemployed.

Conversation with Onishchenko

People's Deputy Oles Dovgy: “Everything I said to Onishchenko comes down to a simple thesis” return the money to the budget and sleep peacefully” ask a hot question. A recording of your conversation with the notorious Alexander Onishchenko appeared on the Internet. Have you listened to it and what can you say about it? I hope we return to our original planned topic of conversation.. But of course I will answer your question.. I didn’t listen to the recording, and I’m not going to listen, because I perfectly remember this conversation, its background and circumstances.. As you know, Onishchenko is a member of the Will of the People parliamentary group, of which I am the secretary.. We had the usual standard communication with colleagues in parliament, although, as you know, he rarely attended plenary sessions. The story, in the development of which this conversation took place, began on the eve of the vote for the removal of immunity from Alexander Onishchenko. During the meeting of our deputy group, we decided to call him to find out his position. Onishchenko asked not to vote, as he considers the accusations unfounded. Everyone heard his request: we spoke with him on the speakerphone so that we could make a common decision on this issue. That is, in fact, subsequently you communicated with him as a representative of the “Will of the People”? To be precise – as the secretary of this deputy group. Moreover, at that time, each deputy was important for the preservation of the group. How did events develop further? The next time Onishchenko appeared was in the summer when my family and I were on a tour of Northern Italy. He got in touch and asked to meet. We were in Genoa. He said he was ready to come to me in 3-4 hours. I waited for him and we met. .

He said a lot of different things, but I remember exactly what touched me to the quick, it was that his mother was accused in his cases. And it is she, a 73-year-old woman, who can suffer, go to jail! He asked for help and advice, asked what kind of support he could count on from the group. To which I took the time to think about whether I would do this and how I can help. On that they parted. And under what circumstances did the meeting take place in London? Then I returned to Ukraine and consulted with lawyers. They gave a legal assessment of the situation and their recommendations. Onishchenko called several times and asked: “Well, what?”, “Well, when?”. When the legal position was formed, at his request I flew to London to explain the proposals of lawyers. Namely, the fact that they recommend Onishchenko's mother to refer to her age and in this vein to begin cooperation with the investigation.. At the same time, he took the position: “I am 73 years old, I do not understand business, I was advised differently, if it was an offense, then I am ready to compensate the budget for the lost money”. In general, everything I said comes down to a simple thesis “return the money to the budget and sleep well.”


Oles Dovgy loves to give his mother-in-law Irina Gorina bags. She told Catherine about this in the media. “For my birthday, he also gave me two bags: Ferragamo and Gucci,” the people’s deputy boasted, adding that she doesn’t buy accessories at all, since they are mostly given to her for some holidays. Meanwhile, the regional woman denies all rumors that her son-in-law married her daughter Ekaterina by calculation. “The kids dated for two years.. And when Oles met Katya, I was in opposition. And I was in a very difficult condition, because the then authorities persecuted me and my family members – criminal cases were opened against my family. And Oles then represented the authorities. They then had a love, a very serious relationship.. They were very good at hiding them.. Therefore, this is absolutely stupid talk about the fact that he married by calculation, ”she emphasized. Gorina also admitted that she really wants to have grandchildren.

Conclusions :

Oles Dolgy, like most politicians, skillfully appropriates money. A person who grew up in a political family, like no one else, understands all aspects of politics, all loopholes and tricks. Therefore, Oles knows what he needs, and where else he can “cheat”. Only with secrecy he is still bad, gross errors in the declaration give him away. As you can see, people are not particularly disposed to him, and even the creation of a charitable foundation looked like a cunning scheme, and not sincere help to people.

Личные данные

Former Wife Ekaterina Gorina - daughter of a people's deputy from the Party of Regions Irina Gorina, Wife - Irina, son Macarius
man of Leonid Chernovetsky