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Butkevich Gennady Vladislavovich


An oligarch is an oligarch. And as we know, in our country the oligarchs are odious, deceitful and, thanks to this, rich people. Butkevich fits that description exactly. Here you can add more separatism, and disrespect for the Ukrainian people. In general, the ATB supermarket chain speaks for itself and clearly shows disrespect for ordinary people. Delay, rude security guards and consultants, dangerous products that do not comply with GOST. The list can be continued, but this just proves the fact that the main thing for Butkevich is money, and what happens to people is completely unimportant. Also, one should not forget the disregard for the extraction and alkalization of uranium ores, which Gennady Vladislavovich wants to deal with, because after his careless activities, people can suffer from radioactive contamination. Well, what about him?

Ukraine Russia
May 27, 1958
Уровень охвата:

Butkevich Gennady Vladislavovich

Official biography

Born May 27, 1958 in Dnepropetrovsk. Education: Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute, Dnepropetrovsk National University named after O. Potter.


Former policeman, worked in the OBKhSS (department for combating theft of socialist property). In 1991, he headed the organized crime department in Dnepropetrovsk. He started his business with a small cafe. In 1993, he became a co-owner of the Agrotechbusiness trading company, where he got after the departure of the ex-banker, the mayor of Dneprodzerzhinsk, Yaroslav Korchevsky, from the company. In 1995-1997, he headed the security service at the United Energy Systems of Ukraine company.. With the money he earned from Tymoshenko, he built a meat processing plant. In 1998, Butkevich and his partners registered the ATB Market company (an abbreviation for Agrotechbusiness). The co-owners of ATB in equal shares are still Gennady Butkevich, Evgeny Ermakov and Viktor Karachun.

A family

Wife: Valentina Fedorovna Butkevich (maiden name Vlasova). Born January 9, 1958. He is the founder of the Kyiv equestrian club Equides (EDRPOU code 40501407) in the village of Lesniki, Kyiv region. Daughter: Anna Butkevich. She was born on February 27, 1985. Model, radio presenter. In 2015, she starred in the video “That's All She” by singer Sergey Lazarev and the clip Your style by Kazaky. In the same year, she became the face of the ANDRE TAN brand, and in 2016, the jewelry house The House of Moussaieff. Daughter: Daria Butkevich. Born October 09, 2000. A student, in social networks, indicated that she works in the Kiev equestrian club Equides. Former son-in-law: Sergey Viktorovich Rybalka, businessman, founder of the Snack-Export company (S.Group corporation, Kozatska Slava, Semki, Macho trademarks) and ex-people's deputy from Lyashko's Radical Party. In 2006 he married Anna Butkevich. In March 2013, family relations ended. There is a common daughter Roksolana.

NOT official biography

One of the loudest scandals is the conflict with former son-in-law Sergey Rybalko. According to Butkevich, he left for another woman. After that, Rybalka complained to reporters that he was not allowed to see his daughter and participate in her upbringing.. Family disassembly resulted in a business conflict that began in 2013 and continues to this day. Companies associated with Rybalka and Butkevich are suing each other. S.Group Corporation was suspected of evading payment of UAH 145 million. taxes, as well as an attempt to fraudulently take possession of the funds of the ATB-Market company for UAH 110 million. And ATB was accused of sponsoring terrorism. In 2015, the people's deputy registered in the Rada a bill on the nationalization of ATB, allegedly due to trade in the occupied territories. In 2016, in Kyiv, unknown people made a strange attempt on Rybalka – they threw weights into his car. The people’s deputy himself wrote on social networks that he connected the “assassination attempt” with his former father-in-law. Gennady Butkevich appealed to the court, Rybalka and the media, which reprinted this news, were obliged to refute the information about the involvement of the former father-in-law in the attack. Prior to this, Butkevich won a lawsuit against the Public People magazine, in which an interview with Rybalka was published, accusing the ex-father-in-law of “actively giving out bribes to the security forces, they began to plant drugs and weapons on us.” In May 2019, the Supreme Court ordered MP Vitaliy Kupriy to refute the accusations against Butkevich. People's Deputy wrote in social networks that the head of the SBU of the Sumy region flies in a businessman's helicopter. And one such flight costs $ 5 thousand. Kupriy also accused the businessman of doing business in the occupied territories and paying millions in taxes to the aggressor country.

Deputy Kupriy filed a complaint with the police and the prosecutor's office about the crime of Butkevich from ATB

Deputy Kupriy accused the owner of ATB of driving the journalist to suicide. People's Deputy, Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Legislative Support for Law Enforcement Vitaliy Kupriy wrote to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office and the National Police of Ukraine a statement about the commission of a criminal offense by the owner of the ATB network, Gennady Butkevich. This became known from a statement, the text of which is available to the editors. The deputy said that the editor of the independent public television Conflict TV, Artyom Rudenko, approached him and said that Butkevich “has been exerting groundless pressure on him and his relatives for a long time.” In particular, according to Rudenko, criminal prosecution has been carried out against him for four years, while the case was closed three times due to the lack of corpus delicti.. In addition, his friends are threatened, in particular, one of the journalists was damaged in the car. According to Rudenko, his lawyer's house was burned down. It is difficult for the editor himself to get a job, as employers begin to have problems, and his mother fell ill due to constant stress. People’s Deputy Kupriy also notes in his statement that ex-GPU investigator Dmitry Sus in an interview directly pointed out the ordered nature of the persecution by Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko and his subordinates of Butkevich’s ex-son-in-law, People’s Deputy Sergei Rybalka. The owners of the ATB supermarket chain are taking gas fields from businessman Pavel Fuks in favor of the entourage of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. This is reported by “Nashi Groshi”.

Oligarch Butkevich (ATB) paid $400,000. for closing the case against her daughter?

The prosecutor's office may close the criminal case against the daughter of the co-owner of the ATB supermarket chain Gennady Butkevich and the ex-wife of the People's Deputy Sergei Rybalka – Anna Rybalka. The criminal case concerned the failure to comply with a court decision regarding the participation of the father in the upbringing of their joint child.. Prosecutors allegedly received the corresponding order to close the case from the Prosecutor General's Office, a source in the department said. According to the source, $400,000 has already been paid for the closure of this case. Earlier it was reported that last time the same criminal proceedings on the fact of non-execution of a court decision, which was started on December 8, 2014, were closed for $300,000.. in February 2015. Thus, the services of corrupt law enforcement officers have risen in price by 30%, golos.ua writes.

ATB supplied dangerous cookies

In Ukraine, 3-monochloro-1,2-propanediol (3-MCPD) palm oil (a substance that does not meet food safety standards) was added to cookies supplied to ATB-Market and Forward-KD.. Products must be removed within two days. This is stated in the message of the State Consumer Service of Kyiv on the official Facebook page.

Arrest “for good”

In order to prevent the loss of property in the Crimea, back in 2014, the ATB corporation decided to conduct a “judicial restructuring” of its assets. The main company filed a lawsuit (case No. 904/1990/14) against its Ukrainian subsidiaries in Crimea in the amount of about 400 million. UAH. (about $45 million. at the exchange rate at the beginning of 2014). To secure the claim, the court seized all the property of the “debtors”. Arrests from this property were lifted only in October 2016. In addition, a similar lawsuit was filed with the “Arbitration Court” of the “Republic of Crimea”, since the “twin” defendants successfully re-registered under the laws of the Russian Federation. In the “Russian” court, the case is being heard under No. A83-1704 / 2015. A judge in Crimea also seized this property. The same operation was carried out with vehicles that were stationed in the Crimea and carried goods to ATB stores. Thus, by the decision in case No. A83-3572 / 2015, the ownership of all transport, which before the occupation belonged to ATB-Invest LLC (which was a co-owner of V-TRUST LLC) and which, under contracts dated 03/01/2014. sold these cars to LLC “V-TRUST” – it was recognized precisely at LLC “V-TRUST” (registered under Russian law). The fact that despite the arrests, the real estate continues to be used in the interests of ATB is confirmed by the information according to which in 2016 LLC PUD received licenses for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, which indicate the addresses of the locations of licenses for real estate objects of the ATB Corporation , which are indicated in the aforementioned judgments. Thus, Butkevich, Karachun and Yermakov “insured themselves” against raider seizures and made it impossible to transfer assets to anyone. Which once again confirms their complete control over business in the Crimea. Falsification of Criminal Cases Instead of Law Enforcement Guardians of the law helped Gennady Butkevich, the owner of ATB, falsify criminal cases against his former son-in-law, People's Deputy Sergei Rybalka. Former GPU prosecutor Dmitry Sus, in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda and The Washington Times, told how ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Evdokimov came to the GPU from Gennady Butkevich and offered 30-50 thousand dollars for a skillfully fabricated case against Rybalka. Judging by the fact that information about new suspicions against the parliamentarian periodically appears in the media, Butkevich managed to make a deal with law enforcement officers.

And at the end of November, it became known that Gennady Butkevich sold to the structures of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia a share in his Crimean business – the Grocery U Doma chain of stores (former ATB). According to the results of 2015 alone, the Russian state budget received about $5 million in taxes from the activities of the network.. And now the Ukrainian oligarch has also become a business partner of the Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia and the former governor of the Krasnodar Territory, who was the first to make territorial claims to Ukraine – at one time he organized the construction of the ill-fated dam on Tuzla. The head of the Sumy SBU uses a businessman's helicopter. NABU launched an investigation The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, by decision of the Solomensky Court of April 4, 2018, will investigate the situation with the provision of a helicopter by the co-owner of the ATB trading network, Gennadiy Butkevich, to the head of the SBU department of the Sumy region, Vladislav Kosinsky. People's Deputy Vitaliy Kupriy told about this. Kupriy claims that Kosinsky began to use the Bell-407 helicopter with tail number UR-PTW, which belongs to Gennady Butkevich, co-owner of the ATB supermarket chain. According to him, in December 2017, for his own interests, Kosinsky made a flight from the Dnieper to Sumy on it, which, according to estimates, costs at least 5,000 US dollars.. In response to these statements, the Solomensky District Court of Kyiv ordered the NABU to open proceedings against Kosinsky and Butkevich.

Butkevich prepares for a big split

The founder of the ATB network wants to start leaching uranium ores in the Mykolaiv region. This carries the risk of radiation contamination of the territories. The other day, on the official website of the Register of Environmental Impact Assessment of the Ministry of Nature, a “Report on the planned activities of LLC Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine (AESU)” was published. It states that this infamous company, whose majority shareholder is Gennady Butkevich, a businessman from the Dnieper, plans to build an enterprise for the extraction of uranium ores at the site of the Safonovsky deposit, located in the Kazankovsky district of the Nikolaev region. “To implement the activity, it is planned to build mining and processing complexes, as well as engineering and transport infrastructure facilities,” the report says.

For whose money Artyom Vitko “sows” the district in the Poltava region

ATB, Kernel and BPP are the main donors of the “deputy-defender”. The history of contacts with its main sponsor began in February 2015. Vitko filed a deputy's request to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding that Gennady Butkevich, the owner of the ATB supermarket chain, be held accountable for financing terrorism and tax evasion. Artyom Vitko was one of the co-authors of the bill 2689, which proposed to nationalize the property of the entire network. Then he clearly worked for the interests of his ally in the faction Sergei Rybalka. This is the former son-in-law of Butkevich, whom the owner of the ATB entered into a mortal duel. After rumors, 500 thousand rubles are offered for the withdrawal of the signature under this project.. Dollars, Vitko suddenly made a dizzying somersault. He not only withdrew his signature, but also publicly apologized to Butkevich.

Allegations of links with the Russian Federation

2015-2016. companies controlled by ATB in Crimea paid about $11 million to the Russian budget. We are talking about a chain of PUD stores operating on the occupied peninsula after 2014.. Despite the so-called “sale” of PUD to the entourage of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev in the summer of 2017, ATB managers still work in its structures. Gennady Butkevich himself and his partners were accused of ties with Russia, money laundering and separatism. It was also noticed that Ukrainian symbols were sealed in some ATB stores and the flag was removed. Violation of building codes Kremenchug: The Department of State Architectural and Construction Control is checking the legality of the company's actions Last week in house No. 63/16 on. Pervomayskaya began work on the arrangement of the supermarket “ATB” in the annex on the ground floor – opposite the railway station. The situation was “sorted out” at a hardware meeting with the mayor on May 25. According to Vladimir Okun, head of the department for control over the state of improvement, it was noticed that work was being carried out at the site, building materials were being unloaded – a crane and a truck drove in. According to him, none of the working people wanted to say who hired them, who the owner was, but various sources confirmed that this was a trading network from the Dnieper Zaporozhye: In September 2017, the Ordzhonikidzevsky District Court of Zaporozhye arrested the land plot with the ATB store in the Khortitsky district. As the investigation found out, the land under the store in 2012 was transferred to the use of the religious community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for the construction of the temple. But instead of a temple, “ATB” grew up there. Vinnitsa: No less resonant scandal erupted recently in Vinnitsa. It turned out that structures controlled by ATB illegally, through the decision of the City Council, removed a land plot of 0.2 hectares from the property of the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital Pirogov. On the lands of Pirogovka, an ATB store was quickly built. The land has yet to be awarded. Litigation between Zhytomyr activists and ATB has been going on for more than three years. The subject of the dispute is a land plot in the city center. At the intersection of Teatralnaya and Kievskaya streets, activists wanted to build the Square of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. But cunning businessmen were able to negotiate with the local authorities and knock out this land for the construction of another ATB store. Kyiv: Real street wars break out periodically on Chernobylskaya Street, 4/56 in Kyiv due to ATB's land fraud. The trailers of “ATB” and the developer were repeatedly burned by local activists. “A piece of land right under the house was illegally allocated back in the early 2000s. Everything according to the standard corruption scheme: change of purpose, privatization and multiple repurchase. But no one dared to build. The owners of the ATB did not care about all the laws and the bulk, thanks to which here, on the territory, the Square of Heroes of the Newest Liberation War is being created! The owners repeatedly sent titushki guarding the fence and threatened,” said public activist Andrei Tarasenko.. “ATB” does not give up. Builders at a low start. The site has been cleared of age-old trees. “Referring to obviously bought documents, the developer is trying to start construction work for the fourth time,” Prokhor Antonenko, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, reported in April. Kherson: “Corner of Berislav highway and st.. Mira, active construction. The announcement says that they are building a covered parking lot,” according to Kherson Online, Andrey Tsivilsky from Kherson wrote about this on Facebook, who published a photo of the construction: “How long will we, the townsfolk, be treated as clowns? The whole district knows that this is an ATB being built.”

Non-payment of debts

The Ukrainian supermarket chain “ATB-Market” does not return a debt in the amount of more than five million hryvnias. This is stated in the register of court decisions. The case file says that a contract was concluded between ATB and Kamyanka Global Wine LLC for the supply of goods. However, “ATB” paid for the goods only partially and as a result owed almost 11 million hryvnia. Soon ATB paid part of the debt, but still owed more than five million hryvnias. Therefore, the company was sued to recover the debt. At the moment, the trial is ongoing. Recall that the owners of the ATB-Market supermarket chain do not return the debt to the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. The store owes the Fund an amount of UAH 4.013 million. In addition, in the Unified Register of Court Decisions, you can find dozens of lawsuits from suppliers of goods and services with which ATB-Market does not consider it necessary to settle accounts. So, the company did not indicate the capacity of the enterprise, filed improperly certified copies of documents on the ownership (lease) of the integral property complex. The second time re-submitted applications were returned to Angro Invest on May 31 of the same year. Gosgeonedra indicated that Angro Invest did not indicate the type of mineral in the applications, and did not fully correct the preliminary comments. At the same time, the company was denied special permits. Wealth – income, business, declarations Included in the TOP-100 richest Ukrainians. Novoye Vremya magazine and Dragon Capital investment company estimated his fortune at $172 million. “Focus” calls the figure 2.5 times more – $ 420 million. It ranks first in the list of the richest residents of the Dnieper.


An oligarch is an oligarch. And as we know, in our country the oligarchs are odious, deceitful, and thanks to this, rich people. Butkevich fits this description exactly.. Here you can add more separatism, and disrespect for the Ukrainian people. In general, the ATB supermarket chain speaks for itself and clearly shows disrespect for ordinary people.

Личные данные

Wife - Valentina Fedorovna Butkevich, founder of the equestrian club, daughter - Anna Butkevich - actress, model; daughter - Daria Butkevich, student
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