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Bryl Konstantin Ivanovich


Konstantin Ivanovich Bryl is one of the best governors in the country according to the rating of the analytical site "Word and Deed". And he keeps his promises, and does good deeds, that's why he has a rating of 95%! There is a feeling that Bryl laid out a round sum for this data, because the reality is far from his rating. Contract killings, money laundering through offshore companies, corruption, poaching, raiding, hiding blue income … This list can be continued for a very, very long time. But there are so many compromising data that even Kolomoisky and Yanukovych were left somewhere behind. And it is strange that Konstantin Ivanovich with such a "baggage" of crime got to the post of governor.

Ukraine, Italy, France
April 14, 1970
Уровень охвата:

Konstantin Ivanovich Bryl

Official biography

Born April 14, 1970, Donetsk – head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration (2016-2019), law enforcement officer of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, tax police of Ukraine. Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.


Born April 14, 1970 in. Donetsk. Childhood passed in the village of Dobrovelichkovka, Kirovograd region. Later, the Bryl family moved to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. In 1987 he graduated from the Kiev Suvorov Military School; in 1991 – Omsk Higher Combined Arms School named after. Frunze; in 2000 – the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; in 2010 – the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

Family status

Married, has 5 children.


Service in the Armed Forces: from July 1985 to May 1993; Service in bodies | Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Tax Administration: from October 20, 1993 to January 28, 2008 (major general of the tax police); Civil service in the State Customs Service: from January 2008 to November 2008 (State Advisor to the Customs Service of the 3rd rank); Service in the SBU: from January 2010 to September 2010 (Major General of the Security Service of Ukraine). 09.2010 – 04.2011 – Professor of the Department of Law Enforcement of the Institute of Law named after. Prince Vladimir of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. From 04.2011 – Advisor to the Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. From March to August 2014, he served as First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime of the Central Office of the Security Service of Ukraine. Since September 2014, he has been working as an officer at large of the first category of the group of advisers and consultants to the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine of the Office of the Chairman of the Security Council of Ukraine. He has many years of practical experience in law enforcement agencies.. Bryl's sphere of competence included issues of internal security and the fight against corruption in state executive bodies.. During his work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Tax Administration, the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, he was nominated for 25 state and departmental awards and distinctions. Member of the Union of Generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In 2012, he ran for people's deputies of Ukraine from the political party “Udar”, but was withdrawn from the race in favor of Mostipan Ulyana Nikolaevna (VO “Batkivshchyna”). From September 25, 2015 to April 22, 2016 – First Deputy Head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration. From April 22, 2016 to June 11, 2019 – Head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration.

NOT official biography

Bryl is associated with a high-profile case in Dnepropetrovsk. While working as the first deputy head of the main department for combating corruption and organized crime of the SBU, he allegedly extorted money from businessmen along with Georgy Yaroshenko. During the investigation of the case, it was established that during the operation of the illegal scheme, their daily telephone conversations took place. And Bryl denies it. Another dark scheme is told by the former general director of one of the Odessa firms. He recalls how the odious candidate collected “tribute” every month. “We agreed that he would not interfere with us, and we would pay him money for this. The problem is that we legally received VAT. We had to pay 800,000 a month,” the entrepreneur says. For some, acquaintance with Bryl turned out to be not just financial losses. One woman served 4 years for participating in a scheme imposed by the general. As a result of which the candidate took possession of the estate in Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kyiv, and law enforcement officers became interested in the figurehead and the scam for 36,000,000. Now the victim is ready to fight with the offender so that he served the exact punishment behind bars that she had to serve.

Invalid data in the declaration

In January 2017, detectives from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau began investigating a criminal case against Konstantin Bryl on suspicion of false declaration under Art.. 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (criminal proceedings No. 52017000000000068 dated 01/26/2017). Investigators found that Bryl has the right to use 5 cars, but does not indicate them in his declarations. Also, Bryl received a notarized power of attorney for the management and disposal of all his father's property.. According to an extract from the Register of Real Estate Rights, 71-year-old Ivan Bryl owns three land plots, a 540-meter house in Kyiv and two more houses with a total area of 189 square meters.. m in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, so they should also appear in his declaration. As the investigation established, Bryl with his wife and three daughters went on vacation in Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Israel and other countries, where they stayed in expensive hotels.. It is noted that the cost of services of one of the airlines, which carried out air transportation of the family in 2016, amounted to more than 41,700 dollars. In addition, Bryl's daughters study at a private school in Kyiv, the cost of education for a year is $ 10,000 per child.. Information about the above expenses is also not available in the declaration of the head of the Zaporozhye region in 2016. Also, NABU investigators suspect that the head of the Zaporozhye region with his wife and three children are members of the Butenko Stable equestrian club, the cost of membership in which for an adult is UAH 35,000, and for one child UAH 25,000. (Does not include coaching services). However, these costs are also not reflected in the expense section.. At the same time, a pre-trial investigation established that Bryl, holding the position of chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, receives an annual income of about $10,000. On July 9, 2019, NABU detectives, in agreement with the SAPO prosecutors, informed Bryl about the suspicion of entering false information in the declaration. On July 19, 2019, the investigating judge of the Solomensky District Court of the city of Kyiv, Bryl, chose a measure of restraint in the form of a personal obligation. When applying a measure of restraint, the judge partially granted the prosecution's petition, defining the suspect's procedural obligations under Article 194 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine, in particular, to stay with the detective, the prosecutor, the court at every request, not to leave Kyiv without the permission of the detective, the prosecutor or the court, inform the detective, prosecutor or court to change their place of residence and / or work, to refrain from communicating with a number of witnesses.

Invalid lease agreement

Konstantin Bryl, as of May 2018, was a co-founder and head of LLC “With faith in Ukraine”, registered in the city of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Another co-founder of LLC “WITH FAITH IN UKRAINE” is Radevich Vitaliy Fedorovich. The same Vitaliy Fedorovich Radevich is the head of HUNTING TRAILS LLC, a 22.6% share in the authorized capital of which belongs to Bril's wife, Bryl Maya Petrovna. In February 2004, the Kyiv Regional Council provided 49 thousand. Hectares of land in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region. LLC “HUNTING TRAILS” concluded an agreement with the Kyiv State Forestry Association “Kyivles” on the conditions for maintaining a hunting economy on these lands. Subsequently, this agreement was renegotiated twice – in 2007 and 2013. In 2016, the prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit to declare illegal and cancel the decision of the Kyiv Regional Council, invalidate the lease agreement. The reason is that not all land owners gave their consent to the transfer of land for use. The court of first instance confirmed that there were no letters from a number of village councils of the Vyshgorodsky district confirming their agreement to provide land for the use of the “Hunting Trails”. And in some village councils, the procedure for granting consent is violated. Therefore, the court agreed that the decision of the Kyiv Regional Council to provide hunting grounds to the “Hunting Trails” is illegal.. But the lawsuit was dismissed due to missing the statute of limitations. On November 15, 2017, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine in the cassation instance returned the case for a new trial. It is interesting that in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region LLC “Hunting trails II” is registered (EDRPOU 35783722). The head of LLC “Hunting Trails II” is Buzyak Oleg Anatolyevich, he also has the right to sign in LLC “Hunting Trails”.

State Customs Service

For the period when Bryl was in the State Customs Service, in Ilyichevsk and Odessa ports, not a single cargo is cleared through customs without him. At the board of the State Customs Service, the deputy head of the Southern Customs, Alexander Bondarenko, bluntly stated: Bryl has $ 200 from each container, which amounts to 100 thousand per day.. dollars, from the moment of appointment – $ 25 million Connection with Khoroshkovsky The same Khoroshkovsky, whom President Yushchenko made the first deputy chairman of the SBU in January 2009, returned to Konstantin Bryl's money. And a year later, he found his former assistant Bryl and appointed him senior consultant of the Department of Counterintelligence Protection of the Economy of the SBU (Order No. 52-OS dated January 23, 2010). As the media reported, literally on the same day, Bryl rushed to restore his old ties at customs. This irrepressible zeal ended with the fact that in August 2010 Bryl again got into some kind of story. The case was hushed up again, and Bryl was fired again – and for several months he “turned over” at the Institute of Law of the MAUP, with his old friend and companion at the Centurion firm Anatoly Podolyak, posing as a professor. But then he again filled his biography with fog. The fact is that on the Internet you can now find several options for his place of work in the period 2011-2014.. Which, in general, is not surprising, since, according to the testimony of his acquaintances, Bryl himself liked to “hang from the network” for a long time – perhaps in order to cover up the traces of his past. In fact, our general joined the Kyiv Regional State Administration, deputy head of the department for internal policy and adviser to its chairman Anatoly Prisyazhnyuk – with whom Bryl had long been well acquainted both in his service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in his short service in the SBU.

Corruption on the line

The fruitfulness of the corrupt cooperation of Konstantin Bryl with Ponomarev and Valentirov can be judged at least by the fraudulent story with PJSC Azmol, the largest manufacturer of motor oils in the country. It would seem that such an enterprise should flourish. But, alas, the Zaporozhye oligarchs have been licking their lips at it for a long time, which means that it was doomed to “grabbing” according to a purely Ukrainian method – by bringing the enterprise to bankruptcy. Moreover, this would have been done even earlier, but, according to SKELET-info, back in 2010, Yuriy Boyko laid eyes on the plant, and his henchman Alexei Bakai “guarded” the enterprise for several years. Nevertheless, the Azmol Trading House, associated with Ponomarev, successfully brought the plant to ruin, and already in March 2014, immediately after the Maidan, they launched bankruptcy proceedings.. Trade House “Azmol” through a chain of shell companies transferred its property claims to PJSC “Azmol” to the company “Ultra Oil” LLC, which also bought up the plant's debts to banks. As the media reported, Alexander Ponomarev is directly behind Ultra Oil, but the company more reliably hid its roots in offshore.

In the summer of 2015, a battle began in the courts for the plant, and Ponomarev was losing it – until Konstantin Bryl arrived in Zaporozhye, and Vladimir Chepurnoy replaced Aleksey Bakai in Berdyansk. Fortune immediately turned to face Ponomarev, and on August 23, 2016, an auction took place, at which, with a starting price of 156 million hryvnias, Azmol PJSC was sold to Ultra Oil for only 101 million! And all this under the direct cover of Konstantin Bryl! And in the summer of 2016, the Zaporozhye governor launched the Harvest-2016 operation under the pretext of fighting “shadow farmers” (it turns out that there are some). Like, various unscrupulous persons hide the size of crops, do not pay taxes to the treasury, etc.. In fact, it turned out that the governor's team simply arranged a large-scale redistribution of land in the region. As People's Deputy Sergei Sobolev later stated, about 30 thousand hectares of land were stolen from the inhabitants of the region (mainly small farmers and the poorest villagers), which were then given to latifundists. In desperation, people even blocked the highway in order to draw the attention of journalists and the public to the lawlessness of Bryl. It is curious that the results of this operation “Harvest-2016” (that is, information about the redistribution of land) Bryl also decided to classify to the public! But he did not take into account the fact that he would have to fight not only with the common people, whose voice he habitually ignores. Deputies' inquiries rained down, then appeals to law enforcement agencies, and it even came to the searches conducted in March 2017 in the office of the head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration! But Bryl got away with everything, just as criminal proceedings No. 4201700000000299 under Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, opened against Konstantin Bryl for deliberately refusing to submit an electronic declaration, did not continue.

Ecological catastrophy

The logical and sad result of the corruption that prevails in Konstantin Bryl's circle was the ecological disaster in the Molochny estuary that broke out in September 2017. Then tens of thousands of adult commercial fish died, an epidemiological situation arose, and the total damage to the state amounted to 40 million hryvnias. The cause of the disaster was the untimely clearing of the gulley connecting the estuary and the Sea of Azov. And if it were accurate, then no one was going to clean it: they decided to simply pocket the 1.3 million hryvnias allocated for this (a greatly inflated estimate of the cost of the work). Moreover, the companies of Sergey Valentirov were involved in this, which was also confirmed by the telephone correspondence of Konstantin Bryl with Vitaly Gordienko (head of the environmental department of the Regional State Administration) and Dmitry Volovik (director of the Priazovsky National Natural Park), published by journalists. This catastrophe was crowned with the next searches, already given in the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration. Another story related to fish: on July 5, 2018, the police, the Marine Guard of the State Border Service and the Security Service of Ukraine detained ships engaged in illegal fishing in the Sea of Azov. At the same time, they began to unravel a whole tangle of intricacies of poaching put on stream: searches were carried out at 25 coastal facilities in Berdyansk, more than 500 tons (!) Of illegally caught fish were seized. Governor Bryl immediately rushed to the aid of the poachers, declaring that they were not poachers at all, but … scientists who were catching fish for research. And the most amazing thing is that he was technically right! It turned out that poachers operate under the roof of the Institute of Fisheries and Ecology of the Sea, which issued them permits to catch. The only thing is that each permit was issued for several tens of kilograms, and poachers caught it in tons. And then the catch was sold through companies in which both Bryl and Valentirov are involved: Talvar LLC (EDRPOU 37048074), Dukar LLC (39795574), Varior LLC (33580003), RP Breeze LLC (13606589), PE Antias (37291060), PE RKP Mayak (03888931), OOO Fish Processing Company 9 Val (39405862), OOO Rif (20493364), OOO TD Rybprom (32846847). In the spring of 2017, the prosecutor’s office of the Zaporizhia region investigated the case of embezzlement by the leadership of the Regional State Administration of 4 million hryvnias stolen through the Department of Civil Defense under the program for the disposal of 100 tons of pesticides. Nobody thought to dispose of them either: dangerous pesticides were simply taken to one of the industrial sites. And a year ago, Konstantin Bryl seated his nephew (!) Dmitry Chaika in the chair of the head of the Department of the State Agency for Fisheries in the Zaporozhye region.

Frauds on the Orekhovsky water conduit, a fake kindergarten

Another search was conducted in the autumn of 2017 in the Department of Housing and Public Utilities of the Regional State Administration, in connection with the discovered budget fraud and embezzlement associated with work on the Orekhovskoye water conduit. And in March 2018, a search was carried out in the Department of Capital Construction of the Regional State Administration. The reason is the construction of a kindergarten in Balabino, for which 3.2 million hryvnias were allocated. According to the documents signed by officials, the kindergarten was already ready, and it was decided to bring furniture into it.. What was the surprise of the movers when instead of a kindergarten at the indicated address they saw only piles hammered into the ground! The head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration called valuable the work of an “academician” writing about UFOs and Shambhala near Melitopol “I consider the constant and systematic attempts to discredit Andriy Avdeenko and his local history intelligence services as another unsuccessful attempt to play into the hands of the aggressor with the information war. Avdeenko's activity has only one goal – to glorify the Zaporozhye region, to make the glorious history of the region even more famous.. Therefore, I can not understand those who are trying with all their might to prevent this.. And I consider the assignment of an honorary state title appropriate and correct.. The importance and value of the works of true patriots of the Zaporozhye region do not cause me doubts,” Bryl wrote. In fact, Avdeenko has no academic titles or degrees.. He calls himself an “academician”, demonstrating the certificate of a public organization imitating the name of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine promised to deal with the illegal use of the academy stamp in Avdeenko's books. The content of the author's books published in Ukraine is a set of statements about the exclusivity of the Zaporozhye region in the history of European and world civilization. For example, it is claimed that almost all the princes of Kievan Rus were born here.. The folklore Cossack Mamai is also among those who actually existed.. Avdeenko calls the first Indian collection of religious texts “Rigveda” – “a monument to the Ukrainian nation”. Claims that the Cimmericians, Scythians, Sarmatians and Huns were one people, Homer is a Slav by origin, Alexander the Great was born on the territory of the Zaporozhye region. Avdeenko cites data on the flight of unidentified objects near the Stone Grave near Melitopol. Mentions the influence of the mythical Shambhala on the development of Trypillia culture, etc. Avdeenko is also the author of a “certificate” about the “decoding” of this surname from Sanskrit. According to Avdeenko, it means “glory to the Aryan Magi”. “Certificate” Avdeenko handed himself. On June 28, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree conferring the title of Honored Worker of Culture on Andriy Avdeenko. The initiators of the award were the head of the Department of Culture of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Vladislav Moroko and its head Konstantin Bryl. Today, scientists and local historians of Zaporizhzhya initiated the collection of signatures for the abolition of the assignment of the presidential title to Avdeenko.

Krivokhatko: Those to whom Bryl brings “chops” to Kyiv are letting the president down

Speaking on the Rada TV channel, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Zaporozhye region Vadym Krivokhatko again mentioned the Zaporizhzhya governor with a “kindly quiet word.” Arguing about who should submit declarations in accordance with the law “On the fight against corruption”, the people's deputy again remembered Konstantin Bryl. The journalist asked Vadim Krivokhatko if he addressed Petro Poroshenko with this question, because he is a member of the pro-presidential faction. The people's deputy replied that he did not want to interfere in the presidential personnel policy. – The presidential administration is inundated with complaints from businessmen, people's deputies, deputies of local councils against Konstantin Bryl. And I don't understand why the system doesn't work. And those to whom Bryl brings “chops” to Kyiv should understand that they are letting the president down. Bryl is a serious stain on the reputation of the authorities and the president, – Vadim Krivokhatko summed up. Also, Vadim Krivokhatko said that the head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Konstantin Bryl is familiar with Mykhailo Sygida, who was detained in Berdyansk, who is suspected of organizing the murder of ATO veteran Vitaliy Oleshko. Krapka talked to Vadim Krivokhatko and asked Konstantin Bryl if he knew Sigida. “The corpses are behind you, Konstantin Ivanovich. Your friends are involved in killer orders. I am a real lawyer, I am responsible for every word. I have your photos with Sigida, where you “eat” vodka with him, with the one who ordered Oleshko, ”Vadim Krivokhatko said, speaking on October 4, 2018 at a session of the Zaporozhye Regional Council.

Controversial Doctor's Lawyer

The aforementioned people's deputy Vadim Krivokhatko attacked Bryl with accusations. The people's deputy began with the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital Igor Shishka. He recalled that criminal cases had been opened against the official for suspicion of stealing money on an especially large scale, but for some reason the regional leadership had not yet removed Shishka from work. “How to understand? Do you have control over him? Or maybe you share money with him? The head doctor walks with security. Why is he at work?” Krivokhatko asked. The people's deputy also accused Bryl of being Shishka's lawyer. “I was at the Prosecutor General’s Office and they told me there that the governor came and asked for him. You are his lawyer,” said the MP. Bryl began to defend himself by telling how his work as head of the Zaporozhye region began. He stated that he started with medicine and this area, according to him, turned out to be the most corrupt system. “Today, these corrupt circles are entire family clans.. I know perfectly well what the competitive struggle of suppliers is, ”Bryl noted, emphasizing that criminal cases against Shishka can simply be custom-made in the process of redistributing the market. “A person can be told that he is guilty only by a court on the basis of criminal proceedings.. I was at the Prosecutor General's Office only to have this case investigated objectively. I am very pleased that this case has been transferred to NABU today and it will provide all the answers.. If Shishka is guilty, he will be held accountable,” the head of the region explained. This answer angered the MP. Krivokhatko perceived this as Bryl's influence on the investigation and “protection” of Shishka. “How can the governor come and ask the investigator to conduct an objective investigation! You are talking nonsense! Just like you, Evgeny Anisimov started. This is how people started corruption in the Zaporozhye region. And you do it all. Do you know where the 9 million went. To Switzerland. Know where the other money went and who is to blame. I am responsible for my every word!”, — said the People’s Deputy.

Interview with Krivokhatok

Zaporozhye ex-governor Bryl through the court forced the SBU to calculate 90 thousand salaries for his pension fund

According to the case file, in May 2017, Konstantin Bryl was dismissed from the SBU with the rank of major general and began to receive a seniority pension.. When a pension was calculated for an official, the official salary of 9,870 hryvnia, 1,550 hryvnia for military rank and 5,139 hryvnia for length of service were included in the “base” for its calculation, for a total of 16,559 hryvnia. But according to Bryl, when in May 2018 in The SBU filed a certificate for the pension fund, they did not take into account all the other allowances that he received in the service. So, former colleagues of Konstantin Ivanovich did not calculate additional payments for work with secret documents, agents, for information and analytical support, especially important tasks, special tasks, in the total amount of 29131. And also 563% of the premium (this is not a typo, 563%) in the amount of 61221 hryvnia. In total, the Security Service did not calculate the then even governor a little more than 90 thousand hryvnias of salary, based on which he should have been charged a pension. In this connection, the official went to court, demanding to oblige the SBU to send a certificate of his financial security to the pension fund of Kyiv, where all these “bonuses” would be listed so that his pension would be recalculated, and the PFU would recalculate his pension. The court partially recognized the claims of Konstantin Bryl as justified. He ordered the Security Service to issue a new certificate with “additional” 90 thousand. UAH. salary and send it again to the Pension Fund. According to the law, employees of law enforcement agencies receive a pension of at least 50% of their financial security.. Chornovil was driving through Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district, where he then worked as a battalion commander of the traffic police Bryl. A year later, he made a career leap to the post of Assistant Deputy Minister of the Interior. We also note that on March 24, 2018, a memorial plaque with the image of Vyacheslav Cheronovol was installed in Zaporozhye on the facade of the Baida cinema, which is located next to the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, where Konstantin Ivanovich Bryl works. Why Konstantin Bryl is waiting for the victory of Yulia Tymoshenko in the presidential elections Bryl is a creature of the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Vitaly Kovalchuk. And for some time he managed to restrain the flow of negativity along Bryl and cut sharp corners. But the information still began to fall on the table to the President. Scandals with the declaration, sky-high assets for a simple civil servant, getting into the top 10 enemies of the press, data on corruption schemes, and so on and so forth, which the media have repeatedly written about. The results of sociological surveys, according to which Bryl dropped his own rating to the level of statistical error and dragged the President's rating down to 8%. Transferred to Petro Poroshenko in the Zaporozhye region and Bryl's off-scale anti-rating of 60%. All this is known on Bankova. Therefore, the governorship of Bryl in the Zaporozhye region ends after the elections, with any result.. But in conjunction with the BYuT, in his opinion, he has a chance to find another “trough”, for which he colluded with the informal head of the local BYuT Gennady Fuchs and MP Nikolai Frolov, writes Izdato. Information about Konstantin Ivanovich’s attempts to build bridges with BYuT began to circulate since 2017, but there were no details. According to information received from informed sources, Bryl managed to negotiate with Gennady Fuchs. No less significant is the recent visit of Yulia Tymoshenko to Zaporozhye, at the end of which Bryl boasted on Facebook about how wonderfully he organized everything. It seems that Konstantin Bryl is incredibly happy about the prospects of Yulia Timoshenko, his own resourcefulness and agreement with Gennady Fuks and Nikolai Frolov. But a treaty is only good as long as nobody knows about it.. And Ukrainians are not stupid enough to trust Tymoshenko once again. So heads will roll in both games.

Laundering money on sick people

When, at the beginning of 2016, the then-new head of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, Kostantin Bryl, started big changes in the field of hemodialysis in regional medicine, then, briefly, the following happened. The region refused the services of a German company, with which the region has been cooperating for many years, the equipment of this company – dozens of “artificial kidneys”, which the company supplied free of charge in Zaporozhye and transferred to the balance of local clinics – was sealed and sent to the “archive”. And instead of it, by the strong-willed hand of bureaucratic justice, another company was brought to the Zaporozhye region and other dialysis equipment was hastily delivered to hospitals. Since the beginning of 2016, all funds allocated from the state budget for the purchase of consumables for hemodialysis are passed exclusively through the “favorite” company of Governor Konstantin Bryl. It is worth noting that when similar replacements took place in some other regions of Ukraine, this caused a storm of resistance from local dialysis patients.. Those whose fate fell on the heavy lot of life dependence on hemodialysis stated that the procedure is much worse tolerated with this equipment and with these consumables.. Protests were held in several cities. In Kryvyi Rih, for example, patients gathered in an active mass, took the hemodialysis machines imposed on them by the authorities and put them out of the hospital onto the street. Patients from Zaporozhye perceived the government's concern for the health of patients and the budget with caution and with great distrust.. And as two years of patient observations have shown, it is not in vain. Time confirmed the suspicions: in fact, the only purpose for which the authorities replaced the supplier was purely commercial interest, going in a “slightly illegal” fairway.

Zaporizhzhya governor – the leader of a criminal organization

The editors of IPnews got audio recordings of interesting conversations that shed light on the extent of corruption in the Zaporozhye region and who is in charge of it. Today we are publishing a fragment of one of the dialogues, one of the participants of which is the head of the Capital Construction Department of the ZOGA Vladimir Totsky, whose corruption activities IPnews reported earlier. And the second interlocutor has not been definitely identified, but judging from the conversation, most likely, this is the former head of the Anti-Corruption Commission at the ZOGA Dmitry Marchenko.

The Governor of the Zaporozhye region Konstantin Bryl acts in conjunction with the criminals part 2

Details of yesterday's incident revealed. Recall that on the morning of October 17, a Subaru Forester car was shot at in the Voznesenovsky district. The journalists contacted the owner of the car. It turned out to be Sergei Netkach, a migrant from the Donbass, a pensioner from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Ukrevrobiotop company. According to him, the attack took place at about 9.20 in the courtyard of a private house on the street. Nizhnedneprovskaya. He just got into the car and was about to leave on business. – I managed to open the automatic gate halfway when the first charge sounded. The shot hit the rear window and the right “rack”. A few seconds later, a second shot sounded, this time hitting the bumper. Fortunately, no one was hurt, – said Sergei Netkach. The man connects the attack with his entrepreneurial activity. For more than a year, Sergei Netkach has been seeking the allocation of a land plot of the Stepnyansky village council of the Zaporizhzhya region with an area of 1.3 hectares in order to start creating fuel briquettes. The permission for land allocation was received at the end of August 2017. It turned out that this site is located next to the land owned by Alexander Chumachenko, director of the Immidzh-Tomalex LLC enterprise. “Probably, we are interfering with them,” Netkach said, “from the beginning of the paperwork and from the moment surveyors appeared on my site, Chumachenko performed a number of actions that prove this. For example, he called 102 and reported the theft of materials on my part. Upon the arrival of the police, I provided all the documents, as a result, they refused to initiate cases. Further, in the summer, a number of media outlets reported that I had allegedly created a criminal group. This is slander. According to our interlocutor, Alexander Chumachenko has recently been in close contact with Sergei Danilov (known in criminal circles as “Horoscope”), with whom he also had a conflict. The name of “Horoscope” has already appeared in the materials of IPnews, when we reported on the attack on journalists, including our publication. According to our information, the attack was ordered by Governor Konstantin Bryl, and the executor was the aforementioned Sergey “Horoscope” Danilov. Sergei Netkach, whose car was shot this morning, did not know that, being engaged in recycling and manufacturing fuel briquettes, he was crossing the path of Bryl and his “junior partner” – Danilov. As it became known to IPnews, the latter colluded with Chumachenko to oust Sergei Netkach. Chumachenko sent a letter to the governor, with a request to take away the site, which was drawn up by the victim. After that, Danilov brought Chumachenko to meet Bryl, and the meeting was successful. However, what to do with Netkach, who has already received a land permit, previously signed by the chairman of the Regional State Administration? And today an attempt was made on a businessman. There is a very strange and wild pattern. As soon as someone becomes uncomfortable with Konstantin Bryl, tragic events occur. Entrepreneur – Sergey Parshin (partner of Sergey Netkach, on June 5, 2017 was severely beaten at the place of residence), who crossed the path of Bryl and Danilov on the dumps of metallurgical production. The third is an IPnews journalist (stones were thrown at a car), who began to write about the illegal mining of metallurgical dumps. And today they started shooting at people. While Oleg Zolotonosha, the head of the Zaporozhye police, is trying in every possible way to stop the criminal lawlessness in Zaporozhye, the governor Konstantin Bryl has led and encourages him.

The governor of Zaporizhzhya came up with another corruption scheme

The Department of Ecology of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration appealed to the head of the regional state administration Konstintin Bryl with a request to create a new composition of the ecological public council under the head of the region. According to the source of our publication, surrounded by the head of the Regional State Administration, by creating a new environmental council, Bryl will try to establish another corruption “scheme” to extort funds from entrepreneurs. “The scheme of work developed by the governor is very simple: the new environmental council goes to a conditional enterprise, draws up an act on non-compliance with environmental laws, then raises this “problem” in the media and the head of the Regional State Administration has no choice but to give the relevant instructions to the security forces to sort it out. Everyone knows what will happen next, the amount of fines is now rather big … ”, – says the interlocutor of the publication. According to the regulations on its work, the public council has the right to create profile commissions to check any organizations and enterprises for their compliance with environmental laws, as well as make recommendations to the authorities on administrative punishment of violators. Recall that this is not the first joint experience of Bryl and social activists.. Earlier, with the help of Dmitry Marchenko, head of the anti-corruption commission at the Regional State Administration, Bryl tried to control medical flows.

Zaporozhye governor accused of raiding a hotel complex

Kyiv businessman Yuriy Rosputny accuses the head of the ZOGA Konstantin Bryl of illegally taking possession of his own estate. Public activist Irina Lekh reports this on her website. According to Lekh, she has documents at her disposal confirming that Ivan Bryl, the father of the Zaporozhye governor, is the owner of property worth UAH 11 million.. But in the declaration of Konstantin Bryl there is no information about this property. Homestead owner claims to have taken out a $1 million loan in 2009 against property outpost. But the head of the bank's supervisory board, Elena Yakimenko, illegally removed the bank's liquid collateral, including the estate of a Kyiv businessman. Having entered into an agreement with Bryl, Yakimenko committed illegal actions to assign the debt. Thus, the collateral property was withdrawn from the bank and stolen from the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Individuals. Also, law enforcement officers should be interested in the fact that documents were presented at court hearings, assuring that the Bryl family repaid a debt to the bank of $ 1 million. Where in the family of civil servants such money will be dealt with by NABU and the Prosecutor General's Office – the corresponding appeal has already been sent by Zaporozhye public figures. If the information about the assignment of the debt is not confirmed, then there was a criminal conspiracy. If the Bryley family really had money in the amount of $1 million, then law enforcement officers can incriminate the Zaporizhzhya governor with article 368 part 1 and art.. 366 part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – illegal enrichment and declaring false information, respectively.

Beating of a Zaporozhye journalist

“You and the journalists decide clearly: you got punched in the face and that’s it,” people’s deputy Krivokhatko joked. On May 24, 2016, unidentified persons beat a Hromadske.TB journalist. Zaporizhzhya” by Anatoly Ostapenko, who “dug up” compromising evidence on the head of the region Konstantin Bryl. We also recall that Bryl recently tried to employ Igor Radchenko, nicknamed “Frontier”, a fighter of the “Lisichansk “Aidar”, who is now convicted of grave crimes, as his deputy.

SBU General Konstantin Bryl is suspected of setting fire to the cars of the Aidar battalion

Electoral scandal in the Kyiv region. Soldiers of the Aidar battalion suspect one of the contenders for a deputy mandate of setting fire to their cars. Reported by TSN. The vehicles, which took out the wounded from the front line, took up at night a hundred kilometers from the ATO zone – in peaceful Kagarlyk. “We were in the ATO zone on these machines. They brought food, took out the wounded from the battlefield,” say the Aidarovites. The fighters address the accusations to the major general of the SBU, now a candidate for people's deputies in the 93rd district. “We received calls from candidate Konstantin Bryl. People called themselves that they were from his election campaign. Since our people are on commissions, they began to offer us large sums. We refused and saw this result,” the military says.

Governor Bryl won the diploma of “Father of the Year” in the competition, which he himself organized

Ex-SBU officer, Governor of the Zaporozhye region Konstantin Bryl became one of the winners of the “Father of the Year” contest, which he himself founded. It is reported by Father of many children Bryl was awarded the diploma “Father of the Year” in the nomination “Representative of local executive authorities”. It is curious that the diplomas of the competition were signed by Konstantin Bryl and the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Council Grigory Samardak. Thus, Bryl issued a diploma and the title “Father of the Year” to himself. The results of the competition were published by the press service of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, in total 118 men took part in the competition, 46 people were recognized as winners in 17 different categories.

Titushki Onishchenko beat Maya Bril

On October 17, Maya Bryl, the wife of the candidate for people's deputies in the 93rd constituency from the Popular Front party, SBU Major General Konstantin Bryl, was beaten

Suspicious bag in the eldest sons of Bryl

From an interview with Bryl: “There was another wild case. My eldest sons from my first marriage came to me from Germany. A couple of weeks later they flew home from Boryspil airport, they had a bag with gifts from me. And then my first wife called me and said that this bag was not delivered. She had to go to the German customs. There it turned out that local law enforcement officers received a call from Ukraine and were told: in a bag of drugs. Of course, the police found nothing of the sort.. But my kids got stressed. And all this happened due to the fact that the SVB filmed how the Borispol customs officers take bribes, and showed it at the board in the central office … “. We do not know for sure what 19-year-old Kirill and 15-year-old Konstantin Jr. were carrying in their bag.. But that this is in no way related to the documentation of the bribe can be confirmed by the new customs leadership.. It was under the “Kyiv council”, the chief of which headed the committee after the expulsion of Khoroshkovsky, that Bryl was digging, because he could not wait for bribes from this side of the front. .

Eduard Gugnin and Konstantin Bryl are accused of totalitarianism .

Advisor Bryl caused damage to the state for 115 million


The family's real estate includes two garages, one apartment and one garden house, 4 residential buildings and 9 land plots with a total area of 42,000. Sq. m. It should be noted that out of all the indicated real estate, only one residential building is located in Zaporozhye, the other property is located in Kyiv and various regions of the Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district of the Kyiv region. Konstantin Bryl does not deny himself valuable gifts, for example, like a Vertu Signature phone. The ex-governor did not indicate the cost of his acquisition, however, according to data from online stores, the price of a communication device can reach 13 thousand. Euro. In addition, in 2003 and 2004, the former official acquired four watches by Vacheron Constantyn, Breguet and Ulysse Nardin, the average cost of which is UAH 1-2 million.. The ex-official also owns weapons – the Blaser R93 300 Win Mag carbine No. 89424, the Dopelbuks Drilling carbine No12 / 76-30.06.261628, the SPR-300 whisper carbine BKI 140470 and the Prechtel M-3830.06 carbine No. 9863. There are 4 cars in the fleet of Konstantin Ivanovich – Volkswagen Caddy 2004, Toyota Camry 2014, Land Rover Range Rover 2013, Mersedes Benz S350 2014 And also the wife of the former governor declares the water vehicle BRP 2005. The wife of Konstantin Bryl has corporate rights to Pereyaslavsky Okhotochy Dvor LLC and Hunting Trails LLC. In addition, she is the beneficiary of these enterprises and LLC “Specialized hunting farm Pereyaslavskoe”. In 2019, the former head of the ZOGA received a salary of 258 thousand. hryvnia, pension – 167 thousand. UAH. In turn, working in the PrJSC AMC Forum, the ex-official's wife received 238 thousand. UAH. Entrepreneurial activity brought Maya Petrovna 4.67 million UAH, and the provision of property for rent – 400 thousand. UAH The total amount of monetary assets declared for Konstantin Ivanovich is UAH 1.269 million. But his wife is the owner of UAH 7 million. Also 58 thousand. UAH. is owned by the daughter of the spouses Christina. In total, Bryl have 47 open bank accounts. The governor also has a private jet, on which he flies to and from work. “Chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Konstantin Bryl managed to show several expensive accessories at once in one photo, which Forpost journalists were able to recognize. Moreover, the governor himself posted the photo on his own Facebook page, talking about a personal meeting with residents of the Tokmatsky district.”


Konstantin Ivanovich Bryl is a truly unique person. Over the past 20 years, Bryl has stolen so much that even Yanukovych could “admire”. At least nine criminal cases were filed. Based on this long criminal biography, there is only one question in my head: How did Bryl become governor, and why is he still at large?

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