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Violation of traffic rules, embezzlement, use of hard drugs. ...

Dobkin Mikhail Markovich


Everyone knows Mikhail Markovich Dobkin. He is the character of political memes, and a video from the election campaign in 2005 with the participation of Gennady Kernes broke the Internet. According to Kernes, Dobkin has a boring face, and no one will give him money. But how wrong he was, because, as we know, Mikhail Markovich does not deny himself anything, he has beautiful cars, his own wine cellar, a collection of weapons, and much more that ordinary people only dream of. But few people know that the diploma of higher education is falsified, and all his fiery speeches are empty lies. And together with his son-in-law Oleg Gurevich, Mikhail Markovich is running scams with public transport.

Уровень охвата:

Mikhail Markovich Dobkin

Official biography

People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, ex-governor of the Kharkiv region. Born January 26, 1970. in Kharkov in the family of Mark Dobkin (1947. b.) and Alla Dobkina (b.. 1947). From 1978 to 1985 he studied at secondary school No. 97 in the city of Kharkov. Graduated from the National University of Internal Affairs, majoring in jurisprudence and Kharkiv National Economic University, majoring in international economics.  1987 – Worked in production.  1988-1990 – Service in the army in the Air Defense Forces of the Kyiv Military District.  1993-2002 – Private entrepreneur, head of a number of business structures: PA “Progress-90”, PE “Investtorgtsentr”, “East Oil Group”.  1998-2002 – Deputy of the Kharkiv City Council.  2002-2006 – People's Deputy of Ukraine. He was a member of the factions “United Ukraine” and SDPU (o), in the deputy groups “Democratic Initiatives” and “Center”. Finished his term in the ranks of the faction of the Party of Regions “Regions of Ukraine”. Worked in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Budget.  03.2006-03.2010 – Mayor of Kharkov.  03.2010 – By the decree of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, he was appointed Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.  On March 2, 2014, he was dismissed from his post by the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.  March 25, 2014 submitted documents to the Central Election Commission for registration as a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine.  Since November 2014, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIII convocation.

A family

Dobkin's parents are the same age. Mother – Alla Nikolaevna (born 1947) is still alive. Father Mark Moiseevich (born 1947) died in 2016. younger brother Dmitry. Since 2012, Dima has been a member of the Verkhovna Rada. Mikhail Markovich Dobkin married for the second time. First wife – Lyudmila Vikentievna Dobkina (nee Molotokas), born in 1962. Children from his first marriage: daughter Alla (born in 1993) and son Nikolai (born in 2000). The second wife is Alina Vladimirovna Bozhenko (born in 1979). This marriage was registered in 2007. In marriage, daughters Eva (born in 2007) and Polina (born in 2010) were born. 03/31/2015. Mikhail Dobkin was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Regional Policy in the Opposition Government. Born in the city of Kharkov. 1988 – 1990. – Military service; 1993 – 2002. – Self employed; PA “Progress-90”, PE “Investtorgtsentr”, “East Oil Group” – head; 1998 – 2002. – Kharkiv city council – deputy; 2002 – 2006. – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – people's deputy of the IV convocation. Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Budget Issues – member of the committee; 2006 – 2010. – Kharkiv city council – head; 2010 – 2014. – Kharkiv Regional State Administration – Chairman; From 11/27/2014. – Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – people's deputy of the VIII convocation. July 13, 2017. The Verkhovna Rada lifted immunity from Opposition Bloc MP Mikhail Dobkin and gave the green light to his detention and arrest on the proposal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine due to suspicions of fraud with land. On October 3, 2017, Mikhail Dobkin announced his withdrawal from the Opposition Bloc faction. Thus, the deputy expressed disagreement with the fact that some of the deputies and the leadership of the Opposition Bloc party voted to support the law on judicial reform. On February 20, 2018, Dobkin announced the registration of a new political party, the Christian Socialists. In the early parliamentary elections of 2019, the candidate for people's deputies from the Opposition Bloc party, No. 15 on the list. As a result, in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the Opposition Bloc party did not overcome the 5% threshold. [videopress 6AxJIUaw]


In early 2008, the Security Service of Ukraine brought to court a criminal case on the embezzlement of public funds in the Kharkiv City Council. On March 31, 2008, the court of the Kievsky district of Kharkiv refused to initiate this criminal case, against which the SBU and the prosecutor's office filed an appeal. In addition, in September 2007, the SBU deprived Kharkiv city chairman Mikhail Dobkin of access to state secrets – this was due to the fact that during an audit conducted by the SBU in the Kharkiv city council of the organization of the protection of state secrets and the circulation of documents containing confidential information, rude violations by the chairman and secretary of the City Council. As noted in the SBU, the same decision was being prepared for the secretary of the Kharkiv City Council, Gennady Kernes. Around the same time, the secretary of the Kharkiv City Council, Gennady Kernes, and the mayor of Kharkiv, Mikhail Dobkin, were caught in a discussion about the illegal allocation of land belonging to one of the universities of the city. “Criminal Ukraine” has published an audio recording of the conversation between officials. The mayor and the secretary of the City Council are discussing options for “assistance” in allocating a land plot for the construction of a sports complex on the street. Muranov to 23rd party member of Dobkin-Kernes – Lieutenant General of Militia Vasily Gritsak and Head of the Kharkiv Regional Tax Administration, Lieutenant General Stanislav Denisyuk. The city leadership, as follows from the conversation, is fully aware of the illegality of such actions, but nevertheless, is looking for ways to circumvent the norms of the current land legislation. In the course of the conversation, numerous other facts of fraud with land in Kharkov come up along the way.

“Golden” benches in the Kharkiv metro

In December 2010, information appeared in the media, citing a letter of approval, that 10 benches were installed on the Alekseevskaya metro station in Kharkiv at a price of 630,000 hryvnias. According to the documents presented by Kernes, each shop cost the budget 28,800 hryvnias.


June 21, 2010 Dobkin got into an accident. According to Roman, an eyewitness to the accident, the Toyota jeep, driven by Dobkin, tried to leave a secondary highway in the direction of Kharkov and almost rolled out onto the roadway. At this time, on the road to Zmiev, a Volkswagen car drove in, which did not have time to dodge and flew straight into the jeep. After the collision, he was thrown into the oncoming lane, where he collided with another foreign car.. Only the girl was injured – the driver of the third car. Fortunately, there were no passengers in the cars. The governor personally called an ambulance and law enforcement officers. “The emergency happened at about 14:30, immediately after the collision, all the Zmiev cones arrived at the scene. There was also the head of the district Evgeny Muraev, and the acting head of the traffic police and 40 more people. Mikhail Markovich walked gloomier than a cloud, but after a conversation with Muraev, the mood rose. The driver of the Volkswagen, who flew into the jeep, was promised to call a tow truck and resolve all other issues with him. An ambulance quickly arrived at the scene, in which doctors tried to help the victim.. Personally, I got the impression that Dobkin was trying to close it from the eyes of eyewitnesses, ”says Roman. Half an hour later, all the participants in the accident drove away: the driver drove another car for Dobkin, he got behind the wheel and drove off in the direction of Kharkov. After a while, the driver drove off behind the boss in a broken car.


December 25, 2010, on Saturday in the Kharkiv Lesopark, a mansion was on fire, which is associated with the chairman of the regional state administration, Mikhail Dobkin. Fire with casualties on the patrimony of “Dopa” and “Gepa” On January 8 at 11.29, information was received about a fire in the 5-storey building of the “Kharkov Jewelry Factory” plant on the rented territory of the “Khartron” plant. 8 people died in the fire. 22 more were rescued by rescuers. Seven people were injured. About 200 people were at the workplace at the time of the fire, according to prosecutors.

Dobkin and EuroMaidan

Kharkiv authorities in November 2013 banned any mass actions in the city, and also limited visits to all prisoners in colonies due to the threat of an influenza epidemic. The restriction on holding mass events was announced on the day when opposition politicians Irina and Yuriy Lutsenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk arrived at the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko for a short meeting at the Ukrzaliznytsia Central Design Bureau in Kharkiv, and Euromaidans began to gather in the regions.


In 2007, Dobkin and Kernes were accused of using cocaine.. This information was linked, among other things, to the assassination attempts on Kernes that took place that year.. In December, a criminal case was initiated against the deputy of the Moscow District Council of Kharkov from the Party of Regions, Oleg Medvedev, on the fact of organizing an assassination attempt on Kernes.. At the same time, information appeared to explain the reason for the assassination attempt: it was reported that in the summer of 2006, Kernes and Dobkin allegedly organized an attack on Medvedev, who had his nose and ears cut off in the entrance of his own house. The media then reported that “the nature of the injuries forces us to assume that Medvedev was associated with criminal structures”. According to some reports, the reason for the attack on Medvedev was the supply of low-quality drugs to Dobkin. Meanwhile, commenting on this information, the Kharkov prosecutor called it untrue.. In September 2008. The Dzerzhinsky District Court of Kharkiv closed the case due to the lack of corpus delicti. The investigation into the criminal case on illegal drug trafficking in Kharkiv established that the accused Igor Gavrilov supplied cocaine to Kharkiv Mayor Mikhail Dobkin and his brother, Kharkiv Regional Council deputy Dmitry Dobkin. Kommersant-Ukraine writes about this with reference to the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kharkiv region. According to the police, the pre-trial investigation into the criminal case on drug trafficking in Kharkiv has been completed, and its materials have been submitted to the court. Kharkiv Mayor Mikhail Dobkin and Kharkiv City Council Secretary Gennady Kernes (Hepa) act as witnesses. In particular, in the submission of the GSU, sent to the Kharkiv Regional Council, it is said that the previously convicted 31-year-old resident of Kharkiv Igor Gavrilov, against whom a criminal case was initiated under part. 3 Art. 307 of the Criminal Code (“illegal production, manufacture, purchase, storage, transportation, shipment or sale of narcotic substances by an organized group in especially large volumes”), on April 6 of this year, bought 42 grams of cocaine in Odessa for the purpose of sale. During interrogation, Gavrilov said that he had repeatedly supplied cocaine to Dobkin and his brother, Dmitry, a deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council.. The use of drugs, according to him, took place in the apartment of Dmitry Dobkin. Another witness in the case, Oleg Medvedev, said that Gavrilov repeatedly brought cocaine to the specified apartment. According to him, the son of Kernes Kirill in 2004-2006 “sold ecstasy pills and marijuana” in the nightclub “Laboratory”, located on Mirosnitskaya Street in Kharkov. Medvedev also stated that during meetings where he, Dmitry and Mikhail Dobkin used cocaine together, “the Dobkin brothers constantly left some of the powder for Gennady Kernes.”. A Kommersant source in the investigation team noted that “it was precisely such high-ranking customers that led to such a long-term activity of Igor Gavrilov. On March 10, 2014, separatist Mikhail Dobkin was detained at the Prosecutor General's Office and placed in a temporary detention facility. The proceedings against Dobkin were entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations on February 27 “in the fact of public appeals made on February 12 in Kharkov during the round table “Socio-economic and political processes in post-crisis Ukraine”. He is charged with calls aimed at the decentralization of power in Ukraine through federalization and the creation of the Novorossiysk Union. On March 11, 2014, Dobkin was placed under house arrest by a court decision.

Criminal prosecution

On February 27, 2014, the SBU launched an investigation against Mikhail Dobkin under Part 2 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Infringement on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine committed by a representative of the authorities”). On March 10, he was summoned for interrogation to Kyiv.. After interrogation at the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, Mikhail Dobkin was arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center.. On March 11, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of a “partial” house arrest for a period of 2 months (he must be at home in Kyiv daily from 14:00 to 9:00). On April 3, house arrest was changed to “personal obligation. [videopress 1RGc8c1h] On August 30, Mikhail Dobkin's lawyer Yulia Pletneva announced the closure of the criminal case due to “the absence of corpus delicti in his actions.” On September 15, 2016, employees of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine tried to search the house belonging to the mother of Mikhail Dobkin. However, given that Mikhail Dobkin is registered in this house, it is inviolable as the residence of the People's Deputy of Ukraine. On July 13, 2017, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted by a majority vote in favor of depriving M. M. Dobkin's parliamentary immunity, his detention and arrest. The essence of the claims of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine against Dobkin boils down to the fact that he, being the mayor of Kharkov, according to the investigation, helped his acquaintances, the heads of construction companies, to obtain land. At the same time, firms were registered not as enterprises, but as housing cooperatives, which allowed them not to pay land tax. The damage is preliminary estimated at more than 200 million hryvnia.

Trade with ORDLO

Mikhail Dobkin arranged the supply of chicken meat to the territories of the Luhansk region not controlled by Ukraine. In addition, he organized the supply of compound feed from the temporarily occupied Lutugino to Kharkov. Funds from economic activity went to support the puppet government of the LPR and, therefore, increased the threat to Ukraine. The history of Dobkin's interests in chicken production began in the 2000s.. Then his father Mark Dobkin launched the import of chicken meat from the USA to certain economic zones of the Donetsk region in order to reduce the tax burden, and then sell imported products at market prices through his own stores. The win-win, profitable scheme had only one drawback – people did not like American meat with a lot of antibiotics. Kharkiv businessman Aleksey Kovalenko offered Mark Dobkin to open his own poultry farm and produce products of much higher quality. Such a factory was “Vladimir-Volynskaya”. Dobkin Sr. had a share of 76% in it, and Kovalenko – 34%. At the same time, it was Kovalenko who was involved in all business processes and independently developed the Epicurus brand. After the death of Mark Dobkin, his share passed to the heirs: Mikhail Dobkin – 29.5% Dmitry Dobkin – 29.5% Alexei Kovalenko – 41% Mikhail Dobkin refused to sell his share to Kovalenko, and instead launched a criminal sales scheme in the LPR through Vladimir- Volyn Trading Company, where even a resident of Lutugino was listed as the head. Dobkin also initiated the launch of the Chebaturochka brand of lower quality. Kovalenko decided to save his reputation and suspended the license of the Vladimir-Volynskaya factory, and also publicly announced the suspension of the Epicurus brand. He called the reason the inadmissibility of cooperation with the authorities of the so-called LNR controlled by the aggressor country.. Mikhail Dobkin, violating the law and business ethics, continued to produce products. Moreover, under his management, the quality of chicken meat fell, and the entire production control system was destroyed.

Owned cars

Mikhail Markovich, as well as his cohabitant Bozhenko A.V., consisting of six cars, has the same numbers on the state numbers, namely: AX 14-** MM (Toyota Land Cruiser), AX 14-** BC (Range Rover) , AX 14-** CO, as well as Lexus, Mercedes, Chevrolet minibus, etc. According to the declaration of 3 cars: Toyota (2007), Toyota (2012), Toyota (2013) . In 2019. Dobkin declared a number of vehicles: four Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles, Silver, Bass Prote, Tracker Tundra 21 watercraft, Teremok floating boat, PA-2-1 and Odyssey 5 trailers, Porshe cars 911 Turbo, Mercedes GL 350, BMW 750Li, Daimler Chrysler, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz CL 500. Over the past year, Dobkin has purchased three motorcycles: new Harley-Davidson FLHXSE (price – UAH 1.15 million), Harley-Davidson FLD (price – 748 thousand. hryvnia), as well as the motorcycle “Dnepr-16” 1989 release (price – 7 thousand. UAH).

Apartments, houses

It is noteworthy that, according to the official declaration of income, the majority of Kharkiv officials, including Mr. Dobkin, are constrained not only in funds, but also in housing conditions.. So, according to the declaration, he was registered in an apartment with an area of 44 sq.m at Eideman Street, 2-a (601 m / r on Saltovka). Mikhail Dobkin declared for 2015 UAH 12 million, 470 thousand. dollars, 30 thousand. euros in cash, and his wife – 500 thousand. dollars and 550 thousand euros. The politician also declared a whole arsenal of weapons: 8 guns, 10 carbines and hunting knives. In addition, Dobkin declared a land plot of 16.8 thousand square meters. m in Kharkov with a mark, two houses of 1136.9 and 127.6 square meters in Kharkov and a wine cellar of 195.4 sq.m. He also owns an apartment in Kharkov with an area of 44.4 sq. m. According to the declaration of 2019, Dobkin has the right to use a land plot of 16.8 thousand sq.m in Kharkov and residential buildings with an area of 1.1 thousand sq.m. and 127.6 sq.m. In addition, the ex-people's deputy owns a wine cellar with an area of 195.4 square meters and the right to use an apartment of 157.3 square meters in Kharkov, which belongs to his younger brother David Dobkin. Moreover, the politician's family owns three parking spaces in Kharkiv, a land plot of 83 sq.m in Kharkiv, three apartments (area – 229.1 sq.. m, 152 sq.m, 52.6 sq.m), as well as five garages.

Dobkin lives in a house registered to his mother according to a dubious scheme

The Kharkiv house where people's deputy Mikhail Dobkin lives and which was picketed by activists belongs to his mother's cooperative. She once received land free of charge from the City Council. This is evidenced by the register of rights to real estate, an extract from which is at the disposal of “Nashi Groshi”. The MP himself, according to the declaration, has only an apartment of 44 sq.. m. On December 24, 2008, deputies of the Kharkiv City Council transferred a land plot of 1.68 hectares on the lane. Tula. This is a plot in the Kharkov forest park. In total, there are several dozen estates on the territory of the forest park, sports and recreational facilities, the residence of Mikhail Dobkin, and some private land plots are still undeveloped. Then the founders of the cooperative were Solopov A.V., Davydova I., Davydova G.P. Olga Solop is a business partner of the son of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes – Daniil Privalov. Their joint company Firma Diana LLC owns the Sumy market in the center of Kharkov. OK ZhSK Triumph is not the only cooperative that was registered with Solopova and her friends and received valuable land in Kharkov for free during the reign in the city Mikhail Dobkin and Gennady Kernes.Galina Davydova is the founder of Parking + LLC, which annually receives contracts from the City Council for road repairs worth tens of millions of hryvnias. Also, several cooperatives were registered on Davydova. In 2011, the cooperative was re-registered for the current owners – Alla Dobkina (Mikhail Dobkin's mother) and Nikolai and Anastasia Bozhenko. The maiden name of Dobkin's wife Alina is Bozhenko. The Housing Code of the Ukrainian SSR, which is still in force in Ukraine, allows housing cooperatives to receive free land for the construction of multi-apartment housing. But the Code puts forward several requirements for the participants of the housing cooperative: its members must permanently reside in the city where housing will be built, demand better housing conditions and stand in the apartment queue. And also on the account of those wishing to join a cooperative at an enterprise, institution, organization or executive committee of the council. There must be at least five members of the cooperative, but in general the same number as apartments in the planned building. The age of members of the cooperative is up to 30 years. Neither Davydova nor Solop are subject to these requirements. In 2015, the prosecutor's office of the Kharkiv region filed a lawsuit in which they demanded to invalidate the decision of the Kharkiv City Council on the allocation of land to OK “ZHSK” Triumph “. Last month, the Kharkiv Regional Economic Court dismissed this claim.. According to the court, during the creation of a cooperative, one can be guided not by the norms of the Housing Code, which has been in force in Ukraine since the Soviet Union, but by the law “On Cooperation”, as well as the adopted charter of the cooperative. And in this case, the founders of the cooperative did not have to comply with all the standards that the code imposes on them.. The prosecutor's office filed an appeal against this decision, which is ongoing. Therefore, at present, the cooperative of Dobkin's mother owns the plot and the house.

Income :

According to the declarations for 2010, the total income of the governor of the Kharkiv region, Mikhail Dobkin, officially amounts to about 105,000 hryvnia per year.. At the same time, a journalistic investigation raises doubts about the authenticity of these figures. But next year, Mikhail Dobkin declared already 5,234,435 hryvnias of income received in 2011. Including the governor's salary amounted to UAH 86,303, dividends and interest – UAH 5,148,069, insurance payments – UAH 63. There are 54,018 hryvnias on the accounts of the governor in banks and other financial and credit institutions. During 2019, Dobkin received the following income: salary in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – 313.1 thousand. hryvnia, reimbursement of expenses for deputy activity – 304.2 thousand. hryvnia, scholarship of the honorary citizen of Kharkiv – 250 thousand. hryvnia, a gift from his wife in cash – UAH 10 million, salary at the main place of work at CJSC “Vladimir-Volynsky poultry farm” – 197.6 thousand. hryvnia, income from the alienation of movable property – 15 thousand. hryvnia, dividends in Oreola LLC – 788.4 thousand. hryvnia, interest – 3.5 thousand. UAH

Mikhail Dobkin falsified his higher education

According to journalists, Mikhail Dobkin has a fake diploma of education. He graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs with a degree in jurisprudence, but, as it turned out, he was not present at the sessions, since he was on the road during the session. And also there is no information about his visits to classes.


Mikhail Dobkin, despite attempts to do good deeds, still remains a liar, embezzler, and lover of “white powder”, which completely crosses out all his “kindness”. Falsification of documents, money laundering on Kharkiv city transport, addiction to drugs – this is how the former mayor of Kharkov was remembered.

Личные данные

Wife - Alina Dobkina-Bozhenko, Daughter - Alla Dobkina, daughters - Eva, Polina, son - Nikolai
Opposition bloc
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MT 107107
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