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Bakanov Ivan Gennadievich


All changes regarding Bakanov's belonging to the SBU and law enforcement activities have occurred over the past two years. Even the rank of lieutenant Bakanov was awarded only in 2019. As already mentioned, a number of factors and circumstances indicate Bakanov's low level of professionalism. So, one of the brightest moments when Bakanov showed his attitude to the security of Ukrainians was the case of the 2020 hostage-taking in Lutsk. The whole country watched as an armed criminal held hostages and threatened to detonate explosives, but despite the tension of the situation, which ultimately ended happily, the head of the SBU, Bakanov, did not even consider it necessary to go to the scene! As a result of this attitude to their duties, members of the public turned to the President of Ukraine with a request to replace Bakanov as head of the SBU. Bakanov violates the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine, according to which civil servants cannot hold senior positions in private structures. So, in the declaration of Ivan Bakanov, no type of related activity is indicated, but in fact, since 2015 he has been the head of the Nueva Tierra Verde Sociedad Limitad company in Spain, and according to an extract from the register of legal entities in Spain, in addition to managing the specified commercial firm, still holds the position of "administrador único" – "sole administrator", a person authorized to do all actions on behalf of the company, which in itself is a violation.

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Ivan Gennadievich Bakanov

Born on May 2, 1975 in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, in the family of a teacher In 1997 – graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University named after. V. Hetmana 2006 – graduated from the Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism with a degree in Court, Advocacy and Prosecutor's Office 2013 – Head of Kvartal 95 LLC and Studio Kvartal-95 LLC, their founder and ultimate beneficiary – Green Family »Ltd (Green Family Ltd), registered in Cyprus, in Nicosia, two leaders are indicated – Oksana Lazarenko (Bakanov's wife) and Marina Razomova-Georgiou From January 2017 to May 2019 – head of the Servant of the People party. The head of the headquarters of V. Zelensky during the election campaign. In May 2019, he was awarded the military rank of lieutenant, due to the need to provide access and be appointed to the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Security Service. of the Central Directorate of the SBU Since May 2019 – appointed member of the National Security and Defense Council In June 2019 – during the vacation of Vasily Hrytsak, Acting Head of the SBU Since July 2019 – Member of the National Council for Anti-Corruption Policy Since August 2019 – Head of the SBU

He is married to Oksana Lazarenko (a citizen of Russia, has a residence permit), they are raising two sons, the eldest Arthur (from 2014 to 2018 a student of KNEU named after. V. Hetman) and the youngest son Stepan, a schoolboy. Since 1998, Oksana Lazarenko has been permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine, while she has not traveled to the territory of the Russian Federation since 2013. Bakanov noted that his wife has not yet received a Ukrainian passport because of the “corrupt system”: “Obtaining citizenship for many years was a corrupt trough for some officials. We have never involved “firms”, intermediaries in the process and will not make such a request to the president.” He has close friendly ties with Vladimir Zelensky – childhood friends, studied at the same school and at the same university (KNEU named after. V. Hetman). A few words about the “quarters”, the publicity of Bakanov and the relationship of the series of the same name with political power. As previously mentioned, the companies Studio Kvartal-95 LLC and Kvartal-95 LLC are registered in the name of Ivan Bakanov, the roots of the latter go back to Cypriot offshores, and its founder is Green Family Ltd (Green Family Ltd) – a company registered in Cyprus, in Nicosia. According to reliable media reports, its leaders are Marina Razomova-Georgiou and Oksana Lazarenko (Bakanov's wife). Ivan Bakanov avoids publicity as much as possible, and for this reason does not publish personal photos on his Facebook profile, and also tries not to show his face in photographs. Despite this photo taken during the first serious congress of the Servant of the People party, according to Vladimir Zelensky himself, Bakanov can still be seen. During the interview, Bakanov explained that from the very beginning of the creation of the Servant of the People series, there was absolutely no idea about its political prospects and the creation of a political party using its main meaning, although the idea for the series appeared about 10 years ago, while he himself The series “Servant of the People” began filming only in 2015. A party with the same name was registered at the end of 2017. Later, in an interview with BBC-Ukraine, Bakanov confirmed that the party he leads would participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections: “We expect to participate in the parliamentary campaign and enter parliament. Then it will be easier.” As for compromising facts and rumors regarding Bakanov, it is worth recalling the situation when the company of the wife of the future head of the SBU, Oksana Lazarenko, appeared in the SBU’s criminal case on embezzlement of state property in 2011. So, a criminal case was initiated under part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code (Assignment, embezzlement of property or taking it by abuse of official position). It was about the embezzlement by civil servants of the regional branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the Kyiv region and CJSC NPP Kyivoblenergo. The state property meant the property of the Boguslavskaya and Dybinets HPPs in the amount of 3.8 million. UAH. The offense was committed by prior agreement with officials of Ecoinvest LLC and PPS Energotek LLC. It was established that the Dybinetsaya and Boguslavskaya HPPs belonged to the State Enterprise Kyivteploenergo, which, in turn, was reorganized in 2004 into AES Kyivoblenergo CJSC, which no longer belonged to state property. In 2006, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy approved a list of real estate that was included in the authorized capital of NPP Kyivoblenergo during its corporatization. “Boguslavskaya” and “Dybinetskaya” HPPs were not included in this list – they remained on the balance sheet of CJSC as objects of state property. In 2007, a competition was organized in the regional branch of the State Property Fund for the Kyiv region for the right to lease two HPPs, even despite the fact that it was prohibited at the legislative level to lease HPPs. However, as a result of the competition, the company PPS Energotek LLC won, which then had a single founder, leader and signatory – Oksana Lazarenko, the wife of the future head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov. According to investigators, in the future, officials of AES Kyivoblenergo CJSC, by agreement with officials of the regional branch of the SPFU, as well as by concluding a sale and purchase agreement with Ecoinvest LLC, sold the equipment of the Boguslavskaya and Dybinetskaya HPPs, which are part of their integral property complexes. At the time of the illegal operation, the owner of Ecoinvest LLC was and still is the Scottish company Carat consulting & trading limited. After that, in September 2008, Ecoinvest LLC sold the equipment of the Dybinetskaya and Boguslavskaya HPPs, which are part of their integral property complexes, LLC PPS Energotek of Bakanov's wife. In November 2010, the State Property Fund drew up an act on violation of the law during the lease agreements for the Boguslavskaya and Dybinetskaya HPPs, which contained data, on the basis of which a criminal case was initiated. According to the investigating authorities, as a result of the illegal sale of the property of the above objects, the state suffered damage in the amount of UAH 3.88 million, which is an especially large amount. Already at the end of 2011, the Fund sold the Dybinetskaya and Boguslavskaya HPPs to Energia-1 LLC, owned by Yulia Levochkina and businessman Igor Tynny. And in 2012, a court decision was made to terminate the lease agreement with PPS Energotek LLC, as a result of which this company was obliged to return both HPPs. In the same year, the SBU, through the court in the framework of case No. 168, transferred the hydroelectric power station to LLC Energia-1 for safekeeping. At the same time, in 2013, Bakanov’s wife’s company unsuccessfully tried through the court to prohibit SE Energorynok from transferring money to Levochkin-Tynny’s company, arguing that both HPPs are owned by PPS Energotek LLC. Now Dybinetskaya and Boguslavskaya HPPs are controlled by Energia-1 LLC. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov found a “secret” luxurious mansion in the village of Khodosivka near Kyiv. According to the registers, Ivan Bakanov has an apartment in Krivoy Rog. In Kyiv, the Bakanovs own two apartments at once, and judging by the numbers, they are located one above the other. The first belongs to Ivan Bakanov himself, the second belongs to his wife Oksana Lazarenko. According to data received by Watchdogs, Ivan Bakanov's estate is located in the village of Khodosovka near Kyiv.. So, formally, according to the register of property rights, Ivan Bakanov owns only a small piece of land – four acres, a plot of another nine acres belongs to his wife, and they must pay taxes for these plots. But, as happens in real life, everything has a different picture, which fits in, located on the indicated territory, its own lake with a small park and a two-story cottage on a common plot of approximately half a hectare. The market value of such an estate can be from 7 to 8 million UAH.. The described cottage in Khodosovka appears on the social networks of Bakanov’s relatives, namely on the page in Odnoklassniki of his father-in-law, Yevgeny Lazarenko, and on the Instagram page of Bakanov’s eldest son, Artur. It is hardly possible to call the presence of a house of this magnitude in Ukrainian politics egregious or indicative, and it will not surprise anyone. In 2013, Bakanov registered the land for a house – this was before he received the position of a civil servant. About a year later (January 2014), landscape robots started in the place where the forest was located, and two months later (March 2014) an excavator dug out a lake in the place of the forest. It is noteworthy that the data for this period coincide with such nationwide events as the “Revolution of Dignity”, “Maidan”, hundreds of civilian casualties as a result of clashes, the flight of Yanukovych, aggression from the Russian Federation began a little later and, as a result, the annexation of Crimea, at the beginning April, Slavyansk was captured by Girkin's militants … etc. But all this period, Ivan Bakanov, without showing a principled civic position, was engaged in the construction and improvement of his cottage, apparently without even thinking about national security issues … But, leaving the questions of Bakanov’s moral and ethical qualities, as well as the degree of his professional suitability as the head of a law enforcement agency , pay attention to the fact that the cottage indicated above does not legally exist. It does not belong, neither to Ivan Bakanov, nor to any of his relatives … formally, there is no house there. But in fact, we have a completely opposite situation – a land plot, a house parked in front of the house of Bakanov and his wife. At the beginning of November 2019, information appeared in the media about the conflict between the head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, and the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Bogdan, which ended in a banal fight, which resulted in Andrei Iosifovich losing a tooth. There was no actual confirmation of this information and over time it was refuted by both parties mentioned. Another interesting fact, indirectly indicating the level of understanding of the need to comply with the position held, was a gift worth 15 thousand. hryvnia received by Bakanov during the celebration of Surkis's birthday. If a little more, during the celebration of his own birthday, Grigory Surkis gave all the guests Fendi photo frames, worth 15 tis. hryvnia, one of which went to Ivan Bakanov, and which he, of course, accepted, not realizing that this could and should be regarded as an act of corruption. Unfortunately, in the journalistic report on this fact, the NAPC also did not see the grounds for taking response measures. According to the declaration for 2019, Ivan Bakanov has an apartment in Kyiv with an area of 56m2, as well as a third of an apartment with an area of 85.8m2 in Krivoy Rog. As for income, in 2019 Bakanov received 107,714 hryvnias for his work at the Kvartal 95 studio.. As head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov received 536,559 hryvnias in seven months.
The wife of the head of the SBU, Oksana Lazarenko, also owns an apartment in Kyiv with an area of 56.3 m2. It should be noted that Bakanov's wife was a citizen of Russia, and in 2019 the head of the SBU claimed that the registration of Ukrainian citizenship for his wife was in the process. The wife of the head of the SBU also received income from doing business – 240 thousand hryvnias. And she also received 27 thousand. UAH. at the Kiev College of Communications. Oksana Lazarenko also has a land plot in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, with an area of 2834m2. The head of the SBU also owns several plots of 43m2, 891m2, 1502m2 in the same area. A residential building was built on one of the plots. The Bakanov family has two cars: a 2012 Volkswagen Touareg with his wife and a 2010 Volkswagen Passat with Bakanov. The Bakanov family has 233 euros, 16 dollars and 548 UAH in bank accounts. 170 thousand are kept in cash. dollars. Ivan Bakanov's declaration does not indicate a single type of related activity. At the same time, according to an investigation by journalists, since 2015 he has been the head of Nueva Tierra Verde Sociedad Limitad in Spain, and according to an extract from the register of legal entities in Spain, Bakanov is the head of this commercial company, but also holds the position of “administrador único” – “ sole administrator”, the person is authorized to take all actions on behalf of the company, which in itself is a violation of the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine, according to which civil servants cannot hold senior positions in private structures. Another situation that did not play into the hands of Bakanov was the day of the terrorist act in the city of. Lutsk in summer 2020. The whole country watched as a gunman held hostages and threatened to detonate explosives.. Despite the tension of the situation, which ultimately ended happily, the head of the SBU Bakanov did not even consider it necessary to go to the scene! As a result of this attitude to their duties, members of the public turned to the President of Ukraine with a request to replace Bakanov. As a conclusion, we can say that Bakanov does not give the impression of a seasoned corrupt official, but he definitely does not correspond well to his high position for a number of objective reasons. Based on the foregoing, finding Bakanov in the position is clearly beneficial and interesting to someone … the only question is what and to whom?

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Wife (citizen of the Russian Federation) - Oksana Lazarenko, head of Energotek LLC, sons - Artur and Stepan
Member of President Zelensky's team
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