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Avakov Arsen Borisovich


Avakov has been doing dirty work since the early 90s. He was involved in the murder of Alexander Konovalov, Deputy Chairman of Investor JSC (1993), the theft of gas condensate on an especially large scale from the Balakliyskoye field of the Shebelinkagazdobycha Gas Industrial Administration, embezzlement of funds from the sale of condensate through a number of commercial structures. Now Arsen Borisovich is not working alone to destroy the country. The Avakov clan, which includes wife Inna and son Alexander, is also a good money launderer. Alexander Arsenovich was also caught playing poker and using marijuana.

Ukraine, possibly Italy
Ukraine, Italy
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Avakov Arsen Borisovich

Official biography:

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Baku on January 2, 1964, in the family of a military man. Lives in Ukraine since 1966. 108 deputies voted “for” the resignation of the governor, 8 – “against”, 1 abstained and 1 did not vote. • On February 5, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko dismissed Avakov from his post on the basis of part. 10th century. 118 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which states that if two-thirds or more deputies from the council of the corresponding level expressed no confidence in the chairman of the district or regional state administration, the president decides on the resignation of the chairman of the state administration. • On February 9, 2010, two days after Viktor Yanukovych's victory in the presidential election, he resigned from the post of chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. • April 21, 2010 joined the Batkivshchyna party and accepted Yulia Tymoshenko's proposal to head the Batkivshchyna regional organization, is a member of the political council of the party. • In October 2010, he took part in the elections of the Kharkiv mayor, together with the representative of the Communist Party of Ukraine Alla Aleksandrovskaya, he was the main rival of the acting mayor and candidate from the “Party of Regions” Gennady Kernes. • Since the autumn of 2011, Avakov has been in Europe on behalf of his own foundation, in particular, promoting the film “Armenian Heritage of Europe”. Until December 2012, he was in exile in Italy due to criminal prosecution in Ukraine. • Based on the results of the autumn parliamentary elections in 2012, he was elected as a People's Deputy of Ukraine on the lists of the united opposition Batkivshchyna. • On November 27, 2012, Avakov announced his intention to return to Ukraine and take up his duties as a People's Deputy. In Parliament, he was the chairman of the subcommittee on legislation on the status of people's deputy of Ukraine. During the Euromaidan, he was engaged in the infrastructure of the protest camp: barricades, a tent city and food. • During the political crisis in Ukraine in 2013-2014, on February 22, 2014, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dismissed Acting Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and appointed Arsen Avakov as Acting Minister. • On February 27, Avakov was approved as Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On March 13, 2014, he wrote to the relevant committee a statement about the resignation of the deputy mandate

A family:

Alexander Arsenievich Avakov- son, adviser to Avitalia srl Inna Dmitrievna Avakova – wife, head of Pidstepne Sonce LLC, a solar power generation company. In the past, together with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, she was the owner of the Espresso TV channel.

NOT official biography

The son of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Avakov lost tens of thousands of hryvnias in poker KV became aware of this from a video released on the Internet.. The newsonline24.com.ua resource claims that this video was made by operatives, but does not specify which ones. At the same time, the video is called “How to lose 100 thousand. hryvnia in a few hours”. KV became aware of this from a video released on the Internet.. The newsonline24.com.ua resource claims that this video was made by operatives, but does not specify which ones. At the same time, the video is called “How to lose 100 thousand. hryvnia in a few hours”. Earlier, the program “Schemes” (“Radio Liberty”) published a video in which people who look like ex-Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergei Chebotar, son of Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Avakov and people’s deputy (the “Deputy Control” group) Igor Kotvitsky decide the fate of the tender for I will buy backpacks for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Inna Avakova

Wife of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov In October 2014, she issued an option to buy out from the official owners of the Espresso TV channel a share in Astra Finance, for which the digital license of the TV channel was issued. This became known from the declaration of the Minister. Liabilities were valued at UAH 5,050,000. Inna Avakova owned the channel together with Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the wife of People's Deputy Nikolai Knyazhitsky from the Popular Front party Larisa. But on December 30, 2017, Espresso TV reported that Avakov's wife and Arseniy Yatsenyuk sold their shares to the company of Ivan Zhevago, the son of the oligarch and people's deputy Konstantin Zhevago. According to the declaration for 2017, Inna Avakova sold her share in Astra Finance LLC for UAH 55,800,000 to ATMOSPHERE ENTERTAINMENT INC (New York, USA). According to the Our Money website, in 2017 Interior Minister Arsen Avakov became the owner of a villa on the Mediterranean coast in Italy. 02/03/2017 Ferdico SRL received a state certificate of ownership of a villa on Batteri Street in the Italian municipality of San Felice Circeo, in the Lazio region, province of Latina (via delle Batterie, San Felice Circeo, Lazio, Latina, Italy). Ferdico SRL is owned by Avakov's company Avitalia srl. . The villa has 26 rooms in a building with an area of 566 meters on the first, second floors and in the basement. According to journalists, the approximate cost of real estate, as shown by the calculator on the site avvocatoandreani.it, is about 774 thousand euros. In a commentary to Ukrainska Pravda, Arsen Avakov explained that this is one of his wife's business projects.. According to him, we are talking about a room for a mini-hotel, acquired for loan funds and with the participation of funds from the capital of the company Avitalia srl


In July 2017, Kotvitsky and the wife of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Inna Avakova, registered Podstepnoye Solnts LLC, which specializes in electricity generation.. This is evidenced by an extract from the Unified Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations. At first, the nominal owners of the company were Zhytomyr residents Natalya and Alexander Afanasiev. The company was registered in Nikolaev, prov.Transportniy, 9. As of June 2018, several other Afanasiev companies that specialized in electricity generation used the same contact details. According to the extract, Kotvitsky contributed UAH 85 million to the company’s authorized capital, and Avakov’s wife contributed UAH 35 million.. In March 2018, LLC “Podstepnoe solntse” acquired a land plot of 25.4 hectares on the territory of the Pidstepne village council in the Oleshkovsky district of the Kherson region. On December 28, 2018, the National Commission for State Regulation in the Spheres of Energy and Public Utilities (NKREKP) issued a license for the production of electricity to Podstepnoe Solnts LLC. The license was issued for the operation of a solar power plant with a capacity of almost 10 MW. Later, Kotvitsky, in a commentary for Bihus.Info, said that the capacity of this station is 25 MW.. However, he did not rule out that he would expand this business. On April 26, 2019, the NKREKP, by its resolution, set the so-called “green” tariff for the “sub-steppe fields” at the level of 456.87 kopecks / kWh.

Condition and assets. real estate

In February 2008, Focus magazine put Avakov in 67th place in the list of 130 richest Ukrainians.. The experts of the publication estimated the state of the governor of Kharkiv region at $385 million.. At the same time, it was noted that a year earlier it was $300 million. JSCB Basis was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in 1992. Has branches in Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv. In May 1995, the former branch of the Kharkov Investment Commercial Bank for the development of light industry, Interstroybank, joined it. Among the bank's partners are JSC Investor, JSC Turboatom, CJSC Teploelektrotsentral-3, Regional utility company Kharkiv heating networks, KP Kharkiv heating networks, OJSC UTSEBOTneftegaz, CJSC Khlebozavod Saltovsky, LLC Ukrainian tea factory AkhmadTI, Dublyansky distillery, Novopokrovsky state combine of bakery products. Basis is part of the financial and industrial group Investor. The founder and owner of the controlling stake (50.55% of the authorized capital of the bank) is JSC Investor, the main “controller” of which is called Avakova. According to Focus, FIG Investor coordinates the activities of about 40 diversified enterprises. Including. in the field of energy, for the production and sale of the popular Ahmad tea brand in Ukraine. Among the closest business partners of Arsen Avakov are his wife Inna and son Alexander. Arsen Avakov and members of his family own several dozen companies and subsidiaries. Officially, Avakov’s electronic declaration for 2015 lists 15 legal entities, the ultimate beneficiary (controller) of which is Arsen himself or Inna Avakova. For 2016, Arsen Avakov declared income in the form of salary in the amount of UAH 466,121. On the account in Ukreximbank he had 626,348 hryvnias, in Oschadbank – 175,804 dollars, 338,598 hryvnias and 200 thousand. hryvnia in the form of assets in precious metals. In addition, the minister indicated that he is the owner of the Cypriot companies Ulisse Management Limited and Fontana Management Limited and 12 shares of the Metallist football club. Arsen Avakov is the ultimate beneficial owner of two Cypriot companies Ulisse Management Limited and Fontana Management Limited. Data on this is contained in the electronic declaration of the Minister for 2016.. According to the declaration, Avakov and his wife own two apartments in Kharkiv with an area of 657.9 and 70.90 sq.. m, as well as an apartment in Chuguev with an area of 55.4 sq.. m, a land plot in the village of Korobochkino, Kharkiv region with an area of 1.2 thousand. sq. m. The minister's wife also owns land in. Korobochkino with an area of 1.2 thousand. sq m. In addition, the minister rents a hotel room with an area of 77.6 sq.. m. The declaration also states that Avakov, the owner of 12 shares of FC Metalist worth UAH 3, owns 100% of the capital in the Italian company Avitalia srl. worth UAH 8.8 million, 99.99% of the capital in Avakov Trust Company LLC (under liquidation) worth UAH 205.4 thousand (0.01% of this company belongs to Alexander Avakov's son). Avakov declared income in the form of a salary in the amount of UAH 466.1 thousand and income from the redemption of the cost of treasury military obligations in the amount of UAH 20 thousand and the redemption of coupons on them – UAH 2.8 thousand. On the account in Ukreximbank, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has UAH 626.3 thousand, in Oschadbank – UAH 175.8 thousand, as well as UAH 200 thousand in the form of assets in precious metals, UAH 15 thousand, $ 12.8 thousand, 65 thousand euros and 870 British pounds, 3015 Canadian dollars, 96 thousand Japanese yen cash. In the column of financial obligations, Avakov indicated dividends by decision of the general meeting of Avitalia srl. dated October 14, 2016, which did not go through accrual accounts and were not paid in 2016 in the amount of UAH 148.4 thousand. Avakov also declared collections of paintings, a collection of books of the 18th-21st centuries in the amount of about 8 thousand copies, icons, artistic chess sets, a collection of coins of the 16th-21st centuries in the amount of 2652 thousand pieces, a collection of gold coins of 24 items, stamps, a collection of edged weapons of the XIX-XX centuries and a collection of wines. The price and date of purchase for some unknown reason are not indicated. And the cost of all this property is three or even five times higher than Avakov's official income.

Criminal case

2012 The name of Arsen Avakov has been featured in the operational developments of the Kharkov police since 1993. Avakov was checked for involvement in the following crimes: the unsolved murder of Alexander Konovalov, Deputy Chairman of Investor JSC (1993)[61], the theft of gas condensate on an especially large scale from the Balakliyskoye field of the Shebelinkagazdobycha Gas Industrial Department, embezzlement of funds from the sale of condensate through a number of commercial structures. However, until 2012, no criminal cases were initiated against Arsen Avakov.. In February 2008, Gennady Kernes, on the air of the Freedom of Speech program on ICTV, accused Arsen Avakov of killing his partner, as well as lobbying for business interests.. Kernes also said that Avakov had bought himself a governor’s seat: “I want to look this man in the eye and tell him that I am the son-in-law of Gaysinsky Yuri Alexandrovich (ex-prosecutor of the Kyiv region), who was once accused of being Protected you when you killed your partner and embezzled all the money.” At the end of October 2012, Alexander Motylevsky, the head of the board of Investor JSC, committed suicide, whom Avakov left to take the rap for all his sins. In his suicide note, Motylevsky accused Avakov of setting up his employees. Avakov believes that it was the pressure and threats of the UBOP that forced Motylevsky to commit suicide. On January 26, 2012, the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine opened a criminal case against Arsen Avakov under Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the fact of malicious abuse of power and official authority, which entailed grave consequences, specifically, for illegally changing the designated purpose and transferring to private ownership 55 hectares of state lands worth more than 5 5 million hryvnias in Pesochin. On January 31, searches were carried out in his apartments. The reason for initiating a criminal case was discovered during the inventory of the Kharkiv branch of the State Land Committee at the end of 2011, although a similar procedure at the end of 2010 did not find an act on the transfer of land that existed by that time. According to Arsen Avakov himself, the original act was canceled by him 45 days after signing, and the criminal case itself was falsified. He considered the initiators of the case to be Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, Kharkiv Region Governor Mikhail Dobkin, and Andriy Portnov, adviser to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Since Avakov had been in Europe since the fall of 2011, on January 31, 2012 he was put on the international wanted list by Interpol.. On the same day, the Kharkiv Chervonozavodsky District Court chose a measure of restraint against him – detention[74]. Avakov appealed to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with a request to close the criminal case against him, due to the lack of corpus delicti, on the basis of. 2 h. 1 Art. 6 Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. March 21 was officially put on the wanted list by Interpol. On March 25, information appeared in the media that Avakov was detained in Italy in the city of Frosinone. On March 29, an Italian court arrested Avakov for 40 days.. On April 12, by decision of the Roman court, Avakov was released from custody.. On October 18, 2012, a court was held in Italy, by the decision of which Ukraine was denied the extradition of Avakov. 2016 On September 13, 2016, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko announced the initiation of a criminal case against Avakov. According to him, the proceedings were opened after the appeal of the head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center Vitaly Shabunin. Two days later, Lutsenko announced that the case against Avakov was closed. There was no clarification regarding the events in connection with which this case was opened.. However, almost simultaneously, information appeared in the Ukrainian media that the NABU was conducting an investigation into the abuse of power by officials of the Dergachev district administration of the Kharkiv region (Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Initially, the case was initiated by the Prosecutor's Office, and on July 7, 2016, NABU was instructed to investigate. In 2005, PJSC “Investor” (41.5% of whose shares belonged to Avakov) and the Dergachev district administration entered into an agreement for the sale of a land plot of 18.14 hectares. The plot consisted of three land plots – one of them was a children's camp, the second belonged to the lands of the forest fund, and the third belonged to the Cherkassko-Lozovsky village council, which meant the impossibility of alienation and sale. According to the “Center for Combating Corruption” (headed by Shabunin), the alienation occurred with numerous violations of the law. in 1993, Deputy Chairman of Investor JSC (the crime has not been solved to this day); – theft of especially large amounts of gas condensate from the Balakleyskoye field of the GPU “Shebelinkagazdobycha”; – misappropriation of significant funds in the sale of condensate through its commercial structures – FZT “Enterprise of the Kharkiv region” Processing Plant “, CJSC “Factory for the production of fuel additives”, LLC “Investor-Neftegaz”, CJSC “Investor-Atika” by significantly underestimating the cost of gas condensate . And the changes for the police that Avakov introduced were, to put it mildly, “about nothing”.

Pressure on the Interior Minister

In November 2005, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, stated that Arsen Avakov, in an ultimatum form, asked to leave the members of his team alone. “The other day, the chief policeman of the Kharkiv region called me and said that the governor had given him an ultimatum: either he would raise the issue of changing the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs before the president, or we should leave the members of his team alone, among whom, by the way, there are many bribe-takers … This attack in I, of course, ignored my address. All corrupt officials are equal for me, no matter what team they belong to,” the minister said (Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, November 1, 2005). Arsen Borisovich denied these accusations. “I love Yuriy Lutsenko as a person, I respect him as a minister, and I will not play with him in a broken phone,” he said (URA-Inform, September 12, 2005).

Lobbying the interests of JSCB “Basis”

Opponents of Arsen Borisovich accuse him of putting all budgetary organizations on service in the Basis bank controlled by him.. Avakov says that this is not the case: “All budget funds are serviced by the treasury, but Basis won the tender and services some budget funds related to the payment of wages, etc.. In particular, the city places part of the deposits in it, which it places among banks. I had a choice, but I decided for myself that I should not limit this bank in any way on the market due to the fact that I am related to it. Before that, he was aggressive and acted very actively, and now he is acting like that, before that he was one of the leaders of the Kharkov banking world and now he is like that” (“Glavred”, August 11, 2005).

Illegal use of funds

In November 2006, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych announced that in the Kharkiv region, the amount of illegal waste, as well as shortages of funds and material assets, exceeded UAH 120 million. According to Avakov, UAH 97 million were included in the control figures of the KRU. property of the Kupyansky foundry, the transfer of which from state to non-state ownership took place incorrectly. “I have the same story with another plant, “valued” by KRU at 17 million,” the governor said. Accusation of involvement in the murder In February 2008, the secretary of the Kharkiv City Council, Gennady Kernes, accused Arsen Avakov of lobbying his own business interests, as well as of involvement in the murder. Arsen Borisovich filed an application with the prosecutor's office to prosecute Kernes for libel


Arsen Avakov's inner circle includes Viktor Yushchenko's nephew, Yaroslav Yushchenko, whom they met during the Orange Revolution. Arsen Borisovich is friendly with his business partners Gennady Gaev and Andrey Pereedenko, the first deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Vladimir Babaev, adviser Alexander Protas, and the former mayor of Kharkov Vladimir Shumilkin. “For many years we have been friends outside of politics, outside of our posts and positions, and we have nothing to share with him.. We have a very powerful tandem with him, which many people envy,” says Arsen Borisovich (Glavred, August 12, 2005). Tymoshenko Arsen Avakov does not hide his sympathy for the BYuT and Yulia Tymoshenko. “With Yulia Vladimirovna, alas, we rarely communicate. Sometimes we call each other, no more. I have always been a supporter of the unification of democratic forces. I have my own views on many processes, sometimes different from the views of Tymoshenko. But in the main we are absolute allies. If a democratic coalition is formed and a democratic government comes, and Tymoshenko will be in it, I will wholeheartedly be in favor, – says the Kharkiv governor. (“Korrespondent”, No. 7, February 24, 2007) In the past six months, rumors have appeared in the political lobby that the positions of Tymoshenko and Avakov have recently begun to converge. The Kharkiv governor comments on his relationship with Yulia Vladimirovna in the following way: “I really have very calm and good relations with many, including Timoshenko” (November 4, 2008). Arsen Avakov respects President Yushchenko. “I decided to support Viktor Yushchenko a long time ago, and this was known to everyone, from Kushnarev, who had no illusions, to our current president and members of his family. The thing is that the moment has come when it was necessary to consolidate efforts, then we came together into a fist, ”recalls Arsen Borisovich (Glavred, August 12, 2005). The Kharkiv governor says that he intends to stay in his current position until the end of Viktor Yushchenko's presidential term. On the political sidelines, Arsen Avakov is considered a man of Petr Yushchenko. Arsen Borisovich takes this calmly: “I am a man of my parents. My views are consistent with the views of my party comrades, and the president, and Petro Yushchenko, including. Nothing more” (“Correspondent”, February 24, 2007).


Arsen Borisovich is a corrupt type and “eternal minister”. Power changes – Avakov remains. He gets the most out of his position.. He sets up his colleagues, misappropriates land, steals government money, and thanks to good connections, all these cases get away with it.. And all his activities are aimed more at the prosperity of his family than for the benefit of ordinary people.

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Wife - Inna Avakova, owner of LLC "Pidstepne Sontse", son Alexander Avakov - entrepreneur
Oligarch. Belongs to himself
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