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Entrepreneur, criminal authority, candidate for deputy from the Hromadyansky Rukh of Ukrai ...

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Racketeer, crime boss of the 90s, smuggler, murderer, corrupt official. ...


Smuggling, contract killings, racketeering, corruption ...

Didukh Vladimir Stepanovich


Vladimir Didukh is a crime boss from the 90s. To this day, citizens of Western Ukraine are afraid of him. Murder, racketeering, smuggling. It was in such ways that the businessman made his fortune. Galician customs is completely controlled by Vova Morda. More than 12 trucks with smuggled goods pass through it a day, and the government turns a blind eye to this, because Didukh's relations with government officials are also established. And while Vova Morda is getting richer, the country is getting poorer by millions of dollars.

January 29, 1967
Уровень охвата:

Didukh Vladimir Stepanovich

Official biography

Ukrainian entrepreneur. Crime boss from the 90s. Date of birth: January 29, 1967.


In the early 90s he moved to Moscow. He made his first million there.. Then he lived in Lviv. Known as a crime boss nicknamed “Vova Morda”. In October 2014. Didukh took part in the elections of people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, was nominated by the political party “Civil Movement of Ukraine”. Sponsor of the VO “Svoboda” party and its leader Oleg Tyagnibok. Shoemaker by profession.

A family

Has a son and an ex-wife. According to unofficial data, there is another son, born in 1988, and a daughter.

NOT official biography

Among the “clients” of Didukh's sinister business were Prime Minister Tymoshenko, future presidents Yushchenko and Poroshenko, and dozens of other high-ranking politicians and officials. Apparently, this became the key to the incredible vitality of Volodymyr Didukh, one of the last Lviv “authorities” of the 90s, who successfully took root in modern Ukraine. Today, he pretends that he has long retired from criminal cases, and even claims that he has never dealt with them and has always been an honest businessman.. But the awl is difficult to hide in a bag, especially when the blood of dozens of victims drips from it.

Little known facts about Didukh

Didukh's muzzle was nicknamed after President Yushchenko once on the air – during a collegium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, shouted at the generals: “What kind of muzzle is this, from which everyone in Lvov is crying? This is a specific nickname of one of the muzzle. How many divisions will you give to avoid this muzzle?” The Ministry of Internal Affairs was then headed by Yuriy Lutsenko. It was his press secretary, Larisa Sargan, who was the first to write on FB that the criminals detained in Ivankovichi were preparing an attempt not on Zelensky, but on a “criminal authority.” Didukh – from the Lviv region (from. Ryasne – a suburb of Lviv), studied at a vocational school together with the future oligarchs, the Dubnevich brothers. In the 90s, Didukh was engaged in racketeering in Lviv and was even a defendant in a criminal case.. It is suspected in criminal circles that Didukh-Morda has been (or has been) collaborating with law enforcement since then. They even say that in the 90s he underwent special training at the Federal Counterintelligence Service (the predecessor of the FSB). But in reality, we are probably talking about Didukh's friend, Taras Chur from Lvov, who was one of the leaders of the Lviv criminal group Ptenchik (Alexander Pstyga, shot dead in his car in 1998). The current failed attempt on the life of Didukh is not the first (and not the second). During one assassination attempt, doctors removed 17 bullets from the body of a crime boss. But he survived. Didukh is generally considered an incredibly lucky person.. He is called “the last racketeer from the nineties” and “the godfather of the Ukrainian mafia.” Didukh participated in the Orange Revolution in 2004. He brought to Kyiv from Lviv the fighters of his own “team” (they arrived without weapons – just in case), as well as athletes from the Lviv Boxing Federation, of which he was vice president at that time. Didukh's people guarded the stage of the “orange” Maidan. Didukh also led other Lviv “athletes”, including those brought by Kryvetsky. Athletes of Didukh were coordinated by Evgeny Chervonenko. There, on the Maidan, Didukh met Yulia Tymoshenko. At the end of the 2000s, according to the ORD, Didukh collaborated with Yulia Tymoshenko. It was believed that the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky was also collaborating with her.. This is well known from the series of publications CENSOR.NET – “Yulia Tymoshenko has a gangster face.” In 2001, Didukh spent 8 months in a pre-trial detention center on charges of extortion, and then received a suspended sentence.. It was the only “imprisonment” of Didukh. Therefore, he is not considered a thief in law.

Vladimir Didukh (Vova Morda) and Galician customs

Vova Morda – “ataman” of smugglers of the Galician customs, a well-known crime boss in Lviv and not only. The first trip to the pre-trial detention center for a couple of years at the authority took place back in 1994, when he was detained for racketeering. For many years, Vova Morda has been periodically trying to eliminate “competitors” … So, in 2012, during an assassination attempt, his driver died, and the authority himself was seriously injured, but survived. It is paradoxical, but true, in 2014 this criminal authority Volodymyr Didukh ran for early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the lists of the Hromadyansky Rukh of Ukraine party. According to the OpenData information resource, Vladimir Didukh owns 2 companies, he is the owner of 3 more, and he is also involved in two court cases. TOV “KLYASA” – a company with a status fund of 20 thousand hryvnia. Diduh – director. The LLC is also under litigation. BO “RIDNA GALICHYNA” is a charitable organization with zero status capital, where Didukh is both a director and a founder. By the way, we found a very, very interesting material about how journalists from one of the Lviv publications tried to find out at least something about this charitable organization of Vova Morda. Do you think they succeeded? The question is rather rhetorical, but still … Read the details here. TOV “KOZACHOK-BAKHCHISARAY” is a company with a status capital of 42 thousand hryvnias. Didukh is a co-founder. As of 07/09/2021, this company’s tax certificate has been annulled… Well, in addition, two court cases, where Didukh is in the role of the accused… As you can see, Vladimir Didukh is very careful when applying for companies… Everything is almost clean and beautifully packaged, but “it’s not worth buying”…

that gave “Freedom” 48 million dollars – Didukh found a pig's head and a threatening letter on his car

SBU blocked the cargo of 16 million smugglers from the list of the National Security and Defense Council “Vova Mordy

The SBU announces the exposure of a scheme for smuggling branded clothing and cosmetics from the European Union into Ukraine, organized by a person on the NSDC sanctions list and his entourage.

SBU operatives found that the smuggling channel went through the Galician customs of the State Customs Service. The organizers of the scheme – representatives of criminals and their relatives, are under the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council, namely, the family of Vladimir Didukh, known in criminal circles as “Vova Morda”. Dealers involved the inspector of the customs post “Yavorov” of the Galician customs to the “scheme”, who entered false information about the goods into the customs clearance system. Namely: he registered expensive branded clothes and cosmetics as “wall tiles”. It is noted that law enforcement officers stopped the “scheme” during the customs clearance of cargo and prevented the smuggling of goods worth 16 million hryvnias. Now the customs inspector has been informed of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code.

Prodivus and Didukh were accused of curating illegal amber mining in the Rivne region

The head of the Supervisory Board of Mostobud PJSC (Mostrostroy) Vladimir Prodivus (pictured) was convicted of supervising illegal amber mining in the Sarnensky district of the Rivne region. Together with him, the Lviv “authority” Volodymyr Didukh (“Muzzle”) is allegedly involved in this illegal business.. And the highest patronage of amber schemes is provided by former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergei Chebotar.

 Suspicious murders

In the past, Didukh controlled all kinds of scams and schemes related to oil and gasoline (Galicia Refinery), fraud with alcohol, smuggling. His connections were huge, many former partners of Didukh became big bosses in Kyiv, but one of these connections was tragically cut short in 2005, when the ex-governor of the Lviv region (1999-2001) Stepan Senchuk was killed by hitmen. In police circles, then they again started talking that this was “the handwriting of Morda” – and decided that in this way he was covering his tracks, since Senchuk himself had participated in many shady schemes in which Didukh was noted. The fate of the Krakow market in Lviv is not without interest: since the 90s, it was completely controlled by the organized crime group, first by Pstygi, and then by Didukh, and there were serious wars with other organized criminal groups for it. However, in 2006-2007, the market completely passed under the “roof” of the Lviv police (UBOP), which fed from it. According to information from the GOVD, the “cops” demanded him from Didukh as a payment for the fact that his criminal past would not go beyond the police archives. The unsolved murder in 2007 of Nikolai Lozinsky (Koli Rokiro) also raised a lot of questions.. On the one hand, Lozinsky and Didukh were godfathers, moreover, not without the help of Vova Morda, by the beginning of the “zero” most of the major Lviv “authorities” moved to the cemetery, making room for the growth of Lozinsky's group. On the other hand, if Didukh decided to clean up his past, then he would stop at nothing. So, for example, in 2013, Marian Rodych (born 1965), who was some kind of relative of Vladimir Didukh and was part of his “brigade” from the mid-90s, disappeared, mainly engaged in economic schemes, and then headed the underground fighting club.

Disappeared, and then was found – and, refusing to write any statements to the police, he began to behave somehow strangely, not wanting to meet with his relative Didukh. And on September 25, 2015, Maryan Rodych was shot from machine guns by unknown people in camouflage right on the street, who then disappeared in a foreign car with “atosh” black numbers. She was later found broken and declared stolen from one of the volunteer organizations – however, SKELET-info is reliably known, even from the words of Didukh himself, that he maintains several volunteer groups (or people hiding behind this screen). In general, then sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs leaked to journalists very voluminous information about the Rodich case, and about other little-known facts from the biography of Didukh (see. printouts). There were many rumors around the murder in 2008 of the director of the Lviv Investment and Construction Company, Igor Kulchitsky, known in the 90s by the nickname Bullet and as a close friend of Orest Zavinsky. Moreover, after the murder of Zawini, his widow then married Kulchitsky – and after 14 years she had to relive the murder of her husband. So: Kulchitsky knew well the deeds of many Lviv “authorities”, including Volodymyr Didukh – with whom he had already been suppressed in the construction business.

Staged assassination attempts

And yet, Didukh himself also became a victim of assassination attempts more than once, although some of them were called staged by experts.. So, in the summer of 2004, an unknown killer shot at Didukh when he got out of the car and headed for his home: the bullets hit his arm and shoulder, and the wounds, according to doctors, turned out to be almost trifling. But there was one oddity: the attacker used a Luger pistol, and this is exactly what the killers of Vova Morda were armed with.. In addition, his cartridges are powerful enough to, if hit in the shoulder, cripple a person for life. Didukh was shot for the second time on August 24, 2012. In the center of Lviv, his Volvo jeep (more precisely, registered to another person) was shot by unknown people on a Daewoo Lanos using a compact Scorpion submachine gun. Most of the bullets were taken by the driver – it turned out to be Mikhail Milyan, who this time was not lucky to survive, as in 1998. Didukh allegedly got two bullets in the head and one in the chest – that day they even wrote that he was killed. But here's the strange thing: a man with two bullets in his head (!) managed to jump out of the car, hide behind it and call for support! Truly, only the Terminator is capable of such a thing! Nevertheless, Didukh then went to the hospital – where neurosurgeons allegedly fought for his life all evening.. And already on October 8, Didukh was discharged from the hospital and appeared in Kyiv, where he arrived for important negotiations with big people from the Azarov government and the Yanukovych administration.

Not the first time as a suspect!

In 2016, Vova Morda (Vladimir Didukh) was a suspect in the assassination attempt on Bohdan Kopytko, head of the supervisory board of the Lvov Khladokombinat… According to the court registry, Vova Morda is listed in 7 documents, most of which are criminal.

And the son-in-law there …

Nizhnikov Ilya – the new head of the Lviv customs. He is the son-in-law of the odious Didukh. According to the information resource OpenData, in 2020, compared to 2019, Nizhnikov’s piggy bank plus one car. Of the declared last year: 6 apartments, 3 land plots, 3 cars, income of almost 900 thousand hryvnia, and from cash 22 thousand dollars and almost 125 thousand hryvnia. Journalist Yuri Nikolov noted in his blog that Ilya Nizhnikov is associated with the “Semochko group”. Well, everything is logical, Yuri, who worked in the SBU of the capital, and former counterintelligence officers, who have repeatedly fallen into high-profile corruption scandals, are now at the helm of the State Customs Service. But back to Nizhnikov. Didukh's son-in-law (Vladimir Didukh) did not have time to take a new position at the Lviv customs, as he is already making new appointments. So, the customs post “Krakovets” is headed by Oleg Baran, a smuggler “with experience” and a person involved in many criminal cases, but at the same time he continues to “steer” schematic cases. How many trucks he illegally tried to pass through customs – just do not count. And we are talking about a variety of goods worth millions of hryvnia. ​Another protagonist from Vova Morda's organized criminal group is Vladimir Kachmarsky, head of the operational department of the department for combating smuggling and violations of customs rules of the Lviv customs. It’s funny, but not very funny, when smugglers are fighting smuggling … Interesting details about the life of Kachmarsky – see the journalistic investigation.

Indestructible authority from the 90s: Lviv resident Volodymyr Didukh started a PR campaign to get into politics

Article dated 08.10.2021 According to journalist Dmitry Korablev, Vladimir Didukh, who is also a crime boss from Lviv in the 90s, nicknamed Vova Morda, plans to spread his influence to the Kharkiv region. Allegedly, it was he who initiated the change of the head of the Kharkov police in order to master smuggling on the border with Russia. So, on September 1, Andriy Rubel, who had been the head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkiv region for almost nine months, was replaced by Stanislav Perlin.

Assets, income

Didukh himself officially owns almost nothing, but his family has significant assets. So, Natalia Slipchenko, who is called the wife of Vladimir Didukh and lives at the same address, has a number of enterprises. For example, she is a co-founder of LLC AIA, Gurman, PrJSC Galka-Drogobych and others. She also owns a share in the common Ukrainian-German VKP in the form of Emkoret LLC. The co-owner of the same enterprise is Igor Krivetsky, a people's deputy from the Svoboda party.


For many years, Vova Morda has been scaring the people of Western Ukraine. Racketeering, contract killings, smuggling. This is how the Lvov gangster Vladimir Didukh made his fortune. Now he is actively trying to get into politics in order to expand the boundaries of his illegal business.

Личные данные

Has a wife and three children
To the bandits of the 90s
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Lviv st. Ryasnyanskaya 54