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She actively blogs, and her Marathon of Desires is very popular ...


Info-terrorist, a liar who makes millions on ordinary people. ...


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Blinovskaya Elena Olegovna


Dangerous marathons from Blinovskaya for big money! Buy one, and a visit to a psychiatrist is guaranteed! The famous Elena Blinovskaya, the author of several marathons, including the "Marathon of Desires", gives people stolen, chaotically cobbled together knowledge that carries a danger to people. Not trained as a psychologist, she uses meditation techniques that can turn a mentally healthy person into a mental hospital patient. In addition, her marathon is advertised by major bloggers, and recently a film was made on it, for our money, of course, and now there will be many times more unfortunate people who will spend their last money with hope.

Уровень охвата:

Elena Olegovna Ostanina (Blinovskaya)

Official biography

Model, blogger, author of the legendary “Wish Marathon”.

Date of Birth

August 25, 1981. Yaroslavl, USSR

Family status

Married to businessman Alexei Blinovsky. There are four children.

generous husband

It is quite possible that her husband Alexey provides financial support to her.. The SPARK database includes Aleksey Vladimirovich Blinovsky, the owner of 13 operating legal entities. In Yaroslavl, he owns a jewelry house with an annual revenue of more than 150 million rubles, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory – a mining enterprise engaged in the extraction of ores of precious and rare metals. On the Volga, a businessman keeps a yacht glamping, accommodation in which will cost yachtsmen 14.5 thousand rubles a day. In addition, in the Vologda Oblast and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, he is engaged in the cultivation and processing of fish, trade and restaurants. By the way, it seems that Alexei's father is also a businessman – the owner of a number of construction companies, one of which later became part of the Peak group.


Elena's career began as an accountant. After working in the company for a short time, she realized that she had chosen the wrong specialization, since she was not attracted by the prospect of spending her whole life in a cramped office counting numbers. While working from home, Elena became interested in practices, studied books on psychology and watched videos on the topic of personal growth.. And when I realized that I had gained enough knowledge, I began to develop my own method, which was subsequently used by thousands of people.. At the same time, the woman was in no hurry to call herself a psychologist, but instead began to share with others what helped her find herself and become happy. When the news about Blinovskaya's marathon of desires spread on the Internet, more and more people became interested in the woman's personality.. Now at least 300,000 have completed her trainings.. human. At such events, Elena helped people work through the fears that prevented them from achieving their goals and overcome them.. By her own example, she still shows and proves options for using various methods to realize desires.. And all this is far from magic or magic, rather, her techniques are related to psychology and the mood for the result.

 NOT official biography

What Blinovskaya did before the creation of marathons is unknown. But it seems that all the achievements of Elena appeared only thanks to her husband. By the way, the wish fulfillment company was registered to him in 2019. The husband, the founder of Elena's business, is registered as both an LLC and an individual entrepreneur. Here is a screenshot from the database where the date of registration of the company is November 29, 2019. On some of their formulas, the reliability of the enterprise is indicated as low, whatever that means. The activity indicated in the species is not at all related to the gift of a dream

Student of world coaches. Where is the catch?

Lena Blinovskaya boldly claims that Tony Robbins is a well-known coach with a dark reputation, and Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist and self-development author, are her personal teachers.. Of course, this is a lie, because Dispenza has not taken personal students for many years and has been consulting and training for large companies of companies, but Robbins should not be trusted at all. Based on her stories about herself, one can immediately understand that Blinovskaya uses the achievements of world coaches, in particular Dispenza, passing them off as her own! “You might think some girl from Instagram, composed some kind of training and decided to make money on it, it would be so simple, but it's not, and in fact a huge amount of knowledge that I have and all the teachers in the subject of wish fulfillment that you know , ranging from such well-known as John Kehoe the author of the book “the subconscious can do anything”, Joe Dispenza, Eckhard Tolle, Liz Burbo, John Gray, Michael Roach. All these people were my teachers, with everyone I stood at arm's length, and not just came up with some kind of story. You will understand that you get the most powerful squeeze out of all this knowledge…” Also, Lena often boasts that she helped Dispenza make a fortune on the voice acting of his book.. But this is not so, because the book “The Power of the Subconscious, How to Change Your Life in 4 Weeks” has already been voiced by Alexander Sharonov, and many times better than Blinovskaya did. From this we can conclude that the blogger is again trying to make a name for herself on someone else's work. I would like to draw the attention of the author of the book to this situation. An excerpt from the book by Joe Dispenza performed by Elena Blinovskaya:

“Marathon of Desires”

One of the pioneers of the online marathon market is 40-year-old Elena Blinovskaya. She launched her “Marathons of Desires” – lectures and practical classes on personal growth – in 2015. Since then, about 150,000 people have taken part in the project, which brought Blinovskaya several hundred million rubles in revenue, Kirill Didenok from the Didenok Team estimates. At this stage, Elena Blinovskaya has five marathons:

  1. Marathon of desires 1 stage – standard: 4500 rubles. VIP: 200,000 rubles
  2. “Become and you will receive” – 2nd stage of the marathon of desires – standard: 6000 rubles. VIP: 300,000 rubles
  3. Financial marathon “Expansion of financial consciousness” – standard: 5000 rubles. VIP: 250,000 rubles.
  4. “Purpose” – standard 7000 rubles. ; VIP 450 000 rub.
  5. “About relationships” – 10,000 rubles. VIP: 500,000 rubles

According to Kirill Didenok, based on the dynamics of the number of subscribers and reviews in the accounts of Blinovskaya and her marathons, the annual audience of the Marathon of Wishes has increased from 5,000 in 2017 to 100,000 in 2020. Didenok estimates Blinovskaya's business revenue in 2020 at 330 million rubles, profit at 200 million rubles. A player in the online marathon market, who wished to remain anonymous, also told Forbes about Blinovskaya’s revenue of “several hundred million rubles” in 2020. If we calculate by the number of streams for marathons and the number of participants in the stream, then the numbers will be much more accurate and impressive: 6-7 streams, 150-300 people each, multiplied by the standard marathon price of 4000 rubles. it turns out about 7,000,000 million. rub. Plus 3-5 VIPs for 200,000 rubles. about 1 million comes out. And only for the marathon of desires Elena receives more than 80 million. rub. If we take the most expensive marathon “About relationships”, the price of which for a standard package is 10,000 rubles. , then with the same number of participants (+2-3 VIPs) the amount will be many times more, about 14 million. rub. Marathons start at intervals of two to three weeks, monthly. As a result, Elena's annual earnings exceed 4 billion rubles. But this is only earnings on marathons, and it makes up only 10% of her total earnings.. The remaining 90% – veterinary activities. This is insider information from friends of our editorial office from the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Moscow.. Moscow. These incomes are commensurate with the scale of MMM. And the knowledge that Elena gives at her marathons was brazenly stolen from the world's coaches. For example, the first task of the “Marathon of Desires” is taken from Marie Kondo's famous book “Magical Cleaning”, its essence is to clean the house of garbage and old things. The advice to “just dream and trust the universe” was taken from Joe Dispenza's book “The Power of the Subconscious”. Proper visualization techniques are taken from John Kehoe's book “The Subconscious Can Do Anything”. All this is seasoned with pathos and daring stories from the life of Blinovskaya herself, and the starting price for this useless vinaigrette is 4000 rubles. There is also a VIP package for the special, its price is 200,000 rubles. It turns out that for one marathon Elena receives about 200 million. rubles (6-7 streams of 200 people, excluding VIP). Everything would be fine, but it seems that in her stories about life Lena lied. In each marathon, she tells completely different conflicting stories.. So, in the “Destiny” marathon, Elena talks about how her path was not easy, she worked at her father's veterinary clinic, taking calls, while working at the vegetable warehouse in felt boots in terrible conditions. By the way, if we talk about the clinic of Elena's father, then they have not heard good things about her. Firstly, Oleg Ostanin did not have a proper education, which is why he could not provide high-quality veterinary services, and secondly, Lena was not a particularly polite employee. Here is a review of the quality of Ostanin's veterinary services: It is worth noting that the date 2013 was indicated in the comment.. During this period, Elena, as she herself says, was engaged in her own business. Moreover, she has been in business since 2005) So why should a rich woman who is all in business sit on the phone in her father's clinic? Also, a veterinary clinic is registered in the name of Blinovskaya, which to this day participates in tenders. Let me remind you that Elena has only an economic education, but despite this, she continues to be engaged in the veterinary and pharmaceutical business. “It is very interesting that Elena's main activity is veterinary, so she breeds mammoths and other animals as it should be.. As you can see in the video, Elena's main audience is girls, because who else but they believe in miracles”

In the main and most popular marathon, there is not a word about veterinary activities, a vegetable store and poor life, and even more so about village roots (Blinovskaya was actually born in the village). There Elena tells us that she was engaged in the purchase of fabric, and a wedding salon. And her family was rich almost from the start. But, one of the participants noticed in this that there is a discrepancy. Lena wrote on her Instagram that her father drank heavily and the family was poor. Audio in which Elena talks about the fact that her father did not consider her beautiful, and said this most often to those who were drunk: Feedback from one of the participants of the marathon: It is also interesting to hear about business. From her stories in marathons, you can hear the story that she, already knowing the methods of making wishes, thought of shopping in Europe, but she could not afford it (although at that time she had already received knowledge for the marathon from Tony Robbins, and training from him in worth 1 million according to her. dollars) and now she started a business with clothes for which it was necessary to purchase fabric in Europe, and then her wish came true. And here is an excerpt from a recent interview in which Elena Blinovskaya declares that she WANTS TO BECOME TONY ROBBINS' PERSONAL STUDENT!
How so? In the marathon of desires, which started back in 2015, Elena tells everyone that she is already a student of Robbins AND STANDED WITH HIM AT ARMS STRENGTH!!!!! In this audio, Elena says that at the time of compiling her first wish list according to the methods studied, her family already had “some” means, but could not afford shopping in Europe, because the family and children required attention and finances. But six months later, everything magically started spinning, Lena got a business, and for work she and her friend flew to Italy every three months, and combined work with shopping: And here is the audio in which Elena talks about the price of Tony Robbins' personal coaching: There is also a very interesting story about moving to Moscow. The father decided to continue his business in the capital, but then the story is that after moving to Moscow, the whole family lived in a cramped odnushka, and slept on the same bed. A businessman who was expanding his business did not have money for a bigger apartment? By the way, Elena is registered in a small apartment of 36.4 sq.. m on Shabolovka. And this is very strange, because at this stage of her life she has better real estate. In 2016, Elena bought a brand new red BMW X6, which she also received thanks to the visualization of desire! In 2018, she moved to a blue Audi Q7 SUV. Twice I leased cars and once I pledged the car in the bank. But judging by the stories from the marathon, Elena's fleet was not limited to two cars. Here Lena talks about her car fleet, and about the cabriolet that she wished for at the marathon: Diving into a painful experience without the supervision of a psychologist or psychotherapist is DANGEROUS for the human psyche. A plot from a TV program about the sad consequences of a marathon. Feedback from foreign psychotherapists and psychologists: “Modern online psychologists are dangerous to society and have nothing to do with real psychologists. At the request of the TV program, foreign psychotherapists told that after all these marathons and online therapy, even healthy people became patients of psychotherapists and psychologists. In addition, experts gave explanations why people like to use such services so much.. Marathons have been compared to fast food – tasty, cheap, but very harmful.”
Psychologist's analysis. Why do people go to the marathon, and what danger lies behind it: “Why is the marathon so popular? Yes, everything is simple! Any Vanka Fool sitting on the stove dreams of catching a goldfish. People believe in miracles. But paying 4000 rubles and waiting for a miracle is not good. A healthy, adequate person enjoys life here and now, without marathons. In addition, the wishing marathon offers the concept of relinquishing responsibility for your life and simply relying on the Universe.. And when you come to this marathon, you initially read some motivational texts, watched the videos that were created for this, your mood has already risen, you see how a husband gave a Bentley to some woman for no reason, and it’s like that with you will be. Only you forget that your husband is a plumber with a salary of 20 thousand. rubles. And during the marathon, it may seem to you that you see signs that everything is working … But at the end, the worst begins … All your emotions and endorphins disappear, and a rollback begins, because you were never given a Bentley, and it's good if you are not very emotionally involved in this process. But if you get carried away, then the rollback will be the most serious, you can fall into a deep depression, and get sick with suicidal thoughts. Whether Blinovskaya wants to take responsibility for this is already an interesting question.”
Audio in which Elena claims: if after the marathon you have problems with debts, housing, your husband left you and you want to die – everything is fine, life just speeds up you the process of fulfillment of desires: In addition, he also tells people about getting divorced no need, because the spouse is your reflection.

Film “Marathon of Desires”

The director of this film is Daria Charusha and naturally Lena Blinovskaya. The whole movie is like one long advertisement for “Marathon of Wishes”, so it's no wonder why Blinovskaya put some of the money for the movie out of her own pocket. The movie is a disaster to say the least.. Lack of logic, infuriating characters that do not evoke any emotions, and of course everything rests on the magic that Elena came up with, stupid, not witty jokes were added to all this. By the way, in this film she played herself, and supposedly it was her cherished desire, which was also fulfilled thanks to the techniques from the marathon. The saddest thing here is that most of the money from the budget was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture for this dirty PR with immoral jokes. And again, ordinary people suffered, because their taxes were sponsored by a miserable advertisement for a dangerous, informational gypsy marathon. Brief reviews of the film “Marathon of Desires”: “In this film, the key is precisely the fulfillment of desires. The main character writes them down in a notebook on the advice of a friend, and they begin to come true.. And after parting with a young man, in the hope of happiness, the main character Marina flies (again on the advice of a friend) to Khanty-Mansinsk to meet with the real sorceress of the 21st century – Elena Blinovskaya, because one touch of her gives magic. In general, the film is full of illogical scenes, vulgar, even too vulgar and not at all funny jokes, and promotes complete inaction and unwillingness to take responsibility for one's life.. Well, of course, everything rests on the magic of Blinovskaya and her marathon, and to attract attention, the famous blogger Masha Minogarova, as well as the famous comedian Alexander Gudkov, were invited to the shooting. There is only one result – poor acting, a primitive plot with no logic, vulgar unfunny jokes, prominent bloggers were added here for beauty, and all this horror was paid for from the pocket of taxpayers. .

genius PR stunt

PR specialists note that marathons use a very competent communication strategy focused on a specific audience – women who spend a lot of time on Instagram.

In addition, Blinovskaya is so popular because for many Russian women she is a role model: a “happy wife”, a “mother of many children”, and a “successful business woman”.
Experts call such bloggers infogypsies, adapting for the general public everything that can be found in popular science literature.. They do not have a unique product, but they have the ability to talk simply about complex things, and most importantly, to promote content on social networks.

Cheat instagram, comments, views and fake articles on different sites and forums. PR on women's forums

Here is an Instagram cheat, a screen with debiting subscribers from Elena Blinovskaya's account:

Performance in Crocus

On January 25, 2019, Elena Blinovskaya held her master class “From Wish List to Dream List” at the Crocus City Hall. As the Internet tells us, there has never been such a large-scale show! It was sold-out. Ticket prices for this event start from 20,000 rubles.. But there was no limit to the disappointment of people. There are a lot of dissatisfied people in the reviews who say that Elena told the whole event about how cool she is, how many achievements she has and everything about herself. People did not receive any secrets and knowledge. After the first part of the show, there was an intermission of 45 minutes, and most of the audience left. It was another rip-off from Blinovskaya.

Beauty contest

Elena – Mrs. Russia 2016. The Internet, as always, lies and claims that Mrs. Russia has become Yulia Stupishina from Nizhny Novgorod. It turns out that Elena became Mrs. Russia international. But miracles happened in this competition too.. And how did you want? After all, a fairy is participating in the competition! For the first time in history, there were two winners in the competition. The most interesting thing is that the video where Blinovskaya took “one of the first places” is still not there, but there are a lot of videos about the competitive theme, there is an advertisement for the hotel where the event took place, endless interviews, impressions, etc.

The second interesting thing is that it was not the winner Blinovskaya who left for the USA for a more important final competition, but another woman Nune Kobyatskaya

Anniversary in a big way

And here is the story of where the huge sums earned on naive people go. At the end of August 2021, Elena's name appeared again on the pages of news publications. This time, the reason for discussion was the celebration in honor of Blinovskaya’s birthday, or rather, its cost: judging by the estimate she posted on her Instagram account, the holiday cost almost 120 million rubles. And this amount has not yet included the rental of a hotel in Gorny Altai for several days. Ivan Urgant, Philip Kirkorov, Ksenia Sobchak, Svetlana Loboda, Philip Kirkorov, the group “Beasts” and rapper Jah Khalib came to congratulate the birthday girl. As the birthday girl admitted, the latter “appeared” on her wish list the day before the holiday, and the necessary missing amount for the artist was unexpectedly found in the closet in the bedroom – the size of the forgotten “stash” exactly coincided with the fee of the Kazakh rapper. By the way, in congratulations, each artist especially noted the generosity of the birthday girl and, to quote the same Khalib, “it was the best corporate party in my life, since no one lays Lena”. An interesting fact can be seen in this situation. Lena made Jah Khalib, that is, a specific person, on her birthday, but in the marathon of desires, she warns her students that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GUESS SPECIFIC PEOPLE, or is it only possible for Lena? Urgant and Sobchak joked endlessly about the fact that Blinovskaya's birthday is taking place in a cave. The comparison is successful not only because of the scenery: noir lighting, a whole greenhouse made of moss, climbing plants and flowers around the entire perimeter of the banquet hall and circus gymnasts disguised as forest spirits of Altai. At some point, at the next congratulation, we caught ourselves thinking that we were in some ancient grotto, in which a certain conditional goddess of fertility lives and where all her followers come with generous gifts as a token of sincere gratitude. 90% of the guests were bloggers (“entry qualification” – from 1M subscribers), whose fate somehow Blinovskaya changed. And let these people decide for themselves who is in front of them – a “infogypsy” or a professional coach and a cool businesswoman. “You showed me how to make a fortune with the same efforts,” one of the millionaire friends and adherents of the Blinovskaya system thanked Elena from the stage. As proof that the marathon is working, he gave his girlfriend a luxury tour to Norway with a private flight as a gift.. We also remember the crazy dances and the passionate speech of the most cheerful guest at the holiday – Anna Tsukanova-Kott. The actress in playful velvet took a running start and presented her friend with a role in the film of her husband, Oscar nominee Alexander Kott. Urgant talks about energy from the stage, and Sobchak calls to be in the flow. The birthday girl herself in a velvet Alessandra Rich dress with spicy lace inserts (which was highly praised on Hailey Bieber a couple of weeks ago). At a table with crystals and Altai amulets, she called this day her “rebirth” and admitted it. Bright video from the anniversary of Elena. Here, all prominent bloggers touch each other's chests, asses, dance on the table, and what a holiday without shameful falls and tons of obscenities!

It is worth mentioning the unusual menu of the celebration. Roe deer pâtés, venison dishes and…taimen terrine. Everything would be fine, but taimen is a fish from the salmon family, which is listed in the Red Book. It's funny that in her marathons Lena invites people to treat nature with love, and she treats guests with endangered fish.

What did they give Blinovskaya?

Blinovskaya boasted the main gift. Her beloved husband presented her with an exclusive Birkin bag with a cup holder – there are only a few of them in the world. And also, at the request of Lena, the fans sent her money to a Sberbank card. In one hour it turned out a million rubles. In general, she didn’t have enough money from marathons, and in impudence, apparently, more than her conscience, so she received an additional million from loyal fans.

Blinovskaya, offended by the refusal of Jennifer Lopez to participate

The wife of the Krasnoyarsk entrepreneur, coach blogger Elena Blinovskaya, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday with a scandal, said that the American singer Jennifer Lopez was supposed to perform at the celebration, but the negotiators did not agree on prices. According to Blinovskaya, representatives of Lopez set one price, but, having learned that it was a private party, they changed the requirements.. “You can set any price, but when you have already appointed one, you agree, and the person calls it 3 times more expensive for no reason. These went to hell, ”said the Instagram diva, whose words are quoted by ANews.

Holidays abroad

The stopover chosen by the Blinovsky couple was the most famous and luxurious hotel in Dubai – Burj Al Arab or Sail, standing on an artificial island.. On her Instagram page, Elena shows the views from the window and the surroundings of the hotel. However, no matter how luxurious the Parus was, there was still a flaw in it – there was no full-length mirror in any room of the room, which Elena cheerfully tells about in stories: “I was always surprised how in such rooms there is no mirror even in the dressing room in full growth! Everything is done beautifully, but you see yourself either without shoes or without a head 😀 “. But don’t be Blinovskaya a “fulfiller of desires”, if what she herself made did not come true – a couple of hours after the stories, a full-length mirror was brought to her room. But that's not all: one of the desires, why Elena really wanted to go to Dubai, was to visit her favorite restaurant. She also shared with her subscribers and the amount they spent for the meal – 150 thousand rubles for two adults and three children: “I was shocked, but it was worth it, it's really incredibly delicious.” Elena also shares her leisure time in Dubai, laying out golden coffee in the morning, going to an acrobatic show with her children and taking photos from the beach. In this video, blogger Karina Nigai visited Blinovskaya's dressing room and talked about clothes and prices from her wardrobe, while talking about the marathon, family and other aspects of Elena's life.

Blogger Blinovskaya offered her subscribers “slave vacancies”

It's funny that at marathons she tells her subscribers to follow the call of the heart and not adapt to others, but suddenly she offers them a slavish, thankless job. Two years ago, Blinovskaya published vacancies on a social network that caused criticism from subscribers.. The post appeared on Instagram. She stated that she was looking for a nanny to deal with her busy schedule and household chores. In addition, Blinovskaya clarified that she was looking for a photographer and a manager.. According to the woman, she will pay little, and she will have to work tirelessly. Is this not enough to understand: ordinary people in the eyes of Blinovskaya are slaves.


What can we say about Lena and her marathons in general? She contradicts herself. In marathons, he talks about the environmental friendliness of desires and love for nature, but in the end he makes money on ordinary people, slipping them stolen knowledge, and for the money he feeds guests with an endangered species of fish. There are a lot of inconsistencies in her personal biography, some subscribers still don’t understand – her father is a rich businessman, or a sleepy alcoholic who ruined Elena’s childhood. Well, you can’t help but remember the instructions that you need to look for your destiny, not adapt to others, and immediately offer your subscribers a hell of a job on slave terms. Lena is a solid ball of tangled lies and duplicity.

Личные данные

Husband - Blinovsky Alexey - a businessman, four children.
+79051301122 ; + 79036909073
Адрес прописки:
150000, Russia, Yaroslavl, st. Sovetskaya, d. 21, apt. 28a