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David Arakhamia is a deceitful corrupt huckster. This is a fact and he does not hide it. He doesn't care who or what to sell, and even sell his own country if he wants to. His disrespect for the country and its laws is also confirmed by the US citizenship that Arakhamia has. And his too ideal past is in doubt, and for good reason. After all, in order to get into politics, he cleaned everything to the ideal, evoking the impression of a successful businessman and volunteer. But is it? No. And what was actually can be seen in this article.

Ukraine, USA
Ukraine, Crimean Autonomous Republic, Russia, USA
May 23, 1979
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David Georgievich Arakhamia (Brown)

Official biography

(Also known under the pseudonym David Brown. David Braun – Ukrainian politician, entrepreneur, public figure and volunteer. Secretary of the National Investment Council. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 9th convocation from the Servant of the People party, head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation. Born on May 23, 1979 in the city of Sochi (Krasnodar Territory, Russian Federation). David spent his early childhood in the Russian city of Sochi, later the Arakhamia family lived in Georgia for some time.. In 1992, fleeing the war in Abkhazia, he moved with his parents to Nikolaev. In Ukraine, the future politician and graduated from high school. Lives in Ukraine since 1992.

A family

Married. (for the second time) Wife – Victoria Viktorovna Arakhamia.

Raising six children. All names start with D. These are David, Daniel, Dana, Darika, Demi and Denis.


He received his secondary education at the Nikolaev school No. 36. After graduation, he entered the European University in the economic department.

Career and business

Arakhamia is the founder of Template Monster, a large IT company that develops and sells website templates and other web solutions. However, before starting online business, he worked in the field of business consulting and marketing in offline projects.. But about this in order. In 2000, David got a job in a web design studio. Some time later, together with colleagues, he opened TemplateMonster, a company specializing in the sale of ready-made website templates.. A few years later, the organization entered the global market and became a large IT business headquartered in the American city of New York.. For example, the organization's revenue in 2017 amounted to $120 million, and in 15 years of operation, TemplateMonster has made more than 1.5 million sales. Several years ago, Arakhamia sold his stake in the company for $100 million.. By that time, TemplateMonster had 650 employees, and offices were located in seventeen cities around the world. Three years ago, the entrepreneur opened a new business project – the Weblium website builder with headquarters in the United States of America. According to the businessman, his company already has more than four thousand customers.

Cooperation with Zelensky

Unlike other members of the presidential team, Arakhamia began to cooperate with Zelensky and Bohdan after the elections. “Since I never wanted to get into politics, I had nothing to lose and I asked open, caustic and, I would even say, impudent questions. And about Kolomoisky, and about the team, and about how they see the achievement of the declared. Vladimir answered calmly, involvedly and very openly,” says David on his Facebook page. According to the newly elected deputy, one can become part of the Zelensky team only for merits recognized in society or authority in the industry.. “I sincerely wanted to help people who have unprecedented support for the nation in their hands,” Brown writes. Arakhamia wants to attract investments to Ukraine and believes that the lack of political experience will not be an obstacle for this. Despite the fact that all of David's major projects are in America, he takes an active part in the civil and political life of Ukraine. So, in 2014, the businessman opened a volunteer organization to help soldiers of the ATO “People's Project”. In just one year of work, she was able to collect more than 100 million hryvnias of donations, which were used to implement various projects of the foundation – medical, social, technical. Summer 2014 – David Brown was appointed to the post of adviser to the head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration on volunteer activities, a few months later he was offered to become the authorized minister of defense for procurement. And in October of the same year, Arakhamia was already an adviser to the head of the Council of Volunteers under the Ministry of Defense. In 2014, Arakhamia received the Order of Merit from then-president Petro Poroshenko. In 2019, the businessman took part in the parliamentary elections from the Servant of the People party (the fourth candidate on the list). Subsequently, he became a people's deputy of the ninth convocation.

NOT official biography


Arakhamia doesn't pay close attention to what he says in public.. Because of this, scandals regularly flare up in the press.. After that, either he or the representatives of the faction try to hush up the scandal and somehow explain the “slip of the tongue”. Anna Skorokhod, offended by the head of the faction for excluding her from the ranks of the “Servants”, even stated: “Please forbid him to appear and comment on something. Because when he says those stupid things that he says, then no one knows how to rake them up.” So, while in Davos, Arakhamia said: Ukraine should suspend the synchronization of laws with the EU. Then he justified himself by “difficulties in translation” from English and stated that “my position is support for European integration, and I have always declared this.” When asked why two button presses, Sergei Litvinenko and Elena Kopanchuk, were not deprived of their mandates, Arakhamia replied: because it … is unprofitable: “You will be pissed for a week for this button pressing, but the party will have two votes and implement a program of reforms important for the state. Or kick them out, but then those two missing voices hiccup ten times. I no longer want to kick people out because we will lose votes. Then look for them in other factions, and this is not for nothing, they demand a lot. “On February 11, on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the chairman of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction, David Arakhamia, said that he would agree to a compromise regarding the supply of water to the occupied Crimea “In order to give water to the Crimea, for a great advantage in the negotiations on the Donbass – my special position, I will make a sufficient compromise. I would go for that, because the water in Crimea will be used by citizens of Ukraine. If there will be an exchange, if the stench comes to Rostov, we will establish control over the cordon, I would be on such a pishov,” the politician said. Then he made excuses that his words “were taken out of context,” but at the same time he apologized and explained: “Our position has been and remains unchanged – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is an illegally annexed part of Ukraine, the restoration of sovereignty over which we will seek by all legal means,” Arakhamia stressed. He also sees nothing unethical in the behavior of the head of customs Nefyodov: “You know, everything What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas. Am I a hypocrite, or what?. I'm all for legalizing this.. Nefyodov is a young guy, and what he did in that club is his personal situation with his wife.”. UAH) for heating. In November 2019, information appeared in the media that Arakhamia is a US citizen – this was stated by ex-People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk. Arakhamia himself commented on this information as follows: “He complains to his friends that he only has 100 likes on Facebook. I don't want to make a star out of him. He has 100 likes. I feel sorry for the person. He left politics, no one notices him, no one likes him. Here he wants some scandal … Arahamiyagate. Let's call it Arakhamiagate,” the people's deputy said. In December 2019, people's deputy Anna Skorokhod filed a lawsuit against Arakhamia. She stated that she was illegally expelled from the Servant of the People. The case of protection and honor is considered at the place of residence of the head of the faction – in one of the district courts of Nikolaev. At the end of 2019, the Dark Knight telegram channel published documents according to which Arakhamia founded an offshore company JETIMPEX INC abroad. Telegram channel “The Dark Knight” published interesting information about the “servant of the people”. According to the author, the chain of illegal activities of the head of the faction David Arakhamia begins in 2002. “In 2002, in the US, a man named David Braun founded Artvertex, a company that sells website templates,” the report said. The author of the post calls the organization “scam”, because the company has only one star rating, which is the lowest rating. Clients even threatened to complain to the prosecutor's office. Allegedly, because of this, the company was sold. The head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, is called one of the key lobbyists of the draft law on the regulation of gambling along with some Russians. “On September 2, President Zelensky appointed Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov, and Chairman of the Servant of the People faction David Arakhamia to be responsible for the preparation and submission to Parliament of a draft law on the legalization of the gambling business.. It was Arakhamia that was called in the media one of the lobbyists of the draft law on the regulation of gambling in its current form.. In particular, information appeared that the draft law of Arakhamia was written for two market participants – the betting offices “Parimatch” and “Favorite”, the article says. The Schemes program pointed to regular meetings between the head of the Servant of the People faction and the owner and CEO of Parimatch Sergey Portnov: “The media wrote that since July 2019, Arakhamia has been regularly visiting the central office of Parimatch. In addition, Arakhamia has a friend Andrey Astapov, the owner of the law firm Eterna Law, who also worked with Parimatch as a lawyer, and was also directly involved in writing the text of the government bill.. What, when communicating with journalists, Arakhamia himself admitted. In an interview with Vector-Media, Arakhamia frankly offered to sell Ukraine and asked for a million dollars to multiply this amount during this large-scale scam. “I would like to be a sales manager for Ukraine for foreign investors. If the new government is prone to experiments, I want to make a public challenge: I need $1 million and one year. I will travel to world exhibitions with an authorized certificate and an investment opportunity passport. I will find people to whom I will sell the idea of Ukraine as a country where any business ideas can be realized. I can do it, I'm sure. If I don’t make $10 million out of $1 million in a year, you can kick me out in disgrace,” Arakhamia said. He recently tried to promote another crazy scam in order to allegedly establish peace in the Donbass. Arakhamia advises to give the “grey zone” to large foreign companies for this. According to his project, companies from the USA, France, China, Germany should appear in it, and even big business will allegedly find a way to end the war. What managers of large companies from China and Germany, being in their right mind, want to open their business between two fires, that is, between two lines of trenches in destroyed villages and minefields? The blogger-volunteer and army supplier, who writes under the pseudonym David Brown, is generally characterized by the psychology of an ordinary “huckster”, ready to sell everything that he himself says. “I don’t care what to sell, even if it’s minerals. I'm sure I can sell anything. Even if I don’t understand anything about it, ”Arakhamia says about herself. Talking about his qualities as a leader, he is also quite self-critical, emphasizing that he can paint his projects only in general terms, but with real steps everything is difficult for him.. “I'm a mess man. I can show where the team should go, visualize the future, but I can’t describe specific steps. In addition, I cannot guarantee that the path that I propose is the shortest or most effective, ”Arakhamia says frankly about herself.. His colleague, deputy Alexander Dubinsky, draws attention to the same feature.. “Arakhamia thinks that she knows everything and talks about everything, while not understanding or understanding anything,” says Dubinsky. And this person will head the main parliamentary faction of the Verkhovna Rada. As a person, he seems to be quite petty and vindictive.. Talking about his business rules, he says that he does not let anyone down, and he is ready to smear soft-boiled and even hang the offender. He calls it a “working strategy.” “Six months ago I bought firewood from OLX and got scammed. It was only $50, but I decided to spend another $500 to find the scammer by card number, come to her house, shake out all the information and find her accomplices in the 72 colony. The woman who deceived me could not even imagine that someone would come to her for a thousand hryvnias.. But I restored justice, because I don’t like to look like a sucker, ”the dollar millionaire Arakhamia recalls his pettiness. He still remembers that one day a microphone was stolen from him, and he managed to get the police to find the thief by conducting his own investigation.. He boasts that he was the second seller in the world to accept bitcoins, but then allegedly lost the laptop on which he mined them.. “I was the second merchant in the world to accept bitcoin. I got a call from a friend from Los Angeles, they say, there is such x … nya – bitcoins, start accepting them. And we in the company began to accept them. When I found out on the news that they cost 20 thousand dollars each, I began to remember – I have them somewhere. I started looking, it turned out that I changed my MacBook, ”recalls Arakhamia, since then he has been happy about the fall in the bitcoin rate, which reduces the amount of money he lost. Now, according to him, he earns about $15,000 a month.. Although, as he says, $8,000 would be enough for him for personal needs, but his family, they say, is big. At the same time, he boasts that he has a collection of expensive branded clothes at home, which he will never wear, but buys it only because it is expensive. “I have a collection of stupid wardrobe at home: things that I will never wear, but keep simply because they are expensive. I bought all these clothes when I first got into big money, ”says the likely head of the Servant of the People faction about himself.


In 2016, former MP Ivan Vinnik accused the volunteer Arakhamia of allegedly trying to steal UAH 132 million. on the purchase of fuel for the Ministry of Defense. People's Deputy appealed to the court demanding to refute this information. In March 2020, the Podolsky District Court of Kyiv denied Arakhamia the claim.

About income:

There is no David Brown declaration on the website declarations.com.ua. In addition to two international platforms – website builders (Template Monster, “registered” in New York, and Weblium – with the main office in London), Arakhamia founded the following Ukrainian companies and organizations: MVA-CENTER LLC, Ukrainian Export Agency LLC investment”, Public organization “International center for security and defense strategies”. Claims that he sold his share in Template Monster a few years ago. At the same time, Konstantin Ksenzhik, contract lawyer at People's Project, by a strange coincidence, is also a lawyer at Template Monster Ukraine. And what about the declaration filed on December 28, 2019? According to an interview in Strana.UA, Arakhamia spends 7-8 thousand dollars a month: “As before, only without gasoline, because there is a driver.” I donate my parliamentary salary to charity. I live on my savings. See my declaration. I sold my company for 100 million dollars, and my share was about 25%,” Arakhamia said in a recent interview. At the same time, he did not indicate ANYTHING in the declaration, except for income from the sale of movable property in the amount of 870 thousand hryvnias. No real estate, no car, no bank accounts, no cash was declared. Neither him nor his family. Arakhamia's salary for the past year amounted to UAH 157.3 thousand, income from entrepreneurial activity – UAH 4.7 million, income from the alienation of movable property – UAH 870 thousand, interest – UAH 9.1 thousand, material wealth on payment of expenses for participation in training – UAH 22.3 thousand, income from the alienation of real estate – UAH 3.3 million, income from the provision of property for rent – UAH 18.2 thousand. In addition, there were UAH 300.3 thousand in the bank accounts of the deputy. and 26.4 thousand dollars. He kept significant amounts in cash: UAH 8 million, 900 thousand. Doll. and 200 thousand. euro. Third parties Arakhamia lent 698 thousand. UAH. Of the valuable property, he had three watches (Breguet, Rolex, Breitling). Also, Arakhamia, as of last year, owned 4 land plots and a country house in the Kyiv region, two apartments and 3 non-residential premises. Members of the deputy's family (he has a wife Victoria and six children) own a land plot, 4 apartments and a house. Arakhamia himself does not have a car, and his wife drove a Mercedes-Benz. Passers-by filmed the car of David Arakhamia parked at the pedestrian crossing. Three sets of jewelry (rings, earrings, pendant, bracelets), three watches were declared for Victoria Arakhamia. The income of family members for 2019 amounted to: from the alienation of movable property – UAH 1.3 million, assistance at the birth of a child – 2.3 thousand. hryvnia, social fund payments – 24.1 thousand. UAH, income from the provision of property for rent – 99.8 thousand. UAH. There were only 8 hryvnias, 9 dollars in bank accounts. and 2 euros. Victoria Arahamia has shares in Global Bay Venture Limited, registered in the Seychelles. According to the electronic declaration, Arakhamia owns 4 land plots, the areas of which are 900, 241, 36 and 9 square meters. The politician also owns a garden (country) house in the village of Vita-Pochtovaya, Kyiv region, with an area of 295.7 square meters, an apartment in Kyiv (70.5 square meters). Meanwhile, Arakhamia's wife owns a land plot of 720 square meters in Bryukhovychi, Lviv region, as well as three apartments in Kyiv – 52.2, 50.5 and 50.2 square meters. Victoria Arakhamia also owns a residential building with an area of 58.6 square meters in the village of Novopetrovskoye, Novoodessky district, Mykolaiv region. In turn, the son of the spouses Arakhamia David owns an apartment in Nikolaev for 153.2 square meters. David Arakhamia also indicated in common ownership 2 non-residential premises in Nikolaev, the right to use an apartment in Nikolaev, as well as sublease of non-residential premises in Kyiv. The main question is whether the director of an IT enterprise and a representative of the Servant of the People party can acquire so much property and real estate in an honest way? Hardly. Moreover, he talks about himself as if his priorities are money, the ability to sell, and the country is not important to him.



David Arakhamia is a petty, greedy and vengeful person, also a miserable “huckster”. He does not hide this, and is ready to sell anything, even his native country, and is clearly delighted with his “talents”. It is very sad to see such people in the Verkhovna Rada, because in addition to the fact that he will sell his country, he will also rob it before that, which, in principle, he is doing now.

Личные данные

Married. (for the second time) Wife - Victoria Viktorovna Arakhamia. They are raising six children. All names begin with the letter D. These are David, Daniel, Dana, Darika, Demi and Denis.
"Servant of the People"
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