Bektursunov Kazbek Samuilovich - full dossier, compromising evidence


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Drug addict, pedophile, drug addict, pervert, corrupt official and thief ...


Stole money from all places of work, pedophilia. Heroin use, scientific falsification ...

Bektursunov Kazbek Samuilovich


Slippery already with the guise of virtue. Bektursunov Kazbek is a prime example of a dirty and greedy pervert. He was the PR manager of Leonid Chernovetsky, and the head of the Kyiv Media Holding, which included communal media. He was accused of pedophilia, but it is clear that all this was hushed up quietly, blaming the victim for everything, and Kazbek also took part in the porno session "Porn Tales". At all his places of work, he stole money, one of his colleagues in the media holding reported this, and his well-being increased rapidly, a striking proof is the house on Podil for 3 million dollars. In addition, he is the first Maybach owner in Ukraine.

Ukraine, Possibly Russian
Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia
June 26, 1967
Уровень охвата:

A pervert in the ranks of Chernovetsky

Official biography

Born on June 26, 1967 in Alma-ata. Said. Was the head of the production company Liberal Arts. One of the founders of the online publication Founder of fashion conglomerate LMG Group. In 2001, he took part in an unsuccessful campaign for publishing the Kommersant newspaper in Ukraine. In 2002, he participated in the parliamentary campaign of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. At the beginning of 2004, he created and headed InterBrand, one of the first branding agencies in Ukraine. In October 2004, he was appointed Development Director of InterMediaGroup. He was the general director of LLC “Kommersant Ukraine”. Fired in September 2006. Since March 2007, he has been acting as a media consultant for the Kyiv authorities, Leonid Chernovetsky. In the middle of 2007, the city council adopted decision No. 791/1452 on the creation of one of the most odious structures of the city government – CJSC Kyiv Media Holding. Five communal media outlets merged into it: the Khreshchatyk newspaper, the Ukrainian Capital, Vecherniy Kyiv, the Kyiv TV channel, and the Voice of Kyiv radio station. Kazbek Bektursunov, adviser to Leonid Chernovetsky on information policy and his main PR manager at that time, was appointed its head.. As it turned out later, for two years the holding existed only virtually: the merger into CJSC did not take place even on paper.

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Unofficial biography

Kazbek Bektursunov, advisor to the mayor and head of the publishing house that united the municipal media. “He was the first owner of a Maybach in the country, but he is really socially oriented – with his own money, even before he went into politics, he created a shelter for drug addicts and alcoholics.”

operational business

Kazbek Bektursunov is known for bringing the Russian Kommersant to the Ukrainian market twice. For the first time as a general director – then the newspaper closed with huge debts, including to journalists. During the second appearance of the publication on the domestic market, Bektursunov, unexpectedly for the Kyiv correspondents of the Russian Kommersant, became the director of the Kommersant-Ukraine publishing house and the owner of a 10% stake in this enterprise. In an interview with the media, he said that he received a personal invitation from Boris Berezovsky, at that time the owner of the newspaper. An analytical note was compiled by employees of a foreign law enforcement agency. Dated 2007. At the top there is a header that indicates what tasks the analysis is aimed at: “In the information space of the capital of Ukraine,. Kyiv is in the process of creating a powerful information monopoly. Ineffective, fragmented community media have long failed to meet modern media requirements. The main reason for this situation is the lack of a unified management strategy and a unified media policy. 2. June 14, 2007 by the Kyiv City Council after massive lobbying by the current mayor of Chernovetsky L. M. a decision was made to merge the communal media into Kyiv Media Holding CJSC, with 51% of the shares remaining in the communal property of the city, the remaining 49% will belong to private investors. An analysis of the decision of the Kyiv City Council suggests that the list of private investors can be approved in the interests of one group, namely the group that has the majority of votes in the Council. At the moment, this is the mayor of Kyiv Chernovetsky L.M. 3. Bektursunov K.Sh., adviser to the mayor of Kyiv on media issues, became the head of CJSC Kyiv Media Holding. Activities of the person involved BEKTURSUNOV Kazbek Shamilevich, Kazakh, born June 26, 1967, political strategist, media consultant. 1. Bektursunov K.Sh. already came to our attention as one of the media consultants of Patarkatsishvili B.Sh., which subsequently brought him closer to Berezovsky B.A. Business cooperation was established between them, and Bektursunov K.Sh. began to act on the instructions of B.A. Berezovsky Perhaps then he was seconded to Kyiv to carry out special tasks for the criminal group of Berezovsky. In particular, he made a failed attempt to launch the Kommersant-Ukraine project in Ukraine, where he was accepted on the recommendation of Berezovsky. Analysis of Bektursunov's activities. allows us to state with full confidence that he still acts with Berezovsky's interests in mind. After his work at Kommersant-Ukraine as a political strategist, he began working at the campaign headquarters of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. 3. In 2004 – created and headed the InterBrand company – one of the first branding agencies in Ukraine (money for the creation of the agency was received from B. Sh. Patarkatsishvili). 4. In 2005-2006 – re-launches the Kommersant-Ukraine project, becomes a partner of the project owner (Berezovsky B.A.) and the owner of a 10% stake in the enterprise. After the change of ownership, he was fired, his share was bought out (the reason for the conflict is indicated). 5. Now he is an adviser to the mayor of Kyiv Chernovetsky L.M.. on Mass Media and Freedom of Speech, Head of CJSC Kyiv Media Holding. Analysis of the influence of the person involved 1. Today Bektursunov K.Sh. has an active influence on Chernovetsky L.M. He is able to promote his interests through influential members of the team of the current mayor of Kyiv and implement them at the all-Ukrainian level. 2. Bektursunov K.Sh. extends its influence to some influential deputies from various factions both in the Kyiv City Rada and in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 3. Bektursunov K.Sh. retains contacts and connections with a number of popular journalists, in particular, whom he can use for his own purposes, especially relying on the financial capabilities of the media holding created for him. Conclusions: 1. One of the priority activities of Berezovsky B.A. what remains is the creation of an information foothold in the territories of states bordering the Russian Federation, in particular in Ukraine. 2. In Ukraine, a phased creation of a system of control over the media space of the capital is being implemented. The system is being created in agreement with B.A. Berezovsky, as well as taking into account his future participation in it. 3. Control will be exercised by the forces and means of CJSC Kyiv Media Holding and personally close to Berezovsky B.A. media consultant and political technologist Bektursunov K.Sh. Recommendations: 1. In order to eliminate threats, intensify activities to neutralize Bektursunov K.Sh. 2. To create a situation in which he would become an undesirable figure in the environment of L.M. Chernovetsky, for this to organize his compromise and isolation among his colleagues. 3. Check the closest environment of Bektursunov K.Sh. in order to identify asocial elements through which it can be compromised. 4. Particular emphasis should be placed on the moral character of Bektursunov K.Sh., because. this may turn out to be the most effective for moving him away from Chernovetsky L.M., who is extremely afraid of negative consequences for himself personally. 5. Eliminate all kinds of support elements for Bektursunov K.Sh. by our representatives and cut off all contacts with him through the exchange of information and cooperation. Signature erased”

Accusations of pedophilia Article dated February 24, 2009

For several weeks, Kazbek Bektursunov became a prominent figure in the media space. Let not “a figure equal to Churchill”, but quite comparable in terms of the number of mentions with the newsmakers of the first echelon of state power. Such a loud glory, even if temporary and scandalous, seems to be completely out of line with the rank of an employee of the Kyiv mayor's office. Neither his nominal positions as an adviser to the mayor and deputy editor of the municipal publication, nor his status as the head of the mayor's media holding seems to give Bektursunov any reason to claim such wide media attention. And the scope of the deeds of the defendant cannot be compared with the grandiose games of “national newsmakers” unfolding right before our eyes in the political, economic and financial field. Even Chernovetsky’s accomplishments are not up to par. But they write. And, if we talk about online media, they write almost everything. In the format: “Who has not kicked Kazbek yet? Don't crowd, get in line! The version of the alleged involvement in the “persecution” of our hero by a certain “foreign law enforcement agency” that is breathtaking in terms of “creativity” will be considered in detail a little later.. In the meantime, we will only note that no “power departments” – neither domestic nor foreign, nor neighboring, nor overseas countries – have ever managed to unite the Ukrainian Internet against one goal. It is obvious that Kazbek Shamilevich just “got it”. All. And long and hard. And the formal reason – the scandal with blackmail and connection with a minor – is precisely the reason. Catalyst that allowed to throw out the accumulated emotions. The situation is simply unique: most of the authors covering the vicissitudes of the incident do not hide their openly disgusted attitude towards the failed blackmailer and her accomplice.. But at the same time, the “victim” of blackmail does not arouse sympathy. Yes, if in the place of Kazbek at least a little less odious character, he would have won applause just because the subject of his vicious games was a completely mature, albeit 15-year-old girl. Or even girls. But still not a 10-year-old boy. The case is really special. Even against the background of the total simplification and deprofessionalization of domestic journalism and the charlatanization of the “political technologists' regiment”, Mr. Bektursunov looks like something completely blatant and exceptional. It's just fantastic! Even the confession of the young blackmailer, which, according to the strategic “political technology” plan, should have completely whitewashed Chernovetsky's adviser, only added fuel to the fire, acquainting the public with new details of Bektursunov's various “fantasies”. This is the highest class of modern political technology and image-making. But already tired of laughter, the audience was waiting for a new revelation.. Sensational material published in the “Observer”. As if in defense of Bektursunov. Sort of like “the empire strikes back.” It would be better not to apply. It's not even funny. This is “gross”. It turns out that there is a terribly secret paper – an “analytical note” compiled by “employees of a foreign law enforcement agency. It is dated 2007. In the note, the villain strongly recommends “in order to eliminate threats, intensify activities to neutralize Bektursunov K.Sh.” Well, in order to deprive the Kyiv mayor of Chernovetsky of a powerful organizational, analytical and media support, which is K. Sh. Moreover, it is “recommended” to deprive, just making “special emphasis” on the “moral character of Bektursunov”. I must say, this is a standard technique: they say, “enemies threw it up!”. Already literally in the first lines, the author of the “note” proclaims: “In the information space of the capital of Ukraine,. Kyiv, there is a process of creating a powerful information monopoly”. Well, who in their right mind could call the Kyiv mayor's media holding a “powerful information monopolist” – this really exceptionally “powerful” milking machine, attached by Kazbek to Chernovetsky's udder? Strictly speaking, this document cannot be read as an “analytical note”.. Because all of its content is such self-revealing clowning. Against the general background of which, the presentation of heavily cropped revelations of the victim of the sexual fantasies of the “great Kazbek” looks somehow plaintively – which is complete absurdity after everyone who wishes has already familiarized themselves with the full, unennobled version. Unless, as a monument to painful self-aggrandizement, the “note” is of some interest. It is interesting, for example, that when talking about the “activities of the person involved”, an unknown spy stops it even more radically than the “testimony” of Gozhenkova Anastasia Gennadievna. Entertaining details are completely deleted from the “activity”, such as the failure of almost all projects in which at least something depended on the “person involved”. Missing in the “note” entertaining details of the separation of Kazbek Shamilevich from the Byut headquarters in 2002. His participation in the presidential elections in Russia in 2000 is also absent (Kazbek, by the way, worked for one of the headquarters of V.V.. Putin. There, however, nothing depended on anyone. Yes, and our hero worked on very third-rate roles somewhere in the Kalmyk steppes). It is especially interesting that, as the main and almost the only person accused of Bektursunov, K.Sh. “guilt” the representative of the “foreign law enforcement agency” calls his close contacts with the disgraced Berezovsky. This might seem like another gross “blunder”, since the London exile does not cause any particularly bright feelings.. But maybe this is not a “blunder” at all, but a strategy. It is quite possible that the fable about proximity to the “great and terrible baoBAB” is the very “golden hook” on which Kazbek’s milking machine is attached to the udder of the main Kyiv “cosmonaut”. By the way, there was no place in the spy “analytics” for the activities of K.Sh. under the omophorion of the legendary Pavlovsky … Of course, the mere mention of the great charlatan immediately suggests a “wire”, but is it still decent to be so ashamed of your great teacher? After all, no matter what anyone says, Pavlovsky is a real genius in his profession.. He is a charlatan! He brought his word to science. More precisely, three words. He made the term “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” known to the general public.. n. NLP. That is, all those techniques and methods that are included in this sacred concept for any image maker have been known for many centuries.. But now there is a name for them, which has significantly added to the volapyuk of political technologists. In essence, Kazbek found himself in the depressing position of a charlatan who had been selling the philosopher's stone for a long time, and now he tried to experience the “magic effect” of his own witch's potion on himself. Tests fail. But it would be hypocrisy to condemn the leadership of Oboz for publishing this spreading quasi-spy cranberry. By the way, this whole story suggests an extremely interesting conclusion in practical terms.. The unique mediocrity of attempts to “self-rescue” the outstanding organizer and technologist Kazbek Bektursunov. once again testifies that last year's repeated accession of Chernovetsky in Kyiv cannot be attributed to political technological innovations. Chernovetsky's victory had only two components. Firstly, the notorious “buckwheat” in the broadest sense of the word. And, secondly, the direct sabotage of the elections by the head of the electoral headquarters, Gubsky, and the Byutov candidate Turchinov himself, who really did not want to lose his place as first deputy prime minister. According to the source, the Shevchenko district department of the GUMVD in Kyiv is conducting a pre-investigation check on the facts of corruption of a minor, since the detained allegedly claims that her relationship with Mr. Bektursunov began before 2008. According to the Kommersant newspaper, after the interrogation during which Anastasia G was detained. reported that Mr. Bektursunov allegedly “forced her into an intimate life at the age of 14 and at the age of 15 she had an abortion,” she was released on bail. The father of the suspect, in a conversation with a newspaper correspondent, said that “the seriousness of the situation forced him to hide his daughter,” and Bektursunov has not yet contacted him. The extortionist turned out to be Roman Vladimirovich Kislov, born in 1977. In 1996, in Kharkov, Kislov participated in the terrorist arson of Ukrainian patriotic organizations.. After the arrest, he began to cooperate with the investigation and laid all the blame on the accomplices. In 1999, an already loyal convict was released under an amnesty in order to engage in political provocations as an agent: “Ukraine without Kuchma”, RNU, Russian Bloc, compromising evidence. During the court session, Roman Kislov admitted that in preparing the provocation he acted in close coordination with Elena Melnyk, an employee of the press service of the Kyiv Organized Crime Control Department. This is also evidenced by the fact that the metropolitan police released Kislov to freedom immediately after the arrest, which is a gross violation of the law.. The website “Civil Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine” was created under the auspices of the fake public organization “Committee for Assistance in the Fight against Organized Crime and Corruption”, which was supervised by Serhiy Filchashkin, a former adviser to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and a longtime friend of Roman Kislov. The office of Filchashkin and Kislov was located on the street. Mikhailovskaya, 17. The blackmailer Kislov chose a cafe on Mikhailovskaya, 6 as a place of extortion. It was not possible to bring the entire criminal group to justice. Roman Kislov was sentenced to five years, but in 2011 his colleagues arranged for him to be released on parole.. At large, the blackmailer continues to publish compromising evidence obtained from operational sources.

And here is another entertaining article that sheds light on other sins of Bektursunov:

“Another scandal connected with the environment of Leonid Chernovetsky may finally make his voters think about whether it was worth giving the city to the power of demons for the sake of a kilogram of buckwheat? The scandal connected with the scam of the “spiritual mentor” of Chernovetsky Sunday Adelaja, who robbed his parishioners in the “pyramid” – “Kings Capitals”, has not yet died down, as it became public what had long been known to the journalistic party – namely, that Chernovetsky's adviser ” on freedom of speech” Kazbek Bektursunov “takes a great interest” not only in heroin, but also in corrupting minors. By the way, Bektursunov did not particularly hide his interest in minors, he even rather boasted of them. Suffice it to recall that after Bektursunov was kicked out of Kommersant for theft, he sat down to write a remake of Nabokov's Lolita called Confessions of Victor X. . Based on our rich experience. Then Bektursunov starred in a porn session called “Porn Tale”. You can also read the blogs and articles of this creature to understand that we are dealing with a pervert who started with exhibitionism sessions and ended up with pedophilia. By the way, the statement of the victim from the perverse actions of Bektursunov, most likely, will not be the only one. The video recording of Bektursunov's sexual “feats”, now being investigated by law enforcement officers, is likely to be only the beginning of the revelations of late Roman morals that now reign in the Kyiv mayor's office. Unless, of course, Bektursunov simply pays off law enforcement officers. It's no secret that the mayor's adviser stole at all places of his work, but he especially turned around precisely as the actual head of Chernovetsky's media holding. As evidenced, for example, by a house recently bought for $ 3 million in Podil. By the way, it is very strange that law enforcement agencies do not have questions about such a rapid growth in the welfare of Bektursunov, a simple adviser to a simple Kyiv mayor.. Or why they are not interested in the story of how Bektursunov robbed Kommersant. We quote “Telekritika”: “The editor-in-chief of the united editorial office of the Kommersant publishing house Andrey Vasiliev, who was the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian newspaper Kommersant in 2005-2006, answered the questions of the TV channel in more detail: – How do you evaluate the methods and results of the work of Kazbek Bektursunov in the position of general director of the Kommersant-Ukraine publishing house? – Both the old and the new owners of the Kommersant publishing house showed extreme humanism, and did not initiate proceedings against Mr. Bektursunov. Unfortunately, this was not my prerogative, because I am the chief editor who is responsible for the creative component of the publication. But a few years ago I was the general director, and if everything that Mr. Bektursunov did happened with me, then I would have filed a case against him – regardless of the opinion of the owners. – For what reasons was Mr. Bektursunov released and why do you think it would be worth starting a case? – It pains me to talk about this, because when we worked together with him, I trusted this person. More than that, I considered him my friend. I do not want to be substituted for articles and defamation, but I will give an example. Already knowing that he would be fired, Kazbek Bektursunov, using his official position, took a personal loan for several thousand dollars from the then Raiffeisenbank Ukraine (now OTP Bank – TK). He was also the guarantor, Kazbek Bektursunov, as the general director of the publishing house. These documents are in the bank. This is just one of the examples, quite small, believe me. But even this example is enough to judge the decency of a person. Moreover, he did NOT give this money away, that is, now that loan hangs on Kommersant. Because the CEO changes, but the brand remains … More, I'm sorry for God's sake, I can not say. NOT because I DO NOT trust the respected publication Telekritika, but because it disgusts me to talk about it. – Accordingly, Mr. Bektursunov withdrew from the shareholders of the Kommersant-Ukraine publishing house? – He has never been a shareholder. Of course, he could have been, because he had the right to be. But He did not contribute the amount that was needed to become a shareholder. It was necessary to deposit money – his own – but either he simply didn’t have it, or it was a pity … And to give an interview that he is a shareholder – this was not a complaint. Do not say that after his departure, a lot of obligations were hung on Kommersant to advertisers, in which no one knew. Kommersant, of course, closed these obligations, because in this case the good name of Kommersant is more important than a showdown with the former general director. Telekritika turned to Kazbek Bektursunov for comments on the role he plays in the capital's communal media, and unexpectedly received a counter offer – to take an exclusive interview. The conversation – recorded on a dictaphone – turned out to be interesting and informative, however, having received the text of the approval interview, Mr. Kazbek suddenly categorically refused to publish. He was not satisfied with the proposal to edit his own answers with his own hands, as well as the proposal to agree to the use of some of his quotes in the editorial article of “TK”. Despite this, we still publish selected quotes from this conversation, since, in our opinion, the issue of the fate of the Kyiv media is of great public importance, in these quotes we are talking exclusively about socially important, and not private, topics, but a person, who calls himself the de facto head of the communal media, is a public person and responsible to society. Having received authority from the hands of the Kyiv mayor, Kazbek Bektursunov began to change the acting communal media, intended by the city council for his own people. On January 23, Leonid Chernovetsky ordered to appoint Dmitry Dzhangirov as acting editor-in-chief of the Khreschatyk newspaper. Dzhangirov was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Monday”, as well as the co-host of the scandalous program “However”. In addition, he is the husband of Kazbek Bektursunov's sister and, according to TK, collaborated with his Think Tank agency.. After the appointment of Dzhangirov, the staff of the Khreshchatyk editorial office was reduced by almost half. “

“Think tank”

By the beginning of 2005, the Kiev PR and marketing agency “Think tank”, specializing in branding and developing strategies for promoting brands and political forces on the Ukrainian market, began to form a new product with a controversial moral and ethical use of its market use, but quite recognizable and promoted brand name is Che Guevara. In general, there are different points of view on the very nature of the now fashionable term “think tank” among political strategists, taken as a basis by creatives Kazbek Bektursunov and Pavel Karaychentsev. But the main approach is that a think tank (thought factory) is a corporation that has a peculiar (primarily from a moral and ethical point of view) program of its own development, which it tries to promote, regardless of who is currently in authorities and what political forces it situationally relies on. Having received start-up capital in the market sector for the promotion of Stoletov vodka and Tavria cognac, as well as Kommersant-Ukraine (Berezovsky’s investment) and Playboy media resources, by the beginning of 2005, the Think Tank leaders continued to consider themselves deprived of large orders for political consulting, support and information support of political projects.” After all, it is quite logical to assume that now Bektursunov is robbing the city treasury on a no less scale. And finally, regarding extortion. We very much doubt that the fact that Bektursunov's victim tried to get compensation from him for moral damage should be qualified as extortion.. In fact, this is still the most humane form of retribution.. Where it would be more correct to castrate Kazbek, so that he does not produce his own kind. Such an operation was not applied to Chernovetsky in time and now we have Stepan. But seriously, it's time for the perverts of Chernovetsky to undergo a course of re-education in Ukrainian prisons, and for us to stop electing bastards to power. We hope that this will be the case.

Requirements of the Kyiv City Council

The Commission of the Kyiv City Council on Local Self-Government, Regional, International Relations and Information Policy recommends that the Kyiv City Council initiate the dismissal of the mayor of Kyiv, Leonid Chernovetsky, of his adviser on information policy, Kazbek Bektursunov. The commission made such a decision at its meeting, proUA reports with reference to Ukrainian News.. The commission also recommends that the city council initiate a further ban on the mayor's advisers on information policy from interfering in the activities of the communal media. According to the secretary of the commission, deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc faction Yuriy Dmytruk, the said draft decision was agreed upon by 4 factions – BYuT, Vitaliy Klitschko's bloc, Lytvyn's bloc and the Party of Regions.

Fraud with Heidegger's translations

The son of the boundless Kazakh steppes, “cosmopolitan” and citizen of Russia Bektursunov became famous in the second half of the 90s by translating the lecture notes of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger on the topic: “Phenomenology and transcendental philosophy of value” (Kyiv: “Cartel”, 1996, 116 s.), which are placed in 56/57 tons. Collected Works of Heidegger in German. Apparently, feeling that his translation does not stand up to criticism (see. Mikhailov's negative review of him in “Logos” (M., 1997, pp. 152-153)), Bektursunov went to scientific falsification. He decided to hide his authorship of the translation and publish it (free of charge?) with reference to Heidegger's lecture notes, still unknown to science, recorded by a fictional student of Heidegger from Lvov, a certain Mandelbaum. Under the name of the editor-in-chief, E.P. Shestak, Bektursunov provided his translation with a preface “From the Editor”, where he misled the scientific community with information from a non-existent biography of Mandelbaum, references to non-existent materials of a scientific conference of Kyiv University, allegedly dedicated to Mandelbaum's scientific activities, and to its archive , from where the translation he published is allegedly taken. In the book itself, Bektursunov's surname is not mentioned, therefore, only those people who worked at the Cartel publishing house can prove Bektursunov's scientific forgery.. Apparently, the name of the editor-in-chief E.P. Shestak is fictitious. Kazbek is a “relative” of the famous Kyiv journalist and political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov: his sister Aida is married to the latter. During a debate on Radio Liberty, boss Bektursunova scolded her counterpart Medvedchuk for insulting cartoons (“Great Parcels”) about Viktor Andreevich, which are played on the 1 + 1 channel controlled by the “muzhik”. The author of the cartoon script is Dzhangirov, who “faithfully” served Tymoshenko for about three years and left her office on Lesia Ukrainka Square quite recently (either at the end of spring, or at the beginning of summer 2001) due to, as they say, permanent conflicts with the “national democratic wing” of “Batkivshchyna”. His place was taken by our Kazakh intellectual, who at that time worked in the Ukrainian edition of the Russian Kommersant. It was in Bektursunov's “department” that the idea of u200bu200bwriting “something for the people” about the thorny path of Yulia Timoshenko was born, which resulted in the shameful, absolutely wild, stupid and empty book “Unfulfilled Order” presented by Muscovite Andrey Okara. But this is for the plebeians. For the “intellectuals”, at the moment, a “group of philosophers” under the leadership of Bektursunov is creating a small political, economic, gender and cultural treatise of two hundred pages, which will soon be released under the name of Yulia Tymoshenko herself. “Burzhuy” Y.R. does not take part in this project.. That's for sure. But we'll still laugh until we drop. In any case, people who read the drafts of the future masterpiece guarantee this.

“Freedom” Stopped the march of drug addicts

“On May 2, 2009, the All-Ukrainian Association “Svoboda” held an action in Kyiv to counter the legalization of the so-called” light “drugs. This was reported by the press service of the All-Ukrainian Association “Svoboda”. “Freedom March” organized by drug lords and their henchmen was stopped in Kyiv. Since the capital of Ukraine did not wait for an adequate response from the authorities, who, instead of banning drug propaganda, put up guards for drug addicts, Svoboda stopped a small coven of stoners, blocking their movement even on European Square. It is significant that Kazbek Bektursunov, close to Chernivtsi, was noticed at the actions of drug addicts. During the campaign against the propaganda of drug addiction, the police took the side of drug addicts, detaining three Svobodovites – the deputy head of the Kyiv city organization for youth issues Ruslan Andryusha, Igor Shvaiko and Vadim Kudovbenko. »


Kazbek Bektursunov, an assistant to the mayor of Kyiv, was involved in the case of embezzlement of assets of BTA Bank, KazTAG reports.. The prosecutor's office of Kazakhstan has a number of questions for him regarding his cooperation with the ex-head of the bank Mukhtar Ablyazov. According to a source from the prosecutor's office, the possibility of putting Bektursunov on the international wanted list is now being considered.. The investigation believes that Bektursunov was involved in the illegal seizure by Ablyazov of 39.99 percent of the shares of the Ukrainian BTA Bank OJSC, which were owned by the Kazakh BTA Bank JSC. In late 2008, it became known that Bektursunov had not paid Ablyazov's publishing company royalties for a series of articles.


A man whose name is Kazbek Bektursunov stands before us as an “innocent sheep” but in fact is a “muddy type.” He is a liar, a criminal who robbed his own company, milked Timoshenko, Chernovetsky, deceived ordinary people, and a pervert to boot. All these facts have been circulating on the Internet for a long time, but he still hopes that his holy lies will be believed. Whatever project he joins, he will launder money everywhere!

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