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Bagriy Petr Ivanovich


Pyotr Bagriy is a businessman in the pharmaceutical industry. He is engaged in the purchase of untested drugs in India, allegedly supplying them to Ukraine through offshore companies, and this justifies the inflated prices in the pharmacy. In fact, the drugs are supplied directly, so the price increase is another financial fraud of Bagria and his organized criminal group. Pyotr Ivanovich does not miss the opportunity to cash in on the problems of citizens, especially on cancer patients. Unfortunately, journalists counted at least 4 enrichment schemes in the pharmaceutical field from Bagria. It is in this way that his pockets are filled with billions of hryvnias, while ordinary citizens are forced to suffer from diseases.

July 8, 1966
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Bagriy Petr Ivanovich

Official biography

Born on July 8, 1966 in the village. Galayki, Tetievsky district, Kyiv region In 1983 – 1989 studied at the Faculty of Thermal Power Engineering of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, received a diploma in mechanical engineering. 2014 – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1989 – 1994 worked in the Kiev special department No. 23 “Kotlomontazh” of the trust “Promtekhmontazh – 2” as a foreman, deputy head of the department. April 1989 – February 1994 – Kiev SU No. 23 “Kotlomontazh” of the trust “Promtekhmontazh-2”, foreman, deputy head of department, senior engineer. From February 1994, he worked at the Hansa Trading House as a chief engineer, general director, currently as an executive director of the Hansa Trade House. He started his business with construction at the Zhebrivsky factory. Since 2007. – President of the Association of drug manufacturers of Ukraine. Beneficiary of Hansa, Ukroppostach, Farmadis, Sky Pharm, Lumiere Pharma and other permanent winners of tenders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, including for the supply of drugs for the treatment of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis.

NOT official biography

There will always be people who, for the sake of big money, are ready to walk over corpses.. Among them, representatives of the pharmaceutical mafia Petr Bagriy, Anatoly Reder and Filya Zhebrovskaya occupy a special position.. Dirty corruption schemes allowed them to make multi-million dollar fortunes. And suffer, as usual, ordinary Ukrainians, forced to overpay for medicines dozens of times. The pharmaceutical mafia and its partners, under any government, have been earning billions from ordinary people for decades now.. Today we will tell you about one of the brightest representatives of pharma ligarchs. Among them is the main tender mafia of our country and concurrently the president of the Association of Medicines Manufacturers of Ukraine – Petr Bagriy.

Petr Bagriy. How it all began

Of course, like most dishonest intermediaries, Pyotr Bagriy, better known in the near-medical world as Petya Bespredelshchik, started his pharmaceutical business back in the 90s with barter schemes: his company Hansa carried out repairs at the Farmak pharmaceutical plant in exchange for medicines. Such a simple scheme brought Bagriy 200-300% profit. When barter settlements ceased to be the main “driving force” of business, he decides to turn his attention to an equally profitable activity – public procurement. And it became a real “gold mine” for the new future pharmaceutical tycoon. Being very far from pharmaceuticals, in order to give himself more significance, Petr Bagriy creates duplicating Hansa companies – L-Contract, Alter Ego, Emergence, Pharmaceuticals of the Regions, Sumy Pharmacy Company, etc.. Also at this time, he acquires numerous acquaintances in power, and since 2003, Bagria's firms have been permanent winners of tenders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the supply of not only medicines, but also medical equipment. Prices for drugs were inflated by 20 times Hansa and its clone companies received their incredible profits on the difference between the price of purchasing from suppliers and selling drugs to the state. Here are just a few facts of corruption that were made public in a group of companies around the Hansa, prepared in 2008 by Valery Konovalyuk on behalf of the BP Health Committee. According to the document, only in 2005-2007. “Unclean” supplier schemes, including Baghria's companies, led to the fact that, for example, prices for anti-TB drugs were inflated, on average, by 2-3 times, and in some cases – 22 times, when compared with neighboring countries with Ukraine . Pyotr Bagriy on the ban on drug advertising:

If you look at the global picture, the group of companies around Hansa controlled more than 90% of the funds allocated from the budget for the purchase of drugs under the Oncology, Tuberculosis, AIDS programs ”, “Multiple sclerosis” and a number of others. And this amount could reach a billion hryvnia per year.

Baghria schemes prevent patients from receiving quality medicines

Earning a lot of money on dark schemes for the sale of drugs, Bagriy decided to continue to monopolize the market for narcotic drugs. He was attracted by the opportunity to “squeeze out” the supply of narcotic painkillers for state medical institutions. To do this, in February 2018, an agreement was concluded with the Lithuanian company Kalceks, which is engaged in the sale of narcotic drugs with an anesthetic effect.. The company “Diatom”, which is the property of Petr Bagriy, became a partner, it received exclusive rights to sell Lithuanian medicines. The company “Kalceks” does not manufacture its products on its own, it is made under a contract in other countries, and accordingly there is no proper certification of production conditions from the State Service of Ukraine for Medicinal Products. In April 2018, the Diatom company brought products to Ukraine, but could not clear customs due to litigation. The goods lay all 3 months of proceedings at the airport “Borispol”, in a regular customs warehouse (and not in a specialized “pharmaceutical”). Most drugs have strict restrictions on storage conditions – a special temperature regime, direct sunlight is contraindicated, etc.. For example, Diazepex injections should be stored exclusively in the dark and at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees and nothing else. Only 3 months later, thanks to the corruption and connections of Bagriy in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kalceks products were cleared through customs and in November 2018 received a quality certificate for imported drugs. The conclusion on the quality of production was issued by the State Research Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicinal Products of the State Institution “Institute of Public Health. O.M. Marzeev National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (M. Kyiv, str. Powder 50). But there are no standard samples in Ukraine for these drugs and there are no import quotas, so the question arises how the quality analysis was carried out. Now the products have migrated to the warehouse of Diatom LLC, however, if the storage conditions in the customs warehouse are violated, their further entry into pharmacy chains (in the event that the injunction is lifted) will carry a mortal danger to patients who bought the missing medicines. Today, Ukrainian manufacturers fully meet the needs of the Ministry of Health for narcotic analgesics. However, this state of affairs did not suit Bagria, and not shunning outright crime, he is able to intimidate competitors. For example, in July 2018, an attempt was made on the head of a Kharkov pharmaceutical company. People like Petr Bagriy stop at nothing, because his goal is to organize his own shadow drug trafficking in Ukraine. Why are medicines more expensive? Story about farm. mafia from “ICTV Facts”:

According to available information, Bagriy is now discussing with Kalceks JSC the possibility of organizing the packaging of their products in Ukraine under a new name, in order to then raise the price of narcotic drugs and sell them as “domestic”.

Corruption schemes of Petr Bagriy

Today, Baghria enterprises, which can be called “real champions” in terms of spending budget funds over the past 7-8 years, still top the list of drug suppliers for Ukrainians. Pharmaceutical mafia Bagriy knows how to negotiate with any government. According to the report of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, until 2014 the pharmaceutical. oligarchs made money on the sick and the state budget, following 4 conditional schemes. The first scheme involved a “cartel collusion” when players farm. market coordinated their actions at the auction of the Ministry of Health. Or they tried to ensure that the tender was held between companies owned by the same owner – in most cases it was Piotr Bagriy. In 2013-2014, this scheme alone helped clone companies of the oligarch Bagriy win tenders for more than 672 million. hryvnia The second scheme is to register inflated prices for medicines in the Register of the Ministry of Health. This type of corruption exists only thanks to the close “cooperation” of the pharmacy and officials of the Ministry of Health, which allow them to declare “exorbitant” prices for medicines.. Thus, this scheme literally legitimized the overpricing of medicines purchased by the state. Foreign drugs are de jure imported to Ukraine through several offshore companies, and de facto they are directly delivered to our country from the manufacturer. Accordingly, a series of “offshore companies” allows pharmacists to inflate the price of medicines several times and even share profits with the authorities, which turn a blind eye to all frauds. The third scheme is generally straightforward: clone companies go to auction with exactly the same drugs. Such maneuvers virtually eliminate competition, which consequently drives up the price of these medicines. The fourth scheme of actions of pharmaceutics involves the simple elimination of competitors by the hands of the state and the exclusion of cheaper drugs from the market under the guise of protecting patent rights. New schemes after the change of power After the Revolution of Dignity, not only did not happen, as everyone hoped, the. branches of Ukraine, but even vice versa – new corruption schemes and transactions have appeared along with existing ones. According to the report of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, the new schemes consist of simply delaying, blocking, canceling and postponing tenders. The purpose of such actions is simple – to give pharmaceutical ligarch companies time to register higher prices for their medicines in the Ministry of Health Registry, which we talked about earlier.. As a result, not only the cost of medicines was unreasonably increased by almost 2 times, but many patients in medical institutions did not receive their vital medicines on time. As we can see, the “octopus” of medical corruption, headed by the tender mafia Petr Bagriy, is equipped with very strong defense mechanisms that help it flourish in our country under any government.. Let's hope that someday this will come to an end. As we reported earlier, pharmacists Petr Bagriy, Filya Zhebrovska and Anatoly Reder lost a lawsuit against the public organization Patients of Ukraine, which accused drug manufacturers of corruption and distributing drugs of dubious production. Litigation between the Association “Manufacturers of Medicines of Ukraine” and “Patients of Ukraine” ended in favor of the latter. This decision was made by the Economic Court of Kyiv. The specialized judicial body of the capital published a decision in which it was recognized: the assertion that the Ukrainian pharmaceutical. the industry and medicine are permeated with corrupt ties, does not harm the business reputation of pharmacists. It was this wording of the executive director of Patients of Ukraine Olga Stefanyshyn that led to a lawsuit against the Association of Manufacturers of Medicines of Ukraine for allegedly disseminating false information. Stefanyshina on the radio “Era FM” said that drug manufacturers in Ukraine buy certificates for the sale of their products and drugs, the quality of which is not confirmed by laboratory experiments. Such rhetoric around corruption schemes does not benefit only the bribe-takers themselves and corrupt officials. Apparently, defending their “business reputation”, the Association of “Medicine Manufacturers of Ukraine” filed a lawsuit, because there is something to lose. The head of this organization is one of the most influential corrupt officials in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, concurrently the owner of the tender companies Hansa, Ukroppostach, Farmadis, Lumiere Pharma, Sky Pharm, etc.. – Peter Bagriy. Therefore, in the interests of Bagria, who won 95% of tenders last year for the purchase of medicines only for patients with hepatitis, the hype around corruption in the industry does not in any way enter. However, the eternal “favorite” of all tenders held by the Ministry of Health, this time failed to bribe justice. The court of first instance refused to satisfy the claim of the Association “Producers of Medicines Ukraine”. Thus, Bagriy, who is closely connected with Filya Zhebrovskaya (Farmak) and Anatoly Reder (Interkhim) through the lobbying association he heads, is forced to retire, filing an appeal. It is strange that specific pharmacists took an unaddressed statement addressed to them. As they say, a thief's hat is on fire. Pharmacists tried to protect the corrupt interests and schemes of mafia leaders, but attracted more public attention to their shadowy activities.. Now, having diagnosed the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, all that remains is to start treating the foci of infection, starting with the registration of medicines and ending with state tenders.

Petr Bagriy: the tender mafia is terrorizing the farm. Ukrainian market

The pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine has always been a sector where a lot of money is earned. But if some players are trying to make a profit by honestly selling medicines and winning tenders, then others are trying to make millions of capital through fraud and black schemes.. The latter include the activities of a well-known pharmaceutical businessman in Ukraine, President of the Association of Drug Manufacturers of Ukraine Petr Bagriy. Necessary connections = profitable schemes Players of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market have heard quite well about the personality of businessman Petr Bagriy. However, in business circles, Mr. Bagriy is known as a big fan of tender fraud and corruption schemes, thanks to which he made a considerable fortune.. Dirty corruption schemes allowed him to make a multi-million dollar fortune, making him one of the richest people in Ukraine. He adapts perfectly to any government, regardless of changes in government. By the end of 1994, Bagriy determined the main direction of his business: the sale of medicines to Russia. In 1998, Ganza LLC was re-registered as a CJSC, owned by Petr Bagriy and his partner Mikhail Kuchirko – often called the brains of their fruitful business duet. But in the same year, a default in the Russian Federation put an end to this business.. Having lost the Russian market, Hansa began to master the Ukrainian. Then the business of Bagria and his partners survived on a successful marketing move called “social pharmacies”. Behind the advertisement of special pharmacies for poor Ukrainians with drugs at a price “below the market”, expired drugs were sold, as well as banal fakes. The “social pharmacies” did not pay much attention to the labels. For more than 20 years, Bagriy has been purchasing low-quality Indian drugs and importing them to Ukraine at low prices, then selling them under the guise of domestic ones.. Ukrainian companies of Petr Bagriy are involved in this, through which he turns his scams – TOV “BMVP “SUCHASNIK”, PVKF “SVESA”, KRASNOPILSK AGROLISGOSP, MF “ARTANIA”, TOV “VIZIT UKRAINE”, TOV “APTEKA 97”, TOV “YAROSLAVIV” VAL”, TOV “APTEKA 127”, TOV “APTEKA 197”, TOV “NVF “HANZA”, TOV “EMERZHENSIA 2004”, AFVU, “CHARITABLE FOUNDATION” EIDOS “One of the most brilliant (and at the same time cynical) scams with the participation of an entrepreneur happened 10 years ago with one of the foreign-made flu drugs. Then, we recall, swine flu was raging in Ukraine, on which enterprising figures made good money. One of these was Peter Bagriy.. In 2009, the government, through an intermediary firm owned by our hero, purchased drugs four times more expensive than the price offered by the manufacturer himself.. As it turned out, the official who made the decision to purchase the drugs had previously worked for Bagria. Realizing that on the farm. On the Ukrainian market, you can earn regularly, the businessman put dark schemes with huge markups on pharmaceuticals on the stream. True, for this he had to go through a difficult path, because during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, the main kickbacks in this industry were received by the “first persons” of healthcare: the relevant minister Raisa Bogatyryova and the head of the relevant parliamentary committee Tatyana Bakhteyeva. However, when the ex-president went on the run, and representatives of the Party of Regions were slowly “excommunicated” from important government positions, Petr Bagriy’s structures became more active on the market.. The ability to negotiate with representatives of any political forces, regardless of their vector, also helped the businessman. That gave him the opportunity to steal on a large scale for the needs of Ukrainians. In 2014 alone, firms associated with our hero, according to available information, earned almost 500 million from government tenders.. UAH See also: Former head of the tender committee of the department of social policy of the Kyiv City State Administration is suspected of corruption Today, Baghria firms are armed with several dark schemes that help him earn hundreds of millions of hryvnias on the domestic market of medicines. After the revolution of 2014, the team of Petr Bagriy began to use methods of disrupting tender purchases of medicines more often.. The goal is to give a possible winner (that is, his own or the company of one of the oligarch partners) to enter higher prices for medicines into the Ministry of Health register in order to get more profits from the sale of medicines. According to experts analyzing the Prozoro website, there are signs of the existence of a criminal group, which includes companies whose direct or indirect beneficiaries are Bagriy and Kuchirka. In particular, these legal entities, in collusion among themselves, carry out actions that ensure the sale by them at inflated prices of medicines in public procurement, which are carried out for public funds by drug institutions of Ukraine. These actions consist in the fact that the economic activity of these business entities is coordinated from one decision-making center, which distorts competition and, as a result, achieves overpricing.. There are a lot of signs of such coordination, these are the exclusion of other participants who are not included in their groups to the auction, and the agreement of an overestimated initial price, its very slight (by 1-2%) decrease during the auction, the almost simultaneous submission of price proposals, etc.. At the same time, in rare cases, if competitors participate in the auction, there is a price reduction. In general, in 2018 alone, these companies won more than 300 million worth of such “fair” bidding in Ukraine. It is worth noting that Bagria companies supply drugs for national programs related to oncology.

While in the shade?

With the advent of the new leadership of the Ministry of Health, Petr Bagriy had to suspend the schemes developed over the years. However, the businessman did not stop the desire to subdue the market of medications, in particular narcotic drugs.. Thanks to connections in the highest government offices, the president of the Association of Medicines Manufacturers of Ukraine is trying not only to resume the supply of Kalceks drugs containing narcotic substances, but also to become a monopolist in the sale of this group of drugs. But will he be able to accomplish what he set out to do? This is already in the hands of the current government, which, at least on the eve of the elections, should think about real steps towards people. Consisting, among other things, in the elimination of shadow schemes in the market of medicines. So that people can buy medicines of the appropriate quality, and at the same time not pay exorbitant prices for them.

Coronavirus epidemic: on the verge of a grandiose corruption scam

Will the infection bury the power of the “servants of the people”. The National Security Council has canceled tenders for the purchase of goods to combat the consequences of the coronavirus, and this situation is very reminiscent of the scandalous purchases of Tamiflu during the Tymoshenko government, Denis Sarbey writes on the DC website. After President Zelensky signs the relevant decree, the NSDC decision will come into force. In addition, Deputy Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said that until June, the government had imposed restrictions on the export and re-export of personal protective equipment, in particular medical masks.. All this, given the threat of the coronavirus epidemic, is good and right, but every medal has two sides. Surely not many Ukrainians remember how, in some aspects, the situation similar to the current situation with the coronavirus developed in 2009. during the “swine flu” epidemic and how the then government headed by Yulia Timoshenko bought the drug “Tamiflu” from him. Purchase of the drug Tamiflu on which the farm. mafia earned a lot of money:

Recall that in 2009, after the first deaths from “swine flu”, panic began in Ukraine. Only the special antiviral drug Tamiflu, which the government immediately began to purchase, could save Ukrainians from a mass pestilence.. In early November, at the Boryspil airport, the then Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Petro Poroshenko, in the presence of TV cameras, personally met the plane from Switzerland with the drug. However, this pathetic story of “rescuing” Ukrainians from a terrible disease ended, as always, with accusations of abuse and fraud related to the purchase of a vital drug. The Cabinet of Ministers Tymoshenko was immediately accused of buying medicines from an intermediary company five times more expensive than he could buy directly from the manufacturer – the Swiss company Roche. According to investigative journalists, the cost of the purchased drug was 251 UAH, or 22 euros at the exchange rate of 2009.. per package, while the official price on the manufacturer's website was 5-6 euros. Also suspicious was the fact that the medicine was purchased from the Hansa company, owned by Petr Bagriy, who quite often won tenders from the Ministry of Health. The director of the department of the Ministry of Health, Yuri Konstantinov, who previously worked as a director in the company of the above-mentioned Bagriy, was directly responsible for procurement, which added reason to suspect the authorities of fraud. As a result, Tymoshenko, instead of becoming the “savior of the nation”, and even before the presidential elections in 2010, received a major corruption scandal that hurt her rating. In part, the Tamiflu story, and the not entirely justified panic over the “swine flu”, which Tymoshenko's Cabinet was also accused of inciting, played a role in the fact that not Tymoshenko, but Viktor Yanukovych won those elections.

Is Pyotr Bagriy actively “twisting” Skaletskaya in order to keep his schemes?

Pyotr Bagriy actively cooperated not only with the Yushchenko / Tymoshenko authorities. Corruption schemes flourished during the time of the now fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych. At that time, it was possible to make money on purchases thanks to “friendship” with the relevant minister Bogatyryova and the head of the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada Bakhteyeva. In those years, firms from the orbit of Baghria “mastered” colossal sums on the state program to combat the epidemics of HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis, exposing taxpayers represented by the state to the price tag on medicines, on average, twice as high as the market price. However, with the change of power, the influence on purchases from the pharmaceutical mafia almost does not change.. Under Suprun, dubious firms moved to work in the regions. However, under the current Cabinet of Ministers, the octopus of corruption can again climb into the Ministry of Health. Personnel of Yanukovych, farm players. market, persons involved in investigations – guests of the Ministry of Health during a pandemic. Investigation of the “SCHEMA” program:

Recently, Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk announced the plans of the Cabinet of Ministers to spend 72 billion on protecting the health of Ukrainians. UAH. According to the Prime Minister, from April 1, 2020, the Program of Medical Guarantees for the Population for all types of care should be launched: primary, specialized, highly specialized, emergency, palliative, medical rehabilitation and reimbursement of medicines. The state is going to finance such services through the National Health Service of Ukraine, for which UAH 72 billion is allocated in the budget. The initiative is certainly good.. But will it be possible to implement it without corruption schemes? Hardly. Considering that the companies of the same Bagria, created for fraud in the purchase of medicines, continue to work. Yes, and Petr Bagriy himself, according to our data, is actively “treading a path” to the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to our sources, the businessman was seen both in the company of Minister Skaletskaya and in the company of smaller officials of the department. And if Bagriy still manages to “enter the share” of the state. money pledged for medical care to the population, the result is very predictable and sad. The lion's share of the funds will go not to the very purchase of drugs for suffering patients, but to “kickbacks” and “drifts”.


Petr Bagriy, together with his pharmaceutical organized crime group, are poisoning the people of Ukraine with low-quality Indian drugs, creating frauds in which these drugs become ten times more expensive. That is why people continue to suffer from diseases, while Bagriy and his adherents replenish their pockets with multi-billion sums.

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