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Buslavets Olga Anatolievna


The creature of Rinat Akhmetov, fully lobbies for his interests, has a certain "pedigree" of the Ministry of Energy. At the same time, all her actions are related to one goal – to increase personal income and the income of her trustee – to receive benefits for the Lugansk TPP (DTEK), to develop and adopt the Rotterdam + formula, to make decisions on Energoatom, negligence and lobbying for the interests of a large a market participant in the position of the Directorate of Energy Markets (damage of about UAH 2.8 billion), an obstacle to the reduction of boundary prices for electricity. At the same time, the first woman Minister of Energy in the history of Ukraine, the youngest "Honored Power Engineer of Ukraine"! In the presence of checks on her in the NAZK and after her dismissal from the ministry, she immediately became a candidate for the post of its head … apparently there is no one else.

Уровень охвата:

Accompanied in Parliament the draft Law “On the Electricity Market”, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on April 13, 2017 (became the basis for the introduction of a new approach in the Ukrainian energy market). She was a member of the Coordinating Center for Ensuring the Implementation of a New Electricity Market, headed a working group under the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry for the implementation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the Electricity Market”. Married, has an adult son. For 2019, in her declaration, Buslavets indicated that she was the owner of an apartment in Kiev with an area of 78 sq.m, a garage with an area of 32 sq.m. and two land plots in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, with a total area of 2200 sq.m. Husband Buslavets – Alexander, owns three land plots in the Zhytomyr region, with a total area of 5,335 sq.m.. (2421, 1714 and 1200 sq.m.) and two residential buildings in the Zhytomyr region (127.6 and 207.3 sq.m.) tobacco products. The family also owns two cars: a 2018 Nissan X-Trail and a 1992 Volkswagen Passat. Olga earned UAH 1.2 million in 2019. 906 thousand is a salary in the ministry, 310 thousand. UAH. – income from the sale of movable property. The husband replenished the family budget for the same 1.2 million. Buslavets keeps 30 thousand. dollars and 10 thousand. euro. She declared UAH 700,000 in cash. and 30 thousand dollars. Her husband has 80 thousand dollars and 300 thousand hryvnias in cash. At a certain point, a decision was made to split the Ministry of Energy and Energy into two separate ministries. This decision miraculously coincided with the end of Buslavets' powers as interim head of this department. This state of affairs may allow Buslavets to head the recreated Ministry of Energy for another 2 months, in the same, which in itself is the most negative factor. This industry is currently in crisis and requires stable management, so “temporary” people only contribute to delaying the moment of its stabilization. Buslavets such a situation is beneficial. Numerous information in the media points to Buslavets lobbying for the interests of DTEK, owned by Akhmetov: “For the sake of thermal power plants of Rinat Leonidovich, she stopped the record number of nuclear power units in the history of Ukraine for unscheduled repairs. To please the solar and wind power plants of Akhmetov, she, again, according to evil tongues, first imitated and then disrupted negotiations on lowering tariffs for “green” generation.” In this sense, one can also talk about the “Buslavets technology”. At the same time, the excessive activity of Buslavets was the reason for attracting close attention to her, which, in turn, was reflected in the acquisition of the status of a “toxic” person by Buslavets. This state of affairs and the presence of Buslavets in the team, first of all, had a negative impact on Prime Minister Shmyhal. The energy sector has become a vulnerable spot for Shmyhal's team and a potential counterargument to his actions, thanks to the activities of Buslavets. Also, the actions of Buslavets had a negative impact on her patron, Akhmetov, since excessive scandalous attention to her person automatically causes mention of himself. As indicated in the biography of Buslavets, the total hundred of her civil service is about 15 years.. During this time, in the spring of the year before last, she sought a ban on home solar power plants (SES), in May 2019 she signed a letter from the Ministry of Energy for oblenergos, trying to confirm the negative impact of small home solar power plants on the power grid. Postponement of the launch of the wholesale energy market in Ukraine, based, in her opinion, on the need to postpone the energy reform, for at least three months – July to October 2019. The motivation for such a decision was more than formulaic and vague: “I think that today it is necessary to carry out additional test operations, to make a really reasonable analysis of the process that takes place on the platforms, at the levels of information exchange and the readiness of all market participants. We need to understand the further consequences of launching the market.” In February 2020, as a result of an internal investigation at the Ministry of Energy and Energy, Buslavets was fired from the post of Director of the Energy Markets Directorate, due to negligence and lobbying for the interests of a major market participant. According to an anonymous source, Buslavets, acting as secretary of the auction committee, concealed from the minister information that the auction rules allow sellers to sell electricity at a reduced price.. As a result, the PSO, which was developed under his leadership, allowed electricity suppliers for the population to withdraw approximately UAH 2.8 billion from Guaranteed Buyers in 5 months. In general, Buslavets has a certain “pedigree” of the Ministry of Energy, and oddly enough, having worked there from 2005 to 2020 (including being a former member of the Energy Markets Directorate at the ministry, and also worked as director of the electricity industry compliance department), a month after , as she left the ministry earlier this year, immediately became a candidate for its head. Olga Buslavets is the first female Minister of Energy in the history of Ukraine. The very fact of the unstable status of Buslovets spoke of her unreliability as head of the department, because the prefix “acting” – meant that she could be easily removed from her position, and accordingly, also easily manipulated by her actions. Also, in the ministry, Buslavets was one of the opponents of lowering the marginal prices for electricity, besides, as acting, she sought benefits for the Lugansk TPP (part of the structure of DTEK Vostokenergo). And in October 2019, her department proposed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to oblige Naftogaz to sell gas for Luhanska TPP at 46-69% cheaper than to the population by signing the corresponding proposal. Buslavets also noted in the question of the Rotterdam + formula. So, in February 2016, Buslavets, being the head of the Department of Economics and Finance, personally supported the adoption of the formula. In March 2020, Ukrainian President Zelensky withdrew Buslavets' candidacy for the post of Minister of Energy due to the fact that representatives of the monomajority faction opposed her appointment.. According to one of the deputies: “We did not find enough votes in our faction. They didn’t want to take risks in the parliamentary hall, they couldn’t rely only on the opposition forces.” The committee on energy issues also strongly opposed the candidacy of Buslavets. This decision was supported by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy, Housing and Communal Services Gerus: “In the spring of 2016, a new procedure for calculating the price of electricity was introduced in Ukraine.. In the people it was called “Rotterdam +”. This procedure was developed by the then NKREKU (National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities), and coordinated by the Ministry of Energy. In the Ministry of Energy, it was first coordinated by the relevant department. Buslavets, the current candidate for the post of Minister of Energy, then headed this profile department. In October 2019, Buslavets was one of the developers of the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which included the issue of providing DTEK Vostokenergo LLC with a gas price lower than the sale price to the public and other protected consumers (PSO) by Naftogaz by 46-69%. As mentioned earlier, Buslavets signed the relevant draft and an explanatory note to it. The Acting Minister decided to turn off three nuclear power units and reduce the capacity of another five units of the Energoatom state enterprise, the producer of the cheapest electricity in the country, which made it possible to save and increase their incomes to other types of energy generation – coal and solar (market leader Akhmetov – two thirds of which are part of the private energy holding DTEK, as well as renewable energy, where the largest market share – more than 20%, belongs to DTEK). The history of the relationship between Buslavets and Akhmetova begins with the fact that she previously worked at the Ministry of Energy and headed the Directorate of Energy Markets, where she was an opponent and lobbied for a ban on the installation of ground-based solar power plants, which in turn was beneficial to the oligarch. The scandalous amendment regarding this decision was promoted by the Ministry of Energy “On the feed-in tariff”, in the future. Approved without changes by the Verkhovna Rada and signed by the fifth President Poroshenko. In March 2020, Olga Buslavets submitted an electronic declaration of her income for the past year, according to which. During Poroshenko's tenure, Buslavets easily settled into the vertical of Energy Minister Nasalik, who practically became synonymous with corruption initiatives, and was practically one step away from being his deputy.

As for the “Roterdam +” formula, Buslavets later in her own interview admitted its absurdity, trying in every possible way to minimize the fact of her involvement in its implementation. In her activities, Buslavets was in constant contact with Maslov, one of the advisers to the minister, who is called the bridge of communication with DTEK. Her deputy was the infamous Yuri Boyko. It is worth mentioning the balance sheet and losses of Energoatom According to Buslavets, when she took office, it was obvious that the crisis was gaining momentum inertially, and the situation would worsen. First of all, it was necessary to remove the generation surplus in the market so that prices would not sink. It was necessary to proportionally limit the entire generation in such a way as to ensure the reliability of the power system, but at the same time not disrupt the processes associated with technological safety. This caused a lot of criticism, there was a lot of speculation about cheap nuclear generation, which is limited. She stated that in the conditions of the crisis, this was the most correct unpopular decision, made, among other things, for the benefit of Energoatom, which generated losses with its surplus. It is also worth saying that the ex-head of the department, and at the moment the deputy minister, sued him for 139 thousand. UAH. compensation for his dismissal from the post of head of the energy markets director of the Ministry of Energy. This decision was made by the District Court of Kyiv. It was established that Buslavets led the directorate from December 2017 to February 2020 and was fired due to the reorganization. Later, she filed a lawsuit in court, demanding reinstatement and payment of wages for the period of dismissal, which the court satisfied. One should also not forget about the impact of Buslavets' dismissal on Akhmetov's business, which is a significant weakening of his position in the government. It was also a well-known fact that the President of Ukraine Zelensky authorized the acting. Minister of Energy of Ukraine, First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy Buslavets to sign the Contribution Agreement between Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on Ukraine's participation in the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund: “To authorize the First Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olga Anatolievna Buslavets to sign the Contribution Agreement between Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on Ukraine's participation in the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund”. As a result of this decision, Ukraine will pay a contribution to the Fund in the amount of 10 million euros, which, in turn, will allow access to financial support in the form of grants and technical assistance for the implementation of energy efficiency and environmental improvement projects. The result should be a significant reduction in electricity consumption, a reduction in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. But as you know, in Ukraine the effect of such cooperation may not come, but the outflow of a substantial amount has already occurred, although the first stage of cooperation ended positively for Ukraine and with a significant profit. It should also be noted that Buslavets is the youngest holder of the honorary title “Honored Power Engineer of Ukraine”. She received this title for incomprehensible, but merits and invisible, but invaluable contributions to the development of the industry. An interesting situation has developed with the publicized information about the conversation on the topic of the person Buslavets received by NABU. In December, an expert in the field of energy – Trokhimets ironically spoke in the direction of representatives of the NABU because of the attempted informational interference in the process of electing a new Minister of Energy. The reason was the submission by this department to the Verkhovna Rada of a report on the investigation of the “Roterdam +” case. The report included information about the recording of a conversation between one of the managers of DTEK and an unidentified foreign person that took place in March-April. It was about the “rescue appointment” of Buslavets to the post of Minister of Energy. Such actions on the part of employees of the department, Trohimets considers provocative for a number of factors, including in the context of the timeliness of the submission of this information, which may in some way affect the fate of the position of head of the Ministry of Energy. There is a significant amount of logic in the position of Trokhymets, but this situation once again emphasizes the importance and strategic interest of all groups of influence in Ukrainian politics. We remind you that the former manager of NJSC Naftogaz, Vitrenko, was nominated for the post of Minister of Energy, for whom the majority of deputies refused to vote, pointing out his involvement in the increase in gas prices for the population (by 35%) and the high likelihood of him continuing anti-social policies, as well as in loyalty to Akhmetov (lobbied for his appointment). In addition, the office of the president ordered that Vitrenko be paid a $4 million award “for achievements at Naftogaz”…
Also, in May 2020, Geo Leros, MP from the Servant of the People, registered a statement of a conflict of interest with the National Anti-Corruption Commission Buslavets during her execution of a separate assignment from the Directorate for the Development of Nuclear Energy and the Nuclear Industry and the State Enterprise “NAEE” Energoatom “. As part of this statement, the NAZK began an inspection. Thus, Buslavets, despite the most interesting track record, which in November 2020 was relieved of the post of interim acting Minister of Energy, remains in the position of First Deputy Minister, according to the draft law No. days. During this time, the prime minister must submit a candidate for the position of minister to parliament, which decides on the appointment of the minister.

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Husband Buslavets - Alexander Viktorovich is the owner of KMB LLC (Iosipovka village, Brusilovsky district, Zhytomyr region, Lenina street, 156), which was registered more than 20 years ago, has an authorized capital of 35 thousand UAH. and brings to its owner within 1 million UAH/year. Has an adult son
Rinat Akhmetov
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