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Bereza Igor Vladimirovich


The ex-head of financial monitoring of the National Bank is associated with the "father" of the corruption scheme for "laundering" unofficial income through the banking system. With his part-time job, Bereza served representatives of the oligarchy of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, which is why he appeared in criminal investigations, but to no avail. He also sold confidential information about the competitors of the oligarchs. Under Bereza, Ukrainian banks systematically won lawsuits against the National Bank, canceling fines for financial monitoring. Being one of the main members of the old Gontareva-Smoliya team, he unquestioningly followed the instructions of the unspoken head of the National Bank – Rozhkova. Dismissed after the appointment of Kyrylo Shevchenko as head of the central bank, at the same time, he received a severance pay in the amount of almost UAH 2.6 million for his silence.

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Bereza Igor Vladimirovich

Born on September 22, 1973 1995 – graduated from the National Agrarian University (specialty Agrarian Management) and qualified as a manager of foreign economic activity Since 1996 – worked in various banking institutions, in positions from an economist of the 1st category to the head of a department in Science Since 2001 – worked at Citibank, as Head of the Foreign Exchange Control and Foreign Exchange Operations Division, as well as Corporate and Legal Standards Departments, later – Internal Audit, Complex Since 2013 – Member of the Management Board of Citibank June 2015 – Director of the Financial Monitoring Department NBU September 2020 – resigned from the NBU Financial Monitoring Department Married, has two sons. Bereza's income in 2014 amounted to 852 thousand. UAH – all income received as a salary. He owns a land plot of 1213 sq.m., a residential building with an area of 312.5 sq.m., an apartment of 36.8 sq.m.. and Mitsubishi “Pajero Sport”, 2008 release. His family members – his wife and two sons – earned 150,000 in a year.. UAH. They own a land plot of 400 sq.m., a Hyundai Accent car, manufactured in 2008, contributions to the capital of companies in the amount of 1 thousand. UAH His expenses for voluntary insurance amount to 3 thousand. UAH, family members – 2 thousand. UAH Later, while working in the civil service, Bereza filed 37 declarations (including changes) for 7 years: 4 in 2016 – December 09, November 07, October 06 and March 29; 1 in 2015 – October 28; 7 in 2019 – May 25, May 29, January 27, February 25, June 03, October 20, July 12; 9 in 2017 – 06 July, 06 June, 12 December, 06 October, 10 January, 30 March, 01 August, 04 May, 26 March; 8 in 2019 – May 25, May 29, December 27, February 25, June 03, November 20, February 25, July 12; 3 in 2018 – March 19, December 10, January 03; 5 in 2020 – February 03, February 26, September 21, April 05, September 09. At the same time, Bereza did not submit a declaration “before dismissal”. The last filed declaration is a document dated September 21, 2020. According to this declaration, a salary of 2.2 million. UAH In the document dated September 09, 2020, the salary is indicated in the amount of UAH 116 thousand, on February 03 in the declaration 109 thousand UAH. salaries. In the declaration dated February 26, 2020 – UAH 511 thousand. salaries, and on April 05 – 110 thousand UAH. In all declarations, except for February 03, the NBU is indicated as the source of income. Understanding the principle of filing documents and the logic in the numbers indicated in them is very difficult to find … Plus, apart from the salary, nothing is indicated in the declarations for 2020. At the same time, in 2019 Bereza owns a private house in the village. Gatne, with an area of 312 sq.m., located on a land plot of 1213 sq.m. and an apartment in Kyiv, with an area of 36 sq.m. Bereza owns a 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car, and his wife Andreiko Anna owns a 2017 Toyota Corolla. Anna has obligations under an insurance contract in the amount of UAH 4.5 thousand, and Bereza himself – UAH 9 thousand. In the reporting period, Bereza received UAH 2 million 637. salaries in the NBU, 2 thousand. for medical insurance, 70 thousand UAH. pension contributions from the NBU, investment profit UAH 35 thousand, interest UAH 130 thousand, about UAH 2.5 thousand. insurance payments, UAH 60 thousand. percent, . Andreiko Anna received 50 thousand. UAH salaries at Tisagaz LLC, UAH 647 thousand. in TOV “3PI ENERGY CONSULTING”, 3 ths. UAH percent, UAH 241 thousand. from alienation of property. The financial assets of the family amounted to Bereza – 22 thousand dollars, 267 thousand. hryvnia, 284 thousand hryvnia, 1 million 450 thousand hryvnia , 4 thousand euros Andreyko Anna – 23 thousand dollars, 340 thousand hryvnias. The son of Svyatoslav has a total of about 10 thousand euros in bank accounts. Bereza keeps 5 thousand in cash. UAH, 6 thousand. dollars and 1.7 thousand. Euro. The indicated amounts, which are not even a couple of million hryvnias, clearly indicate the gray income of the Bereza family and himself. Now more… Bereza headed this Department of Financial Monitoring of the National Bank in June 2015. He was in charge of the direction related to ensuring an appropriate level of financial monitoring by participants in the financial sector. Ekaterina Rozhkova, First Deputy Head of the NBU, thanked Bereza for “for setting high standards in building a financial monitoring system almost from scratch and for introducing new international approaches,” and also noted that she respected Bereza’s decision to move on. Rozhkova also added: “We came to the National Bank almost simultaneously, in the summer of 2015. And I can definitely evaluate the work done during this time in the field of financial monitoring. We started working at a time when millions and billions of funds were withdrawn through the banking system of the country. At a time when some banks existed solely as “laundries” for money laundering. We managed to close this “broken pipe” by withdrawing 10 banks from the market through financial monitoring. Therefore, his criticism was expected for us.” It is worth noting that after the appointment of Kirill Shevchenko as the head of the central bank, allegedly for reasons of violation of the ethical code of employees and a number of others, several top managers of the NB were replaced in July 2020, including three members of the board. Let's start with Bereza's affiliation and connections with business structures. In the press for quite a long time there is information that Bereza has been under a certain influence of the oligarch Kaufman for a long period. Thus, the director of the financial monitoring department of the National Bank of Ukraine, Bereza, may be involved in the disclosure of confidential information about competitors for the Odessa tobacco monopoly, oligarch Boris Kaufman. According to the statements of journalists, out of the total, only the data of those clients who were in confrontation or had conflicts with Kaufman, but mainly those who are engaged in the same business as the oligarch, that is, his direct competitors, were subject to transfer. To understand the scale of Kaufman's interests, we note that he owns parts in the tobacco, alcohol, hotel, construction, banking, shipping, aviation and media businesses, some of which he owns with Alexander Granovsky. In 2018, Bereza was also convicted of a major scheme to legalize illegal financial schemes – money laundering. But, as happens in our country, the case was not given a go and safely closed. Representatives of the Russian oligarchy, Mikhail Fridman, to whom Bereza owes his appointment to the National Bank, and for which Bereza has been grateful to his patron-lobbyist for many years, were able to assist in closing the case and leaving Bereza from responsibility, according to some information. For reference, Boris Kaufman is the owner of the largest distributor of tobacco products – the Tedis company, which in 2016 was recognized by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine as a monopolist and accused of artificially inflating prices for tobacco products. As a result of the imposition of penalties, Tedis paid UAH 300 million to the budget. However, later he filed a lawsuit, appealing the decision of the committee, for the return of UAH 300 million to the tobacco king and the cancellation of a fine in the total amount of UAH 3.5 billion. According to experts, Bereza has been in the sphere of influence of the oligarch for a long time and even lobbies for his interests.. At the same time, according to the data declared by Bereza, he is crystal clear and leads an almost ascetic lifestyle.. During the reign of Zelensky, there were no complaints against the director of the financial monitoring department of the NBU, everyone was satisfied with the labor activity in the form of the main job of “part-time work”. In the media, Bereza is associated with the “father” of a corruption scheme created to legalize unofficial income through the banking system.. The irony lies in the fact that it is the department, which he heads and completely controls, that is obliged to identify, counter and eradicate such phenomena. Recall that Bereza took up this position in 2015, having previously worked as a member of the board of Citibank.. It was the creation of this scheme and gaining experience in its use that made Bereza a valuable asset and an object for lobbying by not only Ukrainian, but also Russian oligarchs.. And that is why for 5 years Bereza safely and freely served the interests of the shadow business. In September 2020, Igor Bereza, Director of the Financial Monitoring Department, was dismissed from his position. The grounds for making such a decision are not specified, as well as the wording of this decision is unknown.. But at the same time, Bereza did not leave empty-handed.. So, as a salary at the main place of work in the National Bank, the income of an official amounted to 2.2 million. UAH Initially, the monthly income in the amount of Bereza's salary was much less and amounted to 116 thousand rubles.. UAH. Later, the Constitutional Court ruled that it was illegal to limit the salaries of civil servants, as a result of which the NBU immediately made a decision and raised the salaries of its employees by 47 thousand. hryvnia, and already in 2019, the National Bank paid Bereza 2.6 million as a basic salary. UAH. (219 thousand. UAH/month). In the last years of Bereza's work, Ukrainian banks systematically won lawsuits against the National Bank, declaring illegal and canceling fines for conducting financial monitoring procedures. Considering the above, the motivation for the financial encouragement of Bereza on the part of his main employer remains unclear … since such a situation could have arisen solely because of the actions of the head of the Department and his employees. Another unpleasant fact for Bereza was the publicity of his negotiations with Katerina Rozhnova, the first deputy chairman of the National Bank. The essence of the conversation concerned the issue of removing one of the Russian banks from the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council. In the context of a conflict, such actions can generally be regarded as a betrayal, there are facts of disclosure of confidential information, collusion and abuse of office, which at least deserves dismissal, and in general, a criminal case.. But instead, Bereza with honors received a significant increase in his already considerable salary. As one of the explanations for this situation, in addition to the inaction of law enforcement agencies in terms of bringing defendants to criminal responsibility, there were internal changes in the policy of the National Bank. So, according to some information, Shevchenko's predecessor as chairman of the National Bank, Smoliy, before his own resignation, made changes to the employment contracts of top managers by adding a section to them regarding additional payments to employees of this link upon their dismissal. It was about the amount of 6 monthly salaries, but in the situation with Bereza, it exceeded the size of 10 of his salaries compared to 2019 and 18 salaries compared to August 2020. Another story concerned Bereza at the moment when Katerina Rozhkova was saving Bank-Moscow, which is a subsidiary of VTB-Bank. To briefly convey the essence of the conversation, the conversation had the following content: Rozhkova: “Igor, hello! I have one question so far at this time… Tell me, please, did we apply for BM Bank to be struck off the list, or not?” Bereza: “Yes, they filed, filed … Oh … well, look, as it were, I can’t promise anything … It turns out that the RNBO should meet, and they should make a decision, and then they should introduce it by presidential decree. It’s going there right now… it turns out, like the first ones… the lists seem to have been taken away, and there are a lot of mistakes, and now it’s the procedure for introducing changes by the state body. And we got into this stream…” Rozhkova: “And when?” Bereza: “Katya, I don’t know… I’m afraid… you understand… The previous sanctions were taken for half a year. Now, as I understand it, it will be much faster, but to tell you exactly, in two weeks or a month – it will be … I, I can’t. The reason for the conversation was the actual ban on the sale and purchase of BM-Bank shares in September 2015, which was under the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council, regarding the temporary restriction of the right of a person to use and dispose of his property, the termination of the fulfillment of economic and financial obligations, a ban on granting loans, loans, financial assistance, guarantees, a ban on lending through the purchase of securities, the purchase of securities. But the delicacy of the situation was in the non-final decision on this financial institution by the National Bank. And in this situation, with an unknown motivation, by the hands of Bereza, Rozhkova undertook to solve this issue, acting solely in the interests of the chairman of the board of the said bank, Konstantin Vaysman. Bereza's wife was also seen participating in schemes related to the legalization of funds of illegal origin. Again, financial monitoring is used to combat the legalization of funds obtained illegally using the banking system, that is, combating money laundering. This service in the main bank of the country is headed by Bereza, who has a wife, Andriyko Anna, who is also an employee of NG-Trading LLC, working in which in 2017 she received 300 thousand. UAH. in the form of a salary, that is, about 20 thousand. UAH/month “clean”. This organization has a profile of work in the field of natural gas trading. The head of the company was a certain Aleksey Yakubenko, born in 1983, registered under the. Oboronnaya 3, kv.4, in Donetsk (non-government controlled territory). As it should be, in Ukraine, the real owner of NG-Trading LLC is the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. The management and control of this company is carried out through “FURGENCOTRADING.LTD”, operations are carried out on accounts opened with the bank “PUMB”. The story is ordinary, as well as the fact that in 2018 NG-Trading LLC was repeatedly convicted of trying to evade taxes: in February 2018 in Kramatorsk ( 72576936), in May of the same year in the Pechersky district of Kiev ( and in August in the Solomensky district of Kiev ( .ua/Review/75741770). So, according to the materials of the decision of one of the courts, the prosecution authorities directly declare that NG-Trading LLC has signs of fictitiousness and is engaged in laundering illegal money. Considering this fact, as well as the fact that Anna Bereza holds one of the leading positions in this organization and oversees the direction of servicing participation in tenders. As a result of its activities in the gas trading market, over the past few years, NG-Trading LLC has signed contracts with state-owned enterprises and organizations for a total amount of about UAH 25 million. And this is mousse without taking into account the cost of such transactions with private companies.. At the same time, Bereza's wife carried out her labor duties, for a salary of only $ 715 / month, while supervising a very strategic direction.. This suggests a conclusion about whether Anna Bereza has unofficial additional payments to an incomparably low salary for a representative of the top management of a company with millions of turnovers and how Bereza himself reacts to the non-fulfillment of financial discipline by this organization …? This situation directly indicates the presence of a conflict of interest in the activities of Bereza and the existence of grounds for initiating a criminal case, not to mention the dismissal of the head of financial monitoring. Returning to the dismissal of Bereza, despite all sorts of dark spots in the labor force, this happened only when they began to change the entire vertical of control of the banking system of the National Bank and started directly with Rozhkova. Without much analysis, everyone knows the information that Rozhkova was one of the members of the predecessor team of Gontareva-Smoliya and completely usurped control over the operation of the banking system, among her achievements were the bank fall of 2014-2016 and the nationalization of Privat-Bank. The fact of dismissal by the specified official one after another indicates their direct and strong relationship, which in turn is the most striking explanation of the motives, values and principles of Igor Bereza throughout his entire career …

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Wife - Anna Andriyko (NG-Trading LLC). Sons - Svyatoslav and Vsevolod
member of the Gontareva-Smoliya team
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