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Birkadze Georgy Avtandilovich


Giorgi Birkadze carefully hides his criminal past. He tries to stay on cash flows, so he cleans up all references to any crimes. But the media spread information at the speed of light, therefore, connections with the "sand mafia", branded expensive things, big money for visiting the airwaves and tens of thousands of dollars for PR and cleaning up the reputation add up to one obvious picture – Birkadze is a thief who does not want to leave cash flows, and that's all his real estate, expensive clothes and luxury cars prove that Grigory Avtandilovich has more than enough money, despite the fact that his salary is not that big. So where does all this luxury come from?

Ukraine, possibly Georgia
Ukraine, Georgia
September 30, 1980
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Birkadze Georgy Avtandilovich

Official biography

Born September 30, 1980 in. Kareli (Georgia), permanently residing in Ukraine since 1992, citizen of Ukraine. From 2006 to this day he lives in Kyiv. In 2000 he graduated from the Taurida Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law. Simferopol). After graduating from the institute, Georgiy has been consulting and managing projects in companies operating in the field of trade and construction for more than 10 years. Since 2011, having formed his own team of professionals, Georgy served as director of the construction company “STROY-GARANT INVEST”, the main activity of which is the construction and design of engineering networks in Kyiv and the region. In 2015, he was a volunteer during the ATO in Kurakhovo, the city of Marinka, the city of Shchastya (the anti-terrorist operation is aimed at countering Russian troops during the Russian aggression against Ukraine). In 2017, he received a diploma in finance and banking from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Legnica in Poland. In 2018, he studied under the program for business owners and senior management at the International Institute of Management, MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2019, he received a master's degree in Construction and Civil Engineering from the Institute of Innovative Education of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Giorgi Birkadze has many years of managerial experience in the housing and communal services sector. For several years, he headed the companies included in the Ukrainian diversified holding “BRK HOLDING GROUP”. The holding specializes in construction, manufacturing, engineering and installation and design work in the field of power supply, gas supply, heat supply, water supply and sanitation, waste management (MSW), sanitation (CIPP and IBB method), microtunnelling, shield penetration and underground construction. The holding also conducts active international activities and introduces modern technologies in construction and production processes. On September 22, 2020, by order of the President of Ukraine No. 470 / 2020-rp, Georgy Birkadze was appointed Chairman of the Brovarsky District State Administration of the Kyiv Region. On March 29, 2021, by order of the President of Ukraine No. 257 / 2021-rp, Georgy Birkadze was dismissed from the post of Chairman of the Brovarsky District State Administration of the Kyiv Region.

A family

Married. Together with his wife Olga, they have a daughter. NOT an official biography We learned about the new political figure, speaker and expert in the field of energy and foreign policy thanks to TV channels, which he visits almost daily.. The former chairman of the Brovarsky district state administration of the Kyiv region, Georgy Birkadze, has become a regular on the air, commenting on almost everything – from the topic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the agricultural business, from foreign policy to Nord Stream-2, the Minsk process, and even about US President Joseph Biden and President Zelensky, Birkadze also has opinion. A kind of “expert on all issues.” A year ago, no one knew who Giorgi Birkadze was, but now, thanks to the right PR, cleaning up compromising articles in the media and good promotion on the Internet, Birkadze is called a “political analyst”. Birkadze actively follows the mention in the media, so there is not much information about him. From what we managed to find right away, these are frankly paid notes on the Kievvlast website. All his statements, references and biography are collected there.. It can be seen that the publication treats him very loyally. According to the MIR publication, Birkadze spends at least 10,000 monthly. $ on laudatory articles about yourself on the Internet. He spends even more on deleting negative articles where his name is rightly mentioned in corruption scandals related to the “sand mafia” in Brovary, which illegally mines sand and at the same time generously paid Birkadze when he was the head of the district. Birkadze himself, as befits a true Ukrainian “patriot”, is from Georgia. He has been living in Ukraine since the 90s and all this time he was engaged in small business. “Sand mafia” At the end of 2020, it became known that Birkadze allegedly threatened local sand miners with appealing to law enforcement agencies in case of violations in their activities.. However, Birkadze fought with them only in words, but in reality he covered up and colluded with them.. This is confirmed by a video from our colleagues:

It turns out that Birkadze is playing into the hands of Brodsky's structures, which controls sand mining in the region. This became clear after, at one of the meetings, Birkadze began to yell, put pressure on police officers, and conflict in the style of “horror lost”. Specifically, the extreme threat concerned businessmen who are dissatisfied with the monopoly position of the Brodsky River Port company in the sand market. According to the source of the MIR publication, Birkadze received monthly “kickbacks” from the sand mafia in the amount of 100 thousand. $. These “incomes” are easily explained by the luxurious standard of living of a Ukrainian (Georgian) patriotic official.

Lover of status and luxury

Birkadze looks good, dresses in the most expensive stores and never appears in cheap accessories.. In his declaration, he said that he owns several expensive watches, but he is already on the air in a new watch of 2021, which cannot be bought with an official’s salary. We present to your attention Breguet watch collection Marine 2021 release. These cost from $25,000. Birkadze's eyeglasses alone are worth at least 500,000 hryvnias in his collection! On his official Facebook page, we opened only a few of the first photos that came across.. On them we managed to notice Birkadze at 10! different glasses. And Birkadze's glasses are not simple, but the world's most expensive company from Japan for the manufacture of luxurious frames “Chrome Hearts”. Glasses of this brand cost from $1,500 to $10,000. The frame is made using real silver and gold. If we calculate Birkadze's points at the average market value, only $2,000 per pair, it turns out that he only has more than 500 thousand points.. hryvnia! Recall that these are only the glasses that we saw in 5 minutes on his official Facebook page.. Birkadze also has watches from previous collections, where the cost is slightly lower, but still not bad for an ordinary RGA worker. In addition to expensive accessories, Birkadze likes to dress stylishly and expensively.. According to the source of the MIR publication, Birkadze often visits the most expensive boutique in the capital, SANAHUNT, where he buys up hundreds of thousands of hryvnias every few months. Giorgi Birkadze prefers such brands as Zilli and Stefano Ricci. For a second, these are the most expensive clothing brands in the world. For example, for summer clothes, Birkadze prefers Stefano Ricci. T-shirts of this brand cost from $ 800 apiece. True, you can buy up on discounts, then it will be cheaper, only 16586 UAH. or $609. In winter Birkadze tries to be more practical and chooses Zilli. Sweaters from this brand cost about $2,500 each, but again, you can find them at a discount a little cheaper. For example, this sweater in the Moscow Central Department Store costs only 87,300 rubles, or almost $1,200.. It is noteworthy that Birkadze's sweaters are not ordinary, but with real alligator leather inserts in the zipper area.

Quarantine violations

Some MPs from the Servant of the People ignored strict quarantine restrictions during the lockdown and arranged meetings in restaurants. This is stated in the investigation of the Schemes program (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the UA: First TV channel) on April 29. On April 12, journalists noticed Giorgi Birkadze in the Adriatic restaurant, who was leaving the restaurant through the kitchen, and of course without a mask. The Birkadze Charitable Foundation is so cynical that it does not hesitate to post photos with unfortunate grandmothers on social networks, at a time when Birkadze itself has only clothes and accessories worth more than a million hryvnias in the photo! He is close to some people's deputies from the Servant of the People and really wants to please President Zelensky, “licking” the latter from head to toe during his television broadcasts. In the spring, the people's deputy from the Servant of the People and the head of the Verkhovna Rada budget committee, Yuri Aristov, was seen in the Adriatic restaurant, which is located on Institutskaya Street. There he met with Birkadze, who also violated the epidemiological restrictions.

According to the MIR online publication, Birkadze is trying to buy himself one of the high positions in the Ukrainian government through the deputies of the “servants”. As we know, the Cabinet of Ministers is waiting for personnel changes in the fall, and Birkadze is determined to take the most direct part in them.. According to our information, Birkadze and his sponsors are offering $2 million for the post of Deputy Prime Minister or head of one of the public services. Income, property Declaration on property, income, expenses and liabilities of a financial nature for 2019. In accordance with the data of the declaration? Giorgi Birkadze became the owner of a 941 sq.m. vegetable store in 2002. m in Shelkino, Leninsky district of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and inherited from Nanuli Birkadze a residential building in Georgia 446 sq.. m. Since 2019, Birkadze has been renting an apartment in Kyiv with an area of 151.4 sq.. m, owned by Neshte Liya Avtandilovna. Wife, Olga Birkadze, since 2004 is a co-owner of an apartment of 62.1 sq.. m in Kyiv (25% of the apartments belong to Vladimir and Alexander Omelchenko). Since 2008, she owns 33.34% of the Kyiv apartment 56.6 sq.. m (33.33% of the apartments also belong to Vladimir and Alexander Omelchenko). Birkadze declared wrist watches as valuable property: Ulysse Nardin Marine collection; Ulysse Nardin Diver Collection; Breguet Marine collection and Breguet Horloger de La Marine collection. Both family cars belonged to Olga Birkadze: since 2016 Volkswagen Polo 2008. in. and with 2019 – Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2014. in. In 2018-2019, Georgy Birkadze owned 49% in Amadeus Investment LLC (EDRPOU 42717302), the profile is the construction of residential and non-residential premises. In addition, at the end of 2019, she was the ultimate beneficiary: in Stroy Garant Invest LLC (EDRPOU 37036949), profile – construction of power supply and telecommunications facilities; in Ukrenergo Shield LLC (EDRPOU 40001869), production of electrical distribution and control equipment; in Transalliancegroup LLC (EGRPOU 40383135), profile – car rental and transport services; in Bizol LLC (EDRPOU 40368117), wholesale trade in other machines and equipment; in LLC “BRK Thermotechnology” (EDRPOU 41195897), profile – installation of water supply networks, heating and air conditioning systems; in BRK Holding group LLC (EDRPOU 39857792), profile – purchase and sale of own real estate; in Nateko Energo Montazh LLC (EDRPOU 39954243), profile – construction of power supply and telecommunications facilities; in Stroy Energo Invest LLC (EDRPOU 39399629), profile – construction of pipelines. Olga Birkadze at the end of 2019 owned: 1% in Bizol LLC (EGRPOU 40368117); 90% in Ukrenergo Shield LLC (EDRPOU 40001869) and is the ultimate beneficiary there; 30% in Nateko Energo Montazh LLC (EGRPOU 39954243). At the end of 2019, Giorgi Birkadze received an income of 307 thousand. UAH 503: 247 thousand. 945 UAH – salary at DBK Holding Group LLC, UAH 54,400. – payments to Stroy-Garant Invest LLC, UAH 4,618. – insurance payments and 540 UAH. – interest. His wife in 2019 received an income in the amount of UAH 72,544: UAH 24,000 – payments to DBK Project Engineering LLC, UAH 19 – interest, UAH 24,000 – payments to DBK Electrics LLC, 3,000. UAH 393 – salary at the main place of work in the KNU. T.G. Shevchenko, UAH 1,923 – payments at the National Center “Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, UAH 14,620. – social assistance, 4 thousand 589 UAH – insurance payments.

Suspicious wife tenders

It is precisely Olga Vladimirovna who leads us to interesting coincidences. The fact is that, according to Birkadze's declaration, which he submitted when he was appointed to the post, he himself has almost nothing. only a vegetable store in Shchelkino, Leninsky district of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which he bought in 2002. In addition, he inherited a house in Georgia from Nanuli Birkadze.. Of the other valuables, perhaps the Ulysse Nardin watches from the Marine collection; Ulysse Nardin Diver Collection; Breguet Marine collection and Breguet Horloger de La Marine collection. Everything else belongs to his wife, including two cars LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT and VOLKSWAGEN POLO. But the most interesting situation with her real estate. According to the declaration, Olga Birkadze owns parts in two apartments in Kyiv. But the co-owners of these apartments are by no means her relatives, but people with very famous surnames. This is Vladimir and Alexander Omelchenko. Together with these people, Olga Birkadze had and still has joint companies. And these firms repeatedly got into scandals with budgetary money. For example, in 2019, Nateko Energo Montazh LLC, which was previously under investigation for using fictitious operations in its contracts and lining companies. And his “competitor” at the auction was the only company. This is BC Atlant-Plus, which offered the service at a higher price.. Nateko Energo Montazh was founded in 2015 by Alexander Omelchenko and Olga Birkadze. Earlier, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, including in connection with the activities of this company, opened a number of criminal cases against Kyivvodokanal on several facts of fraud and embezzlement of state and budgetary funds.. In total, in 2017-2019, Nateko Energo Montazh won contracts from Kyivvodokanal and Kyivavtodor for UAH 532 million. In addition, in 2020, Nateko Energo Montazh won a tender for the reconstruction of the state enterprise “Olympic Training and Sports Center “Koncha-Zaspa” of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at 19 km of Stolichnoye Highway, 19 in Goloseevsky district, worth 137 million hryvnias. The strange thing is that Nateko Energo Montazh offered a price only 0.3% below the expected purchase price of 137.43 million. Although three other bidders offered to make these works 9-11% cheaper. But the customer rejected these proposals. Based on the results of the auction, the State Audit Service began monitoring the procurement based on information from public associations about the presence of signs of violations of the law. Whether the State Audit Service found a violation of the law in the auction is unknown, but something else is known. Already about Georgy Avtandilovich himself. However, again in conjunction with his wife. The fact is that Giorgi Birkadze, who introduces himself as a volunteer and a person who once helped ATO soldiers, registered the Georgy Birkadze Foundation Charitable Organization, where his wife is an authorized person. Seemingly a noble cause. However, it is not entirely clear how people (Georgy and Olga), who, according to the declaration, earned 308,047 hryvnias for two, can still do charity. Maybe from the savings, which amount to 229,000 dollars and 1 million 329 hryvnias in cash from the spouse and 27,000 dollars and 598 thousand hryvnias in cash from the spouse. But, on the other hand, we will not find fault with the savings of an official – after all, he came to the post of head of the RGA from the private sector. Yes, and dispose of the money has the right to its discretion. It is much sadder that such a noble cause as the Georgy Birkadze Foundation charitable organization, for some reason, ended up on eight sanctions lists related to Russia's war against Ukraine. Sanctions against the Fund were imposed by the domestic NSDC, Canada, Australia, the US Treasury, the European Union, the UK, Japan and the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Department of Commerce. It is not clear how Zelensky's “new guise” did it. If in connection with any business, one could at least guess. But how Giorgi Birkadze managed to bring a charitable foundation under international sanctions is a mystery. Well, a talented person is talented in everything.


Giorgi Birkadze carefully hides his criminal past. He tries to stay on cash flows, so he cleans up all references to any crimes. But the media spread information at the speed of light, therefore, connections with the “sand mafia”, branded expensive things, big money for visiting the airwaves and tens of thousands of dollars for PR and cleaning up the reputation add up to one obvious picture – Birkadze is a thief who does not want to leave cash flows, and that's all his real estate, expensive clothes and luxury cars prove that this property cannot be acquired in an honest way.

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