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Bezuglaya Mariana Vladimirovna


Vitali Klitschko has a competitor-orator. Maryana Bezuglaya became an Internet star thanks to her abstruse incoherent speeches on live broadcasts. In addition, not having a proper education, Maryana Vladimirovna got into politics with the Servants of the People, and in parliament she became deputy chairman of the committee on national security, defense and intelligence. At all political shows with the participation of Bezuglova, almost the same thing happens. She is rude, argues, and obviously does not understand what is happening and what they are talking about, and she herself is not able to convey the idea. In addition to incompetence and inadequate behavior, Maryana Vladimirovna clearly lies in her declaration, in particular, the cost of the donated apartment. After all, the amount of 164 thousand UAH is indicated there. for 75 sq. m., it is worth noting that the apartment is located in Kyiv.

May 17, 1988
Уровень охвата:

Bezuglaya Mariana Vladimirovna

Official biography

Ukrainian doctor, politician, member of the Humane Country association. Place of birth Maryana Bezuglaya was born on May 17, 1988 in Kiev.


Mariana Bezuglaya completed her studies at the National Medical University named after A.. A. Bogomolets at the Faculty of General Medicine, she graduated from the internship with a degree in Internal Medicine. Maryana completed her studies at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy with a degree in General Practice – Family Medicine. Bezuglaya graduated from the US State Department's International Leadership Program “Health Care and Marginalized Populations” with a specialization in Health Organization and Management.

A family

Father – Bezugly Vladimir Alekseevich


After completing her studies, Maryana Bezuglaya worked in a polyclinic. Mariana was at the forefront of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Maryana Bezuglaya worked in the medical field at the reform project office of the Ministry of Defense, she led the program “Reform of the medical support system of the Armed Forces”. The program created a Coordinating Center under the Cabinet of Ministers, which included medical services of law enforcement agencies and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The work was carried out in six directions in order to create a unified medical space. In 2019, Bezuglaya held the position of Senior Inspector for Control over the Execution of Orders of the Department of Civilian Experts of the Center for Performance Support of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, Maryana Bezuglaya became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Servant of the People party in constituency No. 217, Obolonsky district of Kyiv. Bezuglaya won 38.4% or 29,560 votes, ahead of the candidate from European Solidarity, the party of Petro Poroshenko, Lyudmila Kostenko, who has long been in politics and was an assistant to the deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life, Vadym Stolar. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Introduction of NATO Values and Standards, International Military Cooperation and Peacekeeping. Member of the Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. On December 12, 2019, Maryana became a member of the Humane Country inter-factional association, which was registered by the deputy from the Servant of the People Yulia Ovchinnikova and the chairman of the Voice Kira Rudnik to fight for the rights and protection of animals from cruelty. In June 2020, Maryana Bezuglaya put her signature under the decree on the dismissal of Arsen Avakov from the post of Minister of Internal Affairs.

NOT official biography

Due to her work in the reform project office of the Ministry of Defense, Maryana Bezuglaya is well acquainted with the current Minister of Defense Andrei Zagorodnyuk (former head of the project office for reforms in the MoD). The election campaign in District 217 was not without scandals. To begin with, the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Konstantin Bogatov wrote on his Facebook page that the white tents of the Servant of the People in Obolon are being installed right on the green areas, and in response to the comments, the agitators behave aggressively and refuse to move. On July 2, 2019, Bezuglaya, in a skirmish with lawyer Alexei Shevchuk on a social network, was unable to answer a single question about the activities of a political force. On July 10, 2019, “” noted that most of the candidates from the “Servant of the People” were not ready to communicate with the media in principle, and in most cases reacted to the call of journalists with fear or unwillingness to comment on anything at all. Some of the candidates were afraid to answer Strana's questions on their own, and redirected journalists around to their assistants and press secretaries. Maryana Bezugluya was named as an illustrative example.

Voter bribing

On July 4 and 5, 2019, Ze-team agitators gave away free T-shirts and caps with party symbols in exchange for a subscription to Facebook communities of candidates from the Servant of the People in districts 217 and 221 of Maryana Bezuglaya and Anna Purtova. Rumor has it that the team of Maryana Bezugloy gave money for votes, and also paid agitators. District 217 complained about the candidate and criminal proceedings were opened. Maryana herself assures that she is not involved in bribery and turned the arrow on her opponent Lyudmila Kostenko. Also, her agitators in tents stood right on the Obolon green zones, and they respond aggressively to comments and refuse to move. On July 16, 2019, the Direct TV channel showed a story about the creation of the so-called. “Networks” for bribing voters in constituency No. 217 in the interests of the candidate from the “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezugly. The news was quickly spread by many media and social networks. On July 18, 2019, Bezuglaya, together with lawyer Kirill Fesik (managing partner of Mitrax attorneys at law, who also helped the Servant of the People candidate in the 211 district, Alexander Yurchenko, fight against Vladimir Prokopiv’s “network”) held a press conference, at which she turned to to law enforcement officers with a statement about the functioning of the “network” of her competitor Lyudmila Kostenko and described in detail its operation. Bezuglaya accused the Pryamiy TV channel and the youth wing of European Solidarity of organizing a provocation against her. During the press conference, Bezugloy's lawyer confirmed that her agitators use campaign materials and agitators, but does not consider this to be bribery. On July 19, 2019, the website of the Union of Bloggers of Ukraine directly accused Poroshenko's headquarters of provocations against Bezuglya in the 217th district – in the interests of Lyudmila Kostenko. On July 20, 2019, abnormal behavior of users was revealed on the social network Facebook, who are actively campaigning for the candidate from the Servant of the People Maryana Bezugluya, leaving comments with the same text.

In politics without experience

Maryana Bezugluya is criticized for her lack of experience in politics. Also, there is quite a bit of information about Maryana, as far as we know, she did not work anywhere except in the medical field. Bezuglaya suddenly appeared on June 25, 2019 after the presentation of the majoritarians from the Servant of the People party, a campaign began on Facebook, Maryana began attending district events. Embarrassment in the Servant of the People: who is Maryana Bezuglaya and what does Crimea have to do with it During the forum “Ukraine 30. Payment”, MP from the presidential party Maryana Bezuglaya made a strange, incoherent speech about tariffs in Ukraine that will help return Crimea. “Within the framework of our committee and energy security, it was said that in addition to electricians and how difficult it is to find a balance between imports and prices for the population, but nevertheless we need to go to our own capacities – this is also a question of joining the European space. And again, this issue is being processed, the very goal is that within the framework of energy as such – that is, energy issues – this is both a logistical component and different categories … From the standpoint of national security, such things are more general, it is extremely important that we achieved in the coming years. And they brought it not only into the economic area, but also preserved the political narrative, or rather, the political range that is acceptable,” said Bezuglaya.

“Reform of the medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

Previously, Bezuglaya worked on the implementation of the program “Reform of the medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. Within the framework of the project, a Coordinating Center under the Cabinet of Ministers was created, which included medical services of law enforcement agencies and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The work was carried out in six directions and the goal was to create a single medical space. There were complaints about the approach to the formation of the center: primarily due to the fact that they ignored the experience of many well-known doctors who went through hostilities in the East. In particular, the well-known volunteer medical battalions “Hospitallers” and ASAP were not involved in the work.. They are not very satisfied with the results of the project office in the newly created Ministry of Veterans, since the originally stated goal was not achieved. Nothing is known about the work of Maryana Bezugloy in any other areas, except for medicine.. As well as about activities in the Obolonsky district. After the presentation of the Kyiv team of majoritarian candidates at a press conference on June 25, Maryana Bezuglaya started actively: one by one her videos began to appear on Facebook, and she herself began to actively attend district-level events. On December 7, 2020, she was included in the list of Ukrainian individuals against whom sanctions were imposed by the Russian government.

Blogger: Maryana Bezuglaya secretly records Yermak for compromising evidence

Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on National Security and Intelligence and a member of the Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Maryana Bezuglaya is an example of an inadequate parliamentarian, because of which compulsory medical examinations should be introduced into the “election law” and in parliament. Blogger Anastasia Azarova writes about this on her Facebook page, From-UA reports. Azarova says that Maryana Bezuglaya is a very entertaining character of the Servant of the People party, which got into parliament thanks to voter bribing and the strong lobby of the Soros Club. The blogger reports that Severyuga, as Bezugluya is called by parliamentarians, got into politics on a wave of volunteering, about the achievements in which no one knows. “She wasn’t on the front line for a single day, her parents pushed her to volunteer. Rich and powerful people who tried to somehow captivate their special daughter. Maryana is autistic, and such people need a special approach. Parents even tried to arrange her personal life. They flattered themselves with the hope that she would get in touch with at least some soldier and find happiness.. Mariana is 35 years old, has never been married. She is a virgin, and proud of it, trumpeting at every turn. What is behind this? she notes. Answering her own question, Anastasia Azarova writes with confidence that Maryana is a lesbian. “She does not hide this and frankly tries to lure Irina Vereshchuk. Apparently, he expects to arrange his personal life well with a successful woman. Constantly dragging around, like a dog for a candidate for mayor of Kyiv, looks into his mouth and waits for a thrown bone. Feeding in the soul the hope for a long life in love and joy. But Vereshchuk is not a bastard, and pursues his goals about our heroine. She drags her into the AlatRa sect, which she herself enters, and is an active member. And of course, we wish her only happiness, even with a man, even with a woman, but her hatred for children prevents us from doing this. Mariana hates children. She never wanted them and does not want them, she makes fun of parents with many children, and without hiding it, you can often hear such conversations with her colleagues in parliament,” the blogger emphasizes. In addition, she draws attention to the fact that the people's deputy records all Yermak's conversations and is not even afraid to tell colleagues about it. “She runs to Yermak under the guise of a member of the Law Enforcement Committee, while recording all conversations with the head of the President’s Office on a “button” camera, which transfers the recording directly to the phone, and saves them until better times. She collects these records for further political blackmail.. And it's strange that no one responds to this. She talks about her compromising evidence to her close associates in parliament,” the blogger writes. Azarova draws attention to the fact that such behavior does not at all testify to the mental health of Bezugly, which makes one doubt the adequacy of other parliamentarians. “It is thanks to this example, like her, that compulsory medical examinations should be introduced into the “electoral law” and in parliament.. Until there is a certificate and confirmation from a specialized doctor, do not let them in to the green button and to live broadcasts, all the more. Although it is not surprising why Maryana is a frequent guest of broadcasts and TV channels. She's funny, and journalists love such characters. In general, it's time to introduce medical control, otherwise trouble. These are the ones who pass laws, the future of our entire country, our children, the world depends on them,” the blogger sums up.

“The height of stupidity, vulgarity and insanity”. “Servant of the people” Buzhansky criticized his colleague in the faction Bezugly

People's deputy from the “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezuglaya last week underwent a training in “Parkovy”, where the technologist tried to teach her to speak on the air. This was stated by her colleague in the faction Maxim Buzhansky in his Telegram channel. It should be noted that a dispute arose between the two people's deputies in social networks, in which they found out which of them was an “agent of external influence.” So, on April 19, Bezuglaya published on her Facebook page a fragment of the political talk show “People Against” on the TV channel “Ukraine 24”. During the program, Buzhansky, who was the co-host of the show, called his colleague “a laughingstock on all airs”. The deputy disagreed with Bezuglaya's call “a direct agent of enemy influence” on the air, publicist Igor Lesev, who asked Bezugluya how the US and NATO could help in the event of a large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. “Maryana, if he is an agent of enemy influence, you, as a member of the intelligence committee, must immediately apply with a statement or don’t smack nonsense, don’t disgrace your colleagues in the faction … You have already turned into a laughingstock on all airwaves … You are an agent of influence,” he was indignant Buzhansky. In his response to Telegram, Buzhansky stated that he also never mentioned Bezugluya by name in posts, so as not to attack a colleague in the faction. “So, dear Mariana, it was you who lowered the meaning of the term “national security” to a level at which it is not perceived at all.. It was you, having no experience, no knowledge, not even a gram of self-criticism, who undertook to destroy the SBU under the guise of reform, during the war … It was you who raised Poroshenko's theses about enemies, agents of influence, the fifth column, etc.. d. to a level to which Poroshenko himself was embarrassed to raise them, realizing that this is the height of absurdity, stupidity, vulgarity and insanity,” Buzhansky said. At the same time, he compared Bezugly with a commissar in a leather jacket from Mikhail Bulgakov's “Heart of a Dog”. , he said that last week the deputy was trained in “Parkovy” on learning to speak during the broadcasts. “It was you who were trained at the training in Parkovoy a week ago, the technologist tried to teach what to speak on the airs, not me, I just he said the same thing four years ago and did not deviate from his convictions, promises and principles by a millimeter,” Buzhansky said.

Live Scandals

On live broadcasts, Bezuglaya managed to quarrel with Evgeny Muraev, Elena Bondarenko, Svetlana Skorokhod, Alexander Lazarev, and Mikhail Dobkin. All these scandals have one thing in common – Maryana does not understand what she is talking about and what is happening, but she is trying to argue.

Income, property

Until 2019, Maryana Bezuglaya was not subject to electronic declaration. Declaration of assets, income, expenses and liabilities of a financial nature for 2018. In the declaration for 2018, Maryana Bezuglaya indicated the right to use two Kyiv apartments of her father: 179 sq.. m (acquired in 1996) and 75.1 sq.. m (acquired in 2013). Salary at the main place of work in the amount of 39.4 thousand. hryvnia and business income in the amount of 522.7 thousand. hryvnia. Cash Bezuglaya keeps 12 thousand. dollars. According to the YouControl analytical system, Maryana Bezuglaya was registered in Kyiv in July 2017 as an individual entrepreneur, profile – consulting on commercial activities and management. Bezuglya's report on the use of electoral funds is not available on the NAPC website. As of July 10, 2019, the interim report of the candidate Maryana Bezugly to the Central Election Commission (CEC) shows that the size of her electoral fund amounted to 1 million 391 thousand. 500 hryvnia, of which 50 thousand. hryvnia is the contribution of the candidate himself, and 1 million 341 thousand. 500 hryvnia – voluntary contributions of seven individuals who contributed exactly 149 thousand. hryvnia (Alexander Fesik contributed twice, Kirill Alexandrovich Fesik – twice and Nina Lugovskaya – 149 thousand. 500 hryvnia). Citizens voluntarily contributed the same amounts to the funds of the people's deputy from the 213 district (Troyeshchyna) Artyom Dubnov (Kirill Fesik made him three contributions of exactly 149 thousand. hryvnia) and People's Deputy from the 212th district (Darnitsa) Maksym Perebijnys. And the people's deputy from the 96th district (Bucha, Slavutych, Borodyansky, Vyshgorodsky, Ivankovsky, Polessky districts) Olga Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk herself replenished her fund by 148 thousand. hryvnia

Deputy Bezuglaya received an apartment valued at $7,000 as a gift.

Member of the Servant of the People faction Maryana Bezuglaya in December received a gift from her relative in the form of an apartment in Kyiv (73 sq.m.). At the time of the transaction, the cost of housing was estimated at 164.5 thousand hryvnia, which is approximately $7 thousand. The cost is clearly non-market, because at the time of its purchase in 2013, the official price of the apartment was 638.3 thousand hryvnia.


Based on the above information, many questions arise for Maryana Bezugloy. How, not understanding anything in politics, did she get into the Verkhovna Rada, and why, with so many embarrassing situations, is she still there? Also, the apartment of Maryana Vladimirovna raises questions, because its price is simply ridiculous … Like an apartment in Kyiv, 73 square meters in size. m. can cost 164 thousand UAH.? And most importantly, why reduce the cost of the apartment?

Личные данные

Father - Bezugly Vladimir Alekseevich
"Servants of the People"
Серия и номер паспорта:
Адрес прописки:
Kyiv B-R Shevchenko, 9/28-25