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Bass Denis Yakovlevich


You can write fairy tales about the "young team" of Leonid Chernovetsky, where each member of the team is a rider of the apocalypse. Denis Bass is no exception. He, like everyone else, took everything from life and Chernovetsky, for which he must now pay. But as soon as the SBU took over him, Denis Yakovlevich collected his stolen money at a very fast pace and, like a real patriot, fled to Russia, where he set up his business, and a few years later returned to his homeland, intending to illegally build a mall.

Ukraine, Greece
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Denis Yakovlevich Bass

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Place of Birth.

A native of Kyiv. In 2000 he received a diploma from the National Technical University Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in marketing. PhD in Economics (2006).

Business career.

Upon graduation, he got a job at JSCB Pravex-Bank – the brainchild and main business structure of the then People's Deputy of Ukraine Leonid Chernovetsky. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a manager of a group of technical secretaries, head of the marketing department, director of two metropolitan bank branches – Dorogozhitsky and Pushkinsky. In April 2003, Bass takes off to the position of vice president of JSCB Pravex-Bank. Further more. In December of the same year, he became a senior vice president of the bank, in January 2004 – deputy chairman of the board, and in February 2005 – first deputy chairman (with the functions of supervising the bank's card business, deposit activities, treasury, lending to individuals people to buy a car, etc.). In 2005-2006. Bass was twice among the top five Ukrainian bankers of the year according to the results of the annual financial rating of the Business newspaper. Several times, colleagues from other domestic banks elected him a member of the Board of Directors of the VISA Ukraine Association. From bankers to officials. Bass could still feel very comfortable as a top manager of a large bank, if not for the victory of Chernovetsky in March 2006 in the mayoral elections in Kyiv. The new metropolitan mayor brought a cohort of leading Pravex managers to the mayor's office. One of the highest posts of the KSCA went to Bass. By the nature of his service, he oversaw the main departments of finance, economics and investment, transport, communications and informatization, on issues of interaction with the media and the public, communal property, industrial and innovation policy. Back in 2007, Bass combined the position of the first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration with the post of head of the main department of economics and investment, but in mid-May Chernovetsky decided to put another person in his place. The mayor did not provide an extremely clear explanation of such a decision to the public, he only said that “combining two positions is a very big responsibility and burden.” In March 2010, after Viktor Yanukovych came to power, Chernovetsky carried out “optimization of the management structure of the KSCA” and, as part of “a new approach to the formation of personnel, which is being introduced by the president and prime minister,” Bass was “demoted” to deputy. In June 2010, Bass resigned from the KSCA, when the new First Deputy Mayor Alexander Popov brought in Ruslan Kramarenko from the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities in his place. Unlike some other high-ranking colleagues in the KSCA and the Kyiv City Council, Bass avoided frankly scandalous decisions and harsh statements, tried not to spoil relations with journalists. In terms of his style of behavior, he is the exact opposite of, say, the ex-deputy mayor Irene Kilchitskaya or the secretary of the legislature of the capital Oles Dovgy, and even more so – his former boss. A rare guest on television political talk shows. In 2012, Denis Bass decided to move to Russia. He lived in Moscow for several years and ran the Russian company Intourist. In early 2018, it became known about the return of Denis Bass to Kyiv. The former official seriously decided to focus on the development business.

A family.

Married. Wife – a famous model, winner of the title of Miss Ukraine-1997 Ksenia Kuzmenko. They bring up three children, a common son and daughter, and the son of Xenia from his first marriage with Alexander Onishchenko. NOT an official biography It is known that Denis Bass is associated with one of the richest people in Russia, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, a defendant in the Kremlin Report, which included oligarchs close to Putin, and who is under sanctions in Ukraine. Apparently, Bass is legalizing Yevtushenkov's money in Ukraine in circumvention of the sanctions. In March, the owner of the Kievproject institute in the capital changed, three sources on the Kiev construction market told on condition of anonymity – a real estate consultant, an investment banker and a director of a development company. According to them, among the new owners is the former first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Denis Bass, whose team is now engaged in the development program of the Kievproject. According to the SMIDA agency, until the end of 2016 Kyivproject was owned by three offshore companies — Hightop Limited (24.67%), Jetrix Ltd (24.98%), Arvati Global Ltd (24.98%) and individual Alexander Popov (19.78% ). In early 2017, they were replaced by Cypriot Traylory Ventures, which in 2015 owned a stake in Khreshchatyk Bank in the interests of Vasily Khmelnitsky. Traylory Ventures acquired Kievproject in 2017, Bass became a partner in the project, Pogorelaya said. According to her, in March, Khmelnytsky sold his stake in Traylory and completely left the Kievproject. Kievproject owns a 16-storey building on the street. Bohdan Khmelnitsky with a total area of about 25,000 sq.. m. “This is a Soviet-style building, but thanks to its good location, offices can be rented out for about $10 per sq.. m per month,” the director of the Kyiv appraisal company told reporters. “The market value of the building is $16-18 million,” Sergey Kostetsky, a leading real estate specialist at the consulting company SV Development, calculated. Bass's management plans to renovate the building, said the head of a major development company, who asked not to be named.. “It proposes to open apartments, offices and create a shopping area,” he says.

Denis Bass, an associate of Chernovetsky who came from Moscow, will build a skyscraper near the Palace “Ukraine”

In Kyiv, near the Palace “Ukraine” on Velyka Vasylkivska street, 107-109 (Pechersky district), a skyscraper will be erected. Construction is going to start on a site with heavy traffic, which can lead to a transport collapse of the entire microdistrict. As OBOZREVATEL managed to find out, on June 13, 2018, the building permit was issued by the Department of Urban Planning of the Kyiv City State Administration. The company that will build the skyscraper, according to the register, belongs to the offshore Valdez Limited and is associated with the former deputy mayor of Kyiv during the time of Leonid Chernovetsky, a member of the “young team” Denis Bass. At the same time, as Nashi pennies write, the planned height of the building is 100 m.. “If we talk about the sites of Ukrzhilstroy, then according to the General Plan, this is the territory of public buildings and structures where housing construction is prohibited. The planned height of the building is about 100 meters. It is worth noting that the site on which the high-rise should be located is included in the Central Historical Area of Kyiv, where construction is prohibited above 27 meters, ”the material says.

The expulsion of “bass”

From the beginning, Denis Yakovlevich was demoted. From the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (until March of this year, Mr. Chernovetsky had four first deputies – Denis Bass, Anatoly Golubchenko, Irena Kilchitskaya and Evgeny Chervonenko), he became just a deputy. But he did not last long in this position. Already in June, the newly appointed first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, Alexander Popov, said that “he definitely will not remain in office”. “He will definitely be fired soon.. As for the accusations against him, I think this is not a question for me.. It's a law enforcement issue.. I made such a decision, he will be fired tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” said Mr. Popov. As it turned out, the prosecutor's office became seriously interested in the projects supervised by the former vice-mayor, and the whole business of Denis Yakovlevich rests precisely on his own influence.. The people he personally appointed unconditionally signed all the recommended documents and turned a blind eye to his business. According to the head of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship, Mikhail Brodsky, 1,000 kiosks in Kyiv belong to the Hi-Tech Bud company, which is associated with the father of Deputy Mayor Denis Bass. He is also credited with the Stardogs kiosk chain. Criminal cases are being prepared against Bass Deputy Mayor Denis Bass was famous for the fact that he never put his autograph on a document. “He literally twisted the hands of his employees, but he never signed anything, he was terribly afraid of this. And if his signature was already required, then he led it through a collective decision,” his subordinates say. His “right hand” – Marina Pogibko, is already on the international wanted list, a case has been opened against her in the SBU. It was on Pogibko that Bass shifted all the decisions, and as soon as the power in the city changed, she immediately went abroad. If she is detained and returned to her homeland, she can give the necessary evidence, who ordered her to sign this or that document. Denis Bass himself is now in Ukraine, he says that he is taking care of his little son. At the end of June, he was even seen in Yalta in one of the prestigious clubs. But as it became known to Segodnya, Bass is still in Ukraine only because he was urged not to leave his homeland.

Rating of the most expensive apartments for rent in Kyiv

Fourth place was taken by a 4-room apartment of 250 sq.. m in the house-monument of architecture on the street. Antonovich, where ex-deputy mayor Denis Bass lives. It can be rented for 64 thousand. UAH. per month ($8 thousand).

Where did Bass go?

Kyiv is full of conflicting rumors about the arrests of members of the “young team of Chernovetsky.” For example, the mayor's office is sure that the search at the secretary of the Kyiv City Council Oles Dovgy was caused by the fact that he refused to write a letter of resignation. But Denis Bass, according to them, was less obstinate: he agreed to write a statement and wait out the troubled times somewhere far away from Kyiv. Now, allegedly, he is hiding either in Spain or in Italy. A spokeswoman for Bass said that she would not be able to confirm or deny this information during the day.. Journalists tried to visit ex-deputy Chernovetsky at his house in an apartment on the street. Gorky (Antonovich). But the guard in the parking lot near the house said that he had not seen the ex-official for a week.. And before, they say, he was here every day.

Denis Bass became a Russian hotelier

The former deputy of Chernovetsky, Denis Bass, got a job as the head of the successor of the All-Union Intourist. On May 11, the Board of Directors of the Russian OJSC VAO Intourist decided on the early termination of the powers of the president of the company Alexander Arutyunov – Denis Bass was appointed to his place, Vedomosti reports. According to the publication, Bass replaced Arutyunov as chairman of the board. Arutyunov was also removed from the board of the company. “Intourist” spread the message about the change of the company's management, without providing any other comments. “My departure was expected, I have fully fulfilled my tasks – to make Intourist an industry leader, develop an outbound direction and attract an investor,” Arutyunov explained his departure to Vedomosti. The search for a new leader for Intourist began in January 2012, after the Thomas Cook Group and Intourist completed settlements for the British holding to acquire a controlling stake in their joint venture, says Arutyunov. The parties announced the creation of a joint venture in November 2010: Intourist invested in the agency and operator business, leaving the hotel. The deal with Intourist was closed last summer, Thomas Cook paid $45 million (most of it with its shares). Denis Bass himself has been at Intourist since March 2012 as an adviser to Arutyunov. “He (Bass) made a good impression, active, assertive, with the right business ideas,” the source said.

SEC on the road: How the right hand of Chernovetsky erects a concrete monster right on the roadway

In 2012, Denis Bass, who was the first deputy mayor of Chernovetsky, went to Moscow, but his business in the capital of Ukraine is still flourishing.. It is the company, which is actually owned by the father of the ex-official, that is building the scandalous shopping and entertainment center on the high-speed tram line on Borshchagovka.

Illegal activities of beautification of the city of Kyiv

December 26, 2009. Illegal activities of beautification of the city of Kyiv under the leadership of First Deputy Mayor Denis Bass and Kievpastrans. {what didn't get on the air} Attempted illegal dismantling.


Denis Bass, being part of the “young team” of Chernovetsky, managed to get a lot of goodies. For example, the lands that Chernovetsky so generously distributed to “his own”, illegal construction, theft of money from the treasury, and much more, which the SBU is silent about. After that, fearing punishment, like a true patriot, Denis Yakovlevich fled to Russia.

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Wife - Ksenia Kuzmenko, three children
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