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Chernovol Tatyana Nikolaevna


Having familiarized yourself with the biographies of politicians, you involuntarily draw the conclusion that the Verkhovna Rada has special criteria for recruiting deputies. If you have a criminal past, a certificate of schizophrenia and the skills of "stealing" – welcome to Rada! So Tatyana Chernovol was “lucky”, because all three criteria are about her. They say the price tag of her "help" starts at 40 thousand dollars. But they don’t want to deal with her, because she is unpredictable and inadequate, and the explanation for her behavior is indicated in the certificate from the mental hospital. This woman is worthy of a whole book, because her shameful and criminal achievements will not fit in a couple of pages.

June 4, 1979
Уровень охвата:

Chernovol Tatyana Nikolaevna

Official biography

Date of birth: 06/04/1979 Place of birth. Education. Born in Kyiv. In 2001 she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Kyiv International Institute of Linguistics and Law. Career. At the age of 17, Tatyana Chernovol already took part in the actions of UNA-UNSO, later became the press secretary of the organization (on a voluntary basis). In one of the actions “Ukraine without Kuchma”, to protest against the imprisonment of members of the UNA-UNSO, together with her friend chained herself to the rails at the railway station in Kyiv. After the “Ukraine without Kuchma” campaign, UNA-UNSO entered into negotiations with the authorities, Chornovol regarded this as a betrayal of principles and left the ranks of the organization. From 1998 to 2001, Chernovol was the head of the Information Center of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in Kyiv, which was created with the assistance of Aslan Maskhadov. In 2000, she published several reports from Chechnya. 1999-2000. – journalist of the magazine “Companion”. 2001-2004. – Journalist of the magazine Politics and Culture. 2005-2009. – Tatyana Chernovol engaged in investigative journalism, published in the Obozrevatel. In 2006, she was the first to launch a high-profile investigation into the Mezhyhirya residence. Since 2010 – LLC Gorshenin Kyiv Institute of Management Problems, journalist, editor of the portal Member of the social movement Stop censorship. In the 2012 parliamentary elections, Tatiana Chornovol was a candidate for the Verkhovna Rada in the majoritarian constituency No. 120. Nominated by the All-Ukrainian Union Batkivshchyna party, Tatyana Chernovol lost the election, receiving the second result in the district after Yaroslav Dubnevich. On March 5, 2014, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Tatyana Chernovol, a journalist, as Government Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Policy. The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. On August 18, 2014, Tatyana Chernovol announced her desire to resign from her position. The reason for this was the failure of a number of anti-corruption initiatives and the death of her husband. Since September 4, 2014 – Advisor to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. Since September 5, 2014 – as part of the Azov battalion. On September 10, 2014, together with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko, ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andriy Parubiy, people's deputies Vyacheslav Kirilenko and Lilia Grinevich, she joined the political council of the Popular Front party, headed by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Speaker of the Supreme We are glad to Alexander Turchinov. In the 2014 elections, she entered the Verkhovna Rada on the lists of the Popular Front party. Member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense. She participated in the 2019 early parliamentary elections from the European Solidarity party, but her place on the list (No. 27) turned out to be impassable. A family. Chernovol's husband Nikolai Berezovoi, who volunteered for the Azov Battalion, died on August 10, 2014 during an anti-terrorist operation. From the marriage, there is a daughter Ivanna (born 2003) and a son Ustim (born 2010).

NOT official biography

After graduating from the university, Chernovol worked as a journalist in the Politics and Culture magazine.. And political passions worried her very much. Tatyana Chornovol becomes an active participant in the Ukraine without Kuchma movement. Her biography is replenished with extraordinary facts. In 2001, on the tracks of the Kyiv-Passenger station, she and her friend held a demonstrative political action: shortly before the train arrived, they chained themselves to the rails, similarly protesting against the imprisonment of some members of the UNA-UNSO. Halftones in political struggle T. Chernovol did not recognize, therefore, when the party soon agreed to negotiate with the authorities, she left its ranks, regarding this as a betrayal. In August 2013, Tatyana Chernovol again attracted public attention.. Together with several activists of the “Save Old Kyiv” movement, she came to protest against the holding of a session of the Kyiv City Council, the term of which ended more than two months ago.. Other activists were arrested, and T. Chornovol climbed onto the ledge of the building. To remove it from there, I had to call the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. For this trick, the journalist was fined.

Killing a guard

On April 14, the Pechersk Court considered the case of T. Chernovol. She is charged with murder in 2014. in the office of the “Party of Regions” security guard named Zakharov. The following people came to support her in court: P. Poroshenko, A. Parubiy, S. Poyarkov, A. Yatsenyuk, A. Turchinov, I. Gerashchenko, B. Bereza. The State Bureau of Investigation insisted on the house arrest of T. Chernovol due to the coronavirus in the country and the fact that T. Chernovol is a mother of many children. But on that day, T. Chernovol challenged Judge S. Vovka, however, this did not prevent Judge O. Batrin to rule on April 15 that she did not see a conflict of interest and appointed for April 16 at 9.30 the election of Judge C. wolf preventive measures for T. Chernovol.

Cooperation with Pashinsky In 2015, she became a people's deputy and a member of the “committee on national security and defense issues” under the leadership of S. Pashinsky – from that moment she becomes his ardent defender. She also made every effort to “smear” her son Pashinsky out of trouble, who was appointed in March 2015 (at the age of 24) as the head of the Spetstechnoexport enterprise under military contracts with Northern Sudan.

Chernovol. With help from a psychiatric hospital. | Politics of Ukraine

She was diagnosed with hereditary schizophrenia.. More precisely, according to the head of the dispensary department of the regional psycho-neurological hospital, Tatyana Chernovol is registered as a patient with a diagnosis of “Hyperactivity syndrome with a sign of schizoaffective disorder. This is an incurable disease that affects all aspects of the patient's life: school, work, contacts and relationships with others.. References confirming this are located below.

Help Scandal

When Tatyana Chornovol began to run for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the 120th constituency, an article by Andriy Shariy appeared in the press entitled “Tatiana Chernovol: heroism or diagnosis?”, In which a fake photo of a “certificate” from a psychiatric hospital was highlighted, according to which T. Chernovol has certain mental disorders. September 4, 2012 article-remorse A appears. Shariy on his official page on the social network “Facebook”: “And there is a hole in the old woman”, where Shariy apologizes for the fake “certificate” and indicates the alleged person who slipped him this fake. It seemed that this incident should be settled and closed.. But on September 10, 2012, an article by Oles Buzina appears entitled “Tatyana Chernovol will not be anything – she has a certificate from a psychiatrist” in which a new “certificate” appears with corrected “shortcomings” of the surname, Chernovol’s autobiography, place of residence, the stamp of the regional hospital has already been replaced to the city, so that there is a correspondence in the text, where MKPNL No. 1 is prescribed.

Hit on the liver

“Ukrainian Pravda” posted an article on its pages, which told how Tatyana Chornovol, having run up to the colonel of the Kyiv Berkut Sergey Kusyuk, hit him in the liver. The editors of the newspaper suggested that beating men who are related to power gives pleasure to Tatyana Chernovol. Since she has a penchant for sado-masochism and enjoying the humiliation of “status” men, after they give her a response, they end up in court, and then she inflates the scandal.

Scratched the face of Minister Ostap Semerak

In September 2014, Tatyana Chernovol scratched the face of Minister Ostap Semerak. The reason for the aggression – the minister did not support Tatiana Chernovol's bill. She commented on her act as follows: “I will fight like this with everyone who will not vote for the bill on “special confiscation”.

Broke into the office of “Nadra-Geocenter”

On June 15, 2015, Tatyana Chernovol personally broke into the Nadra-Geocenter office in Mironovka on Lenina Street (which was related to deputy Onishchenko) and provoked a conflict by taking photos of the documents that were in the office on her phone. When the secretary tried to stop her, Chernovol simply beat the office employee. Then, against Tatyana Chernovol, criminal proceedings were opened under Art.. 125 Arrows. part 1. Being outraged by the decision of the Minister of Justice Petrenko, she ambushed him near the men's toilet in the Verkhovna Rada to scratch his face. The minister managed to hide behind the guards.

“Tariff Maidan”

On February 8, 2016, the “Tariff Maidan” was organized by the deputy Sergey Kaplin. Activists set up tents and put up posters. Everyone demanded the resignation of Yatsenyuk (whose party included Chernovol). In the morning, Tatiana Chernovol came to the protesters, taking with her spray cans of paint. It became clear to everyone that Tatyana Chernovol was slightly out of her mind. She began painting the tents with paint, and then swearing and fighting with the activists.. The police did not intervene. On the same day, it became known that Tatyana Chernovol forged her income statement for half a million UAH.. Providing fake income statements. This is done when they want to legalize illegally obtained income (bribes). This became known from the Boryspil branch of the State Fiscal Service, which notified the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of this in writing. On February 18, 2016, a protest of activists was organized by Sergei Kaplin against Sergei Pashinsky, the boss (and lover, according to the information of the deputies of parliament) Tatyana Chernovol. The activists drove a car, on the roof of which was fixed the “image” of Pashinsky in a prison uniform. They drove around the building of the Verkhovna Rada and chanted their slogans through a megaphone. Unexpectedly, Tatyana Chernovol burst into the car, pulled the driver out from behind the wheel and sat down in his place. Attempts by activists and the police to persuade her to get out of the car led to nothing.. The only thing that made her leave the car was a call from a brigade from a mental hospital!

Attacks on Bezbakh

On March 17, 2016, Tatyana Chernovol attacked parliamentarian Yakov Bezbakh at a plenary session and scratched his face. The reason for the aggression is the refusal of the deputy to vote for the bill supported by Tatyana Chernovol.

Husband and lovers

Tatyana Chernovol surprised all the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada when, after the death of her husband, she delivered a speech on the podium. She pulled out a large photo of the child and said that it was “the Son of the entire Rada, of all Ukrainians, since his father died in the war with Putin!” Information “leaked” from the walls of parliament repeatedly that even during the life of her husband Nikolai Viktorovich Berezovy, who was an assistant to people’s deputy Andrei Shkil, Tatyana “twisted an affair” with Shkil. Now she has a priority for the fourth year – her boss Sergey Pashinsky.

Prices for Chernovol services

Having serious connections and a “roof”, various economic and political issues can be resolved through Tatyana Chernovol. “Price tag” of her help = $25-$50,000. But as they say in the circles of the Verkhovna Rada, they try not to deal with her at all, or if they used her help once, they don’t turn to her a second time. The reason is that you don't know what to expect from her.. This was confirmed more than once by her inadequate behavior and her diagnosis.

Portnov's comment about Tatyana Chernovol

On December 6, 2019, A. Portnov posted a video, which he provided with a comment: “you are all joking, and a person is dangerous to society. She needs to be isolated and treated.. This video is dedicated to everyone who used to oppose vaccinations and medical examinations.” [videopressOmGgd2K3]

Chernovol and Akhmetov

On March 30, 2007, People's Deputy of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov filed a lawsuit with the High Court of Justice (Eng.. High Court of Justice) in London against the Internet publication Obozrevatel for publishing allegedly false information about his youth in a series of articles by Tatyana Chernovol. In early 2008, the lawsuit was satisfied in absentia, because none of the defendants appeared in court.. In June 2008, the same court awarded $100,000 in damages to the plaintiff.. US dollars. According to the publication, it was not invited or informed about the date of the court hearing.. Moreover, according to the publication, the decisions of British judges are not legitimate in Ukraine. Button pressing May 21, 2015 Tatyana Chornovol violated the regulations and voted for her colleague Elena Ledovskikh during the voting for the draft law No. 1912 “On amendments to section XX” Transitional provisions of the “Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the specifics of taxation of the import and supply of vehicles equipped with electric motors”. Chernovol later stated that she did it intentionally.. “Against this bill on the preferential import of electric vehicles, in fact, the fuel and energy lobby was set up, so to speak, and I was afraid that it would not pass.. In fact, the introduction of new technologies is very necessary for the country … It was a certain provocation. I wanted to demonstrate my protest against the hysteria that is deployed in this matter.. Because, in fact, “button-pressing” is a shameful phenomenon, but this is not the biggest problem of the parliament.

Corruption allegations

Tatyana Chernovol on behalf of and. about. President of Ukraine Oleksandra Turchynova met with the odious activist Oleksandr Muzychko (Sashko Bilym) two weeks before his assassination, and recommended that he disappear from the country for several months, offering him 20,000. dollars. According to the coordinator of the “Right Sector” in the Rivne region Roman Koval, Turchynov and Arsen Avakov wanted to get rid of Muzychko, while maintaining the appearance of democracy in front of Europe. Later, Chornovol confirmed the fact of the negotiations, promising never to conduct them confidentially: In May 2016, volunteers involved in reforming the procurement sector of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accused Tatiana Chernovol and Ivan Vinnik (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) of lobbying for the supply of 20,000. field uniform sets at a reduced price. At the same time, the form was defective and flammable due to the peculiarities of its synthetic composition.

Gordon wants to sue Chernovol, who called him a Russian agent

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon threatened to sue ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Tatyana Chernovol. The skirmish between them took place on the air of the talk show “Right to Power” on the channel “1 + 1” on the evening of May 13. Chornovol and Gordon discussed the events after the 2014 coup, in particular, the battles for Mariupol and the role of the head of the Opposition Platform for Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, and the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in this.

“Are you saying that I am a Russian agent? Or what do you want to say? Say it out loud,” demanded Gordon. After an affirmative answer, Chernovol, the journalist said that he would sue her for slander.

Chornovil eats ice cream in the Rada without looking up from work

Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Popular Front party Tatyana Chernovol was filmed eating ice cream right in the parliament hall during a plenary session.

Scandalous art exhibition

The people's deputy decided to celebrate her thirty-ninth birthday with an exhibition of her own paintings. According to her, she began to draw them on the day she learned about the death of her husband.

The exhibition lasted one day. But many visitors were outraged by the paintings dedicated to the events on the Maidan. On them, the main characters of the revolution were not ordinary demonstrators, but Alexander Turchinov and Sergei Pashinsky.

Tatyana Chernovol told how she beat Vitaly Shabunin

Ukrainian journalist, public figure and politician Tatyana Chornovol told how she beat Vitaly Shabunin because he prevented her from “breaking Anton Yatsenko's schemes”. She wrote about this on her Facebook page. In her post, Chernovol described an interesting episode. In particular, she told how she beat Vitaly Shabunin. Interestingly, Shabunin did not mention this fact anywhere, that a woman punched him in the face, also accusing him of promoting corruption.

Rewarding with weapons

The resonance in society was caused by the awarding of Chernovol with a nominal weapon. In January 2017, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov presented the MP with a Fort-9 pistol.. Journalists and bloggers were outraged that a firearm was handed over to a person who was registered with a psychiatrist. This award took place a few weeks after Sergei Pashinsky, an associate (and according to a number of media sources, also a lover) Chernovol on the Popular Front, wounded a man from the same award weapon donated by Avakov.

The court allowed the State Bureau of Investigation to confiscate a certificate for premium weapons from Chernovol

Two premium weapons were confiscated from Tatyana Chernovol during searches. This was reported to Ukrainian News by the plaintiff's lawyer Maria Shvets. The lawyer said that a foreign citizen is demanding payment of 0.5 million hryvnia for moral damage from 2 people's deputies and a well-known online publication. Averbukh demands to recognize as unreliable and such that humiliates his honor, dignity and business reputation the information disseminated by the people's deputies of Ukraine Chornovol Tatyana Nikolaevna, Vinnik Ivan Yulievich and the public organization “Free Information Agency”. “The case has number 757/56596/17-ts, Vyacheslav Pidpaly has been appointed judge,” the lawyer said. Shvets also announced the demand of her client to recover 500 thousand in solidarity with Chernovol Tatyana Nikolaevna, Vinnik Ivan Yulievich and the public organization “Free Information Agency” in favor of Averbukh Vadim (Averbuch Vadim) 500 thousand. hryvnia of moral damage. According to the lawyer, the defendants knowingly falsely report that the plaintiff has a different name, Gordon Zeevi, which in itself is an accusation of certain fraud, since respectable citizens usually do not change their first and last names. In addition, the deputies accuse the Israeli citizen of corrupt ties with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which allegedly will allow him to conclude a government contract on a defense order that is beneficial exclusively for his trustee Elbit Systems ltd, as well as using personal connections to discredit the main competitor of the Israeli Elbit Systems ltd in this defense order – the Turkish company ASELSAN A.Ş.

Ivanyushchenko's lawyer accused Chornovil of putting pressure on the court

People's Deputy Tatyana Chornovol is trying to put pressure on the court. Yevhen Glazkov, lawyer for Yuriy Ivanyushchenko, commented on the statements of Tatiana Chornovol in this way, according to Ukrainian media. Tatyana Chornovol is systematically discrediting Yuri Ivanyushchenko. Does she do it of her own free will or in someone's interests – we do not know. But Tatyana's tactics are simple – the accusations are louder, but there is zero evidence.. Therefore, we are left with only one option – to defend our point of view in court.. We do not have any financial claims (against Tatyana Chornovol), we are not going to file lawsuits in the millions, although we could. Our goal is to obtain confirmation of the falsity of her statements,” the lawyer said.

Klitschko came to Chernovol, who was placed under house arrest

So, it became known that on Tuesday, April 21, Vitali Klitschko visited Tatyana Chornovol. Now the former deputy has been under house arrest since April 16 by the decision of the Pechersky District Court, and she is also required to wear an electronic bracelet. One of the Maidan leaders Vitali Klitschko came to support the “prisoner”. Thank you, Vitaliy, for the warm evening, the feeling of the Maidan brotherhood and for the good work as mayor of Kyiv,” she wrote.

Chernovol with Dobkin remembered “youth” live – “I stole hats and slept with Yanukovych”

Ex-deputy and journalist Tatyana Chernovol staged a verbal battle with the odious Ukrainian politician Mikhail Dobkin live on the Nash TV channel. During the dispute, the ex-people's deputy admitted that after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, she slept in the bed of Viktor Yanukovych, who was deprived of the title of president of Ukraine.

In addition, Chornovil even stole a piece of clothing, the theft of which is attributed to Yanukovych in his youth. “Hat with sewn gold letters “President of Ukraine”. I have it, I’ll tell the truth,” says the woman.

Poroshenko is ready for a coalition with the Opposition Bloc and the Oppo-Bloc – Chornovil blurted out all the party secrets

She stated this in an interview with Channel 4. When asked by the presenter about why she defected from the Popular Front party to Poroshenko, Chernovol answers very vaguely. Then the most controversial conversation took place, because Chornovol was asked with whom in the future parliament Poroshenko's party “European Solidarity” is ready to cooperate and join the coalition, to which the odious people's deputy replied: “Vakarchuk says the right things. Of course, then we are obliged to go to a coalition with him.. Even if the Opposition Bloc or For Life start declaring and demonstrating the right things, even with them it is possible.”

The State Bureau of Investigation announced the suspicion to the ex-people's deputy for obstructing the work of a journalist

The name of the people's deputy in the State Bureau of Investigation is not called. However, according to Interfax-Ukraine, we are talking about the deputy of the VIII convocation of the Popular Front faction Tatyana Chornovol. The conflict happened at a meeting of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal, which considered the issue of a measure of restraint for the ex-people's deputy from the same “People's Front” Sergei Pashinsky. If Chernovol's guilt is proved, she can be fined up to 50 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. Also, the ex-people's deputy may face arrest for up to 6 months or restriction of freedom for up to 3 years.

Chernovol failed her promise to go to the Rada in a T-shirt with the inscription “Lyashko sold out to Firtash”

People's Deputy of Ukraine Tatyana Chornovol promised to go to meetings of the Verkhovna Rada in a T-shirt with the inscription “Lyashko sold out to Firtash” until the bill No. consumers of natural gas). She made such a promise on March 2, 2018, recalls Word and Deed.

The Rada wants to limit freedom of speech: what was written in the bill No. 9275

“According to the current legislation, sanctions are applied to those citizens who carry out terrorist activities.. And in the new bill, one of the manifestations of terrorism is “information support for terrorist organizations or illegal armed groups”, that is, the creation or dissemination of information that supports, promotes, popularizes, and positively covers them.. Yes, the public condemns any manifestations of terrorism, but is alarmed that such changes in the law will create conditions for political censorship and pressure on the media during the electoral process,” the statement says. According to public activists, the document does not contain a procedure and clear criteria for assessing which media may be subject to sanctions.. The proposed definition of “information support” for terrorism is open to arbitrary interpretation, in which any mention of illegal groups in the media can be considered their promotion and equate to terrorist activities.. Document No. 6688 was initiated by Ivan Vinnik, Dmitry Tymchuk and Tatyana Chornovol.

Lack of literacy

A linguist by education, Tatyana writes rather illiterately, she herself admits this and chuckles. In another interview, she told how she learned about the Oktyabrsky port in the Nikolaev region, through which, according to her informants, all weapons from the Soviet Union, and later – Ukraine and Russia, went abroad. “I went there, climbed over the fence. Of course I got arrested. They ask, I answer that I am a journalist, I study this topic. The guards are shocked – they see a journalist on their territory for the first time. Call the SBU. I write some explanation. The SBU officer reads and says: “So you made mistakes here! What kind of journalist are you? ». I answer: “We have a literary editor who monitors literacy,” Chernovol shares his warm memories. And she also sat for more than six hours on the windowsill in the city council building at a height of 4-5 meters from the floor. There she climbed from the roof. Then Chernovol said that she would not leave the window sill until August 19, 2013, before the start of the session of the City Council. She could not explain the meaning of her sitting on the window.

Smashed the hatch on the roof of the SBU minibus

Most of all, Chernovol likes to break into other people's cars. On November 5, during an opposition rally, the country heard about her again. This time, Tatyana broke the hatch on the roof of the SBU minibus and climbed inside through it.. But the SBU officers treated the “activist” with understanding. Why she broke into the special vehicle could not explain. And in October of this year, the “activist” was bursting with happiness about her being in a paddy wagon in connection with another brawl near the city council, in which she took an active part. “That's great! I am so happy. I was inside and watched the whole process, ”Tatyana told reporters, choking with delight.

Kachura turned to neurologists about Tatyana Chernovol

People's Deputy Oleksandr Kachura filed an appeal with the Kyiv Psychoneurological Hospital No. 3 about the state of health of ex-deputy Tatyana Chernovol. This was reported in Kachura's Telegram channel.. Earlier, Kachura allowed filing a lawsuit against Chernovol, who called him “Medvedchuk's Mr….” and “the father of the Shariy Party.”

Ex-People's Deputy Chernovol climbed into the SBI through barbed wire

Tatyana Chernovol entered the State Bureau of Investigation on January 28 for a briefing held by the newly appointed first deputy head of the department Alexander Babikov. A video from a surveillance camera appeared on the network, where a 40-year-old ex-people's deputy from the “People's Front” very deftly sneaks into the protected area of the State Bureau of Investigation. The girl took a blanket with her in advance, covered the barbed wire with it, climbed over it and jumped off the two-meter fence.

“Tatiana Chernovol – James Bond (Ukrainian version). Out-of-the-box thinking, creative approach to problem solving, asymmetric and intelligent responses – this is what sets many Ukrainian politicians apart.. Tatyana Chernovol entered the protected area of the State Bureau of Investigation, broke into a briefing and threw a smartphone at the director. When trying to take her out of the hall, she resisted law enforcement agencies,” the entry was signed. Tatyana Chernovol declared apartments, houses, cars and money for 2016 – 380.3 thousand. UAH. income and the purchase of an apartment in Kyiv. An apartment of 90 sq. m in the capital, the deputy purchased for 854.1 thousand UAH. In Chornovil's income – UAH 152.3 thousand. amounted to wages, 169.8 thousand UAH. – ensuring parliamentary activities, and 58 thousand UAH. – pension. 10.5 thousand. the deputy placed euros on the account in Fortuna-Bank, which is in the process of liquidation. Tatyana Chernovol owns a land plot of 1,513 sq.. m. in Sudak (Russian-annexed Crimea). She also owns 2 Mitsubishi Lancer 2014 and Chevrolet Aveo 2005. Lives in a house with a swimming pool, a small garden, lives with his parents.


We see a typical case of inadequacy in VR. There is even a certain resemblance to the “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezugly. Chernovol also cannot say anything smart, and is dishonored every time. But in addition to incompetence and stupidity, Tatyana Chernovol does not control her actions and clearly suffers from hyperactivity and a desire to take part in violent actions.

Личные данные

Chernovol Nikolai Berezovoy, who volunteered for the Azov Battalion, died on August 10, 2014 during an anti-terrorist operation. From the marriage, there is a daughter Ivanna (born 2003) and a son Ustim (born 2010).
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