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Alekseev Igor Sergeevich


Igor Alekseev, an experienced lawyer, and a new face in the Verkhovna Rada. He was not seen in corruption cases, and just a holy man, as it seemed to us. His suspicious action, which made him think about his activities, is the "law on the restriction of freedom of speech on television and on the Internet", which he supported. And then the facts began to come out that he got to the Verkhovna Rada not just like that, but with the help of the Minister of Justice, with whom they are old colleagues, in the MLGroup law office. And they, together with the Minister, cover two offshore companies from the Virgin Islands, which formally own MLGroup.

Уровень охвата:

Alekseev Igor Sergeevich

Official biography

Ukrainian politician, lawyer, journalist. People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VIII convocation. Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Legal Policy and Justice. Member of the political council of the party “People's Front” Born on April 23, 1986 in the city. Kyiv. Graduated from the University. T. G. Shevchenko in 2004. Five years later, he left the walls of the university with a red diploma in law. After the institute, Igor Alekseev immediately began working at the Research Institute of Customs. In 2010. became a lawyer at MLGroup Attorney Company LLC. December 25, 2018 included in the sanctions list of Russia.

Labor activity

April 2009 – August 2010 – Researcher at the Department of Planning, Registration, Accounting and Expertise of Research Papers and Dissertations; researcher of the scientific department of legal problems of customs affairs of the State Research Institute of Customs Affairs in the city. Kyiv. November 2010 – December 2012 – lawyer of TsOV “Lawy company” MLGroup “”,. Kyiv. 2012 – candidate for people's deputies from the Batkivshchyna party (No. 187 on the electoral lists). December 2012 – March 2014 – assistant-consultant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko,. Kyiv. March – May 2014 – Head of the State Registration Service of Ukraine, Mr.. Kyiv. From May 2014 to November 2014 – Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine – Head of Staff. In November 2014, Igor Alekseev was elected a people's deputy. He ran under the sixty-fourth number on the lists of the Popular Front. In Parliament, Alekseev joined the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice. Heads the subcommittee on the activities of the judiciary. The people's choice is a member of the Interim Commission of Inquiry to investigate information regarding attacks on Kateryna Handziuk and other public activists. The people's deputy is a member of the group for inter-parliamentary relations with Malaysia, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Tunisia, Malta and Norway.

A family

Married. Wife – Nestor Natalia Vladimirovna, lawyer, specialist in the field of mediation in the criminal process of Ukraine, candidate of legal sciences. Son – Alekseev Maxim Igorevich.

Not official biography

2014. brought interesting news. Igor Alekseev again began to run for parliament. This time people realized that they want to see in the Verkhovna Rada such a person as Alekseev Igor. Photos with his image also played an important role: a young man looked at people from them, who immediately attracted. This year, Igor Alekseev was lucky: he won the election race and ended up in the Verkhovna Rada from the Popular Front party. On February 26, 2015, a meeting of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice was held. One of the main issues considered by the deputies at the meeting was the draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2015”, reg.. N 2147, which is considered relevant, in particular, due to the economic situation in the country. The deputies had to discuss and present their proposals. Igor Alekseev was absent from the meeting. Committee. Journalist Igor Sergeevich Alekseev in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “distinguished himself” by mass absenteeism.

Compromising data

Igor Alekseev – young politician. At the moment, the people's choice has not been seen in corruption scandals. However, he voted for draft laws No. 6688 and No. 9157, which are aimed at restricting freedom of speech on the Internet and on television. In addition, he is included in the list of natural persons against whom sanctions have been imposed in Russia. “- The inaction of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine – Chief of Staff Alekseev Ihor Serhiyovych regarding the failure to comply with the requirements of Clause 4 Part 1 of Article 18 and Clause 3 Part 1 of Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On Appeals of Citizens” was recognized as illegal. namely, regarding the non-invitation of PERSON_3 and PERSON_1 to consider complaint No. 1B dated May 22, 2014. (ent. No. 315/12); – the inaction of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine – Chief of Staff Alekseev Ihor Serhiyovych regarding the proper consideration of complaint No. 1B dated 05/22/2014 was recognized as illegal. (ent. No. 315/12) and application No. 1B dated May 22, 2014. (entry No. 314/1) in accordance with the procedure and terms stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Appeals of Citizens”; – the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is obliged to re-examine the statement of PERSON_3, PERSON_1 No. 1B dated May 22, 2014. (entry No. 314/1) in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of Ukraine “On Citizen Appeals” and inform the applicants about the results of the examination of the application and the adopted decision; – the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is obliged to re-examine the complaint of PERSON_3, PERSON_1 No. 1B dated May 22, 2014. (entry No. 315/1) in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Appeals of Citizens” and inform the applicants about the results of the review of the complaint and about the decision. From the court decision dated 04/29/2020.


Yuri Pekh; Our MINISTRY OF JUSTICE has become a branch of MLGroup???????? “Head of the State Registration Service of Ukraine Anna Volodymyrivna Onyshchenko – 08.2009 – 10.2013 Head of the Corporate Management Department LLC “Law Company “MLGrup” Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine – Chief of Staff Alekseev Ihor Serhiyovych, 11.2010 – 12.2012 lawyer of LLC “Law Company “MLGrup”, m. Kyiv Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for European Integration Yanchuk Anton Volodymyrovych, 07/01/2008 – 07/2013 Lawyer; Senior lawyer of “MLGroup” LLC; Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Dmytrovych Petrenko” 2006-2010. – private law practice. He also became a co-founder of Zammler Ukraine LLC and MLGRUP Law Firm CJSC. UPD: Oleksiy Romanov Interesting. The Minister of Justice, his two deputies and the head of the registration service previously worked in the same law firm “MLGroup”. Now they have “won” the highest positions in the Ministry of Justice as a friendly, united team. And LLC “LAW COMPANY “MLGRUP” itself (code 34189188) now formally belongs to two offshore companies from the Virgin Islands: 1) JOINT-STOCK COMPANY WITH LIMITED LIABILITY “AIDAR COMPANY LIMITED” Founder's address: Akara Bldg, 24 De Castro Street, Wickems Cay 1, Road Town, Tartola, , VIRGIN ISLANDS 2) “POD INVESTMENT GLOBAL LIMITED” COMPANY (POD INVESTMENT GLOBAL LIMITED) Founder's address:. Tortola, Akara Bldg de Castro, bldg. 24, VIRGIN ISLANDS. Do you think these people will defend open property registers, ultimate beneficiaries (beneficiaries) of legal entities and fight offshore companies? Yep, right now!” – from Facebook Tetiana Montian The native firm of the Minister of Justice Petrenko retreated 620,000 euros to the wife of the head of the SBU of the Kirovohrad region through Slovakia. In May 2015, the wife of the head of the SBU department of the Kirovohrad region Oleg Lista – Elena Lista – created the company “Elstrade sro” at the address of mass registration in the city of Zilina in Slovakia. Soon, the company also became co-owned by an offshore company associated with the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko and a foreign lawyer whose services were used by the Colombian drug cartels and the North Korean government. Offshore newcomers contributed 620,000 euros to the authorized capital of the Slovak company and subsequently left the company of the wife of the SBU, rather than taking their authorized contribution. This is how Elena Lista became the owner of a foreign company with more than 600 thousand euros. Now more about this story. Elena Lista invested 5,000 euros in Elstrade sro. However, almost immediately the wife of the SBU officer received solid partners. In September 2015, Aidar Company limited became part of Elstrade sro. It is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and the ultimate beneficiary is Australian Ian Taylor, a character associated with the raider takeover of the TVi channel.. According to Ukrayinska Pravda, Taylor created a large number of offshore companies in New Zealand, Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, Asian Triad mafia groups, several terrorist networks and even the North Korean government used his services.. In short – a figurehead for any type of business. Mossack Fonseca & Co, a law firm involved in an international scandal in 2016, helped set up Aidar Company limited: according to Panama investigators, the company assisted foreigners in tax evasion in their own countries and in money laundering. On April 3, 2016, 11,000,000 secret documents (the so-called “Panama Papers”) were leaked, which indicate that Mossack Fonseca assisted clients in illegally transferring large amounts of money offshore. Some of these documents ended up in the editors of Our Money.. From them we learned that “Aidar” was created for “Mossak Fonceka”, but by the hands of the Kyiv lawyer Vyacheslav Uzhitskaya. He provided all the necessary copies of documents and necessary information for the establishment of the company.. Uzhitskaya appears in the Panama Papers as a representative of the ABA Group company, registered, judging by the documents, right in his apartment. In some letters, Uzhitskaya signs as a representative of Anglo Business Advisors Ltd. – an intermediary company specializing in Ukraine in offshore registration. According to Voxukraine, ABA has registered 110 offshore companies in Ukraine. Even for Mossack Fonseca, judging by the correspondence, Uzhitskaya refused to say who the real beneficiary of Aidar was, and insisted to the last that it was Taylor.. However, unlike the lawyer, the real beneficiaries were not so cautious. On November 27, 2017 in Slovakia, the shareholders of Elstrade sro decided that 90.08% of the shares of the co-owners of Aidar will be transferred to Elena Lista. Consequently, the share of Elena Lista will increase to 100%. This agreement was signed by Elena Lista and from the side of “Aidar” – Alexander Ageev, who identified himself as the head of “Aidar Company limited”. Ageev is a longtime partner in a number of firms of the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko. So, Ageev and Petrenko were registered as co-founders of the firm Declarant Firm LLC, Domovoy Ukraine LLC, Lawyer Company MLGroup LLC. With the latter, Minister Petrenko, even having gone into politics, does not break ties, for example, he rents a car from MLGroup. Aidar company limited is listed as the co-founder of MLGroup Lawyer Company LLC. Consequently, we have a situation where the firm of the partner of the Minister of Justice of Ukraine retreated to the Slovak firm of the wife of the head of the SBU of the Kirovohrad region a share of 620 thousand. Euro. According to the financial statements of Elstrade sro, we do not see additional agreements under which Aidar receives in return, for example, real estate or money. Also, “Our Money” does not see in the Listov family capital, with which she could compensate “Aidar” such large funds.. That is, there is real estate in the SBU family, but she did not sell it. It should be noted that until January 2017, Elena Lista had a payroll in Ukraine – wholesale trade in non-food consumer goods. In 2013, a 101-meter apartment with a garage in Kyiv on the street. Shumskogo, 5. According to his wife Elena Lista, two parking spaces were registered in Pechersk. The SBU officer's wife has two cars – a 2014 Mercedes-benz ML 350, purchased the same year, and a 2015 Mercedes-benz G 350 TD, purchased respectively – in 2015.


Alekseev's first declaration for 2014 is rather modest. He owned an apartment of 47.2 sq. m, and on other family members – another apartment of 20.3 sq. m (in the following declarations they are no longer available). And also Alekseev had a land plot of 1500 sq. m. and foreign car Mitsubishi Pajero 2007 Alekseev's wife owned a 2011 Hyundai Elantra in. By the way, these cars are present in all subsequent declarations, including the last one.. Judging by the declarations, there were no new cars in the people's deputy's family. As for funds, in 2014 Alekseev himself declared 98 thousand 450 hryvnias of salary, 282 thousand 983 hryvnias of funds placed on bank accounts, another 48 thousand 908 hryvnias of dividends and interest. Other family members earned UAH 250,333, UAH 1,650 income from teaching and UAH 2,460 financial assistance. Cash was not included in the declaration.. It is curious that Alekseev and his family members have not had securities, corporate rights or legal entities associated with the name of the people's deputy in their declarations over the past four years. In 2015, the wife of the people's deputy and his son got a house of 209 sq.. m, but not in ownership, but in another right of use, as well as in the family declared more money, including cash. The people's deputy himself received 79 thousand 888 hryvnia salaries and 6 thousand 405 hryvnia percent. Alekseev's wife's income was higher: salary – UAH 86 thousand 428 and UAH 47 thousand 289, fees – UAH 79 thousand 524 and UAH 40 thousand 200, income from teaching activities – UAH 6 thousand 889 and UAH 6 thousand 30, income from the alienation of real estate – 207 thousand 400 hryvnia, insurance payments – 1 thousand 500 hryvnia, voluntary medical insurance – 5 thousand 250 hryvnia, a gift in kind – 475 hryvnia, assistance during pregnancy and childbirth – 41 thousand 186 hryvnia. Alekseev also indicated 45 thousand hryvnia in cash, and his wife – 115 thousand hryvnia. The wife of the people's deputy also got a land plot of 680 sq.. m. The declaration for 2016 was replenished with a land plot by 1 thousand. 482 sq. m. at the people's deputy and 38 sq. m. – his wife, as well as their property, had an unfinished residential building of 263 sq. m. As for intangible assets, Alekseev's salary increased – 158 thousand 840 hryvnia, but the amount of cash decreased to 5 thousand hryvnia. At the same time, the people's deputy received a gift in the amount of 251,168 hryvnias. The MP's wife continued to work and receive fees. She also declared a gift for 48 hryvnia and other income in the amount of 192 hryvnia. According to the declaration of 2017, Alekseev has several land plots with a total area of 3700 sq.. m, registered both personally on the city of Alekseev, and on his wife (in particular, one of the plots is in Sofiyivska Borshchagovka); apartment (94.4 sq. m in joint ownership), 2 residential buildings declared by the son and wife, 209.50 sq. m each; There are two more houses under construction. There are also two cars in use – Hyundai (2011) and Mitsubishi (2007), the total income amounted to UAH 675,512. Also declared in cash in dollars – 12,000, 200,000 – in hryvnia (wife's property). In March 2019, Igor Alekseev submitted an electronic declaration for 2018. The people's choice owns two land plots. Both are located in the village of Vita-Pochtovaya, Kyiv region. Their total area is three thousand square meters. There is an unfinished residential building here.. In Kyiv, the parliamentarian, jointly owned with his mother, has an apartment of ninety-four “squares”. Natalia Nestor also owns two land plots in the Kyiv region, in the village of Sofievskaya Borshchagovka. A residential building of two hundred and seventeen square meters is also located in this village. Spouses rent together another residential building with an area of two hundred and nine square meters, which is located in Kyiv. The house belongs to a certain Miklos Nagi. According to the Internet, this is some kind of actor. The car park of Igor and Natalia consists of two cars. Alekseev has been driving a Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon since 2007. His wife has a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. The car cost her one hundred and thirty-two thousand hryvnia. The only source of income for Igor Alekseev is his salary in the Verkhovna Rada. In 2018, it amounted to four hundred fifty-six thousand hryvnias. Natalya Nestor was able to earn four hundred thousand hryvnias at three jobs in a year. In addition, she received one hundred and seventy-two thousand in royalties.. The state allocated ten thousand to her as social benefits in connection with the birth of a child.. Six and a half thousand brought insurance payments to the wife of the parliamentarian. According to his declaration, the MP has no monetary assets. But Natalia Nestor has them. Twenty thousand hryvnias are stored in her bank accounts.. In cash, the wife of the people's deputy has twelve thousand dollars and three hundred and fifty thousand hryvnias. Apparently, with his wife there, too, not everything is clean.

Information about the wife

Nestor Natalya Vladimirovna PhD in Law. Assistant of the Department of Justice Deputy Director for Research of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (KNIISE) Her income is much higher than that of her husband. So, in 2019, she indicated the figure of UAH 1,324,609, from the position of deputy director at the Institute of Forensic Expertise. This means that she received UAH 110,384 per month. In addition, she receives fees, social. assistance for a child, and two more salaries from places of work to combine. Most of the property belongs to her, not her husband. It all looks very plausible, but for some reason in this register she did not indicate the expenses for 2018, and in her declaration for 2018 there is an apartment registered in her name, but the cost and any information on the apartment is missing. in 2019, Natalya Vladimirovna bought herself a car for almost 800 thousand. Generally speaking, Igor Sergeyevich does not have a single apartment, only unfinished buildings and a couple of plots of land.


Igor Sergeevich has established himself as a frivolous person. He was absent from most meetings of the Verkhovna Rada, but still received a deputy salary, but if you look at his estates, you should suspect that he lives on more than one deputy salary, and given the scams and machinations of his former boss Petrenok, Alekseev also managed to snatch a tidbit for himself. Yes, and his wife is a “gold mine”. From all this, we can conclude that he is not particularly concerned about the people, and the problems of people, but an extra piece of land, real estate are his weaknesses.

Личные данные

Nestor Natalia Vladimirovna, lawyer, specialist in the field of mediation in the criminal process of Ukraine, candidate of legal sciences. Son - Alexeev Maxim Igorevich.