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Chernovetsky Stepan Leonidovich


Stepan Chernovetsky is not much different from his father Leonid. He illegally received money in Spain, for which he was caught, and also gradually plundered Kyiv real estate along with his father's "Young Team". Schemes with Ukrbud, illegal construction of a shopping center with Denis Bass, and other dark deeds. As a result, Stepan's financial condition has clearly improved, and the fleet has replenished.

Ukraine, possibly Spain and Georgia
Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Spain
October 28, 1978
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Chernovetsky Stepan Leonidovich

Official biography Place of birth. Education. Born in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. In 2003 he graduated in absentia from the Faculty of Law of the Kyiv National University named after. Shevchenko (qualification – specialist in law).


He began his career in 1996 as a manager of the customer service department at JSCB Pravex-Bank. He headed a number of departments of the bank (including the head of the main department of the branch network, was responsible for management, staff training, analysis of economic results and personnel issues), was a senior vice president. In May 2006, he headed the Supervisory Board of Pravex-Bank. In July 2008, the Italian group Intesa Sanpaolo completed the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of JSCB Pravex-Bank. On September 5, 2008, the meeting of shareholders of Pravex-Bank decided to resign the powers of the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the bank Chernovetskiy. Silvio Pedrazzi, an Italian citizen, who served as First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, General Director of Intesa Sanpaolo SPA Bank (Belgrade), was elected to this position. In 2008-2009. – Deputy of the Kyiv City Council, member of the faction Bloc of Leonid Chernovetsky. Was a member of the commission on budget and socio-economic development. Resigned ahead of schedule. He himself did not comment on his decision in any way, but those close to Chernovetsky Jr. among the reasons for such an act called him fatigue from constant accusations, a desire to leave politics and go into business. After leaving the city council, he began organizing boxing tournaments. The promotion company of Chernovetsky Elite-boxing planned to cooperate with K2 East Promotions, which was left by the politician and famous boxer Vitali Klitschko. In December 2015, the ex-mayor of Kyiv, Leonid Chernovetsky, announced his intention to transfer business management to his son Stepan Chernovetsky in order to devote himself entirely to politics and take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia. Chernovetsky Jr. is leaving the investment company Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) – the company focuses on investments in IT projects in e-commerce, infrastructure, healthcare, and the agricultural sector. A family. Stepan Chernovetsky is married and has five children.. Father – Leonid Chernovetsky, ex-mayor of Kyiv, former main shareholder of Pravex-Bank. Mother – Alina Aivazova, entrepreneur. Has a sister Christina (born 1979). Hobby. He is fond of sports (football, running, boxing), gaming, sports cars.

What companies does the son of Leonid Chernovetsky own?

According to the popular resource OpenData, Stepan Chernovitsky is the owner of 19 companies. But the Clarity Project resource shows us 44 organizations where Stepan is listed as the founder and/or beneficiary.

 Not official biography

The son of Chernovetsky and his accomplices laundered about 10 million euros The son of the former mayor of Kiev Stepan Chernovetsky and other detainees on Tuesday in Spain laundered about 10 million euros. It is reported by El Pais, citing law enforcement sources. According to the publication, Chernovetsky and his accomplices bought companies in Spain in order to launder funds located in other countries, mainly in Cyprus and the Virgin Islands.. These funds were then invested in real estate in Spain. It is worth noting that, according to the publication, Chernovetsky's son was detained not in Barcelona, but in the elite resort town of S'Agaro on the Costa Brava.

Earlier, another Spanish media outlet, El Mundo, reported that Chernovetskiy was detained in a restaurant in Barcelona. At the same time, the publication cited a video and a photo, which, among others, depicts Chernovetsky.
In addition, according to the media, the criminal organization consisted of people “mainly of Ukrainian origin.”

 “Global trend”

Also, “Global Trend” is associated with criminal cases.

“Adventures” with “Ukrbud”

At the end of 2019, a very frank interview was published on the Delo website with the new shareholder of Ukrbud, Dmitry Fedotenkov, who told what the company’s investors spent money on, and, as a result, the largest construction company in Kyiv was on the verge of collapse, as well as how this situation is related to the presidential elections. Fedotenkov told the details of the redistribution scheme in Ukrbud, as well as the entire construction market of the capital in favor of companies close to the President's Office. By the way, the initiator of the very scheme is Sergey Kucher, the former head of the capital's State Architectural and Construction Committee. This Kucher, according to Fedotenkov, is a ward of the first deputy head of the Zelensky Office, Sergei Trofimov, and he was promoted to the position of president of Ukrbud, but it did not work out. According to the scheme, 40% of the company went to Kucher, 20% to structures close to Zelensky and 40% to the investor, who at that time was supposed to be Stepan Chernovetsky.

The son of Chernovetsky sells houses in Barcelona

The son of ex-mayor Leonid Chernovetsky Stepan sells real estate in Barcelona, Spain. As Vesti found out, he cooperates with former employees of Pravex-Bank, and is looking for a Russian-speaking resident of Spain as an assistant. The website of the official bulletin of the Spanish commercial registry lists Cherd Investment, whose founders are Stepan Chernovetskiy. The capital of the enterprise is 203 thousand. euro, and their main activity is the purchase, sale, management and operation of all types of real estate. The company's office is located in the elite area of Barcelona, on Estivi Terradas Street, a square meter of housing here costs 3200 euros. By the way, the company is now looking for a Russian-speaking assistant, they promise a salary of 1 thousand. euro is the usual salary for such work in Barcelona. “Assistant with knowledge of Russian, an EU citizen, a Spanish citizen or an immigrant with the right to work,” reads the ad. We sent our resume there, however, we have not yet received a response. Stepan Chernovetsky's company is also associated with Arm and Step (in the same register they are listed as joint ventures), which appeared only in March of this year.. This company is also engaged in real estate, former managers of Pravex-bank work in it, for example, Roman Valesyuk, former deputy chairman of the board. We got through to him, however, when he heard a question about Stepan Chernovetsky, he replied: “Sorry, but I have no right to tell you anything and comment on it.”

How Chernovetsky and his family live

As Vesti found out, Stepan still has a boxing club in Kyiv. Although, according to acquaintances, he has not appeared here lately. In October 2015, he was in the news as the promoter of the official contender for the WBC world title, Viktor Postol.. And the same Roman Valesyuk is indicated as the general manager of the club. On the website of the boxing club yesterday after lunch, the information with the phone numbers of the managers disappeared, and no one picks up the phone. “Styopa has always been passionate about working with this club, but after moving to Barcelona, he practically retired. He rented it out, although the club is still his.. Stepan himself is in Kyiv very rarely – he comes on business related to the property that is in Kyiv, ”the source told us. According to him, Stepan's mother, ex-mayor Alina Aivazova's ex-wife, who lived in the US for several years after the divorce, is already in Europe.. “She lives either in Barcelona, where her son with his wife and four children, or in Moscow with her daughter Christina. It also happens in Kyiv, however, her visits take place without much fanfare, ”a source close to Chernovetsky told us. Chernovetsky's daughter Kristina carefully hides her life. It is known that with her husband, the son of a former National Bank official Sergei Yanchukov, they live in Moscow and raise four children, three of whom Christina has from her first marriage. Russian media write that Yanchukov's career went up inexpressibly after marrying Chernovetsky's daughter. Now he heads the Mangazeya company, which is engaged in gold mining.. And in February of this year, the businessman had problems in the Russian Federation, he was accused of tax evasion. But now this scandal has been hushed up. Christina is also mentioned in one of the charity scandals.. She and her husband volunteered to be sponsors of one of the Orthodox boarding schools in the Moscow region. But they promised to provide assistance in exchange for the fact that all employees of the institution would pass a polygraph.. Teachers wrote complaints to Patriarch Kirill, and after that the most active of them had to quit.

“Memorandums” and “conceptual agreements”

In June 2020, Chernovetsky became a defendant in the investigation of the Bihus.Info project. People's Deputy Geo Leros handed over to journalists copies of documents that “could be on the computer of the office of the former associate of Chernovetsky's father, Denis Komarnitsky, where the security forces conducted searches in October 2019. Among the documents are “memorandums” and “conceptual agreements”. These are agreements between “respectable people” in relation to certain business cases. These agreements have no legal weight and are governed solely by the credibility of the parties, they are signed. “Concepts” related to the implementation of certain construction projects in Kyiv. In one of the documents – the draft of the concept, which was prepared in May 2018, it is about 230 hectares near the Pirogovo Museum in Kyiv, which are planned to be built up with residential complexes. Among the parties to the deal Andrey Ivanov is a business partner of a well-known businessman and developer Vasily Khmelnitsky, Chernovetsky and the former “gray eminence” of Kyiv, people's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Vadym Stolar. The “concept” was about the fact that Ivanov and Chernovetsky plan to build up this land, and Stolar should help in resolving issues with all instances: “Ensure the adoption by the Kyiv City Council of a detailed plan of the territory by the end of the year; Ensure the decision of the Kyiv City Council on permission to build high-rise buildings (not less than 9 floors) Ensure the issuance of urban planning conditions; Approve reduced rental rates for land “. For these services, Stolar was allegedly offered $15,000,000. It is interesting that the entourage of Chernovetsky Sr. tried to withdraw this land plot for construction back in 2007. Then the city council gave the land to a number of fictitious cooperatives, but the decision was appealed in the courts and the land was returned to the city. Six months after the appearance of the “concept” between Stolar, Chernovetsky and Ivanov, in December 2018, the Department of Urban Planning of the KSCA issued urban planning conditions – a document that gives rise to developments in Kyiv, on one of the sites within these 230 hectares. It was this section in the “concept” that was listed as the first in the output queue. Moreover, the height of the future construction indicated in Muo coincided with the “wish” in the “concept” – approximately 9 floors. Also, one of the “concepts” found by journalists says that Komarnitsky and co-founder of Stolitsa Group Vlada Molchanova allegedly agree on a joint purchase and future development of the territory of the Kommash plant in Kyiv. The territory of the plant is about 4 hectares near the city center. The draft of this document says that the parties finance the project 50/50, Molchanova, as a representative of the Stolitsa Group, is invited to become a general developer and even receive “leverage”. Later, in May 2018, a signed version of this “concept” appears. Molchanova remains there, but Komarnitsky is replaced by Stepan Chernovetsky. The authors of the investigation argue that a number of other documents from the archive may indicate that it was Chernovetsky who actively, but did not publicly invest heavily in various construction projects in the city.

Komarnitsky and Kucher are squeezing Obolonskaya land to rob people

Stepan Chernovetsky, in conjunction with the ex-head of the State Architectural Inspectorate Sergey Kucher and the Intersport company, have been trying for several years to deprive Kyiv of a unique building – the former Chaika sports and recreation complex. Now it is a fitness center “Aquarium”. In its place, they want to build a residential complex. Why did the land managers conclude an agreement with the main schemers, and took the land away from the property of the territorial community of Obolonsky district of Kyiv. Chernovetsky's son non-publicly invests in real estate in Kiev President of the investment company Chernovetskyi Investment Group and son of the former mayor of Kiev Stepan Chernovetsky actively, but not publicly, invests in the primary real estate market of the capital of Ukraine. This is stated in the article on Economic Truth. In particular, Chernovetsky owns a land plot on Vynohradar near the future Mostytska metro station, where the Dibrova Park residential complex is being built.. The project developer is IB Alliance. Chernovetskiy also actively cooperated with KAN Development. In addition to financing the construction of the Comfort Town residential complex, as previously described by the owner of KAN Igor Nikonov, the son of the former mayor invested in the construction of two more residential complexes KAN Development – Tetris Hall and Central Park, but not independently, but with the help of “professional asset managers.” Stepan Chernovetsky's receptionist informed the EP that he personally does not invest in real estate.

Chernovetsky's son buys NTV-Mir in Ukraine

Kyiv “Batkivshchyna” was completely captured by the mafia watcher Denis Komarnitsky: party members are fleeing the organization

The head of the Obolon branch of the Batkivshchyna party, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, Olga Veremeenko, wrote a statement about her withdrawal from the party. She claims that the decision was forced, as the Kyiv party organization was finally taken under control by the construction lobby of the capital. Open sources say that now this party cell is controlled by Denis Komarnitsky, who is looking after Kyiv, and Stepan Chernovetsky, the son of the ex-mayor of the capital. Olga Veremeenko published her statement about leaving the party and noted that she had been a member of the Batkivshchyna party for almost 20 years, and for her the decision to leave was forced.

“Bass, Chernovetsky, Komarnitsky”: the journalist named the owners of the building, which chopped off half of the road in Kyiv

Let's continue the theme of the scandalous construction right on the capital's Kurbas Avenue, which brazenly occupied 1 of 3 rows of the roadway. Denis Bass is considered the majority owner of the April shopping center, which is being built over the high-speed tram stop. In the past, he was the first deputy head of the board of Pravex-Bank. A close friend of Stepan Chernovetsky, who first saved him from drug addiction, and then from a term in Spain. You can extend the logical series yourself: Bass, Chernovetsky, Komarnitsky. Fight in “Ibiza” In 2006, a scandal erupted in the press: allegedly on the night of July 1-2, the son of the mayor of Kiev, Leonid Chernovetsky, Stepan, with a company of friends and bodyguards, started a fight with the guards of “Ibiza”. Some media, referring to eyewitnesses, reported that Chernovetsky's company, in response to the guard's remark about bad behavior, beat her and even shot at the ceiling. Later it turned out that there was no evidence of the incident, and Stepan Chernovetsky sued compensation for moral damage from many media outlets that wrote about the scandal.

The son of the fugitive ex-mayor of Chernovetsky earns money on food delivery during quarantine

On the eve of the introduction of quarantine, when the prospect of mass isolation and self-isolation of citizens “smelled” of the prospect of mass isolation and self-isolation of citizens, Leonid Chernovetsky’s Chernovetskyi Investment Group, which is managed by his son Stepan, invested heavily in the largest service for the delivery of products and goods from supermarkets. If earlier they were co-owners of, giving $ 2.5 million for promotion in 2014, then in early March they actually bought the service entirely for $ 5 million. Costs will be beaten off quickly, because with the tightening of quarantine, the turnover of has increased several times. Chernovetsky also has a share in the restaurant food delivery service, along with Armenians from Yerevan (Vagan Kerobyan's company), but the volumes there are not comparable with Prior to this, Chernovetsky Jr. invested in the KAN Development projects of Igor Nikonov, who is close to the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko. Nikonov built Comfort Town on the land of the Chernovetsky Residential Complex (the territory of the former Vulkan plant) and owned the 101 Tower business center according to the same scheme: the land – Chernovetsky, the building – his. But before the introduction of quarantine, Igor Nikonov and Stepan Chernovetsky reached an agreement with Tomasz Fiala to sell the firm that owns the skyscraper to Dragon Capital, the main partner of George Soros in Ukraine. Soros gave Fiala $200 million to buy assets this year. They spent a third on buying (h) the Polish “Idea Bank” from Leszek Czarniecki – a man from the Soros cage, a Polish billionaire, a former sponsor of Solidarity, a friend of Walesa, Kwasniewski and Komorowski. And the remaining money is for the purchase of 101 Tower from Chernovetsky and Nikonov. At the end of the deal, Chernovetsky Sr. will have an extensive resource for “investing” in the closure of criminal cases against him, and then he will finally be able to come home.

The list of candidates of the “Servant of the People” to the Kyiv City Council is formed from the people of Klitschko and Chernovetsky

The list of “Servants of the People”, with which the party will go to the elections of the Kyiv City Council, is formed by Stepan Chernovetsky (son of the former mayor of the capital) and Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko. The connecting link in this process is the former co-chairman of the Leonid Chernovetsky Bloc faction, Denis Komarnitsky, who works in the Kiev headquarters of the Servant of the People at the invitation of Svyatoshinsky's majoritarian Mykola Tishchenko. KV became aware of this from a message in the Telegram channel “The Dark Knight”, which is associated with the people’s deputies-majoritarians from the “Servant of the People” Alexander Dubinsky (94th district, Vasilkov, Obukhov and the corresponding districts of the Kiev region) and Maxim Buzhansky (25th district, Dnipro) . “Determined by the curator of the capital (at the local elections to be held on October 25 of this year, – KV), Nikolay Tishchenko (219 district, Svyatoshino, – KV) hired Denis Komarnitsky (former co-chairman of the Leonid Chernovetsky Bloc faction in the Kyiv City Council) to work in the headquarters ,- KV), who sits in the same office with (the son of the former mayor of Kyiv, – KV) Stepan Chernovetsky in the “IQ Business Center”. Chernivtsi are the main sponsor of the election campaign of Tishchenko in Kyiv and for this they put half of their people on the list, ”the TG channel reported.

Mikitas, Kucher and Chernovetsky Jr. signed an informal memorandum on the development of Pechersk.

Scandalous real estate developer Maksim Mikitas, corrupt official Serhiy Kucher and the son of the notorious mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky Stepan signed the so-called “concept” – an unofficial memorandum on the construction of a residential complex in Pechersk. The corresponding document was handed over to the editors by a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Chernovetsky Jr. was seen in Monaco at the birthday party of Vadim Stolar

Leonid Chernovetsky: my son was extorted money for the absence of 1 + 1 stories about him

The ex-mayor said that he was outraged by the 1 + 1 report regarding the mafia activities of his son Stepan Chernovetsky. “I declare with full responsibility that before showing the previous report, Kolomoisky's henchman, Tkachenko, extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from my son through a figurehead in order not to continue to show information disgracing my son on his TV channel.. The same, most likely, Kolomoisky does with Yanukovych and his henchmen! You will not see gang members on his TV channel. They most likely paid tens of millions of dollars to no longer appear in revealing reports on Ukraine's leading TV channel! Except, of course, for those who don’t pay… And most of the well-known media oligarchs extorted money from me, except, perhaps, Channel 5, and one or two more!” Chernovetsky wrote. to the court: “Of course, I will file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the scoundrels, but I understand with regret that nothing will change in the country!”

Journalists published a list of wealth owned by the son of the ex-mayor of Kyiv, Stepan Chernovetsky.

The publication emphasized that on the eve of the arrest, the son of the ex-mayor of Kyiv spent the night in the five-star Villa Magna hotel in the center of Madrid.. The cost of a room in this hotel is about 1500 euros per day. In addition, he flew from Kyiv on a private plane. The media added that Stepan later returned to Kyiv in a Porsche Spyder car worth 850,000 euros.. It is noted that his promotional company Elite Boxing Promotion is located in the capital of Ukraine. In addition, Spanish journalists claim that Stepan Chernovetsky rented a mansion in Geron near Barcelona, where he was detained by law enforcement officers.. The cost of rent for two summer months is 174 thousand euros. Eight servants and four bodyguards worked in this estate. According to media reports, the son of the former mayor of Kyiv owns 24 cars, including Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche.. Jewelry worth 1 million euros and 13 bags of branded items were also found in his wife's house.. Law enforcement officers found 32 pairs of exclusive watches in the house of Stepan Chernovetsky, five of which cost 1.5 million euros. Among the contenders for the hotel “Dnipro” was Stepan Chernovetsky Among the contenders for the capital's hotel “Dnipro” were representatives of the business establishment, in particular, among the participants in the auction were Stepan Chernovetsky, Tomas Fiala, Vadim Novinsky, Sergey Tigipko and others. Economic Truth writes about it. “The auction brought together many representatives of the business establishment. Many of them were ready to pay UAH 250-400 million for a hotel. Almost none of them raised their initial rates and were not ready to significantly raise rates. Among these participants were Stepan Chernovetsky, the son of the former mayor of Kyiv, Leonid Chernovetsky, the founder of the investment company Chernovetskyi Investment Group, one of the investors in the Kyiv Residential Complex “Comfort Town,” the material says. “The auction was visited by Vadim Stolar, a deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life faction and a scandalous developer, who during the years of Petro Poroshenko’s presidency was called the “grey eminence” of Kyiv.

Stepan Chernovetsky hid the cost of Porsche from the traffic police

Not so long ago, the son of Leonid Chernovetsky replenished the family car fleet with a new copy – Stepan Chernovetsky purchased a Porsche Carrera GT worth about $ 500 thousand. Given that the cost of the Chernovetsky family garage is steadily approaching $10,000,000, there is nothing surprising in such a purchase.. But it turned out that not everything is so simple: Stepan Chernovetsky cleared his Porsche Carrera GT as a cheaper Carrera S – this is exactly what was written in the technical inspection ticket. Porsche Carrera S can be bought for $100,000, but Carrera GT is clearly not found for less than half a million dollars. It only says that the son of the mayor of Kyiv did everything possible to pay less taxes. In the course of a journalistic investigation, it turned out that the registration certificate says that this car is really registered to Chernovetsky's son and really, like Carrera S, not Carrera GT. But the most important thing is that we managed to get a customs declaration, which shows all the money paid by Stepan for the car: Customs duties – 10%, which in terms of hryvnia amounted to UAH 143,820. VAT – 20%, which equals UAH 357,307.99. 3 euros for each cubic centimeter of the engine – UAH 204,519.95. Total: UAH 706,000

The son of Chernovetsky, being married, courted Nastya Kamensky

The son of the Kyiv mayor Stepan Chernovetsky courted Nastya Kamensky. This was told by the singer Katya Osadchaya herself at the fifth annual awards ceremony for the winners of the nomination “Viva! The most beautiful people of Ukraine”. “Well, Stepan Chernovetsky took care of everyone,” the singer shared. It probably won't be a secret anymore.. Kamensky explained her refusal to courtship by the fact that Stepan was small in stature. “And I love tall men,” she said categorically.. According to the artist, Chernovetsky Jr. gave her a bottle of champagne. “I think it's absolutely not original,” the girl remarked. “It would be possible to invent something already.”


As they say “an apple from an apple tree …”. Stepan Chernovetsky, skillfully launders money through real estate – he learned from his father. But unfortunately, he did not suffer due punishment for this, and now Kyiv, and Barcelona, have suffered at the hands of Chernovetsky Jr.

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Chernovetsky Leonid Mikhailovich - father, ex-mayor of Kyiv, mother - Alina Aivazova, sister - Kristina, wife of a Russian businessman, has a wife and four children.
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