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Buryak Vladimir Viktorovich


Vladimir Buryak during his reign did not distinguish himself with special services to the city. Good deeds hide selfish motives. For example, before the elections, Vladimir Viktorovich played on the trust of pensioners and low-income people, treating them to chops, sweets, and other goodies. A typical case of direct bribery of voters. After the townspeople elected him mayor, there were no more chops and sweets, for that in kindergartens, instead of butter, they began to supply cheap spread and fodder bananas at an inflated cost. But this is not all the troubles that concern Buryak ….

July 20, 1965
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Vladimir Viktorovich Buryak

Official biography

Vladimir Viktorovich Buryak was born on July 20, 1965 in the village of Kurilovka, Tsarichansky district, Dnepropetrovsk region. Citizen of Ukraine. Higher education. After graduating from high school in 1982, he entered the Dneprodzerzhinsk Industrial Institute, where he studied in the specialty Metal Forming, which he graduated in 1987. In the same 1987, Vladimir Buryak began his career as a metallurgical engineer at the Zaporizhzhya metallurgical plant “Zaporizhstal”. During 28 years of work at a large industrial enterprise in Zaporizhzhia, Vladimir Buryak has worked his way up from a shift foreman in the processing of distribution units to the chief engineer of the plant. In particular, 1989 – 1990. – worked as a senior foreman of the coil processing section of the hot-rolled thin sheet shop of the Zaporizhstal plant, in 1990-1992 – senior foreman of the mill, and during 1992-1999. — Deputy Head of the shop for hot rolling of thin sheets. In 2005-2012, Vladimir Buryak worked as Deputy Director for Production – Head of the Production Department of the Zaporizhstal Metallurgical Plant, 2005-2012. – Production Director, and since 2012 – Engineering Director, Chief Engineer of MK Zaporizhstal. In November 2015, Volodymyr Buryak resigned from his post in connection with his election as mayor of Zaporozhye. November 25, 2015 – took the oath of mayor. On October 25, 2020 Volodymyr Buryak was elected mayor of Zaporozhye for a second term. On December 1, 2020, he took the oath of mayor. He was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2008), the Sign “For Inspired Work” III degree (2010) and the Diploma of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (2013).

A family

Wife Maya Vladimirovna. There is a daughter and a granddaughter.

NOT official biography

In 2016, Volodymyr Buryak, according to a study by the Opora public network, took the last place in the publicity rating of the mayors of the regional centers of Ukraine. The media wrote that in 2016, Buryak was a defendant in a criminal case regarding non-payment of share funds to the budget of Zaporozhye by the Zaporizhstal plant. He was also a defendant in a criminal case regarding the illegal dismissal of the director of the department of housing and communal services of the City Council Valery Bezlepkin. Since 2016, there have been scandals related to Mayor Buryak and the Zaporozhye city airport. In March 2016 KP International Airport “Zaporozhye” announced a procurement under the name: “Construction of the facility” Fence and system of technical supervision and access control along the perimeter of the restricted access security zone of KP “Zaporozhye International Airport” for UAH 39 million, which was carried out with violation of the tender procedure in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”. Bidding documentation must contain a draft contract or main terms to be included in the procurement agreements. In this case, the customer listed the list of conditions, but did not give their content.. In addition, the tender documentation indicated the names of specific trademarks that were to be used in construction. However, it was not possible to use equivalents. That is artificially narrowed down the list of firms that can take part in the auction. On July 20, 2016, the airport accepted the offer of cooperation from Sino-fort, LTD.. As they say “Our Money. Zaporizhzhya” earlier, the airport has already ordered this company the reconstruction of the terminal at the cost of UAH 5.32 million, as well as the reconstruction of the storage pavilion at the cost of UAH 4.15 million. “Seno-Fort, Ltd” was founded by the Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation “Jiangsu China” and LLC “IBP “Fort”. Director of both Ukrainian firms – Evgeny Pershin. He was a deputy of the Zaporozhye City Council (2006-2010). As a member of the land commission, he was caught accepting a bribe in the amount of $1,500. At the same time, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine considered the complaint of one of the bidders, whose offer was rejected. By its decision, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine ordered the airport to cancel the purchase due to a number of identified violations. The prosecutor's office of the Zaporozhye region initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of the data. In May 2020, a scandal erupted between Buryak, officials of the GASI and the Regional State Administration, due to the fact that the Regional State Administration and DHABI did not want to sign the title of the Zaporozhye airport terminal, which was already ready for commissioning, due to the fact that the air gates of the city were actually idle. In the end, the Regional State Administration did sign the document, and the litigation with the GASI continues to this day. In April 2018, the Zaporizhzhia Rada changed the purpose of the land plot, and Mayor Buryak changed the charter of the KP, despite the lack of authority to do so, to legalize the construction, according to the Zaporizhzhya Investigation Center. As it became known to journalists, the City Council of Zaporozhye allowed the change of purpose for the construction of a high-rise building instead of a municipal parking lot behind the Avrora shopping center. The City Council agreed on the development of technical documentation for a plot of 0.67 hectares between Pochtovaya Street and the Alexandrovsky residential complex of Azimut Trading Group LLC. In addition, the charter of “Parking” was also changed.. By his order, Mayor of Zaporozhye Volodymyr Buryak allowed amendments to be made. Namely, add the following columns: specialized construction work, construction of high-rise buildings, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, site preparation, etc.. It should be noted that the Zaporozhye City Council did not delegate such powers to the mayor. Also, in September, the executive committee decided to re-register the construction to another company. It turned out to be “Azimut Trading Zaporozhye” – a subsidiary of the previous developer, which was subjected to criminal proceedings. The prosecutor's office opened a case on the allotment of a land plot for construction. On September 3, 2019, the Zaporizhia City Council was picketed by journalists from local electronic media. The event was attended by about a dozen media workers who brought with them posters with the inscriptions “Free speech to the mayor!”, “We don't bite”, “Journalists' attitude to = attitude to society. By avoiding talking to us, you are avoiding talking to the residents of the city.” The participants of the action opposed the selective communication of the mayor of Zaporizhzhya Volodymyr Buryak with the media – only municipal media and media owned by the Zaporizhstal plant can record his comments and interviews without any problems. Another reason for the protest, according to the media, was that during the entire period of his term, the mayor of the city held only one press conference – on the day he took office. The mayor did not come out to talk to the journalists who picketed the mayor's office. According to representatives of the mayor's office press service present at the action, Vladimir Buryak was not in the administration at the time of the action, he was at an off-site meeting.

Voter bribing

For Buryak, they rented a Toyota from Zaporizhstal at an inflated price.

On May 31, 2019, the Executive Committee of the Zaporozhye City Council entered into an agreement with PJSC Zaporizhstal for passenger transport services worth 183 thousand. UAH. This was published in the Prozoro e-procurement system, according to the online edition Our Money. We are talking about renting a “Toyota Camry” of 2008 at a cost of 400 UAH per hour and a total of 450 machine hours.. The rental price includes the driver's salary, insurance, fuel, maintenance and depreciation.. According to journalists, in open sources you can find an advertisement for renting the same car for 200 UAH per hour.

“Passion of the mayor's court” and an apartment for Bunny

The affairs of the heart of the Zaporozhye mayor Vladimir Buryak in the regional center were not discussed only by the lazy. The media attribute to the mayor a romantic relationship with Natalya Zaichenko, who previously held the position of mayor's adviser. Rumor has it that Buryak's adviser had an intimacy with him that was not characteristic of all subordinates.. Some journalists even claimed that Zaichenko received an apartment from the mayor. Of course, at the expense of the budget. The apartment was purchased in 2016, on Shevchenko Boulevard, and since 2017, luxury repairs have been made at an accelerated pace. And interestingly, the apartment is located a 15-minute walk from Buryak's house under construction in the private sector around the lower part of Shevchenko Boulevard, in Elektrolizny Lane. In 2015, Natalia received the title of Honored Journalist from the NUJU, a regalia that is usually given to experienced journalists in their fifties, and not to girls in their 30s. This speakerphone by Natalya Zaichenko almost killed Vladimir Buryak – the mayor of Zaporozhye suffered a heart attack due to the ever-increasing unrest. Today Zaichenko, although she has moved a little into the shadows, the scandals around her name still do not subside.. Rumor has it that she took a dislike to the former head of the Department of Education of the Regional State Administration, Yulia Pogrebnyak, who is now on probation for a different position in the regional administration, not related to her previous occupation. According to Zanoza, Yulia Pogrebnyak lost her position due to a personal conflict with ex-adviser to the mayor Natalya Zaichenko.. The seriousness of the disagreements is also evidenced by the fact that earlier the dismissed employees were not seen off in the mayor's office in this way.

How the Cossacks “threw” on the salon of the mayor’s beloved

Without suspecting it, the townspeople financed the opening of the Persona fashion salon for Natalya Zaichenko, the mayor's lover. And keep holding it. Let's talk about another of the schemes. The approved tariff of “Veltum-Zaporozhye” has an item of expenses for washing and disinfection of containers. It should be done in the period from May to September once every 10 days and the rest of the year once a month. In 2018, the Cossacks paid 2.3 million hryvnia for this service, and in 2019 – almost 4 million. Veltum-Zaporozhye has a head of a structural unit responsible for video surveillance of the territory, compliance with the travel regime. Without his control, the process of a “fictitious” washing does not take place, because in reality no work is done.. Have any of you seen a washed and disinfected container tank? Here we are no. By coincidence, the name of the head of this division is Alexander Zaichenko – yes, yes, this is the brother of Natalia Zaichenko – the owner of the Persona beauty salon on the street. Victory. Here is such a beautiful family contract, to which Mr. Mayor “turns a blind eye”. The two million paid by the Cossacks would be enough not only for the opening, but also for inviting the well-known presenter Masha Efrosinina to the opening. From open sources it can be seen that less than 5 thousand. She does not charge euros for participation in such events. On the fact of misappropriation of funds in the Zaporozhye National Police, a case was opened on No. 12019080080002446 under Art. 190 part 1 against a group of officials of Veltum-Zaporozhye LLC and officials of the City Council. But that's not all.

According to the investment program for the development of the enterprise in 2018, money was collected from the Cossacks for the purchase of containers. As a result, 200 units for a total of 1.6 million were never bought, although the guilty were indicated in the decisions of the City Council. Once a quarter, employees of the relevant departments had to check the actual costs of the enterprise against the approved tariffs.

Declaration People's Deputy Igor Artyushenko sent a deputy appeal to Vladimir Buryak with a demand to submit an income declaration. The appeal indicates how much money was spent on various Buryak projects. For example, within the framework of the implementation of the “Medical Program”, 272 thousand. UAH. A grant in the amount of 50,000. UAH. In addition to medical projects, with the support of Volodymyr Buryak, 27 projects “We are a city” were implemented for a total of UAH 1.7 million, furniture and building materials were purchased for Zaporozhye secondary school No. 42. In addition, a number of other events were held at the initiative of Vladimir Buryak. According to the people's deputy, many Cossacks have recently approached him, who are interested in ways to finance the information campaign Volodymyr Buryaka. A large number of outdoor advertising has been installed around the city, and a lot of advertising materials about the activities of the chief engineer of Zaporizhstal are published in local media. In this regard, MP Igor Artyushenko offers the hero of numerous publications to publish his income declaration. The declaration of Vladimir Buryak for 2020 indicates that he owns two houses: with an area of 119.4 m² in Zaporozhye with an area of 87.8 m² – in Kurilovka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Has four land plots – 467, 1000, 1500, 1217 sq.m.. Among the objects of construction in progress is a huge house with an area of 510.76 m² in Zaporozhye. Maya's wife declared an apartment in Zaporozhye for UAH 118.8 thousand, with an area of 85.45 m². The mayor is moving on an SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 and a car LUAZ model 967M, 1987. This is indicated by two trailers for cars and a water vehicle BRIG B 350. The mayor received more than UAH 852,000 at his main place of work. wages, 166 thousand less than a year earlier. In addition, he declared that he received interest on a bank deposit in the amount of UAH 5,487. In cash, Vladimir Buryak has 80 thousand. UAH. and $1 thousand. On bank accounts – more than 833 thousand hryvnia.

Gloomy election campaign

Buryak's election campaign was carried out in the gloomy tradition of using the administrative resources of the Yanukovych era. The newspaper “Industrialnoye Zaporizhia” and the TV channel TV-5 served as an information resource.. “By the standards of Zaporozhye, it seems to be a little. If we discard the fact that every week the average city newspaper “Oppoblok” does not feed materials for 100-120 thousand,” writes Lustrator. One of the most notable scandals was the situation that developed around billboards advertising Buryak. To please them, social advertising was filmed – posters depicting residents of Zaporozhye who fought in the ATO. There was intimidation of activists campaigning for Buryak's opponents. Also, during the campaign, Buryak was noted for his inability to explain to voters and journalists his program and how to implement it. “The last straw was Buryak's public escape from a journalist from one of the Zaporozhye Internet sites, who in a few seconds brought a person who claims that “the power of Zaporozhye is people” to comical verbal paralysis. And all because the questions turned out to be “not according to the outline”. It turns out that Buryak was not even explained how to answer the banal question: “Are you a candidate for mayor?”. It turned out that the chief engineer could not figure out for himself that registration begins only after a month and a half. As a result, having fallen into a stupor, Buryak did not find anything better than to escape from the journalist by flight, which in just a few hours became a fresh anecdote in the journalistic get-together.

The GPU suspects the mayor of Zaporozhye and the Akhmetov plant in a deal for 150 million

Vladimir Buryak is considered a protege of Rinat Akhmetov, who is the owner of Zaporizhstal. He allegedly invested at least 10,000 rubles into Buryak's election campaign.. dollars. In 2016, the Prosecutor General's Office conducted a criminal investigation involving the newly elected mayor of Zaporizhzhya Volodymyr Buryak and the management of the Zaporizhstal plant, where he previously worked as chief engineer. This was stated to Ukrayinska Pravda by a source in the GPU. In turn, the prosecutor of the Prosecutor General's Office, Vladislav Kutsenko, confirmed that an investigation was indeed underway against the leadership of Zaporizhstal.. According to him, the officials of the plant did not pay to the budget of Zaporizhzhia the funds of equity participation in the development of the engineering, transport and social infrastructure of the city in the amount of about UAH 150 million. On this fact, criminal proceedings have been initiated under part 2 of article 367 (official negligence, which entailed grave consequences). Perhaps imprisonment under this article – from 2 to 5 years.

Non-partisan mayor from the Opposition Platform

Buryak went to the mayoral elections as a self-nominated candidate, although he was repeatedly reproached for having connections with the Opposition Bloc. One of Buryak’s competitors in the elections, the then mayor of Zaporizhzhia Alexander Sin, on his Facebook page, stated that allegedly at the beginning of the campaign Vladimir Buryak’s campaign was accompanied by the logo of the Opposition Bloc party, but later the candidate nevertheless turned out to be a self-nominated candidate. Also, Zaporozhye media say that behind the restaurant “Villa Oliva” there is a “shadow office” of the mayor, where the heads of public utilities, contractors building various objects around the city and deputies go to work.

Buryak spared money for eco-laboratory

Poor quality food in kindergartens

January 2020 Another theft on children by Deputy Mayor Anatoly Pustovarov. This time, Super Kontiki and pasta were purchased for kindergartens at a price that is almost twice the wholesale price.. “Super Kontiki” were purchased at a price of UAH 9.25, although they can be purchased at retail for UAH 6.09, and at wholesale for UAH 5. The same order of numbers on pasta for children. Sweets for children will be supplied by a company that was caught supplying kindergartens with spread instead of butter. This situation is repeated many times.

February 2020 New Food Schemes for Kids. This time the officials bought 12.5 tons of bananas for 36 and 40 UAH, while the price in the supermarket is 28 UAH. In addition, according to “Our pennies. Zaporizhzhya”, the Department of Education purchased 49 tons of butter from the Volnyansky Dairy Plant, at a price of UAH 222 and 223. per kilogram. At the same time, the Berdyansk Department of Education bought the same oil at a price of UAH 156. per kilogram. The total overpayment amounted to UAH 3.24 million.
The Prosecutor General's Office opened a case against the mayor of Zaporizhia The Prosecutor General's Office opened criminal proceedings against the mayor of Zaporizhia Volodymyr Buryak under Article 172 of the Criminal Code – a gross violation of labor laws. The press secretary of the mayor of Zaporozhye, Olga Meshok, explained that Bezlepkin was fired due to the reorganization and liquidation of the position of director of the housing and communal services department. “Officially, Mr. Bezlepkin was informed about this, and just as required by law, he was offered another position that was vacant at that time.. What is the letter about, Mr. Bezlepkin got acquainted with this order dated May 25, 2015,” Meshok says. In turn, Bezlepkin says that he was not offered a new position, in connection with which he turned to the GPU. “According to the current legislation, the Zaporozhye mayor is obliged to provide me with a vacant position that was in the city council. These are the positions of directors of departments, directors of public utilities, but, abusing his power, he did not provide positions, but released me during the sick leave, “he said. In the near future, the mayor of Zaporozhye will be summoned for questioning in the case of the dismissal of the director of the housing and communal services department.

Broken Promises:

• Contrary to Buryak's promise, all separatist teachers were not fired • Buriak did not open Kindergarten No. 186 within the promised time frame • Did not repair the sewerage collector in Zaporizhia on time • Underfulfilled the plan to create groups in kindergartens and nurseries • Failed the promise to reconstruct the heating networks on Finalnaya Street in 2017 • The promised fight against MAFs was not carried out properly

Vladimir Buryak “leads by the nose” media

Vladimir Buryak is so afraid of journalists that despite the criminal case on their inadmissibility to the city hall, he came up with a new quest for them. Now journalists are brought in through the back entrance, and driven like cattle along the fire escape to the balcony of the session hall. At the same time, all spans and entrances to the floors are blocked off and strictly guarded.. Video: 061.

Zaporozhye Olympians will be left without the promised apartments

Mayor Decided to Give Money to State Employees Members of the Executive Committee headed by Mayor Volodymyr Buryak on November 30 canceled the allocation of almost 4 million hryvnias for the purchase of apartments for Olympians. Officials considered it necessary to use these funds to pay off wage arrears in public utilities. Whether this decision will come into force depends on the deputies of the city council.. This decision will be made at the next session. According to the deputy director of the department of housing and communal services Eduard Brutman, Olympians will be included in the general queue for housing.


The odious mayor and his team clearly live happily, unlike the townspeople. Children in kindergartens eat spread and cheap pasta, while Buryak and his mistress buy real estate and eat black caviar. The city has not changed much, and those minor achievements of Buryak, such as the ostentatious demolition of the MAF, the reconstruction of the park and treats for the elderly, are just the most common, but long-familiar to us, bribing voters.

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Wife - Maya Vladimirovna, has a daughter.
Rinat Akhmetov
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