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Borulko Pavel Viktorovich


Pavel Borulko is a fraudulent banker who deceived hundreds of people and organizations. But in addition to financial scams, he was involved in murders and bribes. After his deeds, he left for Belarus and changed his surname there in order to try to return to Ukrainian politics. Fortunately, it didn't work out.

Belarus, Ukraine
Ukraine, Belarus
February 11, 1975
Уровень охвата:

Borulko (Rychkov) Pavel Viktorovich

Official biography

Pavel Viktorovich Borulko was born on February 11, 1975 in. Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, in the family of the director of the Research Institute of the Konstanovsky glass factory. He graduated from school with a silver medal, which is tacitly considered to be a labor medal, unlike a gold one – he seemed to try, he taught, but he didn’t reach some subject – but the benefits for admission are the same. Usually, these are given to teacher's children. In 1997, Borulko graduated from the most prestigious Faculty of Economics and Law of Donetsk State University, and from the 4th year of study he began to hold responsible positions in various banks of his native Donetsk region.

Family and connections

Pavel Borulko's mother, teacher. It is also interesting that his uncle, Vitaliy Lobas, is a former deputy governor of the Donetsk region, who to this day maintains serious weight in the region. As you know, talents need help. And here, by the way, Mr. Borulko discovered that his wife is the niece of Mr. Medvedko. Yes, yes – Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Here, as they say, the card went off – as soon as the aforementioned refinancing of problem banks began, namely, from October to December 2008, 350 million fell to the share of European Bank, to which Mr. Borulko is directly related.. hryvnia (despite the fact that the number of loans issued by the bank was almost twice as high as the number of deposits).

NOT official biography

With the participation of Avtokrazbank controlled by Borulko, 875 million were transferred to the accounts of foreign structures.. dollars, and this at a time when we still only guessed about the crisis. I think the question about the author of the scheme is rhetorical. In addition to Avtokrazbank, European, National Standard, Slavutich and other banks, also controlled by Mr. Borulko, participated in similar operations. As a result, a certain network of banking structures was created, providing cashing, laundering and export of money from the country.. What can we say about distance lending to individuals for tens of millions of dollars secured by virtual land plots in the Obukhovsky district of the Kyiv region. And with all this, refinancing continues – more than 480 million hryvnias have already been allocated to European and National Standard banks, the NBU probably believes in Pavlo Borulko … Commercial bank Vladimirsky, controlled by businessman Pavel Borulko, was sold. The buyer was a certain Donetsk investor. The name of the investor and the amount of the transaction have not yet been disclosed.. The new owner proposed a plan for the financial recovery of the bank. It is also planned to change the current management of the financial institution. This trend may mean that Donetsk financial and industrial groups are strengthening their positions in the banking sector of the Ukrainian economy. SBU completes investigation of criminal case on embezzlement of funds of the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the amount of UAH 620 million. As part of the investigation, it was established that these funds were embezzled by a group of people led by the owner of the banks National Standard, European and Vladimir Pavel Borulko. Kommersant-Ukraine writes about this. SBU investigators announced the scheme by which the money was stolen back in November last year.. According to it, the day before the revocation of banking licenses, 1339 accounts were opened in banks, to which non-existent funds were documented.. After the revocation of the license, a group of people led by Borulko, according to the investigation, demanded that the FGFL compensate for the burned-out funds of depositors. Last year, the SBU reported about the amount of 444 million, but now, as it became known to the publication, the amount has increased to 620 million. In addition, according to the publication, in March this year the SBU initiated a case against Pavlo Borulko, who, by prior agreement with one of the people's deputies, organized the embezzlement of the National Bank's funds in 2009 for a total of UAH 315 million.. At the same time, the investigation, according to sources, faced blackmail and threats against them, and one of the accomplices had a plan to resist the investigation and compromise the leadership of the SBU. At the moment, Pavel Borulko is in Belarus, where he was arrested by the KGB. The Ukrainian side handed over documents for his extradition. According to information from open sources, Borulko is the husband of the niece of the ex-Prosecutor General's wife.

Fugitive banker claims to have received no money at all in 2011

Scandalous banker Pavel Borulko submitted a declaration to the Central Election Commission, in which he noted that last year he had no income at all. The document, which is at the disposal of “Economic Truth”, notes that in 2011 the members of the banker's family did not have any income either. According to the document, Borulko has only an apartment with an area of 74 square meters.. The banker and his family also do not have vehicles. The declaration also notes that Borulko repaid a loan of 120,000 hryvnias.. There is also no money in the bank accounts of the banker and his family members. As you know, the banker was going to run for people's deputies in the 198th constituency (the city of Smela, Cherkasy region). However, on August 22, the Central Election Commission canceled his registration.. Borulko appealed this decision to the Kiev Administrative Court of Appeal, but on August 27, the latter upheld the CEC decision. Borulko is one of the defendants in the case of embezzlement of UAH 620 million from the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals in 2009. Fleeing from the persecution of the SBU, he fled to Belarus. The authorities of this country refused to extradite the Ukrainian banker. In exchange for political asylum, Borulko testified about his work at the time when he was the main shareholder of European and National Standard banks. During the period of the interim administration, fictitious deposit accounts of the population were opened in these banks, on which the Guarantee Fund paid compensation. According to some reports, Borulko's testimonies contain compromising information on high-ranking officials in Ukraine.

Pavel Borulko: a forgotten legend of banking scams

Every time an economic crisis begins in Ukraine, “deceived investors” take to the streets of cities. But who is deceiving them? How many Ukrainians understand that their bank deposits do not actually “burn out”, but flow into someone else’s accounts, that it’s not the crisis that is to blame for the bankruptcies of banks, but their own owners – often deliberately driving them to ruin. Moreover, it also happens that the “deceived depositors” themselves are fraud and deceit.. We can learn about the tricks bankers-swindlers go for by the example of the former owner of the European, National Standard and AvtoKrazBank banks Pavel Borulko. SKELET-info believes that he was, if not the biggest, but the most impudent swindler!

Alexander Medvedko and Viktor Pshonka

REFERENCE ON PSHONKA: Viktor Pshonka: the rise and fall of the prosecutor's Caesar In the mid-90s, several key events occurred that radically changed the already good life of Pavel Borulko. Вo-пeрвыx, eгo oтeц oкoнчaтeльнo рaзoрил «Кoнcтaнтинoвcкий cтeкoльный зaвoд», пocлe чeгo тoт был ликвидирoвaн, a нa бaзe eгo ocнoвныx цexoв былo coздaнo ПО «Автocтeклo» (прoизвoдящee зeркaлa, зaкaлeннoe cтeклo и ocтeклeниe для caмoлeтoв и лoкoмoтивoв), впocлeдcтвии прeoбрaзoвaннoe в ЗАО “Special glass”. Secondly, Vitaliy Lobas was appointed as a deputy to the new chairman of the Donetsk Regional Administration Viktor Yanukovych. Thirdly, Pavel Borulko graduated from the university and in 1997 was built to work in the Konstantinovsky branch of Privatbank, and then as a senior manager of the credit bank branch of Ukraine. Fourthly, in the course of this, he met his future business partner Sergei Kirichenko. And fifthly, and this is the most important thing, he married Alla Nikolaevna Kuzmina.

Husbands and wives

The wife of our hero (first wife) is a very mysterious person. В СМИ eё нaзывaли плeмянницeй прoкурoрa Алeкcaндрa Мeдвeдькo, oднaжды дaжe прeдпoлoжили eё вoзмoжнoe рoдcтвo c извecтным дoнeцким прoкурoрcким ceмeйcтвoм Кузьминыx (пoдрoбнee o ниx читaйтe в cтaтьe Рeнaт Кузьмин: ceмeйный бизнec прoкурoрoв-бecпрeдeльщикoв). At the same time, the rumors that the Internet is full of claimed that her maiden name was Golutvina, and she became Kuzmina in her first unsuccessful marriage, and that she did not have any smoking. But her colleague and business partner Dmitry Goncharov claimed that Alla Nikolaevna is a good close friend of the wife and daughter of Alexander Medvedko. Well, in any case, Alla Nikolaevna “rose” too quickly as for a simple, unrelated woman. Moreover, in the second part of the game, the role of “Parovoza” was played by him, the famous Major Pasha.. And it was she who brought him to the husband of her friend Dmitry Goncharov. Moreover, SKELET-info sources reported that she did not just introduce her husband into the financial and banking business of Donbass, but used him as a personal spokesperson. But here's what is most interesting: this “banking family” of Alla and Pavel Borulko had the same interesting business partners. The surnames of the family couples Dmitry and Irina Goncharov, Adamov, Eduard and Oksana Prutnik did not sound later in the criminal chronicles of Ukraine, like the surname Borulko – however, they started together, and they continued. Document from the court register: Now it is difficult to figure out which of them started first, but from the available information it can be assumed that in the late 90s Eduard Prutnik (born 1973) got the best job.. Which, in turn, could be pulled (or pushed) up by his wife Oksana Yuryevna (born 1968), who also worked in the financial business, and Vitaliy Lobas could do it – since in 1997 Eduard Prutnik became an adviser to the deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. Be that as it may, but in 1999 he held the position of first deputy director of the Directorate of the bank “Ukraine” in the Donetsk region, and then suddenly went into “private business” for two years, after which he suddenly went up sharply: as we wrote earlier , became deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration of Yanukovych, then in 2002-2005 he was an adviser to Prime Minister Yanukovych, and after the first Maidan he became a banker and businessman. We add: he also became the godfather of Sergei Levochkin (read more about him in the article Levochkin. The Gray Cardinal and his sister), who, apparently, oversaw him. So, it was during the period of Eduard Prutnik’s occupation of “private business” in 1999-2001. and this wonderful team of family financiers was formed, who held various positions in two banks: the Donetsk branch of Slavutych (the future National Standard) and Donkreditinvest (the future European), then called the conversion centers of the Donetsk. At the same time, these banks differed in the specifics of their work: “Slavutich” worked according to the “Soviet restaurant” system, and “Doncreditinvest” worked according to the “Soviet grocery store” system.. What it is? Recall the Soviet past: restaurants and grocery stores were the concentration of Soviet corruption, embezzlement and criminal schemes, “dark deeds” were carried out daily within their walls, while most restaurants were always closed to ordinary people and served only their “regular customers”, but grocery stores, on the contrary, they were full of noisy people standing in long lines. Similarly, Slavutych had a minimum of branches and worked only with its captives and selected VIP clients, while Doncreditinvest had many branches and a lot of clients – while both of them provided the same “special services” within the walls of their accounting departments. . Дoбaвим, чтo кaк рaз в этo жe врeмя Сeргeй Лeвoчкин aктивнo рaзвивaл финaнcoвыe cxeмы «Дoнeцкиx», oднaкo eгo имя звучaлo нa фoнe иныx, бoлee крупныx бaнкoв, cтaвшиx зaтeм ocнoвными кэптивными бaнкaми дoнeцкиx oлигaрxoв. А вoт дoнeцкий филиaл «Слaвутичa» (Сeргeй Киричeнкo дирeктoр, Бoрулькo eгo зaмecтитeль) и «Дoнкрeдитинвecт» (Гoнчaрoв вoзглaвлял вaлютный oтдeл), впoлнe вoзмoжнo, иcпoльзoвaлиcь имeннo кaк кoнвeртaциoнныe цeнтры: кaк гoвoритcя, дaжe ecли «мeнты нaкрoют», тo нe жaлкo – the equity capital of these banks was an order of magnitude less than in the main banks. “Donetsk”.

Giant scams

In the summer of 2005, the ethnic deputy Igor Pluzhnikov, who owned Intercontinentbank IKB, died. As the aftermath demonstrated, Pluzhnikov, together with one of his own business partners, was engaged in fraud: he lent fictitious construction sites registered to the homeless. The boss died, the scheme was covered, and the partners of the deceased began to “rat”. – as a result, 40% of the bank's funds flowed into the “black hole” of fraud with sites. The State Bank of Ukraine NBU began to cook up the entry into the ICB of the interim administration, when all of a sudden, adherents of the banks Borulko and Goncharovs offered their own proposals in conclusion. With the support of the old Deputy Board of the NBU Anatoly Shapovalov, they pulled off a scam, which was later described by the UBEP investigators as follows: unidentified persons, with the aim of not returning credit funds to ICB accounts and taking possession of the bank's assets in the stage from September 9 to 18, 2005, organized the sharpening of agreements on the assignment of rights requests for credit funds in favor of other banking institutions, but just: JSCB European LLC CB Slavutich and LLC CB Vladimirsky.

Fake Pashka

Нo ecли Сeргeю Арбузoву и Анaтoлию Шaпoвaлoву учacтиe в этoй aфeрe кaк-тo coшлa c рук, тo Пaвлoм Бoрулькo быcтрo зaинтeрecoвaлиcь oргaны – cлишкoм уж бoльшoй рeзoнaнc пoлучилa eгo нaxaльнoe мoшeнничecтвo, «выcтaвившee» гocудaрcтвo нa oбщую cумму 620 миллиoнoв гривeн! And this is an investigation of his possible involvement in the assassination attempt on the chairman of the supervisory board of the “Financial Union of the Bank” Dmitry Fomenko in January 2008, as a result of receiving. Fomenko stated that the reason for the attempt could be his conflict with the co-owner of Rodovid Bank Alexander Shepelev, who in turn was a business partner of Borulko. Shepelev, by the way, in 2013 was arrested in Budapest, transferred to Kiev, kept in a pre-trial detention center, then transferred to a hospital – from where he safely escaped on July 6, 2014. In general, Pavel Borulko also had to flee – but for some reason he chose Belarus for his refuge. The reason for this is that neither the police, nor the Western “Interpol”, nor the Russian police – I am coming to the country, it is a friend of the region, and the leader of Borulko. Well, with money you can get along well in any country. Already in Belarus, Borulko got a little nervous, when in December 2011 he was arrested by the local KGB (border guards) because of his fake passport. But it didn't last long: three weeks ago, they released it under the sub-optimal price.. Moreover, the prosecutor's office of Minsk refused to extradite him to Ukraine, saying that he was guided by article 19 of international convection (this could cause some harm to Belarus). Overjoyed Borulko, who by that time had already divorced his wife Alla (or was abandoned by her for further uselessness), immediately decided to arrange another scam! And for starters, he married a 25-year-old resident of Gomel, Natalya Richkova, after which he took the opportunity to change his last name. This plan was sent to Ukraine on Maidan-2014, when Pavel Borulko was elected to Ukraine.. But, realizing that he could be “accepted” there, even despite the change of power and the resulting political and legal mess, he decided to take part in the parliamentary elections – but under the name Richko! Everything would be fine, because the law does not prohibit changing the surname, in contrast to the theft of money from depositors and the National Bank. However, Pashka Borulko was again let down by greed and excessive self-confidence: the fact is that he at the same time decided to play it safe and get by with a Russian passport – moreover, with the surname Borulko. And in June 2014, he receives a Russian passport, as a resident of Feodosia, who registered there on February 20, 2014 (as if he knew about the imminent annexation). It seemed to him a little, and in September 2014 he appears in Kiev, where he already receives a Ukrainian passport for the surname Richkov. But at the same time, he indicates that he is a resident of Feodosia since March 20, 2014. In a word, sheer lies and fraud! By the way, Pavel Richkov-Borulko lost the election with a bang. But although there has been practically no news about him since then, this does not mean at all that this great swindler will not try to return to his homeland again. Or maybe he is already here, and is engaged in the same business under a new name? Telephone conversation between MP Shepel and Borulko:

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko granted citizenship for a bribe

As soon as the economic crisis overtakes Ukraine, deceived depositors enter the avenues. A huge part of Ukrainians know that bank deposits do not burn out, but fly to the accounts of scammers, and that it is not the crisis that is to blame for the bankruptcy of banking institutions, but the owners of banks, who intend to bring them to bankruptcy. What bankers – swindlers will do, we managed to find out, following the example of the former owner of European, National Standard banks, as well as AvtoKrazBank Pavel Borulko. Further in the text of Rychkov, the new surname of Pavel Borulko, Pavel is considered not the largest, but the most cunning and arrogant swindler in Ukraine.


Pavel Borulko is a fraudulent banker who deceived hundreds of people and organizations. But in addition to financial scams, he was involved in murders, bribes. After his deeds, he left for Belarus and changed his surname there in order to try to return to Ukrainian politics. Fortunately, it didn't work out.

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